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This story is about a girl who fell in love with a vampire.....
Her life changed when she first met him......
She's doesn't have any friends or family......
The only thing she had left is her mother, her father died when she was young.....
But when she met a strange guy her life changes....
Friendship and Love has never been so close to her.......

I've never expected a life like this, until one day I looked in his eyes. From that moment my whole live changed....

I Was A Human,He Was...Something Else!

People Would Call Him A Monster,But He Wasn't!

I Always Thought That They Didn't Exist, But They Do!

My Favorite Food Was Ice cream, His Meal Was Blood!

Yes I Fell In Love With Him, A Vampire!


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Sitting in his own seat, Kouta rubbed his eyes a little then looked around the room. To him everyone had their own scent most was sickly sweet and other's just smelt disgusting. Looking over at Sapphire, Kouta took a deep breath then sighed a little, he needed to know more about her.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 5d 4h 15m 3s
Nodding her head she follows kouta into their home room and she takes a seat at an empty table. Slowly she leans over and starts pulling her stuff from her backpack and placing them on the table in front of her.
  Sapphire / JuggaletteKandyGirl / 5d 4h 17m 51s
Taking a thew deep breaths, he finished washing his face then walked back out of the bathroom. "Sorry about that, so I guess I will show you what classrooms you will be in." Walking Sapphire around he showed her the music room, maths, English and her homeroom. "Your in the same class as me so all our lessons will be together, so if you get lost just try and find me or go to the office and they will call for me to get you."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 5d 5h 10m 21s
"Yea sure" Sapphire says. Looking back down at her schedule trying to figure out where she is going and trying to get Kouta's look out of her head
  Sapphire / JuggaletteKandyGirl / 5d 5h 35m 57s
Shaking his head when Sapphire asked him a question, he shook his head then pushed some of his hair from his eyes. "Huh oh sorry I was just thinking didn't mean to be so rude and stare." Holding his head a little all sorts of things floated in his head. This also making him a little angry making him bite his lower lip piercing it with one of his fangs. Feeling the blood roll down his chin he covered his mouth quickly. "Umm excuse me for a moment" quickly running into the bathroom he looked in the mirror at himself.

His fangs had unhidden themselves and that was not a good thing, it meant he was thirsty and the smell coming from Sapphire was making him desperate for her blood. Taking a deep breath he ran the water for a bit into the sink and cupped some with his hands. Splashing his face with the water he started to calm down.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 5d 5h 42m 7s
"I'm sapphire" she replies to kouta. Following him to the door after taking her schedule from him she smiles and exits the office and looks down at her schedule not really knowing what to make out of it. First period she had History 9A in room 350 with a Mrs. Jakob's. looking up she goes to ask Kouta where she needed to go exactly and catches him staring at her. " um kouta is there something wrong?" She asks softly
  Sapphire / JuggaletteKandyGirl / 5d 10h 33m 52s
Ruffling his hair a little, Kouta stretched a little then looked around the office. Basically he knew this place like the back of his hand, hearing a voice speaking to the receptionist, Kouta yawned a little then turned round. Locking his eyes in to her's he flinched a little, this girls scent was odd normally it would be a sickly sweet smell he would pick up. This girl though was far different her scent was more like a flower. Pushing himself up, he walked over to the girl then handed her a timetable of the lessons she would be in.

"My name's Kouta Nakaro I'm here to show you around the school, I'm also the class representative so if you need to talk about something or get lost come to me for help." Opening the office door he let Sapphire walk out first. Catching her scent again, Kouta looked a little puzzled, why did she smell so different to everyone else he felt drawn in to her for some strange reason.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 6d 6h 18m 56s
Sapphire walks up to the front desk and speaks to the receptionist lady sitting behind the desk. "Hello miss I'm new here today is my first day here and I was told by the principal that one of your guys students here would be showing me around the school?" Sapphire says. Looking around she glances over and sees a guy sitting in a chair. When suddenly he looks up and locks eyes with her and she is in able to move.
  Sapphire / JuggaletteKandyGirl / 7d 1h 34m 21s
Another boring day, was yet again going to happen. Being placed in to a human school, kinda did bug Kouta a little, but at times he did meet some interesting people. Being the class representative, it was his duty to show new students around. Since being a vampire, his scent and looks attracted a lot of girls trying to be close to him, but he didn't want anything to do with them. Being called to the office, Kouta sighed then scanned the halls with his deep red eyes, he could tell there was a new person joining by the scent and yet again it was a girl. Knocking on the door to the office, Kouta took a seat the waited for the new comer to arrive.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 8d 4h 18m 56s
Today was like any other day except for it was Sapphire's first day of her freshman year in highchool. As she walks down the hall way to the office she feels a presence in the school that hadn't an eerie feel to it. Upon entering the office Sapphire smelt a very pleasant and alluring smell that enticed her.
  Sapphire / JuggaletteKandyGirl / 14d 6h 16m 29s

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