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[center [font "Papyrus" James rolled his eyes at the woman, turning his eyes towards his shrinking men. [+Blue "Throw her in my quarters. Lock the door and make sure she doesn't get out. I am not going to loose to these foul creatures, even if it kills several of us in the process."] The men were pale but James ignored it as he stalked over to Phillipe and looked towards the water, his eyes landing on the man.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Watching in the corner of his eyes James waited to see if the men would do as he asked. They did, they grabbed the woman by the arms and drug her towards his cabin forcing her inside. With a click he could hear the door lock and see one of the men standing before the door, one inside to keep her trapped.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+blue "Suggestions? My friend."] Jame's spoke softly so that only Phillipe could hear him. The man lifting his eyes for a split moment to meet the chilling blue before dropping them on the water. [+SaddleBrown "It's not going to be terribly hard to shake them. Head straight for the narrow passes, they won't follow you in there. They know what kind of fight it would turn into, and it would trap them."]]]

[center [font "Papyrus" With a nod James turned his attention towards the others. [+blue "Head for the narrow pass. It's probably our safest bet in order to get rid of those little bitches. They follow us in there they are trapping themselves for death."] A sadistic smirk had taken over James face as he walked towards his quarters and made his way inside. His eyes narrowing on the woman.]]
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Jezebel looked around at the men upon the ship, her eyes landing on the man who was in charge. He didn't look like other captains she had come up against in the past but she knew not to allow his looks to fool her. She glared at him, she wasn't going to let him intimidate her. She knew her sisters were coming and all she had to do was hold out for them and hope that whatever magic that she believed they had used to take her fin away would disappear when they died.

The captain ordered that the ship be turned around and for his crew to prepare the canons, knowing that her sisters were on their way. Siren's were known to not be weak but that didn't mean they couldn't die and with those canon's being loaded she wasn't sure how many of her sisters would fall and she had to think quick about what she was going to do to try and save as many as possible.

She closed her eyes as she made a decision. If she wanted to protect her sisters, family and their home then she would have to make a sacrifice and hope that it would pay off later. She grabbed her necklace and pulled it off, pushing herself up she used all of her might and threw the necklace off the boat into the water, a warning for the others. She looked back at the captain with a bit of a smirk on her face and let out a high pitched scream.

She knew that the crewmen were covering their ears but she was still focused on the captain. She stopped as she fell forward, her strength pretty much gone. She had used so much and now it was starting to show. She knew she couldn't show weakness now and she would need all the strength she could muster up in order to get through whatever he was going to do to her.

[#ac30e8 "Now you can't hurt them....but you better watch your ship, no matter what you do, they will come for you and your men. Consider yourself marked."] She said with the smile upon her lips still. One way or another, he would die and pay for what he did.
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[center [font "Papyrus" A smirk danced over James face as the mermaid lost her form. Despite her attempt to frighten them James knew now she was stuck. Despite the people coming, despite everything she was going to be trapped. He was going to make damn sure of it. The captain's eyes flipped onto Phillipe watching the smaller male tense under his captain's gaze. The male awaiting orders like a primed and trained puppy that could only do as it's master desired.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+blue "Turn the ship around we are sailing out of mermaid country. Prepare the cannon's because they will not let us go without a fight."] James called watching the young male nod. His small hands twisting over the top of the wheel to get it to turn and drag the rest of them with him. The ship lurched as it turned causing a few of the men to tumble onto the deck. None however seemed to have fallen over board, which is what James wanted.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+Brown "You heard the captain get to work!"] Phillipe yelled as his piercing green eyes danced onto the crew like an angry parent. With a yelp the men seemed to disperse and begin to lower themselves to the cannon's. [+Brown "Hold your fire for now. You need to wait until the proper moment."] Phillipe's voice hit Jame's ears again. The captain turning to watch as the creatures approached. There was not going to be an easy time escaping but James would be damned if they took someone else.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+Blue "Do not fire until they make their first move. We are going to be getting out of this alive."] With a smirk James turned his eyes onto the mermaid. [+blue "I'll be damned if I let your foul kind take another one of my people."] James voice could of frozen hell if he really had wanted it took. The tone was so cold, uncaring and hateful that it almost made the crewmen left stand back. James wasn't going to loose someone else, no he had already lost his brother. That's why he needed the mermaids.]]
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Once Jezebel hit the surface, she hit the ship several times as the net was pulled up. She could hear different voices as she came closer to the deck of the ship. She flinched when she was pulled over the side of the ship and thrown on the deck. Still entangled in the net, she pulled herself up and her crystal blue eyes searched the deck as she took into account everyone that was on the ship. [#3b1256 "Pathetic fools..."] She said as her eyes looked to her side as a man approached her.

She gathered as much strength as she could and whipped her tail and hit the man with her tail, sending him overboard. It took her a moment to realize that the men were pirates, why they would come so far out into territory that belonged to the mermaids was beyond her. They were sailing right to their deaths, whether they had her or not. Although she had allowed them to catch her, she hoped her sister had actually listened to her and went back to warn the others.

[#3b1256 "You are all going to die...I hope it was worth it."] She said as she looked to the captain with a bit of a smirk. Oddly enough, he looked familiar but at the same time different. She wondered why but that thought quickly passed.

Snapping out of her daze as she heard something in the distance. It was the war call of the mermaids, the city would be going into lockdown and her siren sisters would be on their way shortly. Aquatta had made it back and warned the others.

Jezebel's thought of victory was short lived as her scales became hot, she looked down to her tail and watched as her tail disappeared and human legs replaced it. She let out a gasp as she struggled to escape the net, more than she had been trying to. This was not normal, humans and mermaids lived completely different lives and she felt disgusted that she even looked like one.
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[center [font "Papyrus" [+Green "Captain!"] The piercing sound of Phillipe's voice brought James forward. The man's mind clearing as he jolted upwards. How long had he fallen asleep for? The pirate captain honestly didn't know. His dreary eyes stared towards sharp green eyes that could break through anyone's soul. With a grunt the pirate captain shoved himself off of his bed and onto the ground. Boots clomped as he went towards the deck to see what it was that Phillipe needed. What on earth could the man possibly be hollering about?]]

[center [font "Papyrus" It wasn't until he got closer did James realize why he had yelled. They were in the mermaid's cove and a net had been dropped. A net that was going back down rather then up. [+blue "You got one?"] James hoarse voice came out like a crack of thunder. Throat dry from being asleep for a little to long making him sound more like a dying animal then anything. [+Green "Aye Captain, but she's a fighter. I'm going to need more men to get her in."] James could only nod as he turned on his heels. It was time to gather the men up from their spots and have them come help.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+Blue "ALL MEN ON DECK NOW! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!"] All at once thumping and thunking began as the men threw themselves from where they were. A group of men gathering around the net in almost an instant. All knew not to mess with the pirate captain, especially not on the mission he was on. He was going to be damned if he didn't revive his brother. There was no turning back now, they had the mermaid in the net and they were going to get the damn tear. One way or another.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" James watched as before him the males began to lug the net upwards. Slowly the netting came into site until finally he saw what he was hoping for. His prize. His mermaid. At the bottom of the net she lay unable to escape from the fate that he was going to bestow upon her. [+Brown "Captain what should we do with her? Should we place her in a tank of water?"] [+Blue "No bring her upon deck first, if she starts to flounder then put her in some water."] Without a second word the men gave a nod pulling the net up upon deck and laying it down. He finally had his mermaid.]]
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In the deep sea there lived many sea creatures, all of them as different as could be. The deeper you went, the more beautiful and even more mysterious it became. Only men of great courage could travel that deep into the mysterious waters and many lose their lives because of it. The creatures were known as mermaids, known for their reputation of taking men's souls as they die a very slow death, that is if the sea doesn't kill them before that.

In Mermaid cove lived the Mermen, the Sirens and the Mermaids. The Mermen mostly go about their business, unless they are royalty, then they are in training to become the next king of the sea. The Sirens are the warriors, the protectors of the cove. They are the ones that must keep their world hidden from any human that dares to threaten them. Then there's the Mermaids, they stay behind as well, they cannot lure men to their death like the Sirens.

Jezebel, a Siren, who took her job within protecting the cove with her life. She ended up working herself to the top, making her father proud of her. He was a royal but he decided to step away from that life to live a life with a Mermaid, her younger sisters mother. Jezebel was now the right hand to the Queen of the Sea and she was next in line to be Queen.

[#860fb3 "Aquata, hurry up!"] Jezebel called for her sister. With Aquata being just a Mermaid, she often wanted to be like Jezebel. Occasionally Jezebel would take Aquata out and show her what it was like to be a Siren, against the rules of course.

[#ea0be2 "I'm coming!"] Aquata yelled several feet behind Jezebel. Jezebel stopped, hearing something strange as she frowned. Aquata kept talking on how she loved coming further out into the sea. [#860fb3 "Aquata, shhh...."] She tried silencing her but she knew how her sister got whenever they would wander out. [#860fb3 "Aquata...."] Jezebel started saying in frustration when she turned around to give her a look. Instead of finding her sister, she saw a net heading right towards her.

[#860fb3 "Aquata, move!"] Jezebel shouted as she sprung into action. She moved as quickly as she could, afraid she was going to be too late. Just before the net entrapped Aquata, Jezebel slammed her body into Aquata's, getting her out of the way as the net caught her. Jezbel struggled in the net as Aquata tried to catch up. [#860fb3 "Don't follow! Go back and warn the others! Now!"] Jezebel yelled at her before hitting the surface.
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[center [pic]]
[Center [Handlee The cruel seas seemed to come to life around the large ship that pile drived through the waters. Rocking and shaking the boat violently in a rage that made no since at all. It was this kind of rage that set the captain of the ship on the mission that he was currently on. To find the mermaid's so that in the long run they could lead him to the waters that would revive his brother. The brother who had so foolishly followed him onto the ship. The brother who had been knocked off in a wild storm.]]

[Center [Handlee The large brooding chest of the captain puffed out as he walked. Boots slamming into the wood as he crossed over the watery deck to the wheel. There a crewman stood holding the wheel straight and directing them. While that was normally the captain's job, James wasn't afraid to admit this man was a better pilot at this then he was. While James got lost, Phillipe didn't get as easily lost. James icy blue eyes landing on the man before him. Phillipe was a smaller man, brown hair tied into a pony tail and piercing green eyes. His slender form often got him into trouble during fights.]]

[center [Handlee Licking his lips James moved closer to the smaller man. His throat clearing as he came to a stop next to him. One hand placed upon his shoulders as he looked over towards the brunette. [+blue [Handlee "How close are we know mate?"]] James voice rang out through the roaring storm with a force so that Phillipe could hear him. The smaller male's piercing green eyes staring straight at him unnerving him a little bit. [+green [Handlee "We are about fifteen leagues off captain. It won't be long until we have hit the Mermaid's cove."]]

[Center [Handlee Nodding the blonde captain brought down a large gloved hand on the man's shoulders twice. A sign of respect and gratitude in their world. Straightening himself up James moved away from the man and back across deck. It wouldn't be long until they where there so he might as well relax a little before the time came of arrival. They would be catching mermaid's and that was not going to be easy in the slightest. The things were known for squirming, fighting, and worst of all; drowning men.]]
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