A Shinigami Tale of Red and Black

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William sighed. He wouldn't say he was married, per se....
"I simply take pride in my position as a reaper, and work to the best of my abilities to ensure that things run smoothly" He pointed out calmly, strolling along the path.

He had to admit, the garden was lovely at night. He felt so peaceful, that he almost forgot that Grell was there. Until his mind registered the last part of Grell's speech. He turned his head to look at the other, giving him a clearly annoyed look.

"Mr. Sutcliff. I have more important things to do with my time than attempt to woo anyone. Regardless, reapers are not born the way humans are born. We are created when a human dies and is deemed suitable for reaper work. I see no need for a relationship, seeing as the issue of procreation is null" He explained as he turned his head to look forward again.
"A reaper's job is to collect and judge souls."
  William T. Spears / ShadowRose / 6y 119d 13h 15m 36s
Grell’s grin slipped when Will tore his arm from Grell’s hands. While he was fun to mess with, Will was ever the boring shinigami. He paused a moment, watching Will’s back as he walked toward the gate. When he opened the gate, however, Grell felt his smile widening again. Will disliked the fact that Grell liked being considered a woman, it was still nice to see that the dark haired shinigami respect it.

“Oh, come now. You’re married to your work and I have next to nothing to do with that. And you know it. I doubt you even have time for a girlfriend with how much time you spend at work.” Grell stepped through the gate after Will,glancing around. There were few plants that flowered at night, but Grell had always found those to be quite beautiful, shining in the soft moonlight.
  Grell Sutcliff / Syrin / 6y 119d 21h 26m 14s
Will was partially surprised when he felt Grell grab his arm. He had almost expected it, but it still caused him to stiffen and falter in his step.

"Please let go..." He muttered, before starting forward again, yanking his arm from the redhead's grip. He smoothed his jacket sleeve, which had been wrinkled slightly when it had been grabbed, and resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"You know I've been working almost nonstop, Sutcliff. Mostly to clean up after you" He reminded the other as they neared the gardens. It was a large fenced off area full of plants, fountains, and even a few ponds. There was a small gate that served as an entrance, and despite his distaste for the other shinigami's frequent insistence that he be treated like a lady, William wasn't an uncultured man, and so he held the gate open after stepping inside, waiting for Grell to enter behind him.
  William T. Spears / ShadowRose / 6y 124d 22h 7m 46s
Grell’s smile widened. Messing with Will was fun. It was more fun than he had had in a long time. Mainly due to being stuck in the office ninety percent of the time. Why hadn’t he done this before? He didn’t realize he would be so entertained. Seeing him squirm...Grell laughed a bit as Will walked away from him, towards the gardens. The clacking of his heels filled the air as Grell hurried to catch up to the stoic shinigami. His happy grin still hung on his face.

When he caught up to Will, Grell wrapped his hands around Will’s upper arm, hugging it. His mind raced, trying to think of something they could talk about. “So, what have you been up to lately? Anything… interesting? You know, other than work.” Grell wondered idly how uncomfortable he could make Will before this was over. He would just have to wait and see~
  Grell Sutcliff / Syrin / 6y 124d 22h 29m 13s
William sighed. There was no getting out of this... Or was there? He glanced down, trying to think of some excuse, some reason why he couldn't take a walk with Grell. He couldn't even use work ethic as an excuse. He had already reprimanded the redheaded reaper, and he had even gotten the paperwork shortly after.

He looked up, wanting to avoid those bright green eyes, but knowing he couldn't wither away at the gaze. That would be very unprofessional.
"Fine. Just.... Don't be a nuisance..." He muttered, before glancing around to figure out where they could walk. He decided that the nearby gardens were a good place to go. Nobody would be out at this time, so it would be quiet, and nobody would see them on a walk together.

He slipped away from the other reaper and started forward, heading in the direction of the gardens. He didn't look back or slow down his pace. It wasn't really that fast, and he knew that if Grell wanted to seize the opportunity, he would catch up.
  William T. Spears / ShadowRose / 6y 125d 13h 4m 10s
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Grell’s smile grew ever wider. Will had his chance escape, but he missed it. So now, Grell pounced on him. Even though their taste in fun was different, Grell was certain they could find something that they both could enjoy. And if not, oh well... Grell would just torment Will for a while. After all, that was fun for him.

“Oh, come now Will~ I’m sure we can find something to do, regardless of our difference in taste~ If I remember correctly, you like walks, right? Perhaps we could walk somewhere of your choosing? And maybe just talk along the way? Hmm?~” Grell acknowledged that he was probably being annoying, but who cared. It was fun seeing Will squirm under his yellow-green gaze. With one last grin, Grell took hold of Will’s hand. “C’mon, Will~ Please?~”
  Grell Sutcliff / Syrin / 6y 125d 13h 56m 39s
Will paused when he heard his name. Great. Sutcliff had seen him. And now he was blocking his path. He let out a sigh and adjusted his glasses, before glancing around. There was no way out of this, was there?

"I highly doubt your definition of fun and my definition of fun are very similar at all. Why not find someone else to bother?" He asked, and it came out a little colder than he had intended.

Of course, he was always a bit frigid. It was just his nature. He wasn't good at emotions or anything high-energy, really. He didn't make friends, and he didn't idly chit-chat. He had never really known how to do any of that, and as the years went by, he found he didn't care if he'd never be like that. He didn't mind being an introvert, and he actually found it a little enjoyable to be the one that most reapers feared at work.

He had no idea why Grell Sutcliff of all people would even want to hang out with him in the first place...
  William T. Spears / ShadowRose / 6y 125d 16h 46m 42s
“Ahh, I’m so bored... And I bet Ronald won’t play with me... Nnn....”

Grell was sitting at the bottom of the steps, waiting for some idea to present itself. Something to relieve his boredom. Something fun... And then Will appeared outside of the building. They were outside work. Will couldn’t tell him what to do. Couldn’t get mad at him about unfinished work. An evil grin spread across Grell’s lips as he stood up and turned to face Will.

“Will~ You’re done with work, I see~” he said in his usual happy tone, the evil grin replaced with a happier smile. “Come spend time with me~ I’m sure there’s something fun we can find to do~” As he spoke, he spread his arms out wide to block any escape, though Will could probably shove him out of the way easily enough. After all, he’d done it plenty of times before.
  Grell Sutcliff / Syrin / 6y 125d 17h 2m 22s
Will had to stay late to tie up loose ends that night. He was holed in his office, correcting and organizing, making sure everything was perfect. By the time he was done, his workplace was neat and orderly, ready for another day of work. He liked it that way. Neat and pristine, everything in its place, and everything a model of good workmanship.

Luckily for him that night, late wasn't actually that late, and he was quite surprised to see that it hadn't been more than a half hour after he had left Grell's office.
He was even more surprised when, after clocking out and exiting the building, he spotted Grell a ways away.

He adjusted his glasses and glanced at the redhead before making his way down the stairs of the front building. He may have been off duty, but he still was unsure if approaching the other reaper was a good idea.

  William T. Spears / ShadowRose / 6y 125d 22h 54m 8s
Grell no longer felt bad for William. He remembered why he was always so annoyed with Will. Ever the average, boring guy. And then talking like that? Grell wanted to simply forego the rest of his paperwork for the rest of his tenure. Though, thinking about it, that would only end up with him stuck in his desk chair with Will standing over him disapprovingly. Grell was fed up with the vicious cycle. Why couldn’t someone else be the superior around here? Why was it Will?

Boredom was beginning to set in again, but Grell really didn’t think Will would be pleased with him if he went to go see Sebastian. A tiny smile flitted across his features as he thought of the Phantomhive’s butler. It left again as Grell glanced at the door. Will was such a stickler. For everything! It made life so boring and dull! How could Will stand it? No excitement? Nothing? What did he even do in his free time? A resounding thud crept out of the office as Grell dropped his head to the desk.

“I guess.... I could go home?” Grell asked no one. “But home is so boring... There’s nothing to do... And I’d be lonely... Nyeh.....” Eventually, he stood, walking out of the office with half-lidded eyes and a frown on his lips.

[And please, please, please, let me know if I'm not in character or I'm not giving you enough to work with. I can go in and change it.]
  Grell Sutcliff / Syrin / 6y 126d 42m 10s
Will watched as Grell uprighted his chair and got to a comfortable position. He had ignored the frown on Grell's face, and was ignoring everything else the reaper did. He glanced at the paperwork, not really taking note of how much was already finished, but by how much was on the table, and he was about to turn and leave when the other shinigami spoke up.

He hid his surprise well as he accepted the papers before glancing through them, making sure everything was actually filled out. That had happened once. Grell had turned in half-finished paperwork, but instead of seeking him out and getting him to fill the rest out, Will had simply filled in the rest, too exhausted to deal at that time.

He could almost sigh and roll his eyes as grell spoke next, but he kept his composure. He had fun. Outside of work. Work wasn't a place for fun. After work he could read or take walks or the like. That was when Grell should be goofing off. After hours. Or loitering outside of bars and hollering at men, or whatever it was that the redhead did. He didn't want to think about it.

"Next time, maybe you should try to get your work done in a timely manner" He retorted, before turning on his heel and strolling out of the office.
  William T. Spears / ShadowRose / 6y 126d 9h 51m 32s
Will didn’t look pleased. But, then again, Will never looked pleased. And then, once he started talking, Grell felt his smile slipping in favor of a more annoyed look. Always with the damn paperwork. Will needed to get out more. It seemed like Grell never saw him anywhere other than at work. Though, he admitted, that was partially his fault. Er... Alright, mostly his fault. Grell sighed.

“Ngggh..... Fine. Just..... Let me set everything upright again.” Grell was being a bit more complacent than normally, but he did kind of feel bad for the uptight reaper. He pushed himself to his feet, pulling his desk chair upright as he did so. With another sigh, Grell pulled out a pen and scooted the paperwork closer to himself. Boredom battled with duty, and all Grell really wanted to do was bang his head against the desk in front of him. Procrastination had always been his forte, but when Will was cracking down on him like this, he seemed to have issues with staying focused. Glancing over the paper now, Grell realized it was actually closed to being finished. Just two or three more lines to finish.

“Here,” he said, holding up the newly completed paperwork, but not looking the other reaper in the eye. “Now you won’t have to be here for hours trying to fix my mistakes again, right? Then go and at least try to have some fun.”
  Grell Sutcliff / Syrin / 6y 126d 10h 47m 7s
Will sighed as he heard the crash. No doubt Sutcliff had done something again. He took a breath and prepared himself for whatever might be inside that office, and opened the door.

Surprisingly, it was not as chaotic as it could have been. As he glanced around, he spied the forgotten paperwork, and he closed his eyes for a second to avoid yelling at the other shinigami. Of all the stupid lazy things.... Grell had just forgotten about the paperwork!

"Sutcliff. You probably don't know why I'm here. You're hardly professional enough to know what you've done wrong, but I must explain it to you nonetheless." He took a step forward and stared Grell in the eyes, firmly maintaining eye contact with a stare that was all business.

"Yet again, you have neglected to file the correct paperwork. Not only has your laziness cost you your evening, but it has cost several other reapers as well. You've caused a backlog in the system, and now there's a large gap where your souls should be. You'll be working overtime tonight to finish up on this paperwork, and if you don't, there will be consequences. Do you understand?" He explained, enunciating each word clearly and crisply. He only hoped that the other reaper wouldn't be too much of a pain tonight.

Unfortunately for him, he was also one of the reapers whose evening had been lost thanks to the backlog.
  William T. Spears / ShadowRose / 6y 126d 11h 3m 26s
Grell Sutcliff fiddled with the papers on his desk. He disliked being inside for long periods of time. He hated being on probation even more. And yet, anytime he had tried to correct his mistakes, somehow they had always turned back on him, killing any chance at reprieve. And more importantly, any chance at fun. Idly, he threw his pencil upwards, over and over again, attempting to get it to stick in the ceiling. It was his boredom doing it to him. The paperwork he was supposed to have filed hours ago lay on his desk, forgotten and neglected. Grell sighed and continued to throw his pencil around, leaning back in his desk chair as he did so.

An excited gasp left his lips as the pencil caught in the ceiling, and Grell couldn’t help but stare at it with a mixture of tired wonder and returning boredom. A knock on the door startled him, however, causing him to jump in his seat. The violent motion sent the chair crashing to the ground, eliciting a groan from the red-head as he followed the chair down. The crashing of the chair also brought the pencil falling down onto his face. He didn’t have to guess who’s voice it was that called his name.

“Hiya, Will~” he said languidly as he looked to the door.
  Grell Sutcliff / Syrin / 6y 126d 11h 13m 49s
William T. Spears scowled, glancing down at the notice on his desk.

"Grell...." he muttered under his breath, knowing that it was no use getting too upset about. Grell Sutcliffe, that red haired shinigami with the loud voice and even louder fashion choices, had neglected to do his paperwork....Again.
This was the man that made his life miserable, day in and day out. Sometimes he wondered if Grell knew just how irritating he could be. Will could never understand why Grell couldn't just file his paperwork and turn it in on time. It was so simple and efficient. There is absolutely no reason why he couldn't do it. No reason at all.

With a sigh, he pushed back his chair and sat up, posture rigid, face solemn. He was the picture of office perfection.

Will made his way down to Grell's office, hoping the redhead was actually in there for once, and adjusted his glasses before knocking curtly on the door.

"Mr. Sutcliff?"
  William T. Spears / ShadowRose / 6y 126d 13h 1m 14s

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