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"I know you told me to stay inside.." Georgiana replies "And i'm sorry... but when i thought you might be hurt..." she stopped herself from continuing that sentence, Mira didn't want to know about her emotions. At least she didn't think so, so it may just have been easier for her to keep her mouth shut.

She felt bad for ignoring Jennifer, but she couldn't quite explain why she had run out of there so quickly, it was like her mind had just clicked when she thought Mira might have been hurt. Most girls probably would have taken the opportunity to run, but Georgia? No, she had to know that he was okay, and she wouldn't have been able to have handled not knowing if he was okay or not.

Georgiana looked up briefly to see Jennifer going to Azulle, and then back to Mira, blushing a little bit, breathing slightly faster from running to where he was, especially when she wasn't used to it. She blinked at him, before offering him a small smile of relief. In all honesty, she was just happy that he was still okay.

When he called her a reckless girl, Georgiana found herself blushing, but laughing with him. "But you knew that before you brought me here. Any sane girl wouldn't just go dillydallying off into the night with a man they found in their basement" she tells him with a small smile, and whilst she may have had her doubts about this entire situation, she was really rather quite happy she had chosen to go with him that night.

What happened next had actually surprised her, as he brought her into an embrace, she blinked, slightly confused as she had been sure that this kind of thing wasn't in Mira - he wasn't the type to just hug people. That hadn't stopped her from bringing her arms which had been limply at her side up and wrapping him, burying her head in against his neck. Yes, she was definitely happy she had chosen to go with him that night.
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Jennifer watched the young Angel act anxiously as the fight continued outside. She kept a close eye on how she was moving and her eye movement. It made her grin a little bit even at the time of fright. She put a hand to her chest as she sat up a bit to look out the window with Georgiana.

She then looked over to her with her dimmed red/brown eyes and smiled a bit when Georgie spoke. [b "He'll be just fine my dear. Mira doesn't give up so easily. Especially if someone he cares for is at a risk without him."] She said moving back to her sitting position as Georgiana couldn't keep herself still long enough to collect her thoughts and get herself back together. After this situation, Jennifer grew fond to this girl. She knew Mira had never had this kind of caring from his personality and how he was with pushing people away. He never really took anyone ahold to care for as he did Georgiana. Angel or not Jennifer was shocked enough that Mira had the girl even caring for him in such a manner.

Soon enough she watched as the young girl went flying out of the room without even thinking twice if the Demon was still around or not. [b "Hey now, calm down!"] She called, in attempt to get up and run after her, but couldn't get the speed up in time. Before she knew it Georgiana was at Miras side.

Mira let out a huff, before hearing Georgianas little voice that showed worry and fear. He scrunched his eyebrows together to get his strength up to even sit up straight. He ended up leaning on his arm to the side whilst looking at her in frustration. He took a minute to get his thoughts together before realizing the girl was out of hiding when he told her to stay put. "Georgiana, I thought I told you-" He was cut off by a cough that came up on him. There was still dust lingering around, but not enough to hurt anyone.

He didn't finish his sentence, because he saw the concern across the girls face. He looked to the ground for a minute, sighed with a shake of his head. Jennifer had gone to Azulle seeing that she would be fine since the toxins didn't reach her. She would just be knocked out for the rest of the day from the looks of it.

Mira adverted his attention back to Georgiana. "You're such a reckless girl." He spoke, chuckling a bit, but brought her into a tight embrace soon after. He didn't say anything to the girl after this- He just held her tight. Mira didn't understand why he felt the need to do this. But when he did, it calmed him down. After everything that had happened, he actually had felt calm and had a moment of peace go through his mind. [i I don't know how to explain this..But I don't want it to leave..]
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Georgiana had stayed by the window, knowing that Jennifer wouldn't let her go anywhere near the door to go to Mira, no matter how much she might have want to. She felt the strings tugging at her heart, telling her to go out, but she knew she couldn't. Eventually, she closed the blind, unable to watch anymore, out of fear for what might happen to Mira. She took a seat again and chewed at the inside of her cheek - a habit that she always did when she was worried. Like she was now.

She looked up to Jennifer, swallowing on the lump forming in her throat "He'll be alright, wont he?" She asks, already knowing that Jennifer would question the girls reason for asking, she shook her head, standing up and moving back to the window to look out. It was hard really to see what was going on.

Damn it, Mira.

Why did he have to do this to her? She hated feeling the way she did, especially when she had absolutely no flipping clue why she was feeling how she felt, all she knew was that she didn't want anything to happen to Mira. She had no clue what she would do if anything happened to him now. Which was stupid right? She frowned, why was she having these damned thoughts now? Her dainty hands balled up into small fists out of her own frustration. No, she wasn't going to let these get in the way of her thoughts now.

When she looked back to the window, the smoke had cleared, and she noticed Mira on the floor, and almost as if it didn't matter if she got caught, she backed away from the window, and moved to the door, swinging it open and running out to him, not caring about the looks and weird glances she got from people for going out to him.

When she reached the white haired male, she quickly got down onto her knees so that she could see him better, the dust had cleared away now, for the most part, she had brought her shirt up to cover her mouth before shaking her head "Mira, Mira, are you okay?" she asks, the worry tinting her voice as she spoke, usually this would be a stupid question, but with Mira? You never knew. Damn him for making her flipping worry about him like this. Even then she just wanted to hug him. "Please tell me you're okay.." she mumbles.
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Before Georgiana was taken back to the inn, Mira was brought to surprise by a embrace from her. It made him look back to her as she was being rushed to the Inn. [i What was that..] He thought, getting that frustrating feeling in his stomach yet again. Shaking it off he looked back to the intruder.

[b "Oh, I'm not leaving anytime soon until someone gives up the location of your Uncle."] The man spat. Holding his gun tight, uneasy about attempting to shoot at Mira again. He was lucky enough to dodge them in time, but he wasn't sure about the next time. "You're shit out of luck then. We don't know the location of him. No one does but him." Mira replied bluntly, looking over to Azulle whom was still on the ground. She seemed to be knocked out from whatever had happened before Mira came outside.

[b "I do believe you aren't tellin' me the truth boy."] The man spoke, grinning madly taking a few steps forward to the 19 year old, putting himself inches away from his face.

[i Keep your cool.] Mira thought, Heart beating at a faster pace. This face off is at the risk of the peace between Angels and Demons. He needed to think this fight out, he needed it to be as organized and careful as possible. This couldn't be some impulsive action like with Aoi. "And I do believe you're too caught up in your war plot that you can't think straight." Mira sarcastically replied, clenching his fists, snarling at the man. This angered the demon, making him throw his gun up, slamming Mira right in the side of the face with it, only making him turn with the hit so the impact wouldn't be any more damaging. This only entertained the demon even more than he already was. Sending him into laughter.

[b "It's either you tell me, or I go right in that inn and take ahold of whoever you sent in there. I can smell her.] He pushed, attempting in angering Mira, Who scoffed at the mans intentions. "It seems we're replaying this situation that you put my father in. Am I correct? There was peace, and you decided to put my father in the holding of it all. Threatening killing my mom while she was tucked away with me. Yet you killed him anyways even after he gave in." Mira continues bluntly, his glare holding strong and viciously.

That only angered him more, but Mira caught his body movement, ducking under his swing and swiped his feet to knock the demon over. Shots where fired in a freaked out manner, hitting Mira before he could retaliate and jump back. It hit his shoulder, near his chest, but didn't seem to faze him from being used to the pain. [b "YOOU really think yon can hurt me?!"] He spat, jumping up to the ground. [b "My name's Samuel, I'll be the last person you've ever laid eyes on."] He spat, running at Mira throwing another punch.

"You have to be quicker than that." Mira explained, grabbing his hand snapping his wrist with a quick twisting motion, hearing the cracks. Samuel let out a scream of pain, jumping back from Mira's grip. [b "You and those powers. You've messed with the wrong Demon, boy."] He snarled. [b "You see, I have some of my own. But now that I see your strength, i'll have to bring them out."] He added with laughter. Lifting both arms up. And with a snap a thick cloud of dust covered the area. [b "Now don't think this is any type of regular dust. Breath it in long enough you'll be dead!"]

His eyes widened, letting a "Ks" Sound escape his lips. Soon taking his shirt, covering his mouth quickly as he looked around, quickly trying to locate the demon by his chuckling. He couldn't locate it, since the man kept moving around him. In order to disorientate him. It ended up working between the dust, and noise he made.

Mira put a hand to his head as he became dizzy from breathing in some of the toxins. That was when he felt a direct hit in the stomach, then a kick to the chest, making him tumble to the ground. The demon became visible, walking over Mira with his smile still playing at his features. [b "You aren't that powerful yet. Best get some practice in before the war breaks out."] He spoke, whilst his foot was planted on his chest, looking down at him with eyes wide in madness. [b "I won't kill you now. But let it be known the Alarm has been set. And I'll see you soon."] He smirked as the dust soon vanished, as well as the demon.

Rolling over on his arms, Mira coughed out the dust that had made it's way into his throat. "S-h-it." He managed to sputter out in his coughing fit. Hitting the ground in frustration. Couldn't comprehend what had just happened, but he knew war was on it's way to visit.
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Georgiana blinked at him "No need to come looking for me?" Georgiana asks, if this was true, why would anyone feel the need to go looking for her now? They hadn't bothered to look for her before, why would anyone bother to look for her now? Hell, she didn't even know what she was any more. She was just a confused girl who had absolutely no idea of what the hell was going on. Maybe she was a confused bystander. Maybe it was better that way. "Oh... okay" Georgiana replies, not entirely sure that she even wanted to know what it was all about. This alternative world that Mira was a part of just seemed too.... different for her. "Oh? Well maybe i'm wrong then" Georgiana admits, sinking back into her chair as she ate another bit of her breakfast.

It wasn't long, but Georgiana could tell that Mira's attention was else where. What was he even staring at? Setting down her cup, she shifted in her seat to look out of the window that he was watching through. What on earth was going on ? There was a huge cloud of dust... things like this wasn't normal was it? She was already getting up out of her seat when he told her to come and stay behind her. She nodded, pushing her seat back and following along behind him, sticking close by to him.

She seemed incredibly confused when Mira moved his arms to prevent her from moving out behind him "What's going on?" She asks, only to get told to go back to the inn. What had she told herself? that she would listen to him, no matter what and despite not wanting to leave him, she nodded, seeming a little bit reluctant about it, to the point she had actually stepped forward and hugged him before letting Jennifer take her away, back into the inn that they were staying in.

"Probably very confused is an understatement right now" Georgiana retorted with a frown as she looked up to Jennifer, not because she was angry, but because she was genuinely worried for Mira. It was stupid how attached she had grown to him in such a short time. She sat down in one of the chairs, resting her head in her hand, and trying to ignore the nagging feeling of wanting to go to Mira. He would be better if she was here, right? Of course he would, he wouldn't have sent her away otherwise.

she looked up as Jennifer begun to explain the history of what was going on, so...Mira was the nephew of Satan himself? she blinked slightly at that. He had left that minor detail out... she bit on her lip as she listened to the story, then shook her head as Jennifer told her she could look out of the window if she wanted to, and she thought about it. would it do her any good? Before she knew it she was standing up and walking over to look out of the window, hoping that he would be okay.
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Mira kept his attention on the inn, watching anything that managed to catch his attention as he listened to Georgiana speak after her breakfast arrived. "They have no reason to come looking for you, yet. Nothing's been to their alarm you've been disturbed in the life you was put in." He bluntly replied. "The system isn't what you'd imagine it to be. It's as simple as this. Once something disturbs the peace that's still lingering, it sets off this massive alarm. And once that alarm has been set off- It'll be another blood bath." Mira spoke. Soon getting a few stand bys attention with confusing faces. "I'll tell you more later." He muttered, sending a glare to the nosy towns people. He then laughed at her idea on Azulles 'confusion'. "She's been this way since she could comprehend who I was." He replied with a snort.

Shortly after this conversation. Mira's attention was on the incoming dust cloud caused by something falling in the distance. That was the way Azulle went running not to long ago. He tried to get a closer look through the window, but it wasn't any use. "Something's up." He spoke, standing and looking out closer. "Someone's here, and it's bringing a bad vibe." Mira added, looking to Georgie. "Come on, and stay behind me." He spoke, walking out of the Cafe in a quick pace. Standing in the distance, he could see a bigger man standing over a blob laying on the ground. "I knew this would happen one day. They found out where he's hiding." Mira spoke, keeping his arms spread to keep Georgiana from coming around him. "Georgiana. I need you to get in the Inn. Now. I'll explain everything after this. No arguments, go. Now." He spoke, keeping a heavy glare on this man. That's when Jennifer ran out with her eyes wide when she saw the issue. She had also came running to retrieve Georgiana. "Make sure he doesn't see her." Mira spoke, looking to his cousin as she nodded quickly, pulling her along behind her in a way to get to the inn, bringing the two to the back room that was heavily sealed.

"I know you're probably very confused on what's going on. I'm sure Mira will explain it to you, but I'll save him the time and tell you everything." Jennifer spoke in a slightly panicked tone. "I'm sure he's made it known of who you really are. And I'm sure he's given you somewhat of an idea on what's going on. But that man out there isn't a relative, nor is he one to be friendly with. He is out to create another war, and he's easily succeeded finding the country Azulle's father, Mira's uncle is hidden in. Lucifer himself has been found after two centuries. Mira is going to be caught right in the middle of this war. Just like his father.." Jennifer trailed off, sitting to the floor in a sigh. "The war those years back, was when Azulle's father was an Angel himself. But he forsaken God himself, getting thrown out and his wings were ripped off. Making him into the Deidre of demons all together. That's what started the war between us and the Angels." Jennifer crawled over to a covered area, opening the blinds that covered a tinted window. "You can see out, but they can't see in. If you're concerned for Mira.

Back outside, Mira made a running start over to Azulle and this demon. of course he wouldn't make it to her as easily as expected. Using his Vector powers, he made a flash dash near the girl, only to be interrupted in the middle by the man using the same technique as Mira, and getting a fist to the chin, retorting everything, making him fly in the air only to slam into a food cart. That wasn't enough for him, Mira jumped up glaring at this man with a scuffed jaw. "What the hell are you doing here." He sneered, Getting a loud laugh from the demon. "You obviously know why I'm here. Where's your uncle at, Mira?" He asked with an eerie grin playing on his features letting his snake like tongue slip out of his mouth as he looked at Mira. "No where of your concern. You have no right to start this war. You know what's going to be brought back on this world. We've all finally regained peace and you're going to destroy it again!" Mira yelled.

"Oh but that's my reasoning for this! Your damn uncle caused all of this. You know I could've been in the peace making council as an Angel. We could've been Angels and not forced to walk this world. It's hell at it's own. I'm here to give what I've been inflicted. And you aren't going to stop me." He spat, soon pulling a gun, shooting about five bullets at Mira. Standing completely still, Mira stared at this demon, Reflecting the bullets, making them shoot back at him at full speed. "I don't care what you think about my uncle, and his thoughts of ruining everyone's lives by his actions. He could have had damn good reasons for forsaking God. He wasn't aware of the long term consequences, but he was only thinking for himself. He had no idea that becoming the Deidre of his own kind would instantly take down everyone else related to him to live his suffering. He did wrong, and he's gotten his infliction. You aren't here to rain hell on my uncle. But to god himself. You want to give him the pain that he gave to you. But that won't work, because he is the all knowing, and all powerful. The only one that could come close to defeating him is Lucifer himself. And he won't be coming out any time soon. So I'd suggest you leave us now." Mira spoke sternly, with a stare down of the demon that was instantly caught off guard.
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Mira soon brought his body forward on the table, sitting in a slouch using the table as a arm rest while he conversed. "You'll be safe with any member of my family knowing you're with me." He added, flashing serious for a moment. "What you have to worry about is others. They will be the ones you'll be in danger with." Mira said, watching all of the people doing their own thing. Weather it be reading, smoking, or chatting, they all seemed to have their own little world. Their own mind, secrets, and life. They seemed to not even be phased by the thought that they are the only one with the life they lived, the thoughts that they had.

"I'll be safe with your family?" Georgiana asks him, her eyebrows raising at the males statement, really now? With how Azulle was all over him, something told her she may not be safe from her if she assumed the worst. After all, Georgiana was with Mira, and she was sharing a room with him, and she had worn his shirt...Georgiana flushed at the memory of falling asleep with him in his bed, and lowered her gaze to the table "What about Azulle?" she asks, curiously.

"Head Magic Holders?" Georgiana asks at hearing his words, she felt like she was being thrust into an entirely different world, with magic, angels and demons and god only knew what else. Her father knew about all of this. She flinched as the thought of her went through her head. There was a possibility that he wasn't her father. "My relatives I've yet to meet?" Georgiana asks, confused for a moment, then realized that he was talking about possible angel relatives. "If i was ..." she cleared her throat, feeling as if someone was listening "You know, i'm pretty sure they would have come looking for me by now" she pointed out.

As the waitress approached them, Georgiana realized she was leaning closer to Mira, and pulled back, ordering herself some food, with some water, she was surprised Mira hadn't ordered, hadn't he said he was hungry before? she shrugged, deciding that he probably just didn't fancy anything and she bit on her lip as she count

"She just cares about you, and perhaps if she hasn't experienced love before, she's confusing care for love" Georgie tells him as she too took a sip of her drink before digging into her breakfast. It was simple, and light. Georgiana was never a fan of heavy breakfasts, it left her feeling sickly throughout the day. "I'm sure she'll realize her mistake soon and get over it and move on" she assured him with a soft smile.
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Mira soon brought his body forward on the table, sitting in a slouch using the table as a arm rest while he conversed. "You'll be safe with any member of my family knowing you're with me." He added, flashing serious for a moment. "What you have to worry about is others. They will be the ones you'll be in danger with." Mira said, watching all of the people doing their own thing. Weather it be reading, smoking, or chatting, they all seemed to have their own little world. Their own mind, secrets, and life. They seemed to not even be phased by the thought that they are the only one with the life they lived, the thoughts that they had.

Moving his eyes back to Georgiana. "Even if others tried anything they wouldn't have a chance to get through me unless they held a stronger taboo than I." He added, keeping his position. "All we really have to worry about is the head magic holders. As well as your relatives you have yet to meet~" He implied about other Angels shrugging a bit.

Soon a waitress came by after getting a chance to get their orders. All Mira got was a water, while he was sure Georgiana would get something to eat. He didn't have much of an appetite at the time. He was still stressed over the Azulle scene that morning.

Taking a drink of his water, Mira looked out the window that showed to the Inn slightly. He noticed Azulle had gone out in a panic trying to find him. Of course she wouldn't go barging in the Cafe because his scent was masked by all of the other heavy smells. Luckily she wasn't smart enough to realize that. So she ended up running the other way deeper into town while Jennifer stood out yelling for her to get back. "She's such a bother." He chuckled, grinning at what was going on outside. It was funny, since Jennifer had teased him the night before about being aware of her. "The irony is intriguing." He spoke to himself.
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Georgiana could easily tell that she was confusing Mira, but if he wasnt going to question it, she would just leave it be. It worked out just fine for her. If he wasn't asking, she wasn't answering. She was happy with that unspoken arrangement between the two of them.

She smiled when Mira suggested that they got lunch, and got away from his relatives, in all honesty, getting away from this place, and Azulle seemed like heaven to her. so she nodded in response to Mira with a laugh "Lunch sounds nice" Georgiana replies as she climbed off of his bed and clambered over to grab her purse out of her bag and slipped it into her pocket, before letting Mira lead the way out of the inn. It wasn't an easy task, in fact she didn't know why she had assumed that it would be easy.

Once they were outside the inn, Mira seemingly calmed down a little bit, little bit being the main two words in that sentence, she could sense that he would have felt better when they were hidden away, most likely in the cafe where they would be having their lunch.

As they walked inside, Georgiana sidled closer to Mira, feeling uncomfortable with the gazes on her, she never did well with others looking at her when she had absolutely no clue why. She bit on her lower lip and lowered her gaze as she took a seat.

Mira then begun to explain about Azulle, and she looked up to him, those curious blue eyes meeting his unique ones, as she listened, so she was his cousin, she was assuming. Of some sort, when he explained about her mother, she nodded "So i should be alright around her?" she found herself asking, she meant that in more way than one, if she was an angel, didn't that mean that demons were a danger to her? and if it was true, she wanted to make sure she was safe - on top of that, there was the fact she was a human, and as far as she knew, demons didn't take lightly to humans.
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Mira showed slight confusion to Georgianas reaction to questioning her question. He wasn't too used to her behaving in such a manner, more less expecting her to lash at him with her words and start up an argument as always, but she seemed to be running herself in small circles and being more vocally in laughter.

Mira didn't feel like pushing, so he just looked at her with a confused face. "If you say so." He replied with a small shrug, pushing his body off of the wall, hearing her question on what the plans where to be on this day. He then peeked around the corner to see if Jennifer and Azulle were near. All clear. He thought, before looking back to Georgiana. "Right now, we get out of here and try to avoid Azulle as much as possible." Mira said. "So right now, I say we get lunch and then go where she wouldn't think on finding me." He spoke, almost to himself, keeping on the lookout for his relatives. "Come on." He spoke, creeping his way out of the room and out to the front of the building. He knew that they were still in the inn, probably cleaning up rooms while Azulle whined about wanting to go back to see him or something along those lines.

Looking around for a short moment, he noticed a small cafe. Looking to Georgiana he raised a brow in question if she'd be interested in looking in there. Of course, he did what he always managed, and started making his way towards the slightly busy cafe. He didn't want to keep outside long, because Azulle would catch his smell and come charging like a mad bull towards the two. Then once she actually seen Georgiana, it would be a world war in the middle of France.

Walking across the quiet streets, Mira made his way into the decorative building, seeing as a few people looked at him and Georgiana with interest. Speaking of the clothing they wore, and their looks together. Some muttering along the lines about them being foreigners and hoped they wasn't any trouble. Mira just looked to them, and made his way to a little table for the two. "Now about Azulle." He added "She's apart of my blood line, and is a spawn of a very powerful demon that's known as her father, Liberus. He's hidden away in the reserved areas of France. Because he would be killed on sight for the trouble he has brought to the people here. Of course, Azulle isn't known for that because she grown with her mother. She isn't known as any type of threat. Her mother is more of the peace keeper here. So she's nothing of a worry to us." Mira said, leaning back in his chair, looking to the blonde sitting infront of him.
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The smile that slipped onto Georgiana's face at that point couldn't be helped, neither could the cute laugh that had erupted from the girls lips, she had no idea why his response had the effect on her that it did, it just... made her happy. She blushed a little bit at this thought. Wait...why would it matter to her.

She frowned to herself as she pulled the trousers on over her slender legs of hers as she listened to Mira speaking on the other side of the door, she paused when he asked her why she had thought that he and Azulle were even a thing, and the truth was, she didn't have an answer to that entirely.

"Uh, what?" Georgiana responded, feeling slightly bashful as she slipped her white blouse on, and did the buttons up, she knew Mira would probably be confused as to why she had these kind of clothes. She didn't care, she was the most comfortable in them.

"Oh, i don't know, i guess i'm just ....not paying much attention" Georgiana pointed out, ignoring the fact that she had in fact felt jealous towards the other girl - she was after all a hell of a lot prettier than her.

After a few more moments, Georgie stepped out of the room, pulling on her black vest jacket, doing it up at the buttons, when she was done, she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and looked over to Mira "It was just..." she laughed at the word that popped into her head "Curiosity.." she says with a small smile and then shook her head "So, what do we have planned for today?" she asks, already having her argument for going with him planned.

She was an angel, and there for people who flt her presence would be after her, she would be safer with Mira no matter what, right?
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Mira soon watched as Georgiana soon came out of the room, only in a towel. He raised a brow to her as she obliviously rummaged through her bag, pulling out clothing. She was about to change right then and there, which brought a light pink shade to his cheeks.

He then noticed as she discovered Mira was still sitting there and freaked out a little too much than she needed to. Watching as she ran to the bathroom shutting the door in less than the time he could process what happened. He shook his head realizing what happened, and smirked a bit to himself, pulling himself up off the ground glad to be away from Azulle. She was such an annoying woman he could take her as a 5 year old girl in a candy store from how she reacted to him.

He then perked his ears to Georgians quiet voice coming from the bathroom speaking to him. Her question made his facial features drop as he glared through the door. "I would kill myself before being that obnoxious womans boyfriend. She's merely an irritating relative that thinks it's okay for incest." He spoke with a sigh, soon changing into more proper clothing himself. Wearing a light grey shirt that had white 'V' shaped details on them. Then his black slacks with buckles that wrapped on his ankles merely for looks. He stretched his arms to the hair feeling his shoulders crack slightly, loosening his joints. "What made you think that from the way I was yelling at her that we were even merely a bit together?" He called out, leaning against the wall nearby the bathroom to hear the girl better.
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Georgiana had slid down onto the floor listening to what was going on outside, she brought her knee's up to her chest, when she heard Jennifer, she quickly stood up and climbed into the bath, washing herself quickly, before climbing out, her hair damp and hanging loosely at her hips. She wrapped the towel around her slender body, in the time that Jennifer had come up, and taken Azulle, it had gone quiet, she figured that Mira had gone with the two girls, why wouldn't he?

Stepping out into the room, Georgiana lifted her bag up, whilst it wasn't considered 'appropriate' by her mother for her to wear trousers, she had packed away a pair or slender trousers which slightly clung to her legs and a white long sleeved shirt, she had figured that going with Mira would require her to wear more.. appropriate clothing, and huge dresses weren't exactly easy to move around in.

she rummaged further, finding a long sleeved shirt with ruffles and a vest jacket, she was about to drop the towel and change when she spotted Mira on the floor behind her causing her to jump a little and let out a breath "Mira...i didn't see you there" she says flashing a deep shade of red "I thought you went out" she mumbles, feeling self conscious of herself as she hurried back into the bathroom, carrying her clothes with her as she went.

When she was back in the bathroom, she leaned against the door for a moment as she proceeded to change, deciding right there and then that she wouldn't change anywhere, apart from the bathroom, because apparently, Mira was silent as hell "So... uh... who was that?"Georgiana asks the male from the other side of the door "Your girlfriend?"
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Mira soon sparked on the thought of Georgiana being in the room while Azulle was around. Which made him rather nervous, and pushy. Jerking his head around to see the room empty, he was confused. He knew that Georgiana had fallen asleep in the same bed as he, but wasn't she still there when he got up? "What the hel-" He was then jumped on again. Now mimicing a pole for a koala bear that was Azulle at the time. "I couldn't handle it! I missed you!!" She cried in happiness, while a dark vibe was falling over Mira. Filling the room quickly. He noticed the bathroom door was shut. She must have ran in there.

Of course, that caught Azulles attention on why he was looking around so much. "Is there another female in here, Mira?" She asked, looking at him still latched on tight. Mira looked back at her with a glare. "It's none of your business, Azulle. You need to get off of me, and leave." He stated blantantly. Of course she didn't listen. "You know I won't allow you being with any other girl!" She cried; Making a pouting face at him. "You don't control who I concern myself with!" Mira argued, in attempt to push his relative off of him. Whom ended up digging her nails into the back of his shoulders holding tight. "DAMMIT AZULLE GET OFF OF ME!" He yelled, now in an almost flailing state trying literally everything to pull her off. Of course, You could hear laughter in the halls from Jennifer listening in while doing a little cleaning.

She soon peeked in the room, face red from holding in a burst of laughter at the scene. Mira looked beyond stressed and worn out, while Azulle very happy and from the looks of it looked like super glue from how well she stayed on him.

Mira then leaned his head over to look at Jennifer with the same vibe that had filled the room. As well as a "You're dead if you don't help me" Look. Her eyes widened a bit as she put a hand to her mouth. She then let out a sigh not wanting the entertainment to end. And spoke up. "Okay, Azulle. Let's go get some lunch. We can all go out and do something later on today. Let Mira get some time to himself." She chimed, as Azulle jumped down with a sigh. "Allllllright. Bye for now!" She spoke with a giggle as she skipped out of the room with Jennifer. Mira put a hand to his forehead and sat on the ground about to explode. Jesus Christ..
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Georgiana bit down on her lower lip as Mira looked outside, he seemed to be in a daze, one that made her slightly worried that it was infact her that he was having issues with, did she really irritate him that much? She hoped not, she took a breath and opened her mouth, about to continue on talking, when he turned his head to look at her.

It was the first time that Georgiana felt he had really looked at her, properly, and seen her as she was, not some girl that he had rescued, or some girl he was using to get revenge, but as her. Georgiana. It felt nice, she wondered what he was about to tell her though, it seemed she didn't need to wait for too long though.

Her hand slipped down, gripping the blanket between her fingers, as her gaze lowered, feeling suddenly shy of his gaze on her face, and she felt her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. Why was she feeling how she did around him? This wasn't normal was it? Humans didn't usually feel how she felt towards Mira. It wasn't love... but it was certainly attraction. She had seen the demon kill people, yet she still felt the want to get close to him.

As his arm came around her shoulders, it had startled her enough to look up at him to see the soft smile, Mira was actually smiling at her, it was hard not to return the smile back to him, and she nodded "Okay, as long as you're sure" Georgiana responded with a soft smile as she stood up, setting her empty bowl on the table. "What's tomorrow bringing?" Georgie asks, slightly confused. What was worrying him so much?

When she had set things aside, she moved back to sit with Mira, only to find that the male had fallen asleep, she knew she should have gotten up and gone to her own bed, but she never really got the chance to. It had been a long day, and she had been through a lot, and found out a lot of information, that she had fallen asleep with Mira, not cuddled up to him, but fast asleep on the bed beside him, her back to him, and her hands balled up slightly.

The next morning came, and so did the sound of banging against the door, she groaned a little as she sat up, rubbing her eyes, and reaching up to her long blonde hair, which had fallen out into waves around her slender frame. "Mira..." Georgie murmured softly, only to realize that the white haired male was already irritatingly dealing with the issue.

As he opened the door, Georgie was surprised to see a female on the other side, she didn't figure why she thought a male would have a voice as ... waily as that. Who was she? By the way she was talking she sounded like a girlfriend. Wait, Mira had a girlfriend? The thought hurt more than it should have as Georgie swung her legs round out of the bed and rubbed at her tired eyes. Was this what Mira had been dreading? She wasn't sure why he would dread a visit from his girlfriend.

She stood up, running a hand through her hair, Georgiana was quite happy not being introduced to people, if that was the case she would keep herself to herself, and go and take a shower. So, without acknowledging the other girl she padded over to the bathroom, and let herself in, and begun to run herself a hot bath.
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