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How many characters do I post ? About 500 on a day of severe writers block, 1500 at least normally, but I can do close to or above 3000 on a good day.

Literacy ? As I define this by the definition, I.e. The ability to read and write, Semi-literate. I do make mistakes though not to many. And of course, I don’t use text talk.

Type of rps I do ? Usually 1x1s as groups tend to die way to quickly. Small groups, with a MAX of four people and a posting order are a maybe though. I also prefer to make up plots with my partner, but I can think of a couple of things on my own moderatly quick...

Types of characters I play? I have a fairly decent range. Usually I play female, but I can play male if needed or in the mood...though only fairly well. As for personality range and background, it depends on the rp. I’m also better at OC’s than Canons, but I’ll still try to do my best.

Types of rps ? Usually theres a element of romance, though that isn’t the only genre...I can do horror, like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, a fair range of anime rps, original plots, and so on if it interest me...

A catch ? Just two, I will only use anime or artistic-style pictures. I’m sorry, but I just can’t do real ones. Catch number two, I won’t do yuri roleplays...well, maybe if one really interest me but I haven’t found one yet.

Anything I really want to do right now ? This is just a small list, anything else just ask...

- Legend of Zelda
- Ouran High School Host Club
- Pokemon - Gijinka or Trainer
- Digimon
- Hetalia
- Fantasy-medievel era
- Resident Evil

I'm not gonna say anything in this until someone else says something...

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A specific plot at the moment, no. However I usually can think of one pretty quickly depending on the types of characters my partner plays or the character they want to base an rp around.
  Celeste *Cairo* / Rebel_Rebellion / 5y 143d 20h 43m 21s

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