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"You know the whole camp thing isn't my style." Nico said trying to make as much space between him and Percy as he could without being obvious. "Though you also know that if you really needed my help you just have to send me an iris message and I will be there."

He hoped that Percy didn't notice the constant space that Nico would put with Percy. One of the reasons he didn't stay at the camp was this blue eyed boy. He was afraid that the closer he got to the other the more he would hurt later on when Percy married Annabeth or some other girl.

"If you want... I will stay for a little while longer." the son of Hades said rubbing his arm and looking off to the side that the other wasn't on. The good thing was that he wasn't acting any more different then he usual acted. Most people thought he was pretty antisocial. Some used to think he was untrustworthy. He had almost lost Percy friendship before because of his personality.
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Sighing, Percy shrugged. "I dunno. I mean, she's just been really bitchy lately. Every time we talk she's just super distant. So I figured it's just best to stay distant." He tried his best to make himself comfortable, but being pinned up against another boy in a tree was a bit difficult. He crossed his arms and pressed himself a bit closer to the child of Hades, this was about as comfortable as he was going to get.

"How have you been though? I haven't seen much of you lately. Hope you don't plan on leaving me," he gave a small laugh and gently shoved his shoulder into Nico's.

Nico seemed to be just as lonely as Percy. At least what he saw of Nico. With his only sibling off with some gang of men hating, bow baring feminists and apparently dying in the process, he was kind of forced to be alone at a young age. From then on he just didn't seem to socialize much.

oops kind of short, sorry.
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Nico was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt something hit his leg. His first thought was that it was some child of Hermes come to try to have some laughs or something. However when he looked down he instead saw the very blue eyes of the one and only Percy Jackson. Oh gods... He just had to give that smile.

Nico gave a silent nod and reached down to Percy's hand to help pull him up. He knew this interaction was probably something he should stay away from.

Once the son of Poseidon was in the tree. Nico gave the other a smile. "I see you have been training more lately." Then he raised his eyebrows, "Shouldn't you be spending time with Annabeth?" After all that was his girlfriend and instead of finding her he was deciding to sit in a tree. Though Nico wasn't really complaining.

"I mean not that I don't want you here... I just don't want to incur the wrath of Annabeth." She was tough and Nico didn't plan on getting on her bad side if he had control over it. Another reason why he wouldn't persue his crush. He didn't want to lose a friend or cause people to dislike him.
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For the past few months things at Camp Half-Blood had been very calm. Luke had been defeated and thus far nothing else posed as a threat. Percy had been ridiculously bored. There wasn't much for him to do, he'd settled into a rather boring routine. He'd wake up and ready himself for the day, head to breakfast were he then ate alone at the children of Poseidon table, went off to train for a good portion of the day and often skipping lunch, then eating alone again at dinner before returning to his cabin for the night.

Lately, Percy had been feeling pretty fucking lonely. Grover had found himself busy with some nymph he was dating and although Percy and Annabeth were still together, they didn't speak much. Or when they did it was just meaningless small talk, it was as though they were barely friends. He was beginning to lose interest in her.

So he trained to pass the days, waiting, hoping that something would arise and cause some sort of otherwordly danger then perhaps his trio of friends would reunite and things would be as they once were. But he'd been waiting for months.

Percy wiped the sweat from his brow and decided to call it quits for today. He gave a smile and a waved goodbye to the kid he'd been training with from the Ares cabin, who's name he wasn't able to recall right then. It wasn't quite time for lunch yet and he really wasn't in the mood for awkward chats with his supposed girlfriend, so he searched for some other way to pass the time. And that's when he'd noticed Nico di Angelo. The son of Hades sat up, alone, in some tree. Percy made his way over to join him, he hadn't spoken to the boy in a long while. He jumped up and lightly slapped Nico's leg in an attempt to capture his attention. "Hey, help me up?" He flashed a smile and offered his hand to Nico.
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Nico leaned his back against the tree he was sitting in. He still remembered the day that he first found out about his birth. His sister was still alive then. Plus it was when he met Percy. Percy made his favorite game come to life, they became friends but there was more to Nico then Percy knew.

No person other than Nico himself knew his secret. He glanced over to where Percy was training. He knew he was staring but he couldn't help it. He found Percy to be good looking as it was. But he was even more attractive when he was training.

Nico sighed and looked away. Percy would never feel the same feelings that Nico felt for him. He had to get past them. It was probably time for him to leave the camp for a little while before he got too attached. Though even if he did leave he would come right back if Percy needed him. Thats how the other demigod boy received his help. Though Luke was defeated now. He wasn't a threat anymore.
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