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He smiled and then gently patted her head before they got close to the ride. He looked back at her and then said "We can get on as soon as you finish your cotton candy."
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 8d 6h 24m 14s
She gently breathed a sigh of utter relief then. Good. This ride wouldn't be completely unbearable. [i [b "Alright. That's wonderful to hear. I'm not exactly the braving person alive... But if I'm with my amazing older brother.. It should be awesome!"]] Sachiko declared while grinning towards Krinyo now.
  [Euphoria] / EverPetals / 6y 8d 11h 46m 41s
He thought for a minute and then said "It's not too scary. It is a lot less scary than the ones during Halloween time."
  Krinyo (older) / rusin / 6y 8d 20h 27m 52s
Another roller coaster? Good. Then hopefully it wouldn't be too dark... Or scary for that matter. Braving through a horror movie is completely different than actually riding through one instead. [b [i "Um... Krinyo? Exactly how scary is this ride?"]] Sachiko finally questioned quietly.
  [Happiness] / EverPetals / 6y 9d 12h 48m 9s
He nodded and then said "I think there is one at the back of the park if I remember correctly. It is another roller coaster, but not as fast." He smiled as they started to head to the ride.
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 11d 6h 24m 22s
Her smile then grew even more brighter at the mere mention of a Ferris Wheel ride, she quickly nodded in agreement with this certain plan. [b [i "Alright! How about... A horror ride...?"] Sachiko quietly questioned before stuffing some cotton candy inside her mouth.
  : A.F.C : / EverPetals / 6y 11d 8h 19m 16s
He shrugged and then said "I'm not sure. All I know is that we need to end with the ferris wheel. I want to see the view from the top one last time."
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 12d 17h 34m 47s
Sachiko happily beamed upward towards her awesome older brother and happily began eating some fluffy pink cotton candy, basically normal flavor cotton candy. There may have been fancier flavors like watermelon or raspberry, but this would always be her favorite truthfully. She briefly paused her eating after several minutes or so, and gazed towards Krinyo once again. [b [i "Which ride do you wanna try next now, Krinyo?"]]
  サチコ / EverPetals / 6y 12d 18h 13m 28s
He chuckled a little bit and said "Sometimes." When they got to the stall, he bought her some cotton candy and then took a little chuck from hers for himself as they walked away from the stall.
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 12d 18h 27m 25s
She simply kept smiling and gladly allowed his helping hand. Then she realized where they were headed towards. COTTON CANDY! Sachiko happily cheered while fist pumping the air, before grabbing onto Krinyo's arm slightly. [b [i "Cotton candy. The best kind of sweetness, hm?"]] She chimed pleasantly then.
  サチコ / EverPetals / 6y 13d 13h 27m 39s
He smiled as he looked at her and then gently patted her head. "I am glad you liked it." He said before he got out and helped her out. He was happy that she was having a good time. When they exited the ride area, he walked over to the cotton candy with her to buy her some.
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 15d 23h 11m 30s
Soon, the roller coaster came to a sudden halt after three or four times going around the track, Sachiko quietly breathed out then. Her cheeks were darkly flushed from laughing so much. She slightly glanced towards Krinyo now. [b [i "T...That was amazing.."]] It seemed she was somewhat breathless.
  サチコ / EverPetals / 6y 16d 2h 11m 23s
He smiled and laughed a little bit as the ride started going faster. He was having a lot of fun. He was glad that she was also having fun today.
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 17d 4h 24m 54s
[size10 [i [u ooc:] Sorry for my late reply. Been busy.]]

Sachiko followed closely behind Krinyo and made sure everything was utterly safe on their roller coaster seat, of course, they were perfectly secure. Soon the ride began moving slowly- Then steady became faster within seconds. She started giggling before slightly laughing much harder.
  サチコ / EverPetals / 6y 17d 4h 31m 33s
Soon, they were boarding the rollercoaster and they sat next to each other. He looked at her and smiled happily before the ride started.
  Krinyo (older) / Rusin / 6y 19d 6h 42m 39s

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