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Hinata is nineteen now and her father says it's time for her to marry someone within the clan, to keep the Hyuuga name alive, for when she becomes the clan's leader. Her father eventually chooses the strongest Hyuuga in the clan: Neji.

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Neji frowned and sat on his bed slowly,he thought:I'll fight back Hiashi..He should know that Hinata and I don't like each other,she wants Naruto and I don't want to marry at this age,I'm still too young for marrying!He stood up and put on his clothes,he opened the window and breath deeply,then he walked out of his room.he looked at the sky and smiled a bit,the sun was really a pretty thing,then he glanced over the main house and growled,it reminded him the damned marriage.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 303d 19h 50m 2s
Once she arrived at the Main Branch mansion, she hurried to her bedroom, and locked the door behind her. Hinata gently took off her sweatshirt, and then the fishnet top she had underneath it. Hinata studied the bruises she was beginning to have from Neji's strikes, and then the red mark on her stomach, where he bunched her. Sorrow filled her eyes as she slowly put her clothes back on. He didn't want to help me with my training, she thought, he just wanted to hurt me. Hinata sighed lightly and looked around at her bedroom, she was hurt. Not just physically, either. Her heart was wounded.

"Onee - san," Hinata then heard Hanabi say, outside of her bedroom door.

Hinata turned and slid the door open. "Imooto - san," she said in return, "i - is something wrong?"

Hanabi shook her head. "I just wanted to know if you wanted green tea," she said.

Hinata smiled and offered Hanabi a small smile. "I - I would love some," she said, "I - I'll help you prepare some."

Hanabai nodded and the sisters walked down the hall, towards the kitchen.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 304d 6h 16m 8s
Neji walked to his clan and then headed to his room,he put out his clothes and looked at his chest,it was red and hurting,he smirked.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 304d 13h 24m 14s
Hinata bit her lower lip as she walked through the forest. I have to become stronger, she thought and bit her lower lip, if I'm ever going to be a good heir...

[[ I've gotta go for the night. G'night. ]]
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 304d 13h 27m 25s
Neji thought:wow,she was still respecting me.then he saw some hyugas and then nodded at them,their eyes had meaning they knew what has happened.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 304d 13h 30m 54s
Hinata nodded. "I - I understand," she said with a smile, "I d - don't want to keep you away from your w - work."

Hinata then gave a shy wave goodbye before walking away herself, down a path that was the longer way back to the village.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 304d 13h 40m 18s
Neji nodded:"Well,if you want."then he started walking away:
"I have works to do..."he sighed and touched his chest it was hurting,but he ignored it.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 304d 13h 43m 5s
"T - Thank you," she said happily and stood up. "I - I'm fine, Neji - san. R - Really," she then said, she didn't want to be a bother to Neji. She would heal eventually, without medical shinobi.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 304d 13h 44m 23s
Neji shook his head:"You've improved."his inner side was happy that he has finally beat her to relax himself,now he may could accept this marriage.Neji helped her to stand up:"Lets go to the hospital."
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 304d 13h 46m 0s
Hinata was panting as she nodded and sat down. She looked up at Neji and was surprised to see him smile at her. She looked away, smiling herself. "Y - You're a lot strong, N - Neji - kun."
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 304d 13h 47m 45s
Neji easily dodged it and told Hinata:"Don't push yourself,have a rest,then."he kneed to her and smiled kindly at her for the first time.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 304d 13h 50m 37s
Hinata coughed up blood and fell to the ground, trembling. Blood ran down her chin and she quickly wiped it off. Hinata began panting heavily and after a moment, she swiftly tried to kick Neji's knees, so he would fall back.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 304d 13h 53m 37s
Neji was panting and when he saw her attacking he tried to block but he threw away to the tree and jumped up,landing on the ground,punching her in the stomach:"Ha!"
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 304d 13h 57m 1s
Hinata was able to block a few times, when his palm came to hit her chakra points, but he had gotten incredibly fast. When his technique was done, Hinata had coughed up blood and stumbled back. After a moment, she wiped her mouth and ran forward, attempting to use regular gentle fist. Hinata aimed her palm at Neji's chest.
  Hyuuga Hinata / anelegantdemise / 7y 304d 13h 58m 41s
Neji thought:She had got strong.I should do my best.Then he suddenly got in attack position,he whispered:Hakke Rokujuuyonshou"then he ran to her and did the the Eight Divination Signs, Sixty-Four Palms of the Hand,he was moving his hands toward her so fast.
  Neji(II) / Valkyira / 7y 304d 14h 2m 1s

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