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Chat or rp I don't give a fuck!

1.No excessive drama
2. I'm just fucking lazy right now I'll fix it in the mean time.
3. I don't give a fuck was a Friday movie reference for those of you who haven't watched it.

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I would bit I have to many plus I'm waiting for people to post
hello? my name's jamie.i wanna rp, but nobody's listening...
  eeveelover / 3y 285d 21h 40m 0s
what to do
  shadow_demonwerewolf / 6y 84d 21h 7m 40s
  Red Wings / Askredsamurai / 6y 84d 21h 8m 53s
it sucks
  shadow_demonwerewolf / 6y 84d 21h 10m 26s
  Red Wings / Askredsamurai / 6y 84d 21h 22m 54s
I hop you get better
  shadow_demonwerewolf / 6y 84d 21h 23m 9s
Pretty good just sick
  Red Wings / Askredsamurai / 6y 84d 21h 23m 54s
  shadow_demonwerewolf / 6y 84d 21h 24m 58s
That's cool
  Red Wings / Askredsamurai / 6y 84d 21h 26m 2s
  shadow_demonwerewolf / 6y 84d 21h 29m 24s
How you been?
  Red Wings / Askredsamurai / 6y 84d 21h 30m 35s
  shadow_demonwerewolf / 6y 84d 21h 31m 25s
  Red Wings / Askredsamurai / 6y 85d 23m 14s
idk make one lol
  shadow_demonwerewolf / 6y 86d 11h 27m 36s

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