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This story is about a girl who fell in love with a vampire.....
Her life changed when she first met him......
She's doesn't have any friends or family......
The only thing she had left is her mother, her father died when she was young.....
But when she met a strange guy her life changes....
Friendship and Love has never been so close to her.......

I've never expected a life like this, until one day I looked in his eyes. From that moment my whole live changed....

I Was A Human,He Was...Something Else!

People Would Call Him A Monster,But He Wasn't!

I Always Thought That They Didn't Exist, But They Do!

My Favorite Food Was Ice cream, His Meal Was Blood!

Yes I Fell In Love With Him, A Vampire!

Vampire: LizzyBear
Full Name: Sebastien Alexander Stone

Also Known As: Seb (sometimes he allows it depends on who you are.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6'2

Weight: 235 lbs

Bodily Build: Thin but Muscular broad shoulders

Eye Colour: A very piercing blue

Hair Colour: Blonde and long

Scars/Markings: Tattoos, birthmarks, scars, etc.: Has a tattoos covering his chest and both arms.

Occupation(s): Bartender at a night club. Barista at a coffee shop by day

Personal Quote:


Personality Trait 1- Kind: he will do anything for anyone at times

Personality Trait 2- Very Bipolar: can go from 0-100 and 100-0 very quickly

Personality Trait 3- Mysterious: is very closed off gets along well with others but never gets to close

Personality Trait 4- Insufferable: His 'friends' say he is the Draco Malfoy of the vampires

Personality Trait 5- Romantic: when he falls he is very passionate and romanthc

Misc. Information:

Loves the smell of Rose petals

He has a habit of chewing his nails

Although he is dark and insufferable he is a big softy inside

He loves the stars


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Hearing the water turn on Sebastien slipped off of the roof silently and sighed dusting himself off. He shook his head and decided he need to feed...so he decided to go to the nightclub a little bit earlier tonight.

[i [center [b ~The Next Day~]]]

Sebastien awoke at 4:45 a.m. with the sound of his alarm screaming in his ear. He knew he didn't need to sleep being immortal and all but it was a passtime he much enjoyed.

Getting up he went and took a quick shower before heading to the coffee shop on the corner to start his morning shift.
  {Sebastien Alexander Stone} / LizzyBear / 291d 6h 46m 29s
[i Walking into her home she asses everything and finds nothing out of place Walking into her room to put her things away she realizes her window is open and goes over to shut it and notices that her closet was ajar as well she shuts her window and goes over to her closet and opens it going through everything making sure it was all still there. Seeing that it is she pulls out a cute teddy night gown that’s maroon and comes down to her knees she turns towards her bathroom and heads to take a shower closing the door behind her and locking it before starting the water.]
  Sapphire / SpoopyPumkinPrincess / 291d 6h 53m 24s
Sebastien had been following the girl for a while. He knew that it wasn't a normal thing that a vampire would do, but he didn't care. There was something about this girl that was like any other mortal he had ever seen. Sebastien was in her room knowing it was close to time for her to come home but he wanted a few seconds longer around her scent. He heard foot steps outside her door. [i [b "Shit, if she catches me...."]] He swore under his breath and used his speed to get out the window and onto the roof. Sebastien stood next to her window listening.

All his life he went through manipulating and draining mortal girls of their blood. He was a killer and he knew that. He hate himself even more for it. There was something about this one girl that made him want to change, that made him want to be different. He didn't want her for her blood he genuinely wanted to know her as a person and that in itself frightened him. He was cold hearted and had been alone for centuries. Only once had he fallen in love, and it was with a mortal girl. Much like this time he was following the girl, only with this girl he had the intent to kill. He was prepared to strike when, the girl suddenly turned around and their eyes met. In that precise moment it was like the world stood still. Sebastien felt like this girl was destined for him and he could see their entire future in her eyes. So like any 'love story' they fell in love and the day the girl turned 18 Sebastien was prepared to turn her immortal and then she was met by an awful fate. His twin brother Damien learned of his love and did not approve so he killed the girl by draining her blood and when her and Sebastien were planned to meet he left her body lay.

Sebastien was determined that this time would be different. Although he wasn't planning on falling in love. He was just curious about this girl. He waited using his heightened senses to listen, waiting for the right moment to sneak off of the roof without her noticing.
  {Sebastien Alexander Stone} / LizzyBear / 303d 12h 38m 31s
Darkness that’s what is surrounding Sapphire at the moment.. She’s on her way home from work and is walking the streets alone occasionally looking over her shoulder as she has the unusual feeling of someone following her.. She’s scared and picks up her pace as her apartment complex comes into view. She rushes to the front door and unlocks it letting herself in and closing the door behind her. She walks up the stairs to the second floor and goes to her door stopping as she goes to reach for her door knob.. her door is slightly ajar and she can hear movement inside.
  Sapphire / SpookyPumkinprincess / 303d 22h 57m 9s

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