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He chuckled a little bit and then nodded. "Sure. Also, I do eat human food but I only do it to look more human." He said as he gently reached over and patted her head. He then left the room and headed downstairs. He decided to just order a pizza for her.
  Victor / Rusin / 6y 61d 5h 59m 11s
"I'm really hungry... A-and I know you dont really eat... human food.. But i was wondering if you could make some food to eat?" she peeked her head around the shower cutrian, her blue eyes seeming hopeful and as if on cue her stomach let out a rather large grumble.
  • [Anime] Clara Anne Rose • / Alyce / 6y 61d 11h 36m 4s
He walked into the bathroom and set the towels and clothes on the sink. He was about to leave before he heard her next question. "Yeah. I'm still here." He said to her as he stood by the door.
  Victor / Rusin / 6y 63d 2h 34m 56s
"I'm still in the shower, but the Curtians closed, You can come in and set them on the sink." Clara replied, washing her long blonde curls it felt good to take a shower in hot water, it relaxed her, though she had to remove her bandage.

Clara let the water run through her long curls ringing her hair out every not any again. "Victor?" Are you still there?" the blonde called out
  • [Anime] Clara Anne Rose • / Alyce / 6y 63d 3h 41m 43s
He looked at her and then nodded. "Sure. Let's get you upstairs then. When you get out of the shower, I will have a towel and some clothes ready for you." He said as he stood up and helped her up.

He lead her upstairs and to the bathroom before he headed over to his room. He grabbed her a towel and some clothes before he walked over to the bathroom again. He knocked on the door and asked "Are you dressed still or in the shower?"
  Victor / Rusin / 6y 63d 3h 59m 10s
"I suppose we can sleep in the same bed.. " she stood. "But I would like to shower.. It's really awkward to shower with the other girls, so i wait till eveyones gone, Then i shower, but by then, all the hot water is gone.." the blonde rubbed the back of her head with a small groan. "And that would mean I need some clothes to wear, since all mine are at the dorms.. I need to borrow some of yours.."
  • [Anime] Clara Anne Rose • / Alyce / 6y 63d 4h 9m 39s
He gulped as he looked into her eyes and then nodded. "Sure. You can stay here tonight, but... I only have one bed made up at the moment. So, do you want the couch, the bed, or be together like the old times when we were both just getting by in life?" He asked her as he looked away a little bit.
  Victor / Rusin / 6y 63d 17h 52m 39s
Clara shook her head "I dont want to sleep at the dorms.. The girls are noisey and it's hard for me to sleep, you know that i have to sleep in almost silence, or else i go crazy.." Clara looked down at her lap. "can't i just stay here tonight..?" She looked up again her eyes almost begging for him to say yes.

Her hair was much longer now, and much curlier, and her eyes seemed even bluer then when they last saw each other
  • [Anime] Clara Anne Rose • / Alyce / 6y 63d 18h 37s
He looked down at her and smiled a little bit before he hugged her again. "I have missed you too." He whispered into her ear. After a while, he gently patted her head and then said "Come on. Let's get you back to the dorm. Oh, and I want you to rest tomorrow. I will come by tomorrow to help you pack after I go tell the office that you won't need the dorm anymore. Okay?"
  Victor / Rusin / 6y 63d 18h 26m 28s
I should really be getting my things packed, the sooner im out of there, the sooner I can rest.. I've been unusually tired all day.. I just wanna lay down and pass out" Clara spoke returning his embrace. quietly she burried her face in his chest, not letting go even after the hug was obviously finished.

He smelled good to her, he always had.. Something about Victor calmed her and helped her think clearer.. "Ive missed you.." The blonde admitted quietly.
  • [Anime] Clara Anne Rose • / Alyce / 6y 63d 18h 31m 0s
He let out a small sigh and then said "Thank you." He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a hug, being careful not to hurt her. He was glad to have at least come to a decent agreement. He slowly let go of her and then asked "So, do you have any more questions or shall I walk you to the edge of the forest?"
  Victor / Rusin / 6y 63d 18h 37m 53s
"L-live here..?" she asked.. looking around. it would be quieter then the dorms.. plus it'd just be the two of them.. and she was actually able to talk to him..After a long silence Clara nodded "Alright, I'll pack my things then and let the school know I wont be needing a dorm anymore." Clara smiled alittle glancing towards him, then down. She was never able to make eyecontact for too long..
  Alyce / 6y 63d 18h 42m 19s
He looked at her and then looked at the ground for a moment. He then stood up and walked over to her. "Fine but on one condition," He said as he sat down beside her, "I want you to stay with me so that I can watch you and take care of you."
  Victor / Rusin / 6y 63d 18h 44m 52s
"Its better then you hurting innocent people Victor!" Clara yelled "I wont have it, A-and if i find out you do, Then don't ever bother speaking to me again." She crossed her arms, looking away, watching out the tinted windows "I'd rather it be me, Someone you know. and since you bit me,, that has to mean you liked the way i smelled or the way my blood smells, or however that works.. "I wont tell anyone, and you have an unlimited blood supply.. " Clara tried reasoning with him
  Alyce / 6y 63d 18h 48m 21s
He looked at her and then shook his head. "No. No! I can't do that to you. Not after I scared you like that and already bit you. I wouldn't be able to do that. I don't want to accidentally take to much and lose you. I would never be able to forgive myself if I did." He said with fear in his eyes as he stared at her.
  Victor / Rusin / 6y 63d 19h 15m 16s

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