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Kinmina, is the protector of her forest.There first fox to ever learn magic.She is loved by all animals for keep the forest away from humans who want to harm the forest and hunt the animals in it.Short but with a big attitude Kinmina hears rumors of another fox mocking her magic.A male to be exact.When she encountered her he stopped and regretted ever talking about her in any negative way.He wants to be with her,love at first sight I guess but she will not let him in.How will he win heart heart and make her forget about the mocking?

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Kinmina sat out in an opening of the forest as she was practicing her magic.Her blue but yet magical fan twirled as she smiled and spun on one foot as she practice balance and concentration.A whitish blue aura surrounded her as she twirled."Kinda of gettign the hang of it.."She said in her head to herself."Everyone thought of her as a hero but she really didn't think she was that good.Thats why she still continues to practice to make sure that she's ready for whatever may come in the future to the forest and her home.
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