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It's been called many names, but each culture in history have feared it's arrival. The End, The Apocalypse, Armageddon and so on. It is the time where a final battle will occur, a battle versus good and evil. It is written that the end of this battle will reshape the earth, it is also written that the current residents of this earth will not survive the process. The end of the world is intended to destroy what is present in order to begin anew, as was done with the dinosaurs. At least, that is what has been told. And now the day itself is approaching, and soon certain beings are going to be expected to fulfill their roles. Good and Evil are to do battle, the Sins and Virtues of mankind. But are they aware of their origins? The ancient ones who have looked after this world since it's very beginning? These such beings are referred as a 'Neutral' party, but are also supposed to see this world to it's end. These ancients are known as the Endless, immortals who guide, manipulate, test and look after mankind. And as the final curtain is now ready to fall, are all of these families good, evil or otherwise ready to see this world end? And if not, would they go to the extent of refusing their roles? Even perhaps working with those they once considered their enemies? And what of these Endless, if they deny their roles and defy the hand of fate that has always guided them.. Would something more terrible take their place? The choice belongs the these individuals, the world can only await their decision.

The seven deadly sins, are known for being all that is evil within mankind. They have existed for thousands of years, being reborn from one generation to the next every lifetime. But how much beside fear and rumor does anyone know of these people? Are they truly nothing but evil, or are they simply a side of mankind that most fear to reveal about themselves? The Sins are mankind's stronger and darker impulses, whether or not they are evil is yet to be explored. Each Sin bares a mark, a mark that signifies their Sin and so called curse. These Sins awaken when their mark becomes fully active, it is normally triggered by an emotionally empowering or traumatic experience pertaining to their Sin. They are stronger, faster and have more heightened senses than any normal man or woman. But each Sin has a unique strength that defines them, as well as a unique weakness. Many of the Sins tend to feel a family comradery towards their marked siblings, but they have been known to have their disagreements and brutal fights in the past.

The Sins:

Wrath: {Reserved For Everlongknight666}

Envy: {Reserved For BloodyNeonScreams}

Pride: {Reserved For ME}

Gluttony: {To be decided}

Lust: {To be decided}

Greed: {To be decided}

Sloth: {To be decided}

Descriptions For the Sins are to be added later.

The Seven Holy Virtues, they have been known to represent all that is Good within humanity. They have existed for thousands of years, being born from one generation to the next each new lifetime. They are the polar opposites of the Sins, and thus believed to all be good. But is this truly the case? Does them being the moral restrains and lighter ideas we feel need to be enforced make them inherently good? Whether or not all Virtues are purely good, has yet to be revealed. Each Virtue bares a mark, one that signifies their so called duty to the world. They, like the Sins, are awakened only when their mark becomes fully active. This is normally triggered by an emotionally empowering or traumatic experience pertaining to their Virtue. They are stronger, faster and have more heightened senses than the average man or woman. But each Virtue has a unique strength that defines them, as well as a unique weakness. All Virtues tend to feel a family comradery towards their marked siblings, they aren't normally known to have many arguments.. due to them being always required to work together to keep the Sins in check.

The Virtues:

Patience: {Reserved by ME}

Kindness: {Reserved by ME}

Humility: {To be decided}

Temperance: {To be decided}

Chasity: {To be decided}

Charity: {to be decided}

Diligence: {To be decided}

Descriptions for the Virtues are to be added later

These are the timeless ones, those who have existed in this world since it's very beginning. They are the forgotten, yet we know them all by name. Their duties have always been to guide, direct, test and look after humanity. Each with their own charge, they are not considered good or evil. Simply immortals carrying out the necessary deeds to keep the world moving, be that deed kind or cruel. Each member of the Endless carries a Sigil, a relic that represents and helps them direct their power. This was given to them on the day of their creation, as was their charge. All Endless share a sense of family comradery with their siblings, however being people born from the strongest emotions and tenancies of mankind, there have been more than a few disagreements. The family itself seems rather broken compared to the way it once was, several have changed in subtle to dramatic ways. While a couple have cut contact with the others entirely. But with the events of the 'Final Fall', they may find themselves banded together once again. For better or worse.

The Endless

Destiny: {Taken by Me}

Other names/titles: Potmos and Fate.
Age: As old as creation.
Gender: Male.
Realm: The Garden of Forking Ways, where he continually walks its maze-like paths.
Sigil: His book, referred to as the Book of Destiny which he keeps chained to his wrist.
Duties: To read, record, direct and see through all events of time. Past, present and future.
Description: Destiny is a tall figure, obscured within a purple or brown robe and cowl. He does not leave footprints, nor does he cast a shadow. Destiny is blind, although this doesn't appear to hinder him and it has been stated that, opposed to simply being blind, Destiny '...sees everything.'
Personality: Destiny is not known for expressing much emotion at one time. He is always calm, detached, and somber even in extreme situations. He tends to favor Order and Control, thus he dislikes Chaos and most Freedom. Which is the main reason for his falling out with one of his brothers.
Short Biography: Destiny is the eldest brother of the Endless, in his own quiet way he tends to direct their family affairs. Although he feels he bares the most responsibility, he generally respects the duties of his siblings. He does not often express affection, nor does he usually express any distaste towards his family. He has however had one exception, he has always had disagreements with his brother Disorder. Their last argument in fact, is rumored among the other siblings to be the reason for Disorder's departure and his change of name. But no one is certain.

Disorder: {Reserved For Everlongkight666}

Destruction: {Taken by me}

Other names/Titles: Olethros.
Age: As old as creation.
Gender: Male.
Realm: He has abandoned his realm.
Sigil: His Sword, which lays gathering dust in his home.
Duties: His duties were once to cause destruction, war and natural devastation upon the world and humanity. However, he abandoned these responsibilities some time around the turn of the seventeenth century.
Desctription: Destruction generally appears as a tall and large built man, with red hair and a short beard or some form of facial hair. He used to wear military gear pertaining to the time he was in, these days on the other hand his garments are usually colorful without any specific them to them.
Personality: Despite his often intimidating appearance, he is normally polite, considerate and kind to strangers. He can feel somewhat on edge in the presence of his family, excluding his sister Delirium and his brother Disorder. To whom he's always been close to. He's normally relaxed and laid back, but becomes a raging storm when actually angered. He is always forthright about his opinions, and takes things very seriously when the situation calls for it.
Short Biography: Destruction is the third eldest brother of the Endless, and was once one of the most dangerous. But at the turn of the seventeenth century, he left his responsibilities and separated from his siblings. The reason for this was the onset of the human Age of Reason, which would eventually culminate in the invention of the atomic bomb. Destruction was unwilling to be responsible for the destruction this would cause, and therefore left the family. He did not cease to exist as the active aspect of Destruction, he simply stopped directing the affairs over which he has control. As he says, destruction did not stop, it was merely no longer his fault. He left shortly after his brother Disorder. Destruction is now self-obsessed in the most positive sense of that term; after giving up his responsibilities he concentrates instead on attempting to learn about his own nature and exert control over it. This is manifested in his deliberate attempt to subvert his own essential nature and create instead of destroy; he has been seen at various points writing indifferent poetry, painting an indifferent picture and etc.

Dream: {Taken by me}

Other names/Titles: Morpheus, Oneiros and The Sandman
Age: As old as creation.
Gender: Male.
Realm: Morpheus lives in a castle at the heart of his realm, "the Dreaming". Both the castle and the rest of his realm are mutable and change often, often at Morpheus' will, although the realm is itself an aspect of Morpheus, whose resistance to change is a theme throughout the series. Morpheus maintains both the castle and the realm, as with all aspects of his appearance, in a half-accommodating, half-terrifying state, simultaneously acknowledging both the courtesy due to others and the attention due him as the realm's master, and indeed the pleasantness and terror of dreams themselves.
Sigil: a helm made from the skull and backbone of a defeated enemy god. This helm, resembles a World War II-era gas mask.
Duties: Dream is both lord and personification of all dreams and stories, all that is not in reality.
Desctription: Morpheus usually appears as a tall, thin man with bone-white skin, black hair, and two distant stars looking out from the shadows where his eyes should be. Most often they are silver, blue, or white, but when he becomes angered, they have been known to turn red. Morpheus' appearance ranges widely "depending on who's watching." People generally perceive him as wearing a style of dress appropriate to their region and era. In the Dreaming, he is often seen wearing a grey t-shirt and dark pants. Otherwise, He customarily wears a billowing black cape, sometimes with a flame motif.
Personality: Although a good man at heart, Dream has many negative aspects to his personality. He is sometimes slow when dealing with humor, occasionally insensitive, often self-obsessed, and is very slow to forgive or forget a slight. He has a long history of failed romances, and is both directly shown and implied to have reacted very harshly to some of his breakups. But now Morpheus has a strong desire to atone for his past behavior. However, Morpheus has a great pride that does not tolerate damage.
Short Biography: Dream is the forth eldest brother among the Endless, and for quite sometime was one of the most socially detached from them. He has made many gruesome and cruel mistakes towards loved ones and ex-loved ones in the past, which he now tries to atone for. He has also been trying to understand and respect his siblings than he used to, including the ones who left. Who he is hoping to find and make amends with. He looks up to his older sister Death the most out of his siblings, and he has a specific grudge against his younger sister Desire.


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