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She continued to kiss him as well before pulling away and looking up at him through her thick eyelashes, blinking slowly from intoxication before laughing softly. "It's up to you, Jamus." her voice was thick with liquor and smelled of sweet smoke and mint.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 322d 23h 11m 44s
He continued to kiss Thorn, not really wanting to stop for the first few moments, he kissed her a few more times, still upside down as he gently put his teeth on her bottom lip, nibbling ever so slightly as he cracked a small smile. "If you want...I will stop here." he says softly as he continues to look at her, his eyes now half narrowed.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 322d 23h 16m 46s
She was about to respond to what he said when she felt his lips collide with her own in a warm, cherry-flavored kiss. Her eyes widened briefly before closing in contentment, not letting herself feel odd about any of it. She sighed softly and placed her hand on his cheek, her lips against his as she relaxed more and more as the time went by.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 322d 23h 26m 32s
When both his cigarette and drink were gone, he looked at Thorn through more narrow eyes. "The more time we spend away, the more bothered I get, you know, I like hanging out with you..." he starts up, not realizing what he was doing. Before he really had time to play through it in his mind, his lips were pressed against hers, he gave a happily placed sigh as he kissed her, not really knowing if she would kiss him back. It didn't really matter, he was a little out there, so it was nothing to think about right now.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 322d 23h 32m 24s
Thorn stretched her arms and took another drag, sighing a bit as she sat up finally, resting her elbows on the ebony countertops, reaching for her glass to take another sip of the strong drink Jamus had mixed for her. She took a sip, then another drag, and so on, until both her cigarette and drink were gone.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 322d 23h 34m 38s
He inhaled her smoke rings, blowing a few more into her face, Jamus's smoke rings were small enough to fit through hers as each one of them impacted her face and disappeared into the air. He gave a soft smile as they did so, he moved back ever so slightly, taking another drag and blowing the air out of his mouth, as he blew it out, he sucked it back up into his nose, finally exhaling the smoke altogether.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 322d 23h 36m 29s
She blew a smoke ring in his face and laughed, "Because, I can't do that all the time." she giggled and took another drag, the warm cherry scent filling her nostrils and head. The alcohol making her slightly dizzy, but in a good way.

Leaning back in her stool, she grinned, blowing another ring.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 322d 23h 44m 13s
He reaches his head forward, plucking it from her fingers with his lips as he leans back, laying on his counter as he lights it, offering the lighter to her. "Smoking is bad for you kiddo, why don't you just do pot like me?" he asked as he smiled at her a few times. He sighed softly, letting his pink hair fall back as he was in an odd position, now nose to nose with Thorn. This was weirdly a position they found themselves in often.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 322d 23h 52m 48s
"Thank you." she said, taking the drink. Following his lead, she took hers with ease, leaning her head back as she swallowed, pulling a pack of cherry-cigarettes from her pocket, putting one inbetween her lips before offering Jamus one inbetween her slender fingers.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 322d 23h 59m 10s
He stood up, walking to the bar and fixing her a quick drink, this drink was grey to the sight, it was something very strong, he mixed it with lemonade to make it go down more smoothly. "Here you go, this will knock you off your feet, or it should." he said as he slid her the glass, making a mimicking drink from himself as he moved the glass, gently clinking it against hers before kicking it back and finishing the entire thing.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 323d 5m 38s
Laughing a bit, she looked around her slightly messy home full of music memorabilia and cigarette smoke, "If you say so," she shrugged and tried to figure out what was so interesting about her place.

To his question, she nodded and took a seat at the minibar.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 323d 1h 9m 37s
He walks into her apartment with you, somewhat happy because of the fact that she didn't brutally shut him down when he tried to make his advance. He took a moment and then sat down on her couch, taking a few more seconds to adjust to his surroundings. "Your house is so freakin' cool, my house just has my gaming stuff." he says as he looks over to her, "Want me to fix the drinks tonight?" he asks.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 323d 1h 16m 48s
Looking away for a brief moment, she felt her cheeks flush a pinkish color. Trying to make herself stop, she laughed softly. Instead of speaking, she just held onto his hand still - wondering what to say.

Once they got to the floor that her apartment was on, she giggled, "Come on Jamus, this way." she laughed quietly again as she unlocked her apartment door easily.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 323d 1h 42m 3s
His cheeks were pink, believe it or not, most of a bottle of wine was enough to get your average person drunk. Jamus was no exception to this rule, he felt a bit tipsy. He looked down at Thorn again once they were in the elevator. "To be completely honest, I can't tell you I wont try to kiss you tonight." he breathes very slowly, the doors open as they get off on the floor her apartment. Part of him wants to look back at her, he wants to see what she thought of what he had just said to her, but he was afraid it was going to be a look he wasn't ready to handle, a face of moderate anger, something to that nature.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 323d 1h 48m 46s
She laughed a bit, "Captian, hm?" she said, mulling over it for a moment before grinning, "I can get used to that." she giggled as she kept a hold of his hand, walking him down the street for a couple blocks before stopping in front of her rather nice apartment complex.

She walked in and led him to the elevator, smiling a bit.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 323d 1h 55m 51s

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