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Everything is happening at once.

"What do we do now?"



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A blonde girl of Swedish parents had taken charge of the eastern part of the city after the raids. Despite being small, she held a temper that was feared by many that had gotten on the wrong side of her when they had all attended school before the war. She had despised what had happened when the government began to run the towns and cities as if they were nothing more than places that could be leveled to build factories to force workers into practically slave labor. Sia Ashlin had taken to the catacombs underneath the streets of the town, and anyone who had wished to come with her could. The girl didn't trust easily, but she knew that she needed to make allies with the others if they wanted to save their people from being forced to be insignificant worms to their government overlords.

It didn't help that the government overseers had begun to execute people like Sia- people with graces that ranged in their usefulness. Sia's grace worked well to her advantage as a scout and a thief. The agility her grace gave her was key, and even though her innocent face was not part of that grace, it helped more than she knew. When going above ground, she wore a patch of cloth over her grey eye to keep it from being noticed- claiming a lazy eye if someone nosy were to ask.

“Vad i helvete! Du hade ett jobb!”

The man cowered at the angry words that flew from the blonde girl's mouth. He understood none of the Swedish, but her body language told him what he needed to know. She rubbed at her temples as he straightened himself. “I'm sorry, Sia. They were captured and detained. That is all I can say; I don't have any more information for you. However-” Her glare cut him off. He once again cowered and sniffled at the girl. “I think you should make allies. I hear that the others who run the underground are setting up meetings and forming alliances. If you all did that, then it would be beneficial.” It was definitely worth it to give it ago. Despite her trust issues, the girl wasn't stupid. Having older, and more experienced allies would definitely do her some good.

“I have actually thought about it for a long time. I know the people here are starting to become a bit disheartened. Hopefully, with the idea of having friends, they will cheer up.” Her leadership was shared as she disliked the thought of leading a whole group of people, but the other was a bit incompetent at times- especially when it came to the health and mental state of the people in the underground. Medicine was hard to come by, and so the graced healers were counted on to help where they could. “I will set up a meeting for later this week. Hopefully, we can get their attention.” She mused- more to herself at this point as she strolled about the room.

“Vad i helvete. Du hade ett jobb.” What the hell! You had one job!

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вleѕѕed вe тнe тнιeғ,

The room itself was cold, but Vi was warm beside--what was her name again? One pale eyelid cracked open to reveal the slight sight of a lavender iris. It flicked about the room and took in the surroundings it was familiar with before finally settling on the sleeping face of a blonde woman. The eye narrowed and scrutinized her. Blonde locks may have fallen to a bit past shoulder-length if they were straightened. Her frame was slim and petite--shorter than Vi. She had a cute little nose and a chin Vi could've squeezed for years.

The pinkett smirked and rose, stretching her back. She sat and stared at the wall for a few moments--the curtains were thick over the windows so that sunlight wouldn't interrupt her sleep. Her sleep patterns were known to be irregular and anyone who took shelter with her had been warned thoroughly to never wake her unless her immediate health was in danger. There was only ever one man who deviated from the instructions, and he was relieved of his temporary home immediately by the groggy Vi.

She rubbed her eyes and yawned like a child.

Her slender fingers reached across the sheets and poked the side of the sleeping woman tenderly--as if she cared even the slightest bit. The blonde giggled a bit at first--goddamn it, what was her name?!--before opening her eyes, thus revealing that they were blue. Vi mentally cheered for herself, as that was what she'd been betting on.

"Morning, beautiful," the extremist offered softly.

The other woman's cheeks flushed. "Good morning, Vi. So... what's the plan for today?"

"Well, first off--Kassia, is it?--you're going to leave. Then I'm gonna get to work." Vi shrugged. "I'm thinking about ordering some food. I don't know yet."

"L-leave...? You said I could stay and just..."

Vi turned softly. "When did I say that?!"

"Last night."

"Oh." She laughed knowingly. "Darlin', you know I didn't mean it. Time to go. You can take a shower or whatever first if you want to."

"Goddamnit, Vi! This is the third time you've done this to me!"

dιѕgυιѕed ιn ѕĸιn,

Kassia was considerably difficult to get rid of. Vi had been forced to promise her dinner next time and with no guarantee of sex. She sighed, scolding herself--that girl was too hard to predict and not at all controllable. Plus, she had unrealistic expectations--Vi? Be polite and romantic? That'd be the day she ice skated to hell.

The woman scratched the back of her head a little as her feet padded throughout what had been dubbed her "bunker". She couldn't come aboveground unless it was essential. Her face was everywhere. Kids on the street knew who she was with just a glance; the tattoo on her face couldn't exactly help her case, either.

She rubbed her tired eyes and steered her feet to the shower. Vi looked into her own eyes in the mirror, hard and long. What did she see there?

Nothing. They were empty. She supposed writers always exaggerated when they tried to apply emotions to eyes. They did nothing. They said nothing. If anything, it was entirely disappointing.

A spoiled sigh left her mouth. Yes, disappointing.

and вleѕѕed are тнe ғιngerѕ

"Yeah, I'm gonna need a meeting with the people that hold the north, the east, the west, and the south." Vi's voice echoed around the room. The older man standing before her held a passive expression he'd come to master.

"You're in the south, Vi," he said with a monotone tenor in his voice.

"Yeah, but I don't hold it. There's a guy aboveground that people fear. No one knows I'm here." She shrugged. "And I'd like to keep it that way."

The new will always conquer the old. Vi had come to know that. The only way she'd even been allowed to survive underground, in hell, almost, was the fact that humanity would always find a way to trump the weak and old if it meant paving the way for the ideal. A city built atop a city, almost. This spot had been leveled long ago and sunk under sea level. It was left alone--until she found it, anyway. Being a terrorist against the world had some perks at least. She could say that much. What was left of the city was barely standing, but she'd managed to make do. Humans would forget about what they no longer wanted; about what no longer held immediate value for them.

She sighed. Such idiotic beings. This was even before Graces had become a priority. There was yet another thing to extinguish in the greedy eyes of totalitarian governments. Under the guise of "bettering societies so a citizen would never want, need, or beg for anything again", anything could fly nowadays. People did not live in fear of others blessed with Graces--they lived in fear of what the government would do if they voiced otherwise.

The rebels were unorganized. They did petty things--there were bosses in every quarter of everywhere; different states and countries and cities had different bosses. That was a severe flaw in the plan to bring down current regimes. They couldn't get together and discuss plans; instead of fighting their captors they fought each other, which was why so many rebel groups had been snuffed out already.

The woman pinched the bridge of her nose. "Of course, you know a bunch of rebels meeting in one place won't go unnoticed. I don't doubt the officials are using satellites on anyone they find suspicious. So we have to organize it quickly. Do you understand?"

The man nodded slightly. "Yes, Vi."


"I will immediately relay this information to Kassia."

"What?! Why would you do something like that?"

The man, Chambers, sighed a bit. "She's your personal assistant."


Chambers rolled his eyes in an exasperated fashion. "I'll send her some flowers from you."

Once he left, Vi collapsed back into her chair. "So hard to find good help these days," she muttered, and looked at a clock hanging on her wall. She had a meeting with a government official aboveground in approximately three hours. Of course, he didn't know she was coming, but she liked the element of surprise.

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