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He looked at her for a moment as he listened to her explanation. He sighed and set the bow down before walking over to her. He tilted up her chin as he looked down into her eyes. "I will make myself clear right now. I hate my father and I could care less about you or your mother. All three of you are only people who have no meaning to me. You are all strangers. Understand? I won't be the nice brother all sisters hope for. So, be careful if you try to get close to me." He said before letting her go and going back to the bow. He started shooting arrows at a target.
  Krinyo / Rusin / 6y 68d 21h 23m 38s
Her eyes widen as the arrow whizzed past her and she yelps, jumping back. She stares at the arrow that is now sticking out of the door with amazement before turning back to the boy. "I-i'm sorry.. you mentioned a forest so, i thought id come with you a-and you seemed upset. She admits shyly, looking down embarrassed, her face flustered. "I-i didnt mean to bother you... i-if you dont mind me asking, what is the matter? She asks looking up at him, her last words more confident and a serious expression on her face.
  Kyoko / LoveIsAnIllusion / 6y 68d 21h 55m 50s
He walked out of the backdoor and to the edge of the forest. He picked up a bow an and arrow. He had noticed that she was trying to be quiet as she followed him but he knew she was there. He notched the arrow and pulled it back as he aimed at a tree. Quickly, he swung around and shot the arrow so it flew past her shoulder and stuck into the wooden door they came out of, leaving her untouched. "What are you doing following me for?" He asked her as he looked at her with uncaring eyes.
  Krinyo / Rusin / 6y 68d 22h 3m 29s
Kyoko was intrigued when she heard the boy mention a forest. Nature was so beautiful and she loved it. She looked away from the window and at the boy who was leaving. He seemed upset. Her mother was distracted with her step father so she decided to follow the boy. She tried to be as quiet as possible, making sure the boy didnt notice her as she followed him to the forest. She watched him carefully as she did so. Something didnt feel right with the boy. There was something wrong and she wanted to know what. After all, he was now her family. "Um, hello..?" She whispered quietly.
  Kyoko / LoveIsAnIllusion / 6y 68d 22h 11m 33s
He watched his father and also saw the girl attempt a smile before she looked back down at the floor. He sighed and then turned around. "I will be out in the forest in the back if you need me. Have fun getting to know your wife and daughter." He said to his father as he walked away against his father's protests.
  Krinyo / Rusin / 6y 68d 22h 23m 46s
As they entered Kyoko saw two males, her new father and step brother, waiting at the entrance. She stared at them and clutched onto her mothers hand tightly. She didnt say anything and waited for her mother to speak. Her mother greeted her husband with a kiss and smiled at the boy before looking back at Kyoko and gesturing at her to say something. "You have such a beautiful home! Dont you think its lovely, Kyoko?" She nodded and looked down at her feet, shifting awkwardly before lifting her head and looking at the boy. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and attempted to smile at the boy before looking back down at her feet. Well, this was her new home and her new family. She couldnt muster the courage to speak nor did she know what to say. All of this was new to her and she didnt know how to feel. She just wanted to be alone with her thoughts. She let out a small sigh and stared out of a nearby window, looking at the pale blue sky.
  Kyoko / LoveIsAnIllusion / 6y 68d 22h 37m 6s
Krinyo sat at the window in his bedroom and watched his soon to be step mother and step sister start heading towards the mansion. He honestly could care less about them or even that his father got married. He just wanted this whole thing to be over so he could go back to ignoring his father. He hated his father but never let it really show.

He headed downstairs and stood with his father in the entrance. He looked at his new mother and then at the girl beside her. He was honestly a little surprised at how pretty she was. He sighed as he pushed the thought out of his mind. He looked at the ground and then stood there as his father went to go greet them.
  Krinyo / Rusin / 6y 68d 22h 56m 57s
Kyoko quitely gazes at the mansion, dumbstruck. Sakura petals fell on to her hair as she stood still the car behind them slowly driving away. She looked to her mother who was holding her hand and received a warm reassuring smile. "Its okay, Kyoko." She said, still smiling sweetly. Her mother lead her towards the mansion and she slowly followed behind, taking in the atmospehere around her. It hadnt been long since her mother married and now they were moving into this mansion with her new father and his son that is to be her step brother. She was happy because her mother was happy and thats all there really was to it. She wasnt angry because her mother was marrying someone else. She wasnt sad that they had to move she just felt calm and nothing else. It was a new start in a new place. A chance to be someone else. A chance to be and have a family again. What could go wrong?
  Kyoko / LoveIsAnIllusion / 6y 68d 23h 19m 10s

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