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I'll put in a full description when it's all figured out...
-h3 Plot basis
It was just an average day in an average universe, nothing special was happening or seemed to be going to happen...until it did. A huge portal opened and sucked two random people into a whole nother dimension...namely, Hyrule. Earlier that day a certain force of evil had opened a portal, trying to pull Ganon back into existance...However, they had messed up and in both using a wrong ingrediant and mess up in spell, they wound up creating a sort of wormhole into a whoooole different dimension and pulled said previous duo right out of their own dimension. Where it dropped them exactly: Right in the middle of.....

[http://www.mangahere.co/manga/the_legend_of_zelda_ocarina_of_time/v01/c001/ A link to the manga ~]


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Okay, I'm just gonna use Andros here, wanna use a Okami for a while ~
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