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Most people think that A model's life is all fun and games, that they have it easy. That is not true.

A model has so many standerds that they have to reach, to even stay in the business. Most of the time they dont get to have relationships, or have many friends, since they are always doing photo shoots, or T.V comercials.

Some one decided to give these model's a break and sent them an inivite to an island, that they are the only peopl on. But this islan has many cool things to it, it has its own movie theater, even an amusement park, even a mall with the best clothes. The models dont have to pay for anything, and everything is so stalked up that they couldnt run out of anything. The only bad side to this, is that all of the models have to stay in the same house. Which has 6 bedrooms, and 3 baths. One bedroom for each model, and one bathroom for the girls, one for the guys, and one that is mixed. The kitchen is huge and hoepfully someone knows how to cook.

IF you are a model and just want a break come and join, relationships build over the course of the week, some more like best friends, some more like brother and sister, and some even into more like girl friend and boy friend. At the end of the week, there is a phone call, that says that they are inivted to stay even longer then just one week. What will they decide to do?

-romance- A MUST
-drama- A MUST
-violence- only if you can handle it, but no serious injuries, they are models haha :P
ursing- I dont fucking care
-real pics- please have them look like models, if possiable.
-no oneliners- at least 6+, min. of 4 if writer's block
-no godming- thanks!
-if you have read these pleas put 'camera' at the top of your skelly
-dont steal my idea THANKS!-



NAME- Storm Smith
AGE- 19
GENDER- female
TYPE OF MODEL- T.V, magizine, underwear/nude
PERSONALITY- fun loving, badd ass, sarcastic, not affriad to speak her mind, careing went want to be, bitch when want to be.
SHORT BIO- She has been a model since she was ten, she modeled for her school when she was young and just loved the career.
NAME- Alice-May Page
AGE- 18
GENDER- female
TYPE OF MODEL- T.V , fashion
PERSONALITY- Sweet and Caring but also bitchy and a real girly girl, Alice is your typical model but people get on with her easly
SHORT BIO- Alices Mother was a Glamour model and her father a photographer. She has been a Model since she was a child but she took her grandmothers last name so people wouldnt hire her just because of her parents.
Name: Jenna Lynn [nickname: J ]
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Type of Model: Runway, magazine, lingere/bathing suit
personality: Sometimes sweet, when she's not in a bad mood, or mad. Loves to hang out, but never has the time. Professional, yet at the same time, carries an air about her that seems playful and flirty.
Short Bio: Jenna had gotten into the modeling business without the help of anyone but herself. She was a petite model, only reaching 5'4, which was virtually unheard of in the modeling agency world. She went and found someone to sponsor her, and soon rose to be one of the elite. It used to be that some agencies and designers wouldn't book her because of her size: she was the complete, different look than the others. She wasn't tall and flat as a board. She was short, and curvy as could be. Now, with her prestige, has agencies competing for her.


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come on guys we need you to join.
  Sapphire Midnight (midnight) / kikio26 / 8y 317d 10h 59m 46s
Thanks you two, if you know any guys you would think would like to join please do ask.
  Sapphire Midnight (midnight) / kikio26 / 8y 317d 11h 33m 12s

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