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Neji watched her and thought:Not bad at all.he kept watching and then yawned,he wanted to see her amazing,but she was using light things first,so he waited for the next jutsus,he wished she wouldn't see him,but he found out that she has activated Bykugan that can see between the things,so he jumped out and sat on a rock,he didn't say anything.he just watched.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 250d 4h 29m 34s
Hinata gracefully moved her hands and legs with her chakra in the waterfall, she used to practice this for her chakra needle technique. Now, she used it for her Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists. Hinata slowly closed her eyes and activated her Byakugan, but she didn't notice Neji. "Juho Soshiken," she said calmly.

Hinata forms two large lion-like shrouds of chakra around their hands, then thrusts them forward for this technique.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 250d 4h 32m 31s
Neji shook his head and started walking away to the Forest,but then he stopped and then asked himself:"Hinata was heading to where?"he then shrugged:"I don't care,maybe crying!"after a while,he looked at the sky and smiled playfully:"Lets see,what is she doing,how ever,I should start knowing her..."Neji then turned back and walked to the direction,Hinata was running to.He activated his bykugan and saw the waterfall,then he saw a figure with long hair,he nodded and then suddenly ran to the waterfall,he slowly hide behind the rock and made sure she hasn't seen him.Neji watched her and grinned,thinking:She's training?too late,tch.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 250d 4h 37m 50s
Hinata looked up to see Neji glaring at her, and she looked away shyly. Once she ran past him, she lowered her head, and avoided eye contact. She continued past him, and finally reached the outskirts of the village, where the waterfall was located.

Once she was at the waterfall, Hinata carefully took off her clothes, and stepped on to her water. Soon, she began her training .
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 250d 4h 41m 45s
Neji raised his head and looked around,he saw a figure coming,he narrowed his eyes and then rolled his eyes,It was Hinata,his heart beat faster and then he decided to ignore her as always.he looked at the ground and shot a glare at her hideously.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 250d 4h 44m 49s
Hinata fell to her knees once she arrived in her bedroom and she leaned forward, tears falling from her eyes. "I'm so sorry," she whispered, even though nobody was in her bedroom. After a moment or two, she wiped the tears from her cheek, and sat up. Maybe... Maybe if she got stronger, the Elders would allow her to become their leader, without getting married.

Hinata nodded to herself and changed into her kunoichi outfit, and slipped out of her window. Hinata hurried through the streets of the village, heading towards the nearby waterfall.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 250d 4h 47m 54s
Neji closed his eyes and let out a sigh,he bowed to Hiashi and then walked to the door,he suddenly slammed it,running out of his clan.he walked to the streets and then leaned to a wall,thinking.He folded his arms and then looked down,his face was upset and he tapped his foot on the ground,a cool breeze cam and waved his long hairs.he groaned:"Why should I?
I have no interest in marrying,nut he'll fire me from the clan,bastard."then he thought:what would you do,father?Is this a right thing Hiashi is doing?
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 250d 4h 51m 57s
"One month exactly," Hiashi replied.

Hinata nodded weakly and asked if they could leave, and Hiashi nodded in response. Hinata stood up and bowed respectfully before slipping out of the door. "I - I'm sorry, Neji," she then said, "I - I did not realized you hated me so."

At that, she ran down the hall, to her bedroom.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 250d 4h 55m 29s
Neji got on shock and gasped,that was too much for him,he glared at him and lowered his head,whispering:"Yes,sir."but in his heat,he was so angry.Neji waited for him,to let him go,he asked slowly:"When is the marriage sir?"his voice was low and angry,but his face was cold and calm as always,he hated it,Hiashi was deciding for his destiny.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 250d 4h 57m 54s
Hiashi sighed. "If you do not marry Hinata," he began, "you will be disowned by the clan for being a disgrace."

Hinata's eyes widened in shock, would father really do that. "Father, please...," she trailed off.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 250d 5h 1m 53s
Neji suddenly yelled at Hiashi:"you can't make me!I can choose myself that who I want to marry!Maybe I don't want to marry with anyone!"he pointed at him angrily and shook is index finger at him,he didn't care what would he think,he just wanted to get rid of this horrible marriage.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 250d 5h 3m 44s
Hinata hung her head low and began trembling, she hadn't realized Neji hated her so much. A tear crawled down her cheek but she quickly wiped it away and calmed herself. "I'm sorry, father," she said quietly, "b - but I cannot marry someone who loathes me so. I - I will marry anyone else, for my c - clan..."

Hiashi blinked. "I did not give either of you a choice," he said, "you will marry."
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 250d 5h 42m 50s
NEji's eyes went really wide,his mouth was fully opened and he didn't really know what to say:"Eh,...uh..."finally he frowned and then let out a little yell:"NO!"he then bowed his head,he couldn't stop himself,he wanted to yell and make Hiashi know that he hated his daughter.Neji hit the floor slightly with his fist and then raised his head up,looked at Hiashi:"Sir,Sorry.I can't accept this."his eyes were serious and mixed with rage and shock.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 250d 6h 11m 38s
Hinata gracefully stood up and closed the door before sitting beside Neji, her legs tucked under her bottom once more. She avoided eye contact as her father spoke. "Yes, Neji," he said calmly, "I wanted to speak to both of you. As we all know, Hinata is nineteen now, and heir to the Hyuuga name. It's time she was married, the Elders won't accept an unmarried woman as our clan's leader."

Hinata gasped, but then quickly apologized. Hiashi looked at Neji, "After discussing possible husbands for Hinata, we agreed on you, Neji. You are the strongest of our clan, and most worthy to marry the heir."

Hinata's eyes widened, shocked. She was speechless and she simply stared at her father, despite how disrespectful it was.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 250d 6h 17m 31s
Neji's eyes became a little wide,both of them?interesting.He followed her and started thinking;I don't feel good about this discussion.What does Hiashi wants from us?It will suck if he want me and her do a mission for him,Hinata is just a weak girl and It will be bothersome for me.he frowned and folded his arms,keeping walking with her,when he arrived,he knned too and then nodded thanks to Hinata when he walked in the Hiahi's room.he bowed to him as he was a branch and he was main,then he raised his head and asked politely and respectfully:"Did you call me,Hiashi-sama?"he looked at him curiously with narrowed eyes.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 250d 6h 22m 53s

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