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This story is about a girl who fell in love with a vampire.....
Her life changed when she first met him......
She's doesn't have any friends or family......
The only thing she had left is her mother, her father died when she was young.....
But when she met a strange guy her life changes....
Friendship and Love has never been so close to her.......

I've never expected a life like this, until one day I looked in his eyes. From that moment my whole live changed....

I Was A Human,He Was...Something Else!

People Would Call Him A Monster,But He Wasn't!

I Always Thought That They Didn't Exist, But They Do!

My Favorite Food Was Ice cream, His Meal Was Blood!

Yes I Fell In Love With Him, A Vampire!



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[i I saw the girl running away. I slipped on some gloves and dashed after her. I stopped right behind her and grabbed her head. I arched it at and angle and then let my fangs grow out. I one hand holding her shoulder and the other holding her head. I didn't see anyone else around except for this girl. then I spoke softly. my mouth barely moved and my expression was stone cold] [+red [size7 hello. ] ]
  yachiny / hotpotato / 32d 2h 49m 20s
Noticing the sudden quiet all around me I turn around to see a figure under the street lamp of the park... "Hello" I call out not recieving an answer I start walking faster before suddenly I trip over nothing falling to the ground my hands splayed out in front of me catching my fall and scraping my hands to where they were bleeding
  Sapphire / MidnightJupiter / 42d 2h 4s

[i I walked in the dark. hoping that no one would notice me. A girl. that's the smell. my meal is a girl. ughh! whatever. Im serving. I crept closer. and closer]
  yachiny / hotpotato / 61d 6h 16m 54s

As i'm walking along the park path i hear a noise behind me, looking behind me I dont see anything out of the ordinary, so i continue walking pulling my cell phone out checking the time 9:45 pm, its late and so am I hopefully my sister doesn't get to angry.
  Sapphire / MidnightJupiter / 61d 19h 57m 23s

[i I walk through the woods. [b hungry.] I haven't fed in days. I'm starving. If I don't feed soon then I'll go crazy. I look around and see deer. Ughh. I'm not like those lunatics, I don't feed off of animals. there way to salty and they never satisfy my needs.]
[i I smell something in the air... what is that?!?! it pulls me to it. its like a magnet. I think I know. The smell brings back memories. It pains me to go without it. Im watching to know what it is. wait is that? yes it is... [b Human blood.]]
[i I clumsily walk over to the direction of the sweet, yet salty fragrance of my dinner. My eyes turn a dark red. [b Dammit!.] This is gonna give me away. I hate! the way our bodies work. burse whoever designed us this way!]
  yachiny / hotpotato / 64d 17h 22m 10s

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