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[font Cambria [center [size15 [i Once humanity was in it's prime, at least in the realms of discovery and technology. The only trouble was things got a bit too advanced too quickly for most to prepare for, this started with the discovery of unlimited and clean energy. This was supposed to be an advancement towards prosperity and free energy and resources for all. But that's not the way it turned out. For humans did what most would expect them to with such an advancement, abuse it. These sources of energy were used by many to create weapons instead of helpful technology for the people. And of course war was inevitable. No one remembers who struck first, China, America, England or Russia.. But soon there were horrific explosions of nuclear making, seen across the world. Millions of people died. And much of earth's resources was depleted, and naturally the power was cut out as well.]]]]

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[font Cambria [center [size15 [i Now, roughly a few centuries later. The people of earth have been rebuilding, many of them resorting to an older form of hierarchy to keep a sense of order and stability. Such as monarchy. People are being denied their freedom, even denied the option to fight against their rulers. Some who rule with monarchy claim it is the only way to maintain peace, but in reality most are just taking advantage of their resources and the people's lack of such. Even technology is beginning to come back, and perhaps in a higher form than before at least build and design-wise. Except, the discovery of the mysterious source of unlimited energy appears to be lost throughout the ages. For anyone to even have power, they must pay homage and taxes to their rulers, for something even as needed as heat to warm their homes in winter. Thus it was only to be expected that there would be some refusing this decree, most of them are referred to as Pirates. These are men and women, known for being thieves, rapists and cut throat murderers. Who steal parts and sources of power from others, trying to keep themselves on the move and afloat. But what if many of them have turned to piracy only for the sake of their survival? Or perhaps it isn't something they do for themselves at all.]]]]

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[font Cambria [center [size15 [i Dante Brigadier is a notorious Pirate, Captain of a flying ship and a band of fellow pirates who loyally follow his lead. He is wanted most by the King himself, and leaves quite the nasty reputation in his wake. According to the law, Dante is a thief and womanizer with no sense of valor and a cold blooded murderer to top it off. Whether or not any of this is true? that will be for one young woman to discover. Vixen Marie is set to marry the current duke of England called Sven Tannis, this duke also happens to be on Dante's list. On the night before their wedding, the couple are stationed in the same building. Dante breaks into the building and then accidentally enters the wrong room, seeing that this girl is not in fact the man he was here to capture.. He prepares to leave, however the guards by this time have found him out. In a rushed and somewhat desperate decision, Dante kidnaps the girl instead and uses her as a hostage to make his escape. How shall things transpire from here? What happens if the notorious Captain falls in love with his prisoner? And what happens if this girl figures out his true purpose and reason for being a Pirate of the lone skies?]]]]

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[h3 [font Cambria [center [size22 [i ≎≎☠≎≎The Ballad Of Serenity≎≎☠ ≎≎]]]]]
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Vixen stared at him as he stared into her eyes and leaned down and kissed her, he held her close to him as he kissed her and she kissed him back pulling on his hurt to keep him there until he pulled away and told her that there was something they needed to talk about something and she liked at him [#FF0000 [I [b "what is it Dante?"]]] She asked him
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[font Andalus [size15 Dante gazed deeply into her eyes with his exposed sea blue one, which held every ounce of his feelings of love and admiration for her. Hearing her words it became near impossible to hold himself back, thus he did not. He leaned in slowly, keeping his gaze softly focused on her eyes. Before closing them as his lips brushed hers, while holding her against him he kissed her deeply and passionately. It was a fairly long period of time spent, holding her in his embrace while he expressed his pent up feelings. And even though for him, it wasn't nearly long enough, he still pulled away slowly eventually. He knew he had to, there was something he would need to discus with her. [#005C8A "It will now be impossible for me to let you go after this, but if you are to stay by my side then.. There are some things you should know."] He said softly, scanning her face for her feelings on this matter. He hoped he was not moving too fast, but it was difficult for him to hold these things back any longer. And besides which, if he was to keep her with him then she would need to know fully what it was she was getting into.]]
When Dante suddenly pilled her into his arms she inhaled his scent and wrapped her arms around his back and buried her face into his chest as she listened to him her heart was racing once again then he stopped and pulled back to look at her and she looked up at him when he asked her if this is what she really wanted she smile gently and nodded [#FF0000 [I [b "I want this, every fiber of my being wants this. Wants you."]]] She told him the emotion behind her words and the softness in her voice and the intense longing look in her eyes all brought truth to what she had said
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[font Andalus [size15 Akida blinked as she hugged him, but happily returned the gesture as he hugged back tightly. When she released him and thanked him, calling him her new little brother, he couldn't be happier. He smiled brightly as she ruffled his hair, turning a little pink as well. He chuckled as he ran off as he shouted after her; [#CC9900 "Go get 'em big sister!"]]]

[font Andalus [size15 Dante was staring out into the sky, trying to get his mind off of the pressing emotions that weighed heavily on him. But no matter how hard he tried, he could not get Vixen out of his mind. Just as he was thinking about giving up and returning to his cabin, he heard Vixen's voice address him softly from behind. His eye widened slightly, before he slowly turned to look at her. With each passing word of her confession, his eye widened further, his heart raced again and his mouth opened slightly from shock. He felt the warmth return to his face, clearly he was blushing again. When she ended her speech with a kiss to his cheek, he could hesitate no longer. He pulled suddenly, but gently into his arms and held her close. He hesitated before speaking in a soft and quiet tone, [#005C8A "Vixen Marie. I felt entranced the moment I looked at you, your warmth and your beauty shine more brightly to me than the night sky and the moon. It's a brighter form of that rarity I've always admired, a light of hope and strength that no one can touch or destroy. I... I feel that I am falling in love with you myself, but I have been afraid to express it. I do not wish to be the man who dims your light..."] He paused before pulling away slightly, so that he could look at her eyes once more as he added with sincerity; [#005C8A "I have to ask you, before I go any further.. A-Are you sure, this is what you want?"]]]
vixen looked up at him, and smiled a little. She knew that Akida was trying to cheer her up and she appreciated it greatly, she squeezed his hands a little then sighed and used Akida's hands to pull her self to her feet then hugged him [#FF0000 [I [b "Thank you Akida, I needed that, I going to talk to Dante."]]] She said as she released him from her hug with both hands on his shoulders and smiled [#FF0000 [I [b " thanks New little Brother"]]] she said and ruffled his hair and half ran away from him to find Dante she cleared her face of tears and wen she saw him he had his back toward her she took a step toward him and stopped [#FF0000 [I [b "Dante? I'm sorry I ran away like that, but I have something I have to say to you."]]] She said and then stopped and thought for a moment [#FF0000 [I [b " I don't know if you feel this way to but I have to tell you."]] She said and took a couple more steps toward him [#FF0000 [I [b "It might be weird but when ever your around me I can hardly tare my eyes away from you for more than a minute, when you talk to me my heart starts racing. It's almost like your one of the stars that fell from the sky and into my life and my heart, I don't know why or how but I am falling in love with you. And I don't care that people think you are vile or whatever your a good man, and I see that in you."]]] She said as she finnaly took the last step toward him so that she had to lift her head to look up at him and smiled then reached up on her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek
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[font Andalus [size15 Akida frowned, he didn't like seeing Vixen so upset. He gently took her hands, wanting to cheer her up, At her words he quickly shook his head, before speaking in a soft but urgent tone; [#CC9900 "Vixen, I don't think Dante could reject you. I have seen the way he looks at you, he gazes with more admiration and love than he does with the stars themselves. I feel certain he feels the same as you do. If he hasn't said so, I think it is only because such a thing is hard for him to just admit openly. You see, even though Senior Dante is a good man and people just claim that he is a vile criminal. He hesitates to involve people with himself, because he truly believes... That he is dangerous, that he could hurt people badly through his actions. At first, he was hesitant to bring me onto his ship. But could not turn me aside when I had nowhere to go. He may be a good man, but he has no faith that he is. Only that he's trying to be. I think, he is just afraid of causing you harm by keeping you too close."] he blurted all of this before he could stop himself, he knew Dante might not like him just spilling all of this information. But he could not help it, he felt that it was important to say. That it was something Vixen needed and deserved to hear.]]
Vixen jumped when Akida spoke to her [#FF0000 [I [b "Oh... hello Akida..."]]] She said as she brought her right hand up to her left cheek and wiped a tear from her face [#FF0000 [I [b " It's Nothing, I was spending some time with Dante getting a tour of the ship and I realized something, and I so wish I could let it happen.... But I'm scared and I don't know..... If-if he were to reject me.... I... I can't... No matter how much I suffer for hold back... I just can't risk it..."]]] She said stuttering and more tears came streaming down her face she shifted and brought her knees up to her chest and squeezed them as tightly as she could and buried her face into them trying to muffle her sobbing....
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[font Andalus [size15 Dante glanced back at her, hearing her tell him that it was alright and even thanking him for the complement. He couldn't help but feel somewhat relieved that he hadn't offended her. As he looked at her however, he did notice her face become a brighter shade of red than before. He was then surprised to see her staring at him, her beautiful eyes seeming to sweep over his form in an enchanting gaze. He felt his heart skip once more inside his chest. His own face turning a light red again as well. For several seconds, the two were simply staring at one another. Until subtlety, she glanced away from him. For a brief moment he thought he caught the glimpse of sadness in her eyes, before she turned to him and suddenly smiled softly. But the smile didn't feel as bright or warm as the others did. It felt somewhat empty. She then apologized before saying that she needed a minute or two to herself, and assured him that she wouldn't be long. He blinked and opened his mouth to object, to ask why and if she was alright. Even though he already felt that she wasn't, but before he could utter a word she walked swiftly away.]]

[font Andalus [size15 For a moment all he could do was stand there, his eye widened slightly from surprise and concern. She was upset, he could tell. He felt sure of it. Had he caused her to feel that way? he hadn't meant to. Then he realized, his deep emotional draw to her. A connection that caused him to feel as though his heart was tethered to her, he could already feel a pull and an urge to sprint after her and embrace her in his arms. But he forced himself to remain stalk still, as he softly muttered to himself; [#005C8A "Do not be a fool Dante, with her, with anyone... I can't."] He then bowed his head and clutched at his bangs, adding in thoughts within his mind, [#005C8A [i 'I might have already upset her. And even if I haven't, I could not bring myself to involve her too closely with myself. No matter what my intentions are, good or bad... My duties, my mission, everything about me is a sharpened edge on a blade to another. She could be severely hurt if I bring her too close, I could not do that to someone like her. It's bad enough I've gotten anyone involved at all, bad enough I kidnapped her to begin with. To seriously hurt her, I could not bear it.']] He swallowed hard, as he shut his eye tightly in an attempt at holding back any tears.]]

[font Andalus [size15 Meanwhile Akida was surveying the ship, making his rounds and making sure everything was in working order. It just so happened that he stumbled upon Vixen during his sweep, he paused abruptly and carefully approached her, his eyes brimming with sadness and concern. Almost like that of a young child worried over an older sister, as he was now in front of her he knelt so that he was at level with her. He spoke up in concern, his voice soft and quiet even with his light spanish accent. [#CC9900 "Seniora Vixen.. What's wrong? what happened?"]]]
Vixen smiled at him and her cheeks burned even brighter then before his compliment making her heart race, and a strange feeling a warmth rush through the core of her body. It felt strange to her she had never felt anything like this before this moment [#FF0000 [I [b "Its alright no need to apologize, thank you."]]] She said wishing she coukdnhide her blushing face from him [b [I 'I don't understand.... Why is my body reacting this way....']] She thought to her self and with out realizing it her eyes had began to scan his body making the warming sensation grow with intensity, her breath came to her slightly faster and her heart was beating faster and louder then ever [b [I 'Its him... I've never felt like this with any one else....']] She thought again she thought about asking if he felt anything but decided against it with a sudden shake of her head to chance the imprue thougt ts about him away from her head she lookednat the floor [b [I 'he probably doesn't feel the same Vix's you should know that don't get your hopes up for something that doesn't exist....']] She thought and a sad expression came to her face she didn't know why it upset her so but she didn't want him to see she before anything she o it in a fake smile and looked at Dante [#FF0000 [I [b "Actually, would you mind if I had some time to my self? I just need moment or two. Shouldn't be long."]]] She asked she was trying hard not to let her sadness show on her face but it was clear in her eyes and before he could answer her she smiled trying to make it look happy but failing and letting a little sadness show then turned away and walked away from him she ducked behind one of the large post near the side of the ship and pressed her back against it and bit her lip to hold back a sob that came from her throat as her eyes began to water and spill over slow tears that ran down her face [#FF0000 [I [b " Come oh Vix's don't do this to your self..... Don't fall for someone you can't have... You know better then that..."]]] She said to her self as her knees gave out and she slid to the floor sitting on the ground with one leg bent back at the knee beside her as she looked to the stars and silently said a prayer for help through her tears
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[font Andalus [size15 He noticed her complexion in her face turn red, he was probably already making her nervous. But she seemed happy with his complement anyway, so he decided he shouldn't apologize. At her question he paused in some thought, he could show her to the kitchen since she expressed interest in it. But before he could suggest anything, the starlight just then became caught in her beautiful eyes. Causing them to shine more brightly than usual. Reminding him of his heart beat once more, as it raced within his chest. Again the young vigilante was entranced by Vixen's eyes, he felt them pulling his gaze in. All he could do was gaze into the shimmering jewels that were her eyes, as he felt himself lean a little closer to her. Unable to tear himself away.]

[font Andalus [size15 He soon noticed the way she was looking at him, she likely realized he was staring at her. Not that it was hard to tell at this point. After all she was looking right at him, likely wondering why he had gone silent. This was the first person he'd ever met who made him speechless, and indeed he felt without words for several long seconds. Acknowledging her inquiring stare however, he finally uttered an explanation. But perhaps it was a bit too honest, more forward than he intended. It was as if the words phrased themselves, escaping from his lips before he could stop them; [#00527A "Your eyes are so beautiful..."] Upon hearing himself speak these words aloud however, he glanced to the side in frustration with himself and in worry that he might have made her uncomfortable. [#00527A "I... I apologize, that was probably too forward. I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable just now.."]] He stuttered hurriedly, already feeling worried that he had mis-stepped.]]
Vixens cheeks turned a deep red a blush she couldn't hide fro. Him as he was already looking at her when the color came rising to the surface of her smooth Tanish skin and was easy to make out, she smiled shyly [#FF0000 [I [b "thank you,"]]] she said as she courtesied a little then stood straight and moved her arms and clasped her hands together on the small of her back then let them hang with her hand still folded neatly together. She looked around then looked at Dante [#FF0000 [I [b "So... What now?"]]] She pondered out loud looked at the passing stars their glow reflecting off her eyes making their muddy brown color shine with small flakes of red showing off their hidden beauty that she really only allowed the stars that she charished so much see. As she stared at the stars the expression on her face and the lighting that reflected off of her made her look even more beautiful and the look in her eyes if anyone payed close attention to them shown that she had wisdom beyond her years. The way she looked in this particular moment its almost like she was gifted with the beauty and knowledge of the stars.
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[font Andalus [size15 Dante stood outside of the room in anticipation, he looked forward to seeing how she would look in the clothes he gave her. Of course he was keeping his back to the door, making sure not to peek at her while she changed. Contrary to popular belief, he was quite the gentleman for a wanted criminal. Eventually, he heard the door open. On cue he turned to look at her as she spoke, only to freeze at the sight of her. His eye watched her as she twirled before him, as if caught in a trance. Her visage was far more stunning than he could have imagined, he felt as if his heart had skipped a beat. His lips were left parted in his momentary shock. His somewhat pale cheeks now lit up a light red. After a few seconds, he seemed to realize his disposition and sought to compose himself again.]]

[font Andalus [size15 He cleared his throat then smiled warmly at her once more, as he took a small flourishing bow before her. It was only a second, but it seemed to get the point across. He grinned a little as he straightened up, [#005C8A "That dress suits you far better than I first pictured, you look quite stunning my lady."] He remarked with that same good natured and somewhat childlike cheerful smile. And he meant it. He was just trying to be weary of how he expressed his approval, after all he wouldn't want to make her nervous. Ironic that thought. Despite his determination to act composed, he felt his heart racing by just being close to her. He never remembered feeling this way before in his whole life. Perhaps in truth, he was the one who was nervous.]]
Vixen looked up at Dante and smiled the blush I'm her cheek became more defined the shade of red turned brighter [#FF0000 [I [b"thank you. Dante."]]] She said lowering her voice and she said his name [I 'why dose my heart beat so fast when he's around me....'] She thought as she t9k his hand and followed him, after he gave her some clothes she waited till she was alone the. Changed into the dress. She looked at her self in the mirror after pulling some of her hair out of the way she lightly pressed her index finger on her bottom lip and smiled as she let her hand fall from her lip and walked over the the door and opened it walking out she saw Dante and smiled [#FF0000 [I [b "I'm done, What do you think? Do you like it?"]]] She asked him twirling around making the bottom of the dress fly out a little as she turned then as she stopped it fell once again to rest against her legs and stopped about mid-thigh then she had on knee high black stockings that disappeared in her heeled boot that stopped a couple inches fro. Her knee and had four inch wedge heels.
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[font Andalus [size15 Dante nodded at her comment with a smile of understanding. [#005C8A [b "It seems there are plenty of people, who easily become afraid of such things. And it causes them to behave foolishly."]] He replied with with a hint of humor to his tone, but his eye seemed to be recalling something from his memory. He remembered when people feared him back home, back when he had a home. All because of what some rumored he might become. But other than the distant look in his exposed eye, his expression was pleasant and cheerful.]]

[font Andalus [size15 Once at the port he couldn't help but put a hand on the steering wheel, he smiled brightly and replied to her complement. But more so, at her small confession afterwards. A young child who dreamed of flying through the stars. There was once a time, when he was that child himself. He couldn't resist gazing some at her, it was... amazing to have someone near him who felt this way. Amazing. Was that truly the word for it? Although he hadn't fully admitted it to himself, every word this young woman said made him feel enchanted. Elated even. She was beautiful yes, so much so that he truly believed before she said otherwise that she was a princess. But as beautiful as she was on the outside, so far it was her heart that drew him in the most. That, and the shining light captivated in her eyes. He only realized he had been staring when she spoke up again. He blinked, then quickly recomposed himself. He put a hand to his own chin pensively, in deep thought as he looked her over. Trying to picture what sort of attire would suit her best.]]

[font Andalus [size15 After a few seconds he smiled and offered his hand to her, preparing to escort her back. It might have looked odd, for a pirate to offer such a gentlemanly gesture. Normally only those of high class and royal standings were trained this way, it was after all an old fashioned and very formal way of treating a lady. But as he offered his hand, his smile was warm and kind. His exposed sea blue eye, was gazing softly at her own. [#005C8A [b "I think I have just the thing, shall we?"]] He replied, seeming only happy to comply with her request.]]
Vixen smiled some and waved back at the men a little shyly her cheek flushed a little and she loomed at Dante and chuckled [#FF0000 [b " It's fine really, I. Not used to bring around people who are not afraid to speak to me be cause of the duke... I've been engaged to him for almost half a year and everyone back at that prison for a home is so scared of the Duke of all assholes and his goon squad to even liftbtheirbheaD to look at me, its actually refreshing."]] She told him and followed him onto the port and looked up at the sky and took a deep breath then she reached up and pulled the red ribbon that had been holding her long black hair up in a neat bun and pulled it out letting her hair fall down her back and stop just behind her knee's [#FF0000 [b "this is a beautiful Ship you have, Ever since I was a child I always wanted to be on on soaring with the stars"]] she told him as she ran her fingers through her hair shaking it out a little then looked at her clothes and sighed closing her eyes she shook her head and looked back at Dante [#FF0000 [b " I hate to be asking favors so Earlie but you prrhps have some Pants or shorts with a shirt that I could wear, personally I hate wearing this dress. So not flattering."]] She asked him the blush returning to her cheek she found her self slightly shy around him for reasons unk own to her self.
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