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Becca looked at olethros and nodded "yes I did, and yes he is, he thinks that I am trying to destroy everything and that's not my goal." she told him as she looked around and then sighed "The storm seem's to be calming down a bit, though we shouldn't be out here for much longer" she said looking back at him
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Olethros watched the creature react to Becca's words, the creature let out a sound between a whimper and a gurgle in response. It couldn't be very easy for the beast to make an audible reply, not with the red haired immortal gripping lightly on his windpipe. But it was clear from the way the beast nodded and then began to thrash, that it had quite understood Becca's warning. Olethros dropped the creature from his grip, releasing it from any restraint. And sure enough, the moment it's feet hit the ground the cowardly specter fled at incredible pace away from the two. Once it was gone the man slowly turned back to look at Becca and let out a light chuckle, "So you knew I was going to follow you huh?" he glanced back to where the creature had ran off to before he added while looking at Becca once again. "So your brother Greed is trying to imprison you?" He asked curiously and with some concern.
When Olethros looked back at becca she was standing in the clearing her shoulder's moving up and down in accordance with her breaths as they slowed she turned around seeing him standing there with one of the shadow walker's "Oh good you caught one" she said as she through her scythes spinning into the air and they exploded with sparks of red flames as she walked over to him "I was wondering how far behind you would be, I had a feeling you'd chase after us." she said and then looked to the shadow walker "You will retun to My Brother Greedand tell him to stop looking for me, and if he send you again.." she paused and her eye's grew dark with evil intent "you will not return." she told it and then her eye's cleared "Now begine with you." she added
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It wasn't difficult to find where the four had run off to, he lived in this area for over fifty years. Besides which, the very stench of the creatures who lurked after the girl was enough of a clear trail on it's own. He watched from behind a tree and listened to their short and tense exchange, a master? Who was this Master the creatures spoke of, he could tell one thing however. These creatures belonged to a dark force, one as dark as the sins inherently were or worse. He wasn't sure what Becca meant by wanting to release her own wrath upon this world, but he did not like the idea of anyone aiming to hold her prisoner. At first he watched from a distance, it seemed that the girl could handle herself well. He really should have known, she was Wrath after all. But the creatures were certainly slippery, one jumped back to the tree he was behind and spotted him. The creature growled at the sight of him and lept for his throat, but instead the tall and powerful man caught the beast by it's own throat. Holding it in such a grip that the thing froze momentarily in shock, it then thrashed around in vain but could find no means of escape. It couldn't even raise it's claws enough to attempt harm on the immortal. "I'd be still little one if I were you." He told the creature in a surprisingly calm tone, "She'll need one of you alive right? So settle down, and I'll have no reason to harm you." he told the shadowy beast as he glanced back at Becca's progress.
Becca ran until she came into a small clearing in the tree's she looked around and closed her eye's, as she stood there she could hear the wind and the falling snow mixed with movement along the path that she took and smiled and opened her eye's. when she opened her eye's their color had changed from their normal ice crystal blue she a color that reassembled the red of the fire's of hell as the air around her grew warmer "You all definatly have a death wish, Shadow Walker's..." she looked up as thw wind changed directions and the three figures that had been chasing her appeared infront of her slightly hunched over with long claw like fingers and chuckled like a hyena "You know nothing Little Girl.... Master wants you to return to hi." they spoke there voice's errie and they slithered through the air like snakes "you can tell him i said forget it, i've hidden for too long, it's my turn to free my wrath on this world i will not be hidden any longer!" she spat at them the air around them getting warmer "an right now I'm pretty angry, and only one of you is needed to return the massage..." she said and a smile creeped onto her face and the wind blew her hood from her head "I think it's time for two of you to die!" she stated as she darted forwad as two scythe's appeared and her voice echoed through the tree's as she spoke"Return from the darkness wence you came, Wrath will reap wht she haths sown!!!" she yelled as she begain fighting with the three shadow's as they dodged her attacks she would cut through tree's with easy and has they fell she would resume her attack on the three
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Olethros looked at her in concern and alarm as she first stood suddenly, he watched and opened his mouth to object as she grabbed her coat and quickly left. He then watched with narrowed eyes as three figures darted after her when she ran off. He paused a moment before grabbing his own coat, his canine companion looked up quickly with his ears perked straight in the air. "You're going after her? Does that mean you are bringing your Sigil?.." Barnabas asked him quickly, his friend on the other hand flinched at the idea and shook his head. "No. There wont be any need for that. And in case something happens, I need you to stay here.. Understand?" He asked the dog, looking back at him with a serious and penetrating stare. Barnabas nodded slowly, or at least as well as a dog could nod and sat still. With that, Olethros quickly ran out the door after Becca and the three figures that followed her. Generally, he didn't get involved in such things unless he had to. But He wasn't about to allow whoever and whatever these people were, to harm her while there was anything he could do to stop it.
Becca Smiled and looked at him, she sighed thinking back "Yes I have fought with one of the virtues before, and I must say it was one ofnnot find anyone among the human race that can fight a my most enjoyable fights ever, I still to this day cas she did." she told him and stood up suddenly and looked toward the door "something's coming... It's not good either" she said and quickly darted of to her coat and slid into it and looked over as Olethros and nodded to him "Thank you for your hospitality but I must be on my way, I have been running from someone or something i don't know which and it has caught up to me." she told him and bow slightly then darted out of the door and into the storm that had gotten a lot worse she darted to the right of the small hut and dissapeared into the tree's as three small beings darted in the direction that she had went

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Olethros nodded slowly to Becca's answer, it only made sense that they would avoid one another. Still though, he couldn't help but feel slightly worried over the Virtues not being seen yet. Barnabas in the meantime, seemed relatively at ease. In fact he was enjoying being pet, his body had relaxed and his tail wagged a little. "Only makes sense, you are natural opposites after all.." He reasoned quietly in agreement, but soon noticed the smile on her lips. He tilted his head curiously, before asking; "Have you been in a fight with one before?"
Becca looked at him for a moment then shook her head "I haven't, and i haven't checked in with my siblings in a while tho i doubt any of them have, we Sins usually try and keep our distance from the virtues." she said "We generally have a difference in opinion and when and if we do happen a crossed each other one of two things will happen." she added before looking at the dog and petting his head "One we eacher ignore them, or two we end up in a fight." she added again with a small smile playing at her lips as if she was remembering a moment she liked that her statement brought up
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Olethros leaned back in his chair and made himself comfortable, Becca asked for answers that he felt she deserved to have..Even if he didn't much like talking about the past, or his siblings for that matter. Still, he felt that she needed to know. Barnabas seemed to oddly quiet during all of this, relaxed even. He hopped up on the couch near Becca and laid down casually. While Olethros took in a breath before speaking, "Years ago my siblings and I were told to create the marks of the Sins and the virtues. Some of us were responsible for the Sins while others, the Virtues. My sister and brother Desire, was the one who created Lust and Greed. Desire's twin sister Despair created Sloth and Gluttony, and they together were responsible for the mark of Envy. My sister Delirium.. back when her name was Delight. She created Charity and Kindness, my brother Destiny created Patience and Temperance. My brother Dream created Chasity and Diligence, and he and my sister Death created Humility." He explained softly, there was the slightest hint of pain when he mentioned his sister Delirium, as if there was regret in his eyes for a moment before it passed. When he finished he looked back at her calmly, before asking; "I've heard many of the Virtues have gone missing... Have you or your siblings seen them anywhere?"
Becca looked at him with wide eyes and raised an reyebrow, "you created the my mark and my sister Kesha's mark? Well that's something I've never heard before. what about the other sin's? who's responsible for the others?" she asked him walking over to the couch and sitting down she felt calm now that she knew a little more about him but sh still kept her guard up just in case
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Olethros nodded some when she spoke of her siblings, it sounded as if she was very close to them. It reminded him of how much he missed his own siblings at times. He was relieved still that it was unlikely for them to come after him here. But he was worried because the Sin's being awake could only mean one thing, the Final Fall was coming. He wondered if they even knew, or if they thought they were here because of the last war. At her question though he snapped out of his thought process, he looked at her and nodded slowly while letting out a slow breath. "Because a part of you does know me, myself and some of my siblings helped create the marks of Sins. As for me, I am responsible for the marks of Wrath and Pride. So in a sense...you know me, because I am family." He explained slowly, he wasn't sure how she would take to the knews.. But she deserved the truth.
Becca seemed to relax a little bit and then she looked at him "the other sins are my sister's and brother's WE are always connected to each other and when we need to we can find them no problem. Tho I haven't seen my siblings in awhile and they are no where near this place so you have no need to worry about them Olethros, they will not seek you or me out here." she told him and looked around then back at him "alltough i have a question for you, why do you seem familiar to me... i feel like i know you but I've never seen you before in my life." she asked him
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Olethros groaned in a tired manner as he narrowed his eyes at his canine companion in frustration, but then turned his attention back to the girl before him. Seeing her tense slightly and feeling the change in her voice, he smiled calmly. Yep, this one was one of his alright. Not seeking a fight but ready for combat if she needed to be at the drop of a hat. At her question he shook his head some, "You have nothing to worry about from me, as my loud mouthed friend said I am retired.." He grunted as he straightened up some, but didn't stand as he added; "And even if I were still retaining my old duties, I would have no reason to attempt any harm on you." There was an almost gentle tone as he finished those last words and looked at her, he would not seek any harm to one he himself was apart of bringing into this world. Even if they were not physically related, she bore the mark of wrath that he fathered in a sense. She was family. He rubbed the back of his neck as he glanced off and spoke a little more awkwardly, "I was worried when I heard your name because of what it means, I was also not certain whether or not you had any particular connection with the other sins.." he told her while glancing back at her some.
Becca looked surprised when the dog spoke to her then laughed at his last statement "Olethros The endless Destruction..." she said t her self and looked from the dog to Olethros "So your Destruction, why did you look so worried after you heard my name Olrthros? and should I be worried about being here, I'm not in to mood to deal with ceritain situations at the moment." she said as one of her necklaces glowed red and her body language gave away her tenseness
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