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"Dear Independent,"
"You don't know me."

"But I know you..."

"And unlike Him I do not underestimate your importance in this world, I know what you are truly capable of."

"It is because of this knowledge and His underestimation that I have contacted you, there is little time left.

"Some of you have sensed Him, even if it is just his influence around you. What it is that you feel, you cannot explain.. only that something is there. Watching. Listening. Orchestrating."

"They have methods. You have questions, such as what is this feeling? who is He? I have answers. Ones that I am willing to offer freely, but not here where it can be seen by uninvited eyes.

"If you seek the truth, then follow the next encoded instructions. Then enter the password to contact me. I will be waiting."

"The passcode is; You Are Free."

"Just remember, I have only promised the truth. Nothing more. And know this; This is not a safety measure. This is not a Prevention plan. This.. Is a Rebellion. Do not follow if you cannot run the road, there will be no turning back."



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Kimiko used the leg that had hit thr ground where he stood the push her self off the ground and just barley got nicked by Glitches attack "You'll have to do better then that My friend!' she said as fly into the air then she folded her arms close to her body and spun her self aiming for him when she got close enough she opened her arm's wide and took Glitch to the ground with her then backflipped off of him only using her hands to launch her self away from him then landing a few feet looking at her arm she smiled "Awe you tore my Kimono." she said looking at it
Glitch barely dodged the full blow of her leg, it had however scraped him. This was surprising for him, he was pretty damn fast, especially here but she landed a hit on the first go. He felt himself grin excitedly, before he moved, his form only a flicker of light and color as he came at her with blow aimed at her side. As he did so he said quickly, "Excellent, now remember, it is better to feel than to think. Follow your instincts!" he told her as he came at her.
  Neo Keiba {Glitch} / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 161d 7h 19m 0s
Kimiko looked at him in his stance and smiled "this ought to be interesting." she said to him as she slid her left foot out to the side and then drug in around in a half circle and placed it behind her with her weight distributed between both feet she raised her hands taking her stance she closed her eye's and took a deep breath then opened then "ready or not here I come!" she stated and then darted forward at lightening sped she was suddenly in front of glitch swinging her legs down aiming for a straight shot for his head "see how you deal with this!" she said letting her attack fly
  BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 161d 8h 15m 23s
Glitch was happy to hear that she wasn't too tuckered out, he was planning to test her combat skills next. Of course he had thought he was just going to send some practice targets for her to fight, combat programs that he engineered a while ago. He prepared to do so when he heard her say she was itching for a fight, but then she outright challenged him to a match. Damn she was gutsy, all of this was new to her.. The situation, the system she was in and her Avatar. Yet she wanted to skip the practice and climb straight to the big leagues, well for a moment he worried about whether or not it would be a good idea. But when he saw that confident smiling expression, and heard that challenging tone in her voice.. How could he refuse? Her eagerness and air of powerful confidence encouraged him to feel likewise. He leaned back for a moment and grinned before speaking through the mic, "It's your call, I accept the challenge" he then pressed a few keys before a light shone over his own chair. The platform he didn't need, although Alexia didn't know it yet, he was already connected partway to the system due to being and android himself. He leaned back once more as the same computerized voice spoke again, "Registered user, Neo Keiba log in; Avatar 'Glitch' intergration activated." he felt that warm feeling then the rush of a wave on energy through him as he appeared descending from a door that materialized above the mountain.

He walked down through the air to the mountain top as if treading on stairs and stood ten feet from Kimiko, he looked up at her as the eye holes in his Avatar's mask glinted with excitement. As he spoke his voice was slightly deeper and seemed to echo some, almost as if there was a hint of a computerized voice hidden within a human one. "Shall we dance?" He asked as he slid one foot back a little behind him, readying himself for her move.
  Neo Keiba {Glitch} / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 162d 21h 34m 8s
Kimiko smiled and stood up brushing herself off she shrugged a little "Eh, I feel okay a little out of breath but not to tired." she told glitch as she looked around with her eye's "Actually I feel like I'm itching for a fight, wanna spar with me? I wanna see what you can do and to see if you can keep up with me in a fight." she said to him putting her right hand on her hip and putting her weight on her right leg "What do you say? Do you think you can keep up with me?" she asked the expression on her face was confident in her challenge
Glitch was leaning forward in his seat, watching the movements of his new ally. She was pretty fast, but mostly her reflexes were inedible. His eyes scanned the bright illuminated screen as it reflected some off of his face, his there was a short pause in his breathing when it looked as if she may fall. But she pulled through, he sighed and smirked as he watched her climb when she reached the top and asked how long it took he answered with a slight air of joy in his tone. "Thirteen minutes, twenty one seconds. Looking good Kimiko, you're a natural." He said while grinning at the screen, he addressed her as her Alias partly to get in a habit of doing so while she was in the System. But also because being so well integrated with this side of herself, it was likely that Kimiko was the name she would connect to best at the moment. "How are you feeling?" He added as he saw her pant, it was a work out so far as it looked.. but he wanted to be sure he wasn't pushing her too hard on the first go.
  Neo Keiba {Glitch} / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 164d 2h 17m 38s
She smiled and chuckled when he changed the surroundings "How fast I can make it to the top huh, okay." she said then when he said go she Darted forward Jumping in a diagonal direction she landed on a large edge that started to crumble underneath her feet, as it did she quickly jumped to the first one she spotted as she landed she looked up to see some rock falling down toward her jumping out of the way at the last moment she darted and side jumped and darted some more till she was at the top it took her only seven in a half minutes to get half way up the mountain, when she hit the half way mark she landed on a rock and as it crumbled she didn't quite move fast enough and started to fall with the pieces of rock but caught her self and swung her self over to another one and continued her way up till she reached the top, when she got there she sat down where she stood "Whew, That was close. so how long was that?" she asked obviously not keeping track her self so she could focus on the task at hand
Glitch watched her move and his grin widened, so far she seemed to be a natural at this. Her agility appeared to be in well working order, and now it was time to see what she could really do. When she told him to give her his best shot he chuckled, she was definitely gutsy and excited. Not that he would feel much different in her position, the Gateway could be a little addicting. "Okay.." He began as he started loading in a program, "One new playground coming up. And I think I'll change the surrounding's a little, the blank paper look is getting old." he stated with a smirk as her environment changed into a grassy field with a clear blue sky, it all looked and felt one hundred percent like the real world. Even the wind felt the same. But in the middle of the field before her, was a large mountain top with a rough broken up pathway and edges sticking out from it. It looked very platform oriented, it was clear that she was supposed to jump, run and climb her way to the top. "You're movements as you've noticed are above normal here, let's play a game of King of the hill, or in your case Queen. See how quick you can get to the top, bare in mind that some of the edges might not last long and try to crumble under you. Are you ready? on your mark, get set, GO!" He told her then grinned widely when he gave her the signal to go, this would be the perfect way to test her reflexes and movements. The crumbling rock would test her reaction time, the height would test her speed and agility.
  Neo Keiba {Glitch} / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 164d 3h 33m 6s
She thought bout it for a second before Bending one knee and stretching out her right leg then doing the same only with her left "Let's do obstacles first, see how good my reflexes and evasion are, It's been awhile since i put my energy into good use anyway." she told him then straitened her self up keepin her legs straight she bent over stretching her arms toward the floor and then stood strait again to see if she could actually do it she jumps in the air backflipped and landed it perfectly without even stumbling "Oh yeah I'm ready." she said with a confident look and smile on her face "Hit me with your best shot Glitch." she added and took a readied stance that looked like she was ready to dodge anything that came her way "Let's hope my avatar is quick on her feet." she thought to her self and waited
Glitch couldn't help but turn that light shade of pink again from her compliment, not that it was the first time someone called him a genius. But it certainly was the first time he heard it from someone rather than read a text or comment on the internet, also the first time he heard it from a woman. Again he recovered and grinned a bit at seeing her so excited, he knew the feeling. Being inside the Gateway was an incredible feeling, especially with such freedom of movement with ones Avatar. He chuckled then spoke again over the mic, "Now the real fun begins, we give that new form of yours a test run. I've got obstacles and I've got targets for you to play with, which would you like first?" he asked while typing a few things up and looking over his programming options. As he thought about it, it was definitely a good idea for her to get some practice in with this stuff now. She could find out more about her abilities, and she would already have an idea of what to do on an actual mission.
  Neo Keiba {Glitch} / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 164d 3h 59m 2s
As Alexia's eye's closed she opened them again but what she saw was completely different, she looked to one side and then the other, she jumped slightly when she heard Neo's voice and she couldn't help back laugh at her self "You scared me!" she said still laughing a bit and then Notice her voice sounded different, it sounded a bit deeper "This is so cool! Even my voice sound different, Glitch I have to say you are an absolute Genius! And I feel fine, nothing is numb or in pain." she told him and stated flexing all the muscles in her body "It feel's so real, for being a computer program." she added then looked around again "Okay so what know?" she asked
Glitch looked back at her and watched her sit down, once he was sure she was ready he entered more commands into his system at light speed. The platform beneath the chair started to glow brightly, just as the other had before. A dim white and warm light encompassed the chair and Alexia. Seconds later Alexia would feel her mind drifting away, as if she was falling into a sleep with a strong warmth carrying her away. Again the same computerized voice spoke, "Integration process activated, now logging in 'Kimiko Mizuke." as it there was a sensation from the light much like a soft wave washing over Alexia. Once the process was complete Glitch quickly checked his screen, sure enough the transfer was a complete success. He could see her on the display of his laptop, now as Kimiko, appearing to be just appearing into a large intricate white illuminated space. At the moment it appeared to be a blank room, Glitch pulled down his head phones and spoke into a mic. His voice transmitted to her, "You feeling okay? take a minute to see if everything is in order." he said while watching her. He wanted to make sure she felt alright after that, he was fine when he did it. To him it just felt like he was light headed for a moment then got this elated feeling, but different people could have different reactions.
  Neo Keiba {Glitch} / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 164d 4h 19m 26s
Alexia Looked at him and smiled Are my eye's playing tricks on mr or did i just see Neo blush for no reson?' she thought to her self "No I think I got the information I need" she said and walked over to the chair and slowly sat down in it and waited
  Alexia Tsukiyomi / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 164d 4h 48m 9s
Glitch glanced back at her again as he heard her move closer and speak again, as he did so he noted that she was in much closer proximity than she was previously. And this for some reason, caused his face to become a little warmer. His cheeks turned the most slight and delicate shade of pink, before he looked back at the computer screen and focused on it. In truth, he usually kept to himself.. he practically lived in this metro cave. Either working on his computer or engineering Tech. Even outside of this place in class he hardly interacted with anyone, he usually just didn't know how to act around other people. And just now it was hitting him that there was a young woman alone in the same room he was in. That, and what a lovely sight the woman was up close. In truth she was beautiful, and that caused him to be nervous for a brief moment. But he quickly recovered and cleared his throat softly before replying to her question, "No I don't mind. It's fairly simple.." he began steadily as he pressed a few more keys at high speed on his keyboard. There was a light *Beep* sound as a wall slid open like a door, on the other side was a comfortable but complex looking white leather chair. It was sitting on another platform similar to the one she had stood on moments ago, "You'll need to be seated, because while you're logged into your Avatar the rest of you is dormant. Basically your body will be asleep. You're consciousnesses and your personality will then be transferred into Kimiko, thus she becomes your identity. And, as I said before, everything that you learn within the Gateway will be transferred into your true self here. I will be overseeing everything through my screen, acting as your support and guide. You'll be able to hear me and communicate with me while inside, and I will load up a practice program for you." He finished as he looked back at her, then smiled a little before adding. "Any questions?"
  Neo Keiba {Glitch} / MaskOfInnocence / 5y 164d 4h 53m 44s
Alexia Walked over behind Glitch's chair and looked at the screen with him and nodded "sure, how dose it work? if you don't mind telling me." she said standing next to his chair with her weight on one led and her arms crossed behind her back
  Alexia Tsukiyomi / BloodyNeonScreams / 5y 164d 5h 19m 45s

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