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Kria blushes and she nods her head with a shy smile on her lips. " Yeah, I'm sure. " She remarks while becoming in his embrace and Kria holds him close. ~ Time skip to emails. Lol ~
  Calista James. / QueenXyna / 6y 32d 1h 30m 57s
He looked at her and then looked down for a moment. He nodded and then stood up. He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her for a moment. "Are you sure?" He asked her as he held her close.
  Krinyo (older) / rusin / 6y 33d 21h 53m 56s
~ OOC are we going to time skip these parts or email or text? ~ Kria blushes and she gulps while twirling her hair in a nervous fashion with her right hands fingers. Then she gazes up into his eyes. " Guess we can speed them along." She says shyly.
  Calista James. / QueenXyna / 6y 35d 22h 34m 30s
He thought for a moment about what he said and then looked up at her. "Well, we could just let things develop naturally or we could try and move things along ourselves, if we wanted to try and develop our feelings. If we try and ignore them, then we might have to try and stay away from each other for a little while." He said to her as he looked straight into her eyes.
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 36d 18h 16m 41s
~ Ooc this time real life got me lol ~ Krianna tilts her head up at him with arched brows and she speaks with a curious tone of voice. " Continue to develop? How? And I don' t think we could ignore them, even if we wanted to. " she says with a shrug of her shoulders. " So, which shall we do?" smirk.
  Calista James. / QueenXyna / 6y 36d 19h 27m 26s
He thought for a moment before he said "Well, we could either continue to develop these feelings or try to get rid of them... after we figure out exactly what these feelings are." He still didn't look at her because he was still a littl embarrassed about all of this.
  Krinyo (older) / rusin / 6y 38d 8m 47s
" So. what are we supposed to do about this problem? " Kria says as she stares at the table and then eyes her brother once in awhile.
  Calista James. / QueenXyna / 6y 38d 2h 10m 23s
He looks at her and then looks down as he blushes a little bit. "I... I liked it too. I..." He said for a moment and then looked up into her eyes.
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 38d 8h 17m 27s
~ OOC Sorry hun, forgot I haven't posted here. So sorry.~ Kria haults her steps and she turns around with reddish blushing cheeks on her semi pale face. " I ..I.. Liked it. Did you?" Kria says with a nervous trembling tone of voice as she sits back down in a chair next to her big brother.
  Calista James. / QueenXyna / 6y 38d 10h 4m 3s
He watched her for a moment and then said "Wait! Did... did you still like it after you found out that it was me? Just answer me that."
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 39d 21h 14m 23s
" Well, its late and I'm tired. Time for sleep. " she doesn't think he liked and so Kria didnt say anything else. " Got more job hunting to do in the morning. I'm off to bed. Night." she says heading out of the kitchen.
  QueenXyna / 6y 40d 4h 36m 8s
He blushed a little bit and then looked down at the table. "I-I... I see." He said as he just stared at the table. [i She liked it?! How am I going to handle that?!] He thought to himself as he looked off to the side now.
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 42d 18h 45m 51s
Kria blushes and then she raises her gaze up to meet her brothers own eyes. " I..uh..rather liked the feeling." she remarks with very reddish cheeks.
  QueenXyna / 6y 43d 2h 30m 32s
He thought for a minute as he sat his food down. He looked up at her before asking "Let's talk about it first. How... how did you feel about it... before you found out it was me?"
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 44d 19h 2m 42s
" So, what do we do about it? " Kria says as she munches on her dinner and she takes sips of her DP in between the chewing and swallowing of her food. ~ ooc sorry, holiday weekend had me very busy.~
  QueenXyna / 6y 44d 23h 29m 13s

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