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Neji smirked,the jutsu he was using,just kicked the Kunais away then he suddenly stopped spinning and used:Hakke Hasangek
Eight Divination Signs Destructive Mountain Fist.
Hakke Hasangeki is a Taijutsu technique utilized by Hyuuga Neji. Extending chakra from his body, Neji will thrust his palm into his target. This will send out a wave of chakra that will knock his opponent backwards into nearby rock to cause further damage
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 3y 302d 11h 34m 29s
Hyuuga Hinata
Hinata studied Neji, he wasn't as aggressive as usual, maybe he was using his defensive. Hinata bit her lower lip, she wasn't sure, so she took out three kunai. She then threw them at Neji, just so she knew what would happen, if she chose to hit him head on.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 3y 302d 11h 52m 53s
Neji frowned and hit some of them but then he jumped backward and landed on his feet,deciding to defense himself he whispered:"Hakkeshou Kaiten!"then he started spinning around himself and doing the Eight Divination Palms of the Hand, Heavenly Spin.
Hakkeshou Kaiten is a Taijutsu technique unique to the Hyuuga bloodline using the Jyuuken. Kaiten is a special technique passed down through the main family line. Kaiten takes advantage of several of the unique abilities of the Byakugan eye. Byakugan gives the clan member an almost complete 360 degree view of their surroundings. This allows the member to see all angles of attack.

If an attack is near, the clan member will release a large of amount of chakra from their tenketsu. The member then begins to spin like a top, creating a whirling vortex that can nullify almost any attack.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 3y 302d 11h 57m 15s
Hyuuga Hinata
Hinata could feel the sudden chakra, and faintly see it with her Byakugan. Quickly, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and prepared for the blow. Once she was hit, she flew back towards a tree, but was able to kick off of it. Once she touched the ground, she was in her fighting position again. "Hakke Sanjuni Sho," she said, attempting to use her Thirty - Two Palm on Neji.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 3y 302d 12h 54s
Neji suddenly closed his eyes and then thought,what should he do first,he suddenly opened his eyes and yelled:"Hakke Kuushou - Eight Divination Signs Air Palm.!"then he Extended chakra from his body, he thrusted his palm at his target. This sent out an invisible wave of chakra that can knock his opponent back.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 3y 302d 12h 5m 41s
Hyuuga Hinata
Hinata nodded. "I'm ready," she said as she activated her Byakugan, and fixed herself into the Hyuuga fighting stance. Hinata studied Neji, wondering what his first move would be. She was a different girl than the one who fought Neji at the Chunin Exams, she wouldn't lose to him.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 3y 302d 12h 11m 42s
Neji went in the attack mode and activated his bykugan,then he looked at her and smirked:"are you ready?"He really wanted to beat her,to calm himself.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 3y 302d 12h 15m 56s
Hyuuga Hinata
Hinata blinked and nodded. "I'd love to train with you, Neji - san," she said, and offered a small smile. Neji was being nicer than before, maybe he was more accepting of the marriage. Hinata hoped so, she didn't want a hateful husband.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 3y 302d 12h 21m 5s
Neji smirked:"I know,If you knew,you would hide yourself sooner."He laughed a bit and jumped down,landing on his feet.he stood there and asked her:"want to train with me?maybe it's easier for you than hitting fruits!"
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 3y 302d 12h 23m 40s

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