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He smiled and gently held her close as she slept. He soon fell asleep with her. He was happy that she wasn't mad at him.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 6y 17d 21h 33m 18s
She leaned in, kissing him gentle, she had him scooch in more, then she curled up against him and fell asleep.
He nodded and then laid on the edge of the bed. He held her hand and looked into her eyes as they laid there together.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 6y 17d 22h 49m 14s
She nodded, pulling him close to her, wanting him to lay next to her. [B "Stay close to me, please..."]
He nodded and then said "I promise not to get carried away next time." He leaned over and gently kissed her cheek.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 6y 17d 23h 18m 37s
She smiled looking at him, taking his hand. [B "I'm all better.... We won't be able to do any of those type of things for a while though...."]
Kazu stayed out in the waiting room until they told him he could go see her in recovery. He walked into the room and looked at her. "Hey, how are you feeling?" He asked as he walked over to her bed.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 6y 19d 8h 29m 1s
Serenity was having issues with breathing as they rushed her into the ER. About an hour later she was in recovery still having a hard time breathing. [B "Kazu..."]
He nodded and then called an ambulance for her. When they get there, he carefully carries her to the front door and rides with her, since he was able to put a t-shirt on and some shoes before the ambulance arrived.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 6y 19d 18h 12m 40s
[B "Hospital please.... Please please please it hurts..."] She said crying as she struggled to get in a less painful position.
He pulled away and said "Sorry. I... I think we should get you to the hospital. They will be able to patch you up better than I can."
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 6y 19d 18h 22m 30s
She cried out in severe pain as he hit the spot where one of her ribs had broken in. She began crying. Grabbing his hand and lightly pushing them away, her wrists were raw and almost bleeding.... [B "S-Stop... I-It hurts..."]
He looked over at her and then said "Really? I'm sorry if I did that." He gently reached over and tried to gently feel if she had a broken rib.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 6y 19d 18h 43m 18s
She put it on painfully. Lying in bed, wiping her tears from the pain. [B "I think one of my ribs is broken..."]
He nodded and then got out of bed. He headed over to their suitcase, since they haven't unpacked yet, and grabbed her some underwear and a t-shirt before he put on some of his underwear and pajama pants. He brought her the clothing and said just tell me if you need help." He sat down on the bed but with his back to her. He was honestly still kind of embarrassed about all of this but was better with it.
  Kazu Ryuga / Rusin / 6y 19d 18h 50m 19s

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