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She is eighteen, and a serious sore in every cops eyes sense she hit twelve. Always hanging out with the wrong crowed and getting drunk, this troubled teen is sure to be just another petty criminal for the rest of her days, if the streets don't claim her life first. She lost her parents when she was only four years old, and was placed in Foster care ever sense. After years of jumping from foster home to abusive foster home, she finally had enough and ran away to live on the streets once she turned twelve. She is known around her hometown as the ghost thief, because everyone knows that she steals, but she can never be caught doing it. Also, her strange physical features helped in earning her the nickname. Blood red eyes, long snow white hair and skin, many consider these features strange and unlikable traits, and so does she. Can this homeless girl ever be saved? Or will she die and become, just another troubled life that the cruel streets claimed?

[B Who are you? ]

You are just your everyday average Joe, well not really. You happen to be the child to a wealthy and highly famous family [B You chose what your parents status in the world of fame is ]. Given everything you could ever ask for sense birth, what more could you want? Love, that's what you wanted the most, but never received. Always gone and left alone with your personal butler sense, well birth, you crave the one thing that money can't buy. The world has no clue that you even exist, and your parents plan to keep it this way for as long as they can. You are different, you are the total opposite of what your parents could ever ask for, and so they keep you hidden. You were home schooled, and whenever you got the chance to leave the mansion, you were never allowed to tell who your parents were, but that's all soon about to change. For the better, or for the worst?

[B How they met is up to us ^_^ ]

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He heard her voice, James twitching forwards as he saw her respond to him, "[+blue Maria! You're awake,]" he breathed a sigh of relief, though his features didn't relax at all. "[+blue What happened? Why are you like this?]"

"[+goldenrod Maria!]" came another voice from beside her, the creature from before looking behind James down at her, "[+goldenrod You're back in your body! That's great!]" His voice was far away now as she started to come back into consciousness.

Suddenly it came very close to her, "[+goldenrod Please don't tell anyone I was here, please- [i please-]]" and with that Zachary's voice faded out completely.

James felt Maria's fingers tug on his sleeve, looking down at the motion. He blinked, his brow furrowing at that, and looked back at her face. What was that?

"[+blue What do you need right now?]"
  James Van Dort / Tweedy / 1y 298d 15h 13m 33s
Just as everything went back to pitch black, a voice could be heard calling out to her somewhere far away it seemed, before she felt a the same warmth again. Slowly, the memories began to play out again, and then they began to fade in and out to a blinding white light. Blinking back a few times, Maria struggled to let her eyes adjust to the brightness that assaulted her eyes.

Finally, her eyes adjusted enough for her to see a figure looming over her. Squinting, she realized it was James who was wearing an expression of concern. [+red "Hmm..J-Ja.." ]When she attempted to address him, Maria winced and had to cut herself off as her throat burned and felt horrible, her voice raspy.

Instead she laid there silently, her eyes on the male as it dawned on her that she had finally found her way back into her body and was actually awake now. She wanted to let out a breath of relief and genuine gratitude, but even that hurt her throat. It seemed that her fever was still going strong, and this made her feel a little more dizzy then she already was. She wasn't sure if she was getting sick, but at the moment she didn't care and just reached out to tug on Jame's sleeve, the only way she could think to thank him at the moment.
  Maria / Okami_san_16 / 3y 177d 19h 39m 40s
He easily noticed Maria beginning to react differently when he left her side, James looking back at her and feeling a rise of that flutter of panic again in his stomach. He didn't know what to do with people like this- he never had siblings or cousins that were around or around his age to deal with . And so he swallowed hard, feeling his mouth pull in distress as he leaned down again, trying once more to awaken the young woman he had this strange relationship with. "[+blue Maria,]" he said with more strength this time, eyes searching her face.

James had barely gotten her name out of his mouth when he heard her utterance of his. Shock passed over his face for a moment before he resumed his motion of trying to wake her up. "[+blue Yes, I'm here.]" the young man responded, assuming she was waking up. "[+blue Maria, you need to wake up. Please. This- why won't you wake up?]" He shook her a little, still unwilling to go very hard as he was afraid of hurting her, "[+blue [i Maria!]]" he insisted, leaning closer.

The pad of his thumb moved up, James taking her face in his hand now and turning it up towards him so he could see and lifted the lid of her eye with his thumb, trying to be gentle. "[+blue Maria? You have to wake up now. You need to stay conscious, this isn't the place to be vulnerable like this.]" James was aware of the likelihood of body snatching, of being devoured in one's sleep. Of all the things that could happen to her physically, he knew that these were dangerous waters swimming with creatures they had no idea how to fight if they decided to do something to her...

  James Van Dort / Tweedy / 3y 182d 13h 31m 42s
Shortly after returning to her body, Maria went from being surrounded by nothing but black to watching a memory play out in front of her. It was of the day that James had gone to get her at the park, when she had been gone too long while going to buy the groceries and had fallen asleep on her bench. She was feeling comforted by the warmth she felt as she watched another memory appear, a warmth she felt on her arm.

However, soon she noticed the memories start to blur, and the warmth begin to slip away. Confused, she began to feel herself grow slightly anxious. Not wanting the memories to go away, she tried to focus in on them, but then they faded away along with the warmth, and the cold replaced it.

In the place of the memories, Maria saw all the horrible things that she had ever had to go through in her life. Everything from the day that her parents were murdered to the last foster family she lived with and the years on the streets sense. Feeling panicked now, Maria's sleeping formed also began to react.

Her breathing again picked up moments after Jame's had let her go, and her face showed her distress. These memories were things that made her not want to remain attached to the material world anymore, and the risk of her slipping out of it again was growing once more. She wanted out, but failed to realize that she was just dreaming, and could wake up whenever she realized this.

However, sense she didn't fully grasp this, the albino only succeeded in panicking herself even more. Not knowing what to do, she called out to the only person she felt could help her now. [+red "J-J....James...." ]As his named slipped out of her mouth, it came out as barely a raspy breath of a whisper, her desperation clear in the one name.
  Maria / Okami_san_16 / 4y 5d 17h 35m 49s
His eyes widened a little at the response, concerned as to why she wasn't waking as easily as she had before. The one time he had to wake her she had nearly leapt out of her skin. Come to think of it, Maria did that increasingly wenever he was around at all. The thought put a hesitance in his hands on her, worrying what she would think if she woke to him like this. And furthermore, if she was working in the house now and she was afraid of him, making the environment she was forced to be in so much more hostile. He was just as bad as his parents in that, wasn't he? Horror gripped him at the thought and his eyes unfocused.

"[+blue Sorry- sorry-]" he breathed, his hands loosening on her, the other falling at least to disconnect from her skin at the seeming disturbance his touch brought on, be it included in a dream or something or connected to him specifically. Either he wanted to quit immediately. And she seemed to relax when the feel of his fingers disappeared. "[+blue Sorry...]" James' hands began to uncurl from her clothing, trying to be soft and unnoticable. He still wasn't entirely sure what was going on. Having heard Maria just now in his ear, it didnt make sense, but then again neither did much of his existence, but that meant James was left to try and make sense out of it anyways. And now he wasn't sure what to do. The passion and inclination had hit him a moment ago, but now it had fallen away. Ever quick to question, James began wondering what exactly had taken him to do this. He felt suddenly disconnected from what was really going on. Nathan's noise from downstairs, quieter now it seemed, was strange and empty, and so was the room all of a sudden. Had he just had another spell of his? Sometimes he wondered how much of these things were in his head, despite the compounding evidence that it was actually happening. But James questioned which was the real and the dream world. His or theirs, this one they were in now. This house, these people, these things... and Maria. Right, Maria. He needed to disengage. And with that his hands came away from her, looking afraid and waited to see if she was... okay. Should he try and feel her temperature again? Get some water? What would Narcissa do?
  Tweedy / 4y 24d 14h 59m 1s
Maria silently study James, as he reacted to her tugs and words. She was feeling both excited and panicked, as time ticked by. Finally he reacted the same she had when she had touched his hand, and finally it seemed that he understood that it was her who was doing all of this.

She watched silently as he reached a hesitant hand towards her, closing slightly on the sleeve of his sweatshirt as he tried to wake her. At the contact, Maria felt a slight warmth on her arm, then she felt a sharp jolt as he touched her neck to check her temperature. At that contact, the sudden memory of him comforting her after he found her crying in the room he put her in came crashing to her mind.

Feeling all the emotions she had that night, the young albino held her hands to her head, not hearing the males words. Her sleeping form's pale, yet flushed face also scrunched up ever so slightly as she began to react to the emotions brought on by various memories now.

Suddenly she remembered when James had taken hold of the sleeves on her hoodie just the day before, and eveything began to spin arpund Maria. Her bodies raspy breaths suddenly quickened, as it reacted to her distress. Next thing she knew, with a finally sharp gasp of pain, Maria's world went black, and she found herself sleeping within her shell without realizing it. At this, her breaths returned to the raspy slowness as before, and her body went slack and the room almost seemed to dead silent.
  Maria / Okami_san_16 / 4y 24d 15h 29m 33s
His arm was pulled to the side again, James feeling his breath pull sharply at the invisible force touching him out of nowhere. There was a bare puff of air at his breath, the voice coming through barely. It felt more like a vaguely familiar whine from a great distance that she could barely understand much more than the tone of, but could every now and again catch a word.

He searched the air around him, reluctant to move as he felt frozen in place, feeling the beginning of panic in his chest. This [i was] Maria, wasn't it? Not one of the things, or something horrible that was happening with Nathan downstairs? He gave a panicked hum as he looked around and tried to see something, [i anything].

He jumped at first at the touch, his hand snapping back at the shock he too felt. A gasp was pulled from him as his eyes snapped up to where he thought the face of Maria would be. He heard the shift of actual Maria next to her. His brows twitched together slightly at the coincidence. "[+blue What- is-]"

Searching hands hesitantly twitched towards her sleeping form. "[+blue M-Maria-]" he tried, reaching out and closing in the sleeve of her- or rather [i his]- sweatshirt. He looked at it a moment before his eyes slipped up towards her face, strained slightly, and daubed with sweat. Swallowing his terror, he slipped a cupped hand up against her throat to feel her temperature. "[+blue Oh,]" he whispered, "[+blue you're burning up. Oh no.]" His thoughts slipped towards perhaps... opening the sweatshirt to let her breathe, but immediately thought against it. "[+blue I don't know what to do.]" [i She won't wake up.] his expression became strained, a little moan of discomfort and anxiety as he looked at her, his other hand tightening in her sweatshirt. "[+blue I don't know what to do-]"
  Tweedy / 4y 24d 16h 47s
Maria didn't notice when Zachary left, as she was too busy getting James to piece everything together. She noticed that he was finally starting to get at least part of what she was trying to get him to realize, and became excited when he heard her voice.

Realizing that her idea had worked, she excitedly and desperately tugged twice on his sleeve, when he seemingly asked if it was her, hopping that he caught onto two tugs as a yes answer. [+red "Yes! James it's me, Maria! It's me!" ]she repeated herself, as she leaned back towards his ear. Hopefully the repetition would finally help him piece everything together.

However, she still wondered if she would need Zach to come back soon and explain everything to James. She wasn't sure if doing the same thing over and over again would really clarify everything for the young man. Thinking, she looked back at her form, then at James in deep concentration.

Letting go of his shirt, she instead moved her hand shyly towards his actual hand this time. She hovered inches from actually touching his hand, uncertain if this would help him connect things anymore then tugging on his shirt. Swallowing her worries, she softly touched his hand, to which even in this immaterial form she felt a jolt of electricity run through the touching skin.

Maria quickly pulled her hand away, shocked by the sting that her actions had brought to her hand. As soon as her hand had touched his, her sleeping form had also reacted ever so slightly, as her right hand had twitched as if it had also felt the bolt. She wondered if James had felt the touch too, and if he did if he would react by taking it as confirmation that it was her and not some random being trying to trick him.

[+red "Come on James, it's me...Please piece that together soon. I need to get back into my body before it's too late!" ]and there was that desperate air about her again, as she felt time ticking by before it was possibly too late for her to return to marital world.
  Maria / Okami_san_16 / 4y 44d 13h 57m 44s
Zachary nodded fervently and dashed outside through the door, which opened on its own.

James felt the continual pulls on his sleeve, shaking his head and pulling back a little. There was only one person who had ever tugged on him like that and she was unconscious on the floor. As was Nathan... that was a little too coincidental. Concern crossed his features as he looked at his hand a moment.

Slowly he felt the motion tug him in a specific direction, turning to look at Maria on the bed. "[+blue Maria?]" he repeated, simultaneously to make sure and almost to ask who... "[+blue What about Maria?]"

And suddenly he heard a voice next to him, the young man going pale, "[+blue M-Maria?!]"
  James Van Dort / Tweedy / 4y 44d 14h 50m 19s
Maria pulled on the shirt again, almost like a child pulling on their friend's shirt when they would feel ignored. As it seemed that James was no coming any closer to figuring out anything, Maria grew more annoyed and anxious. However she was more then willing to go with the idea that Zach had just given her.

Looking over at him, she nodded her head desperately. [+red "Yes! Please go do that, it doesn't look like he is getting anywhere but more scared with me just pulling on his arm. I'll try to keep getting him to realize what is going on while you go back into your own body." ]and with that she returned her gaze back onto James, as he asked a question that would sound silly to anyone else who didn't understand just how serious his question was.

Thinking, Maria wondered how to give a reply to his question. How else could she let him know that it was her? Not knowing what else to do, she reached out and pulled on his shirt again, this time pulling him to face her physical form again. After doing this, she stood on her tipy toes and leaned forward till she was close to his ear.

Hopping against all hope, Maria spoke clearly into his ear, hoping that at least her voice would reach him, even if just as a whisper. [+red "I am no ghost, boss man! It's me, Maria!" ]right after saying this, she again tugged on his sleeve, trying to make him see what was going on.
  Maria / Okami_san_16 / 4y 44d 15h 49m 50s
James felt another tug, his brows furrowing in confusion. It was such a light touch, something that barely pulled on his arm- it wasn't anything like the harsh, malevolent yanks between realities, or the harsh lay of Tippetarius' hands that would reach out from whatever void it occupied when invisible. "[+blue What is this- who is this?]" he asked, looking around with concern.

Zachary moaned a little, coming up behind Maria, "[+goldenrod Should I go back to my own body and tell him what's going on?]"

He looked around, wondering to himself and boldly saying it aloud now that he was alone "[+blue Is this- one of the ghosts or spirits that occupy this house...?]"
  James Van Dort / Tweedy / 4y 44d 16h 1m 9s
While James repeated her name again, and then checked her over, Maria continued to pull on his shirt. It didn't seem to be working this time, and this worried her into almost panicking again. Instead of going into a frenzy, though, she closed her eyes and took deep calming breaths before reaching out to him again. Reminding herself of the last few days spent with the male, Maria made herself remember all the feelings that he brought out in her.

She had never felt so...well so human and [i alive ]until she had met James. He was basically a stranger to her still, but still he had done more to turn her towards the correct path of light, then anyone else had in the last few years sense her parents had been murdered. Whether she liked to admit it or not, she owed this young man so much more then she would ever be able to give back to him.

Thinking of all of this, Maria again tugged at his shirt, and began to call out to him once more. [+red "James please hear me! I need your help, please?" ]looking up, she felt her heart skip a beat when James pulled his arm back, indicating that he had felt her tugging on his sleeve again.

Smiling, she reached out again, as he looked around to see what was trying to catch his attention. Grabbing hold of his sleeve gently, she tried to show with her tugs that she meant no harm, and that she needed him to realize this. [+red "James, it's me! Maria! Please look closer, if anyone can figure out what is happening right now, it'd be you! James!" ]
  Maria / Okami_san_16 / 4y 44d 16h 36m 35s
"[+blue Maria?]" he called a little louder, shaking her shoulder a little. He began to feel the fingers of anxiety prodding at him as he reached forwards and tucked his fingers against her throat, watching his watch. Her pulse was fine, it seemed. He pressed the back of his hand against the other side of her neck to feel her temperature. She was burning up. "[+blue Maria- [i Maria].]"

But then he felt a breath of energy, heavy on his arm and he turned slightly, noticing his sleeve getting tugged again. His brows came together, snatching his hand back, "[+blue What on earth-?]" He stilled and looked around, wondering if it was a spirit, another Tippetarius, something. So the pull on his shirt [i was] real earlier? What was happening? His eyes searched the room to see if he could see a hazy shape of- well, anything really.
  James Van Dort / Tweedy / 4y 44d 16h 53m 46s
As she remained crouched down, Maria began to shake even more as she grew more and more upset and desperate. When Zachary spoke, she didn't hear him, he had become a vague background noise. She racked her brain for any possible way back into her body, but no matter how hard she tried to concentrate on anything that could help, she was met with the same results on nothing.

Just as Zach began to approach her, trying to sooth her, the door could be heard being opened. Looking up, the young female let out a gasp, as she saw Jame's familiar raven head poking into the room. She looked at him in silent shock, as he looked right through her and towards her sleeping form. For a second it looked like he was about to turn around and leave, but then her body gave out another raspy breath, causing him to come into the room fully.

As he called out her name, James came over to her, coming to a stop by her bedside. As he nudged her sleeping form, asking if she was alright, Maria could do nothing but stare from her position on the ground. She watched as her physical form gave no change or acknowledgement of his presence, her breathing still strained and raspy. Standing, she walked up beside James, and looked down at her extra pale form, her cheeks being the only thing flush with fever.

Turning to James, she looked at his worried expression and instantly felt guilty. Reaching out slowly towards him, she once again took hold of his sleeve and lightly pulled on it, checking if he could feel the tug. [+red "James, I'm right here...I need your help...James?" ]her voice was shaky and unsure, but Maria began to tug on him gently again, hoping with all her heart that he would somehow know something wasn't right with her.
  Maria / Okami_san_16 / 4y 44d 19h 29m 58s
Zachary stumbled forwards when maria decided to run towards the room, catching himself on his hands and knees before glancing quickly over his shoulder and following her up and into the bedroom, slipping in just before she shut the door. Leaning against it, he huffed his breath out in a sigh and pressed a hand over his heart. It had inopportunely occurred to him that Maria was a very trusting person. For now he was very, very glad of it- but it was a worrying though in other situations.

Trying to take a calming breath he pulled his head forwards and looked at her, "[+goldenrod I don't know, I'm sorry. I tried, but I would rather keep you [i not] like Nathan-]"

He gave a little sound of distress as he moved over towards the young woman, "[+goldenrod It'll be alright. We'll try something else-]"

The door to the bedroom opened, James' dark head appearing behind it. He looked inside, looking right through both spirits in the room and towards the young woman's body sleeping on the bed. Initially he moved as if he were about to leave when he heard a raspy breath and took pause and opened the door more. A frown pursed his expression and he came in, "[+blue Maria?]" he called softly, coming up towards her form on the bed. James reached out to her, "[+blue Maria-]" he reached out towards her and nudged her shoulder. "[+blue Are you alright?]"
  James Van Dort / Tweedy / 4y 45d 15m 8s

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