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Kunto heard some commotion and looked over for a moment before he saw the new girl and three others. He sighed and just continued eating. When he was done, he packed up and started heading back to class. He walked a different way so that he wouldn't walk past the group he just saw.
  Kunto / Rusin / 6y 43d 8h 12m 7s

I skipped back to my class but made a small stop when I saw someone familiar. [i Oh! it's Kunto!] I was about to say hi to him until I felt someone dragging me away. [b "Hey, what's the big idea?!"] I yelled out just to find three classmates of mine who talked bad about Kunto earlier. [b "Sorry, but we just have to tell you. Stay away from Kunto... he's bad luck. "]. And with that I just got annoyed. [b "Bad..luck? Just because he's not talking doesn't mean he bad! Sheesh! You guys are so weird... why don't you guys stop talking bad about Kunto... eventhough he never talked to me.. I know he's no bad..."] I said.
  RuMi / SoHa / 6y 43d 11h 19m 8s
As break came, he got up and left the room quickly. He soon disappeared down the hall and was quickly out of sight. He headed back behind the school and sat down on the one bench by himself. He looked around before he pulled out his lunch and started eating.
  Kunto / Rusin / 6y 52d 15h 13m 33s
It was recess time and I had no idea where to go but the roof. Back at my old school I also liked to spend my recess on the roof. I just being up at the cold air. [i Hn.. there's something fishy in this school... first of all.. why is everyone afraid of Kunto.. and secondly why doesn't he say anything...] I thought. [b "This school is weird...] I sighed under my breath
  RuMi / SoHa / 6y 52d 15h 38m 16s
He listened to everything as he was sitting there. He just looked down at his not book and read over the notes from the previous school day. Knowing that this new girl would soon not want anything to do with him like the rest of them, he simply nodded at her when she thanked him.
  Kunto / Rusin / 6y 52d 15h 53m 38s
[i Did I just see that? I wonder what's up with them?] I wondered as I waited for the teacher. [b "Morning class, looks like our new friend is here so please introduce yourself"]. I walked to the front and slightly bowed to everyone. [b "I'm RuMi but you can call me Ru or just anything you want. I'm from Hokkaido and I just transferred here.. yesterday.. and I hope everyone will take care of me"] I said before bowing again. [b "Alright, you can sit down... oh dear... I mean... um.. why..don't you.. sit.. um..with Kunto.. there"]... Is she, shaking? Weird... [b "Um.. alright] I said as I went. [b " Hey again! I mean.. thanks for helping me earlier..Kunto. I wouldn't have gotten here if it weren't for you"] I said smiling at him as I took my seat next to him.
  RuMi / SoHa / 6y 52d 16h 31s
He looked at her for a minute and then at the paper. As he closed the gate, he nodded and then locked the gate up. First, they stopped by the office so that he could tell them they were the last two through the gate. He motioned her to follow him.

As they walked down the hallway, he wondered why she had to transfer here. He let out a quiet sigh as they reached the classroom. He pointed up at the sign over the door before he walked in and headed towards the back of the room, some of the other kids looking at him with sight fear in their eyes.
  Kunto / Rusin / 6y 52d 16h 7m 50s
[b "Ah, Thanks! I thought the gate was locked...")] I said as I ran after him. [b "Well... you know where this class is? I just transferred her so I don't have any idea about what's what in this school"] I asked as I showed him the class schedule that had the class's name written above it. Really, I don't know anything, I moved in a rush that I don't even know what is the school's name...
  RuMi / SoHa / 6y 52d 16h 19m 5s
Kunto was running a little bit late today but he still headed towards the school. As he started getting close to the school, he saw a girl standing outside of the gate. He shook his head for a moment before he walked past her. He looked at the gate for a minute before he slowly opened it and walked in. He stood there and waved for her to come in, not wanting to talk.
  Kunto / Rusin / 6y 52d 16h 23m 18s

[i Alright RuMi, it's your first day here and of course you'll be nervous. But that won't bother you with anything...right?... Oh my god! I'm so nervous about this! Just what was dad thinking?! It's already June and suddenly he's saying, "Hey, we're moving!!" As if it was just like eating cake. Haah... I guess I can't argue with dad... he is a busy guy...] I sighed at the thought of what had happened. Well, guess why? I'm at my new school in a new city in a new state in the country. And I'm not really that easy to adapt into new situations.... Oh well.

I continued walking to my new school and stopped when I saw the gate closed. [b "EHhhhhh!!! Wait! Why is the gate closed?!"] and there it writes, 'Whoever is late, go back home' on a card that was stuck onto the gate. [b "B-but it's my first day..."] I sighed in disbelief
  RuMi / SoHa / 6y 52d 16h 34m 4s

  Kunto / Rusin / 6y 52d 16h 37m 3s

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