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  1. Realtime blocked users still appearing fixed.
  2. Layout & layouts. width/height of character pictures fixed.
  3. This new setup will not work with adblock. You must whitelist us for it to work.
  4. Everything now uses ESV3 formatting.
  5. You can now block people.
  6. You can now view pages over 55.
  7. Themes / Layout options work again.
  8. It now remembers which character you used to last post as for the realtime chat.
  9. Edit rp reply fixed again
  10. Character profiles limit per account decreased to 75.
  11. 50 characters or more is required to post to permastore. Yawning, saying your hungry/tired/sleepy/bored and saying "hi" is not for permanent storage, try to use the realtime chat.
  12. You can now view your sent PMs.
  13. It now shows you the PM that was replied to when seeing PMs sent to you.
  14. Old posts over 220 days are going to be made static. You will still be able to delete them but you will not be able to post in them. It has archived them as a static file with full formatting. It will not have character pictures next to each post. Statics posts are from first post to last post so you can read your roleplay from beginning to end rather than the latest post being first.
  15. Todo- Make a version that looks like old flashchat for those who prefer it
  16. Todo- Implement thread creator kicking/banning someone from chat
  17. Todo- Old style chat commands, /roll /do
  18. You will eventually be able to hide the chats for non chat-based RPs. We're still in testing phase.

Adsense funding

We lost advertiser funding so I am currently paying the $220/mo bill out of pocket. Thanks for everyone who has offered to help and all the kind words. I may setup a premium version of eliteskills with simple things like a contributer badge, a post title, being able to lurk without being visible in the flash chat and possibly other simple perks. That way you get something for your contribution. I spend all week making this realtime chat come so sorry if I didn't reply to some of your emails yet. Thankfully the semester is over. I received 96 credits these last 2 semesters by maxing out my semester hours and taking a crazy amount of credit by exam. I made a site about taking credit by exam as a project. It contains most the information if you're interested. During this time I asked a few friends to look over the site and ban anything they see bad going on. One took a power trip and reported us to our ad provider due to a really inane argument. Either way we'll try to come out better every time we take a hit.

Post all suggestions/feedback here!

What do you think about the changes? What changes would you like to see?

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

Custom Pic URL: Text formatting is now all ESV3.

Roleplay Responses

I dunno. I just figured. Its kinda hard to navigate with me fingers. I mean being on a pc is ultimately better, but I am currently without pc internet and being on here is a bit tough without a mouse
  Magna / Alum / 5y 236d 4h 13m 14s
What would you want from a mobile version that the browser version doesn't give you?
  chicken / webmaster / 5y 236d 4h 20m 10s
Two words. Mobile Version. A mobile eliteskills would make it great for people and if you turn it into an app you might get some funds from that, plus more people would get on and play around. but that's just my opinion after getting this sweet new phone and upgrading from a flip.
  Magna / Alum / 5y 236d 4h 35m 45s
Thanks a lot for the offer. I may add a few premium features. That way you get something back for the donation! Hadn't made a premium version yet.
  chicken / Webmaster / 5y 241d 23h 39m 41s
I am sorry was I being rude forward or offenisve maybe a bit pushy or awkward? I just wanted to see if I could help.
  CaptainKirk / 5y 245d 11h 22m 26s
I have a question if someone wanted to make a donation to Jimmy to help him with the site so he doesn't have to use his own money from his pocket than where would one send this?
  CaptainKirk / 5y 245d 11h 31m 17s
Maybe you could make it so you could change the character of a post in the editing section? It would help if you accidentally use the wrong character.
  I'm "terrified" / Jon_the_assassin / 5y 246d 18h 26m 52s
Ah, okay, glad to hear that it was addressed. >w>;
  FAQ fragment 1 / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 254d 12h 58m 49s
Jimmy fixed it already Ommy-Nommy. It was a mistake on his end.
  {25998} / Silverwood / 5y 254d 12h 59m 54s
Completely? It's fine for me... idea why. o.O;
  FAQ fragment 1 / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 254d 13h 2m 0s
Same here, along with the character/word count... very odd
  {25998} / Silverwood / 5y 255d 2h 4m 58s
The realtime chat has disappeared for me. O_O Strange.
I don't really use ES on more than one tab. So I have no clue.
I mostly notice the character switch when I use it in another thread and change it in that same thread.
  Ace as created by -tA- / WhoAreTheyActually / 5y 255d 7h 12m 15s
When you have ES open in two more or tabs does it crop up like ugly.
  FAQ fragment 1 / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 255d 7h 14m 22s
Huh, just when another tab is open in general, or when I have ES open in two, or more tabs?

I believe I only had one tab open on ES.
  Ace as created by -tA- / WhoAreTheyActually / 5y 255d 7h 14m 57s

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