My own ES family, join ?

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  1. [Allowed] QueenOfBlades
  2. [Queued] QueenXyna
  3. [Allowed] SnowVilliers
  4. [Allowed] narutogeek02
  5. [Allowed] loite
  6. [Allowed] rinkokoro
  7. [Allowed] Nai_
  8. [Allowed] SpecialIllusion
  9. [Queued] Odette
  10. [Queued] Nysos
  11. [Queued] TheReadySet
  12. [Queued] redemption
  13. [Allowed] _LittleBird_
  14. [Queued] Askredsamurai
  15. [Queued] GuildWars
  16. [Queued] AskPink
  17. [Allowed] graypaw123

There are a ton of these so I figured it was high time to make my own. I'll fill in who's what when they join...

My Twin- QueenOfBlades
brother-in-law *I guess* SnowVilliers
Brother/family pet: narutogeek02


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Roleplay Responses

Ugh, that'd be a mega-huge pain in the ass...nalboueahwi vkgjsagua ilgiyrDARNCHARACTERMIN...
  Revale*pic2* / Rebel_Rebellion / 5y 128d 23h 10m 28s
It's hard when your phone doesn't show the permanent reply part besides on a few different replays so far.....
  Loki Laevatein / SpecialIllusion / 5y 129d 24m 9s
It completely depends on the person though I can get use to it quite quickly.
  Tyrion Lannistor / ES MOST BLOCKED PERSON / Narutogeek02 / 5y 129d 28m 16s
[div This is going to take aaaaages to get used to....]
  Revale*pic2* / Rebel_Rebellion / 5y 129d 20h 21m 15s
Neither. She's based of Nightmare Moon as far as design, but it was all done in PaintToolSAI...THere is a HUGE difference between what I edit and what I draw.
  Andros / Rebel_Rebellion / 5y 137d 20h 48m 12s
MLP kills Alex's head remember babe?~
Was that Celistia or Luna originally?
  Chris X Alex / SnowVilliers / 5y 137d 20h 52m 8s
THanks, I've been practicing ~
  Zephyr / Rebel_Rebellion / 5y 137d 20h 56m 7s
It came out really good.
  / QueenOfInnocence / 5y 137d 20h 59m 26s
Eh hehe, yeaaaaah....took me forever to do all the lineart and coloring...
  Queen HellFire / Rebel_Rebellion / 5y 137d 21h 2m 28s
  Chris X Alex / SnowVilliers / 5y 137d 21h 4m 20s
Hm, what ?
  Queen HellFire / Rebel_Rebellion / 5y 137d 21h 7m 56s


  / QueenOfInnocence / 5y 137d 21h 9m 15s
But your expression said everything....

..THe character switcher did it, don't judge meeeeeeeeeeeeee....
  Queen HellFire / Rebel_Rebellion / 5y 137d 21h 11m 11s

  / QueenOfInnocence / 5y 137d 21h 12m 35s
Whhaaaaaaat ?
  Reiga Kuryuu / Rebel_Rebellion / 5y 137d 21h 14m 1s

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