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Despite this sudden and unexpected reaction from the an, Desire only took a small and controlled step back as he screamed at her in anger. Although her expression at first didn't seem to change much, her eyebrows furrowed lightly and her eyes softened a great deal. These rants of anger and anguish were familiar to her, she had heard and felt something similar to them before.. From her own memories, even now her own words echoed inside her mind; 'How can I be happy?! Being what you made me to be? How can I accept this charge you've forced upon me? Causing others to want, granting them what they wish.. Being their Desire, Why?! why me Father?!' it was during her first years as one of the Endless. What felt like the first days of her existence, were such an existence devoid of her own choices, and even the physical ability to want anything other than what was Desired by others.

No one but her creator knew her true 'feelings' on her duty, around humanity, even her own siblings and the other immortals.. She acted as though she was content, that she couldn't be happier. And it was hardly them she hoped to fool, although she wanted to retain her image and pride around others; The truth was she wanted to convince herself of a false happiness she didn't, couldn't possess. And now it seems, she had inadvertently inflicted the same painful existence upon her son. She watched the anger drain from him, and Charity show him true concern and compassion. Perhaps Charity was not so broken after all, perhaps the reason she did not resist or deny Leric was because she did not want to. She wanted instead to give herself and her affections to him, in a sense.. they both followed their natures. Leric as Lust first attempted to corrupt her, and Charity turned something that was 'Corrupted' into something more pure. After reassuring the girl and sending her away, he had pushed Desire onto her back. She allowed him to without resistance, after he kissed her and spoke she leaned up and gave him a soft kiss in return. She then reached up and wrapped his arms around his neck, holding him close to her.. an embrace that almost seemed to convey an apology as well as a sense of protection. She felt that tug in her chest again, this time it was, guilt? remorse? care? She couldn't be sure, as she wasn't positive she was capable of feeling such things. What she did know is she felt responsible for this man, he was after all, her son. At the very least she owed him this, to be here now.. and grant his desire to the best of her abilities. "Do not apologize... And even if you cannot be satisfied, I will do everything in my power to grant what you wish of me to the best of my abilities.." She told him softly, her voice nearly as smooth and flawless as it normally was, but there was a smallest hint of a quiver from emotion she could not quite conceal in time. This was after all, her fault. Her son was cursed with a similar infliction to her own, and all she did through his existence was cause him to want more.. want her and indirectly put such a thing he wanted out of his reach. For him, there could not be a worse torture than to want something he could never touch or reach.
His face grew to a scowl as she asked her question. He then stood anger filling his expression. "Satisfied? Satisfied?! You! Of all people, you should know I can never be satisfied! After all your are my mother." He spat the last word. "It took me centuries to find that out. And the more I observed you the more I wanted you." He gripped his hair as he looked at the floor. With a heavy sight the anger drained from him as his eyes grew lustful once more. Charity by this point snapped from her fits of pleasure. she crawled on her hands and knees looking at Leric with genuine concern. He slowly walked to charity and gave her a gentle kiss on her head. "I'm fine my dear. Go check on you sister." He looked at desire and slowly sat next to her. When charity ran off to attend to her sister he said, "I'm sorry. I grew up on the street...without you. It put me in the best position to become what I am now. I've known nothing but lust." With a smile he shyly admitted, "I honestly love charity. I don't know how that happened. But she may have reached my heart. Her sister on the other hand..I'm taking great pleasure in breaking her. It's only a matter of time now. And no I don't wish for help on that." He looked at desire and pushed her onto her back and kissed her softly. "I do desire you."
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Desire watched the man release Charity and tell her to take Temperance to 'the table', but she kept her attention on the man as they left. As he beckoned her closer she stood in slight hesitance, it wasn't as if this was the first time that a man or woman wanted to possess her in such a fashion. Generally speaking however, they only wanted to do so once. This was the first someone would presume to ask to keep her to themselves in that definition. And to let him deal with the demands of the flesh she could receive from others? she was not even positive that was allowed. Then again, the rules certainly seemed to have changed over the more recent years. She might have requested such a wish to keep her for their own from Lust, or Leric's, brother Greed. But Lust by nature normally took only what they wanted from a person, leaving them to become lustful beings on their own, before moving on to the next. She then watched as Charity entered the room again, climbing into Leric's lap. She watched as he extended his fangs and as Charity readily accepted his wish and offered herself to him, eagerly. She didn't bother to turn away as Leric bit into the girl's neck and drank from her, causing her to exclaim and moan in obvious pleasure. Her eyes blinked once, a slight softness appearing in them before disappearing again. Charity felt as if she was happy, but she was broken.. There it was again, that nauseating sense of pity.. even of some guilt. But as quickly as the hint of that feeling appeared in her eyes, did it vanish near instantly. She approached the male once he had finished, and stood beside the bed next to him. She allowed herself to lean a little closer to him, so that she may look at his eyes more directly as she asked what she must ask them all. "And you are sure this is what you really want? would possessing me in that way truly satisfy you Leric?" She asked him in a soft yet smooth tone, without a hint of any falter, there was only that tone of sincerity.
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Smiling he released charity from her bonds. When she was free she imediatly clung to Leric. "Why don't you be a dear and take temperance to the table." With a kiss to his cheek she did as she was told taking temperance out of the room. He smiled and walked to the bed becoming her to come closer. "I don't intend to keep you from your obligations. By all means I have my own. You know me as lust but I prefer Leric. As for my request? I want you to be mine. I want you to come to my bed at night. I care not for what desires you grant other than those of pleasure of the mortal flesh. If you recive demands as such let me handle them." Moans could be heard shortly before charity came back. She laid in Leric's lap smiling at the other woman in the room. Leric gently pet charity's head before he opened his mouth as his canines grew to fangs. When charity looked up at him once more she closed her eyes as he leaned up, tilting her head back to expose her neck. Pressing his lips to her neck he kissed it before sinking his fangs in slowly making charity moan loudly. When he pulled away she moved towards the center of the bed as she started writhing in pleasure as moans could be heard from behind him. As he smiled at Desire his fangs disappeared.
  Leric Lust / Everlongknight666 / 5y 166d 2h 21m 52s
Desire merely looked the man in the eye as he pinned her to a wall, something like this shouldn't surprise her. Her job was to be an embodiment of humanities want, to give these humans what they wished for most. And this man's job was to want, and tempt others to do the same. Thus, it was only natural for him to want her. Still, as he spoke to her she felt a slight twinge of amusement within herself. It wasn't him she found amusing, only his demand. Because such a thing would not and could not ever be possible. As he disappeared with her and reappeared and what she assumed to be his home, she glanced around. She noted the foyer before following after the man who brought her here, it was clear that there was something he wanted to show her. She may as well oblige for the moment.

When she saw the two women her head tilted lightly, her cat like eyes looked at them with acknowledgement. She knew who they were, and as she recognized them she felt that feeling close to pity once more. Although, she would never allow for that to appear on her face. It wasn't a part of who she was to feel pity, certainly not openly. Still, poor Charity. Once she was one of the best in humanity, now she was merely a pet for the man's enjoyment. Temperance was still putting up a fight, of course. Knowing her nature she would not give anytime too soon, and knowing this man's nature.. he would have no issue taking whatever time he needed to break her. And even if she did allow herself to feel too strongly over the situation these women were in, in truth she still could not blame the man. After all, this was who and what he was.. and for his nature it seemed that this 'son' of hers had done well for himself. At his question she looked up and spoke in the same casual and flawless tone she had before, "I did wonder what happened to these two, it seems you've done well for yourself." as she spoke she noted that Temperance was glaring at her.. likely because she recognized her for who she was. She did what she could to ignore the Virtue. Instead she responded to the first comment the man had made to her before, "As for what you want of me, I'm afraid it is quite impossible. Do you know.. who I am and what I stand for Lust?" she asked softly as she looked at his eyes once more.
Leric stepped from the shadows with his hands in his pockets. With a grin he approached the woman. He wanted her, lusted for her. "Is there something that I want?" He chuckled, "I want many things, guns, gold, women. But more specifically, I want you." He slowly approached her as he took her by the hands and pinned her to the closest wall. "I want you, not to be shared by any man or woman, to be by my side till the day I die. He smiled as he disappeared with her only to reappear in his home. The foyer lay astrew with gold and silver. He slowly walked up the stairs before them till he reached the master bedroom of the house. Upon entering the first sight was that of two women bound and chained to the wall. Both of them wore collars, one said charity, the other, temperance. He walked closer to his pets as he smiled, "and how are you two doing this fine night?" The one named temperance spat at him. As for charity, she pressed against her restraints to get closer to Leric. He had broken her many years ago. Temperance though, he wanted to break but for many years had failed to do so. Looking back at the woman that he had brought to his home he said, "how do you like my pets? Though I'm still trying to train temperance."
  Leric Lust / Everlongknight666 / 5y 166d 12h 16m 57s
It was another one of those evenings, summoned by that itch in someone else's heart in the middle of a large filthy city. Full of the stench of want and desperation, it also wreaked of despair. The essence of her twin sister, the feeling that tended to cause many to want more and to want things that would destroy them. In this case, the man who summoned her had just lost his wife and son who left him. All due to his gambling problem, he had lost what little he had left. The man had wondered, looking for anything he felt could lead him to what thought he needed. Eventually he came across a man who told him how to summon one who could give him what he sought, for a price that this being would explain to him. She appeared before him with smooth raven hair that reflected the moon's glow, long elegant and curved legs that carried her well formed hips and torso. Which was equipped with rounded medium sized breasts that looked supple even through her clothes, and she wore a black silk dress that wove around her every curve and stopped just below her hips. Her form was soft and beautiful, yet there was a certain sense of power and goddess-like pride about her. Her skin was as pale as the moon and her eyes like that of a cat's, shining a bright and illuminating gold. Her faded rose pink lips curved into a calm smile as she looked at the man, "I understand that you have been looking for me.." her voice was smooth fluent and flawless. The man stared at her in awe, too shocked for words at first but eventually found his voice; "You can give me what I want?.." he asked her hopefully with a hint of desperation. The woman lips shifted into a light frown before she nodded slowly, "Yes.. But first I must warn you, with anything you gain from me.. you will lose something else in return. You will not always be happy by getting what you want." she said softly as she looked at the man. She felt a sense of pity, oh how these once proud creatures had fallen.. It actually came close to making her feel sad for them. The man however, nodded quickly while rubbing his arm, his face full of his ignorance. "Yeah, Yeah. I understand, so.. you'll give it to me right? my deepest desire?" He asked while leaning towards her some, while the woman continued to frown lightly. Still she nodded, "I will give you the thing you want most. It will be waiting for you in the usual place.." This time as she spoke her voice echoed slightly, her eyes gleamed in the light. The man practically sprinted away to find his fortune, while the woman merely shook her head in disapproval. It was only then she noticed someone was watching her, not because she could see this person... She could feel him, it was someone of a certain kin to her in a way. Slowly she turned in the direction of this being and spoke, "Is there something you want young one?" of course the man was only young by her standards.. owing to the fact that she was one of the Endless.
  Desire The Endless ||Des|| / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 166d 18h 45m 42s

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