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[b [italianno [size28 Gotta [+B40404 fight] another [+B40404 fight]
Gotta [+0080FF run] another [+0B0B3B night]]]]
[size16 ♘ [b Lancelot] ♞]

[size10 Name: Abbott, Luca
Age: 24
Birthday: Oct 31
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Demiromantic
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 185.45 cm
Weight: 179.8 kg]

[b [italianno [size28 Don't [+240B3B judge] a thing until you know what's [+FE2E2E inside] it
Don't [+0B3B17 push] me - I'll [+B40404 fight] it]]]
[size16 ♘ [b Penumbra] ♞]

[left [pic]][size10 Badge ID number: [s 102] 184
Rank: Knight of Penumbra
Glock G30S
Semi-automatic rifle (occasionally)
Skills and Abilities:
| Sniper | Master of disguise | Ran track/parkour | Low pain tolerance

♠ Cascade recruited him. But his skills always suited a Penumbra agent. But because of his attitude, Penumbra didn't think he was ready.
♠ No one knows truly what he looks like. During his time in Cascade, he was a blonde with blue eyes code name, Spade. Spade had no name other than his codename, it wasn't until Lancelot came about that he allowed his real name to be known.
♠ He insisted as a high school student that the only real sport was track. Where there were no constraints other than waiting for the whistle.
♠ Because of his accident, he suffers frequent phantom pains and occasional migraines which feed off his stress levels. However, he refused to retire. Penumbra saves him for the bigger or more important operations.]

[b [italianno [size28 [+FA5882 Never] gonna give [+868A08 in]
[+FA5882 Never] gonna give it [+0B3B39 up], no]]]
[size16 ♘ [b Personality] ♞]

[size10 Fearless | Dedicated | Assertive | Impulsive | Argumentative | Self-centered ]

[size10 Anyone who knows Luca knows that he's the first one to throw himself into a fight, no matter the cost. And with his brash nature, many tend to forget that he is actually pretty smart and observant. Despite arguing a lot, this hot head knows how to pull himself together to get a task done.]

[right [pic]] [size10 Likes/Dislikes:
✔ Running
✔ Puppies
✔ Working alone
✔ His Grandmother
✘ Relying on others
✘ Cats
✘ Cake
✘ Rats]

[b [italianno [size28 I gotta [+B40404 fight] another [+B40404 fight]
I gotta [+B40404 fight] with all my [+A9BCF5 might]]]]
[size16 ♘ [b History] ♞]

[left [pic]][size10 Luca Abbott doesn't like many things. Because his mother was a lawyer and his father a politician, as an infant and through his childhood, he was reared by his beloved Grandmother. At the same time he was learning how to speak English, she would teach him Italian as well. On his 13th birthday, his mother and father got home from work early, and the five of them sat down for dinner together. But all was not well. His father berated him for doing poorly in his classes at school. When Luca finally lost his temper, instead of yelling at his father in English, he did it in Italian. Now most parents would be proud that their son was bilingual at such a young age, but his parents, mainly his father, thought his grandmother was belittling them as parents and sent her away to live in a nursing home. Luca was only allowed to visit once a month. But he would sneak in to bring her daffodils on his way home from school.

Around the same time, Luca took up running track. thriving off the sense of freedom it gave him away from his parents. Since putting his grandmother away meant they didn't have a babysister, one or both of them would return early from work in order to pick him up after school. He used track to keep him away from the house longer, resenting his parents for taking away his beloved grandmother. When his father tried to have him followed, he took up learning about the art of disguises and makeup in order to give his father's employees the slip.

Luca was 19 when the bombs hit. He was in college, his parents hoping he would follow in their footsteps and become a lawyer. He didn't want to, he wanted to travel and experience the world. But his father threatened him with forbidding him to seeing his frail old grandmother who in her ever old age was beginning to forget who Luca was when he visited her. He began to increase his visits in order to help her remember who he was, but it was disheartening to know that somedays she thought he was her nurse, or his father.

Luca was actually exiting the nursing home when the bombs hit, and next thing he knew he was in quarantine. The doctors thought he never quite recovered from the initial shock caused by the bombs, but it was his parents influence that helped him get out of quarantine just short of a year after the bombs went off. They never told him that in that year of him being away, his grandmother died. He returned to the nursing home and went to her room only to find another person their. It was the nurse on duty, recognizing him from before the bombs went off that finally told him.

Enraged that they never told him, he never went home again. From that moment on he joined Cascade. Although his talents and knowledge suited a Penumbra agent, he quickly proved he was too hot headed for that side of Technicolor. Not that he minded, Cascade allowed him to become good with all types of guns, and hand to hand combat. Quickly, he moved up in the ranks and when the Cascade knight was killed, as they often are, he was given the title. The black knight known as Spade quickly made a name for himself at the mere age of 22 for having the most kills in Cascade history. Once again however, things in his life went south.

There was a bounty on his head, and during a routine assassination mission one of the newer recruits betrayed them, revealing them as members of Technicolor and shooting the black knight before killing himself as well as a couple of the members of Cascade. Somehow, the surviving members on the mission managed to get him back to the base but by that time he'd already lost a lot of blood. In order to keep others from betraying Technicolor they tightened their security parameters, and pronounced Spade as dead.

Miraculously, Luca survived. However the bullet caused trauma to his nervous system. The team of doctors treating him, all sworn to secrecy said he'd never fire a gun again. But the stubborn man proved them wrong. They tried to convince him to retire, with frequent migraines and pains on top of low pain tolerance there was no way he'd be suited for Cascade's rough and tough nature. Besides the fact that to Cascade, he was dead.

Determined not to hang up his gun, the Queen of Penumbra offered him the spot as her white knight, and out of no where came the red haired knight, code name Lancelot.]

TL;DR - Luca is an ex-Cascade member who joined Penumbra after his old self was declared dead. An injured pup is behind his brutish and snappy behavior.

[b [italianno [size28 I'll [+088A29 find] a [+29088A way]
You ain't gonna [+FF8000 take] me [+61210B down] no way]]]
[size16 ♘ [b Miscellaneous] ♞ ]

[right [pic]][size10

[b Relationships-]
[ Romi ♕ #0012]: [+0B2161 Neutral], "My Queen", "Romi"
[ Semyon ♖ #0426]: [+0B2161 Neutral], "Semyon", "The White Rook", "Sir"
[ Kaiju ♗ #00709]:[+0B2161 Neutral], "Kaiju", "The White Bishop"
[ Gywnne ♙ #0136]: [+0B2161 Neutral], "Gywnne", "The White Pawn", "#0136"
[ Buster ♚ #80578]: [+0B2161 Neutral], "King", "Sir"
[ Yoko ♜ #0789]: Unknown, "The Black Rook", "#0789"
[ Atticus ♞ #200]: [+red Negative], "My replacement", "The Black Knight", "#200"
[ Luxx ♟ #126]: Unknown, "The Black Pawn", "#126"]

[size10 [b Character Trivia-]
♠ Voice Reference:
♠ Geometric Color(s): [+00BFFF Turquoise]
♠ His geometric pattern is small pentagons along his collarbones.
♠ He is half Italian from his mother's side. His grandmother on her side taught him Italian at a young age. When he gets irritated, he starts speaking Italian.
♠ Cascade Knight, #102, Codename Spade, is noted to have the most kills in Cascade history.
♠ According to the Technicolor database, Spade's true identity is classified to all except for Rook and above ranks in both Penumbra and Cascade, and he was KIA.
♠ He addresses people only by their codenames, unless he considers them close friends. If he really doesn't like a person, he addresses them by their member number.
♠ Music: [ Rise], [ ♫], [ ♫], [ ♫], [ ♫], [ ♫]]

  | The Shadow | / KitsuneKit / 22d 2h 45m 24s
There was a brief moment where his blue eyes met the creature's amber one. A hot second in time where the Russian couldn't help but think of how beautiful those eyes were. It wasn't long enough. Victor stepped forward, a vain attempt to get closer to the mysterious animal when his foot crunched on a thin piece of driftwood that must have washed up on shore earlier in the day.

[#5C0087 "Wait!"]

[#5C0087 "Please wait...."]

[#5C0087 "I won't hurt you..."]
  | The Shadow | / KitsuneKit / 124d 7h 45m 41s
  | The Shadow | / KitsuneKit / 174d 9h 37m 52s
When you near a rather inconspicuous building, you wonder if you ended up in the right place. There's a man by the door of the building, dressed in a peacoat despite it being soring, and a white beanie covering his crimson hair. You wonder how he keeps the hat so white. He raises an eyebrow as you approach, and for a minute you pause. Will you lose your nerve?

If you don't lose your nerve you continue forward towards the man, assuming him to be a gatekeeper of sorts. With some eagerness, you yank the covering off your skin and shiw off your colorful mutation. It skirts over the flesh of your skin in a pattern, and is what makes you an outcast in a city run by The Order. The man frowns, eyebrows narrowing as he looks around to if anyone else is around.

"Don't show that so openly!" He hisses, shoving you in an effort to get you to cover up the mutation. "Damn newbie! What if someone else saw that?! We'd all be dead!" He continues to lecture. Great, you've only just met this person and he's already maad at you. Tentatively, you ask if he's the King or Queen you spoke to. He looks at your in a peculiar way before throwing his head back and laughing.

"No way Newbie. I'm the Knight of Penumbra. Codename's Lancelot." He grins, an almost feral expression before you introduce yourself. You hesitate again, before asking if he's got a real name. "That's classified information Newbie, we've all got to have our secrets after all."

He swipes his card at the key swipe, the light flickering to a green color before he opens the door. And with that, he ushers you inside.

"Usually I don"t do this sort of thing, but everyone else is busy so you're stuck with me giving you the grand tour newbie." He doesn't seem to happy about this, but you only nod and obediently follow after him.

He walks you throught the first few floors, offices that make it look like the building isn't hiding a secret organization. And then you head back into the elevator. This time, he presses a series to buttons, encouraging you to watch thr sequence. One day you'll have it memorized. You wait in silence until the elevator dings, and Lancelot steps back so you can have a full view of the subfloor lobby.

"Wlcome to Technicolor."
  ♘ Lancelot ♞ / KitsuneKit / 197d 22h 5m 53s
Now Mai wasn't always the sharpest tool in the shed. Or perhaps one might have thought that if they could see the look of panic in his eyes as Alois himself came into view. He could probably smell fear, a voice whispered darkly in the back of his head. How was he supposed to realize when the page had mentioned the Fruits Delegation he quite literally meant the Prince General himself and his entourage?

The tall man slumped his shoulders in an attempt to look smaller, tucking the collar of his shirt up closer to his neck, as if it made him look less conspicioius. Although to be fair, the last time Alois had seen him, his brown hair had been longer and his hands had been covered in blood. Maybe the prince wouldn't notice him. Hopefully.

But his green eyes snapped to attention to a person with stark red hair. It was odd to see someone in the Fruits Kindgom group with hair that wasn't a varying shade of blonde or brown. Mai's eyes widened a fraction at the sight of the other man, looking positively pirate-like with an eyepatch hiding one eye from view. And despite his attempts to blend in to the crowd he couldn't help the thought in his mind from filtering through his voice.

  | The Shadow | / KitsuneKit / 204d 5h 7m 0s
[center 3 Months Prior]

[+0B610B [i "Get Out."]] The voice was low and cold. As if the Emperor Consort wasn't talking to his best friend. As if he wasn't talking to the one who saved his life numerous times, who acted in the dark so he and the Empress could look like good rulers. It reminded the thief of before Shaoran and Miyuki's honeymoon, when the blonde man had sent him away the first time. He'd returned, begging for forgiveness, because being a shadow was all he knew.

And Shaoran had needed him then. How could he let the Empress dirty her hands with things like torture and murder in order to secure the kingdom? There was only three people, including the thief himself, who knew exactly how the crooked advisors were finally taken out. It wasn't like they had asked them nicely to stop being assholes. And exile would only let them find somewhere in hiding to lick their wounds and prepare for the next fight.

[+0B610B [i "You're a thief Killian. A crook. And if I find you here again... I will have you arrested."]] The blonde sighed, running his hand through his hair in a brief break of the frigid air about his person. But then he straightened, looking squarely at the brown haired man in front of him.

[+0B610B [i "I don't need you anymore Killian."]]

[center Present Time: Grain Kingdom]

The sounds of hooves reached his ears, dragging Mai from his thoughts. He leaned forward, sliding down off his own tall mount as another rider approached, slowing to a stop.

[+800080 "I guess you're the messenger Lucille wanted me to wait around for?"] He commented dryly, looking at the younger male with mix of distaste and amusement. This kid would be a solider one day after all. And while Mai disliked royalty and people who mindlessly followed orders, at least Alois and Astrid were royals he hated the least. Mostly because Astrid could kick his ass with her hands tied behind her back, and Alois wasn't that horrible. He certainly wasn't Empress Miyuki.

"Princess Lucy asked me to give you this. She said you need to be ready by the time the Fruits delegation reaches here within the next few days."

[+800080 "Yeah, yeah. Tell her consider my debt paid."]

He glanced down at the list in his hands as the page turned to leave, job completed. [i Rathe Stormwood.] The name was familiar. Of course, he had informants in all the kingdoms. It would be ridiculous to try to travel to every kingdom in order to learn what was going on. The Drinks Empire had become his base of operations, and safe place of his contacts to send information in secret. Mai swallowed the lump in his throat as he was reminded that that part of him was gone. Of course, the former shadow may not have mentioned that he'd met Lucille more than once to the former Grain solider. But hey, he couldn't just tell the other everything he knew right off the bat. [i Quinoa Carthamus] was vaguely familiar in name alone, but Lucille's swooping handwriting noted that he was her cousin, and an Ambassador for the Grain nowadays. Had Rathe mentioned him? It was a possibility.

The final name confused him the most. [i Veloce Kava.] There wasn't even a note on where we could find the final person on the list, except that they were a translator and should be somewhere in the Grain Kingdom. The dark haired man couldn't help but roll his eyes. For a princess he barely knew, and had no intentions of becoming close to , she sure was milking his promise to fulfill one request of her choosing.

Mai reached up, patting the neck of his high strung mount before nimbly swinging himself up onto the white stallion's back. Slipping the note into his pocket, he turned his attention to the rolling hills that had become his home. The man let a tired sigh escape his lips, tapping his heels into the horse's sides to encourage him to walk forward, humming softly to himself.

[+800080 "Now if I was an adventurer, where would I be?"
  | The Princess | / KitsuneKit / 205d 58m 30s
- She's a little broken
- Believes her actions are for the greater good of her people

- Is lost now that he's not working as Shaoran's shadow
- Doesn't know how to step into the light to be his own person
  | The Princess | / KitsuneKit / 205d 3h 30m 7s
[left [pic]] [size14 How had she become this? It felt like not so long ago she was on her way to a ball in the first nice dress she ever owned that hadn't been used to work in gardens or with the animals. Now it was odd to find dirt along her cheek, something that had been ever so common long ago.

She blamed the Fruits Kingdom, for forcing her to become this. But in reality, it had been her father. She had become a tool, a barter for the Fruits alliance. A porcelain doll set on display as a reminder of the Fruits and Grains unity.

She blamed Alois, for not fighting for Calidum like he should have. For settling to marry her instead.

She should have been blaming herself. It wasn't like she fought much against their union either. Not for her beloved friend, or for herself. She fell silent, let her father walk her down the aisle and said 'I do' to a man who she probably would never love.

But her time in the Drinks Empire had changed her. A blossom bloomed so innocent, but if you looked past the beauty of the bloom itself, you would find the small thorns. The Empreror and the Empress of the Drinks lost their lives three years ago, but Lucille. Little Lucy lost her innocence.

The princess turned her attention to the page at her side as she watched the Fruits siblings reunite once again. And from the sleeves of her dress she drew a carefully folded letter. [+900C3F "Bring this to Mai. By they time we arrive he should have the people on that list prepared to leave."]]
  | The Princess | / KitsuneKit / 205d 5h 37m 22s
How had she become this? It felt like not so long ago she was on her way to a ball in the first nice dress she ever owned that hadn't been used to work in gardens or with the animals. Now it was odd to find dirt along her cheek, something that had been ever so common long ago.

She blamed the Fruits Kingdom, for forcing her to become this. But in reality, it had been her father. She had become a tool, a barter for the Fruits alliance. A porcelain doll set on display as a reminder of the Fruits and Grains unity.

She blamed Alois, for not fighting for Calidum like he should have. For settling to marry her instead.

She should have been blaming herself. It wasn't like she fought much against their union either. Not for her beloved friend, or for herself. She fell silent, let her father walk her down the aisle and said I do to a man who she probably would never love.

But her time in the Drubjs Empire had changef her. A blossom bloomed so innocent, but if you looked past the beauty of the bloom itself, you would find the daunting thorns. A vixen parading around like a startled deer. The Empreror and the Empress of the Drinks lost their lives three years ago, but Lucy. Little Lucy lost her innocence.

The princess turned her attention to the page at her side as she watched the Fruits siblings reunite once again. And from the sleeves of her dress she drew a carefully folded letter. "Bring this to Mai. By they time we arrive he should have the people on that list prepared to leave."
  | The Princess | / KitsuneKit / 205d 23h 29m 55s
They sneered at filthy little boys. The rich people. Looked down at thier muddy knees and matted hair like they were the most vile vermin on earth. But the little girls were met with pity. Come, lets get you a hot meal and a warm change of clothes. Come, lets get you a warm place to sleep for the night, then we'll find your father in the morning.

And Killian didn't mind dressing like a little girl. He looked like one to, baby fat still licking at his cheeks and murky blonde hair nearly reaching his waist.

Little boys found work or stole or starved. Little girls got fed and clothes and no one was any wiser to the fact that the expensive pearls and jewlery were missing until he was already long gone.

Damn, rich people were so stupid.

He turned, waving with an enthusiastic smile on his face as he bid the couple goodbye, running off to his father, who [i miraculously] happened to be wandering down the street. After a reunion filled with fat tears, because he really liked to lay it on thick, the pair walked away from the house hand in hand.

As soon as they were out of the area Killian all but yanked his hand away from his father figure, hiking up the skirts of his new dress and passing over an assortment of gold and silver silverware as well as some jewlery he was sure would go for something in the Sweet Kingdom markets.

"That's your share old man." The child huffed, leaving a few smaller pieces on his person. And the old man simply chuckled.

"You did well, my little thief prince," came the old man's reply as he reached out and ruffled the small boy's silken hair in reply. It was getting darker by the day, and the man was sure by the time he was a teenager the tresses would be a dark brown instead of the beautiful blonde he'd been born with.

"Pa, I want to get out of this damn skirt, hurry up," the boy grumbled, ducking out from under the elder man's wrinkly hand and picking up his pace. The old man once again could only laugh in response, but picked up his pace also.

"We'll lay low for the day, then head to the Sweets Kingdom. Make sure that little pony of yours is ready to go." His gaze turned pointed at the child, words stern. "If he's not going to behave, he's going to become dinner, got it?"

"Yes dad."


A change of clothes and a hair cut later had the young thief running through the crowded streets of the Drinks Kingdom.

Freshly cut hair bounced across Killian's shoulders, as he ducked around one of the shops and down through an alley as not to be seen by the castle's guard. They'd been looking for a small little girl in a green dress, not a filthy common boy. And they didn't even know that the two were the same person. Killian snorted. How stupid coul rich people be?

Still, could never be to careful.

Killian sucked in oxygen, tired from all the running as he waited in his usual hiding spot. A stack of woodeb boxes blocked the small child from view if one didn't look carefully enough. At the tell tale flash of blonde hair, he knocked thrice on the old wood, drawing the attention of another boy, not much older than he. The well kept child excused himself, turning away from his companions to slip into the alley. His eyes lit up at the sight of the little thief, then widened with concern.

Shaoran could never be angry with him.

"Killi!! You were the one that stole from Lady Gwendolen, didn't you?" His voice was stern, but well articulated from someone so young.

"Its not like they need it Shao." Killian pouted, reaching into his pocket and trying to fish out one of the items he'd kept from the loot himself. All the while with the blonde knight in training pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers. A sight that might have been funny when done a child no more than 11 years in age.

"Here!" The thief finally exclaimed, thrusting a small golden object into the well dressed child's face. Shaoran frowned inspecting the item before raising a single question.

"What is this?"

"A ring!"

"And why would I want a ring? That you stole?" Killian frowned.

"You would thing the brainiac would understand what a ring is for." He snagged one of Shaoran's hands, pressing the elegent piece into his palm. "Come with us."

"Come with you?"

"Yeah! Dad and I are going to head to the Sweets Kingdom tonight... come with us." And Shaoran's gaze softened. All the sudden he looked like the little child he actually was.

"Really? I can go with you?" Killian grinned.

"Of course you can! I mean, you'll have to pull your own weight, but it'll be okay." Shaoran suddenly pulled them together, his free hand snagging onto the fabric on Killian's back.


  | The Shadow | / KitsuneKit / 226d 12h 52m 48s
[google-font][google-font][center [pic]][center [pic]]
[center [size15 [i [#375c96 [Kaushan+Script This village.]]]]]

[center [Acme If he was honest, he didn't understand why he always returned to this place; why he didn't stray far. After all the disappointments, following a lead and coming up empty, he always came back. At least for now, it was home. With Mother, his demon contract, Misao, his foolhardy apprentice, and others. It was the only real reason he could see. Aomina had settled in this place. Yeah. That was it. Why force the seamstress to move when she didn't have to? So Hironori strayed, like a curious fledgling leaving the nest. But he always returned at the end of the day.

He bumped into someone on his way deeper into the village streets, already crowded enough with eager shopkeepers setting up before the festival began. And the dark haired man winced, lifting his hand to press a hand to his side. It was unfortunate, that Aomina's powers couldn't make him invincible. Especially when there was such a pretty price on the head of a ninja. But the small wounds carried on his flesh would've been a lot worse without her. Nicks and bruises rather than gaping holes and broken ribs. More of a nuisance than anything else. Unfortunate, but better bruised then dead.

He didn't want to return to Mother with blood staining his calloused fingers. She was kind, for a demon, and he'd rather not worry her if he could prevent it.

Although perhaps she felt it through their bond already,
he wasn't sure. Just incase, as he passed the demons small shop, he cast a single thought through their bond.[#375c96 [i I'm alright.]] It was a simple, two worded prompt to make sure she didn't worry about him. The demon deserved a break from all the stress he'd put on their contract. Even when she wasn't present when he gotten into trouble in the past, it was her powers that had saved his life more than once.

Besides Aomina, he had few friends. And the majority of them were probably busy preparing for the festival. That left only one other person. Hironori let his feet carry him over the familiar path, coming to a halt outside a small restaurant. Sucking in another breath, he pushed his way inside.

[#375c96 "Misao!"] He called out into the empty room, hoping the older man was hiding in the back and not off doing something else. His voice sharp, but not particularly changing in terms of tone. [#375c96 "Misao your information sucked,"] he grumbled under his breath, impatiently waiting for the villager to make an appearance. Despite the irritated air about him, Hironori was always grateful when the taikomochi heard something interesting and passed the information along. It wasn't much, tidbits of gossip here and there through his line of work.

Of course there relationship wasn't entirely one-sided. The kenjutsu master did spend countless hours with the other, training with him. And the long haired shinobi couldn't help but snort at the thought of back then, when he'd first stumbled upon the older man training with that little weapon of his. It had been quite a sight for the young adult whose whole life up until he'd left his home had been training with different types of blades. And while a tantou was certainly not his weapon of choice, the dark haired man understood the benefits of such a short blade. Misao had gotten a lot better since then, not that Hironori would ever admit it.

A low grumble passed over the male's voice once again as he waited for the other male. There wasn't much reason for the ninja to be so grumpy. The wound on his side was barely a flesh wound, and had stopped bleeding before he even returned to town. He was sour mostly because of the endless deadends.

Anyone else would have moved on by now. Even if it meant hiding and being undercover so no one found out they were a shinobi. But he stayed in this little village. Stayed and waited for the next lead to arise. And until it did, Hironori didn't quite mind waiting as much as he pretended to.
  | 浩典 | / KitsuneKit / 227d 2h 21m 37s
[google-font] [Aref+Ruqaa [size15

[#7847B7 "Da..."] Victor agreed to going on the running without a thought, the syllable rolling easily off his tongue. He hesitated, as if just processing the fact that Yuri attempted a Russian accent before a soft chuckle passed his lips. Watching the family interaction made him feel warm and fuzzy. As an only child, he lacked the bond such as between older or younger brothers and sisters. Little Yurio was practically a little brother to him, however, he doubted the young skater felt the same way.

After the late breakfast was finished, Victor rose from his own place and followed Yuri up towards the rooms. But instead trailing his protege back into his room, the silver haired man turned instead into his room. Initially he set about cleaning the room up at bit, picking up Makkachin's toys and his dirty clothes off the floor and putting them away to where they belonged. Lost in thought, he almost didn't hear the Japanese skater's yell up the stairs to him, but upon hearing the voice ring through the hall, stuck his head out the door.

[#7847B7 "You go on and walk ahead, and I'll catch up in a minute and we can go to the rink together. Make sure your hair is dry, yeah? Don't want the little piggy catching a cold~"] Initially his thought had been to go right away with the younger male, but he wanted to make sure Makkachin was alright before he set out. The poodle was getting older, and after nearly losing him a few weeks ago, the Russian had been keeping a careful eye on his beloved dog.

Shimming into black leggings suited for working on the ice and a black shirt, Victor paused, kneeling down in front of his napping poodle and gently ruffling the animal's curly fur. [#7847B7 "When I get back, we'll go for a walk, yeah?"] He cooed softly in his native tongue to the dog, who lifted his eyes lazily to look up at his owner. With a smile, the man stood, snagging his coat and a scarf on his way out the door, and quickly exiting the hot springs to catch up with his favorite Japanese skater.
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Shaoran needs one of these for reference~ I'll make it pretty later
「 relaтιonѕнιp card 」

「 ғaмιly 」


「 ғrιendѕ 」




「 eneмιeѕ 」


「 love ιnтereѕтѕ 」

「 oтнer 」


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[center [pic]]
[center [i [b [+800080 [Amatic+SC [size50 Killian]]]]]]
[center [size30 [#ad6f69 「] relaтιonѕнιp card [#ad6f69 」]]

[size15 [#778ba5 「] ғrιendѕ [#778ba5 」]

[#ad6f69 「] eneмιeѕ [#ad6f69 」]

[#778ba5 「] love ιnтereѕтѕ [#778ba5 」]
[center [pic]]

[#ad6f69 「] oтнer [#ad6f69 」]

** This is Mai, just his Killian persona's relationship card
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[center [pic]
[#960041 [size50 [Crafty+Girls [b Lucille Marellio]]]]

[center [size30 [#ad6f69 「] relaтιonѕнιp card [#ad6f69 」]]

[size15 [#778ba5 「] ғrιendѕ [#778ba5 」]


[#ad6f69 「] eneмιeѕ [#ad6f69 」]


[#778ba5 「] love ιnтereѕтѕ [#778ba5 」]


[#ad6f69 「] oтнer [#ad6f69 」]


[center [pic]]
[center [i [b [+800080 [Amatic+SC [size50 Mai Ydobon]]]]]]
[center [size30 [#ad6f69 「] relaтιonѕнιp card [#ad6f69 」]]

[size15 [#778ba5 「] ғrιendѕ [#778ba5 」]


[#ad6f69 「] eneмιeѕ [#ad6f69 」]


[#778ba5 「] love ιnтereѕтѕ [#778ba5 」]


[#ad6f69 「] oтнer [#ad6f69 」]

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