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Serenity bit her lip, that hadn't been the reaction she'd been hoping for. "Well... I wanted it to be a surprise" She said with a shrug as she looked away from him "I thought you'd be happy..." She said simply as she stared at her page.

The teacher was droning on as they talked, ignoring them. She didn't mind that at least, he could always butt into their lives and embarrass them in front of the class. Her fingers were playing with her pencil as she waited for him to say something, or just stay silent.

She didn't like how things had turned out, she'd been totally expecting a happy reaction. Instead he was asking why she was back. She started to wonder if this was such a good idea or if she should have stayed in Denmark with her parents.
  Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y 168d 5h 27m 20s
"Mhmm I used to know a Serenity. But in 6th grade she moved to...Denmark."He said slowly. He then looked at her more closely. There were the same eyes but yet here features were different. Well he didn't expect her to stay the same forever

He bit his lower lip and then he turned away from her., He began writing on his notebook. Trying to distract himself from her for a moment.

But without able to resist it he turned back to her."I can't believe your back.....I mean.....Why didn't you tell me that you were coming back."He said

The teacher was ignoring them. Still talking through his notes that he written.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 168d 5h 37m 30s
Serenity looked at him and chuckled "Shouldn't you know?" She said simply before putting her finger to her lips as if in thought. "Hmm, maybe I've changed a little too much..." She said, more to herself then to him.

She looked away for a moment before looking back to him "I came here from Denmark" She said simply, looking at him and waiting to see if he had some kind of reaction. "I'm Serenity." She said slowly, hoping that by that he'd catch on.

She'd noticed all the stares but she'd decided to ignore them, right now she was getting her best friend to remember her again. It was weird to think like that, getting him to remember, but she knew it was probably just from the change in what she looked like.
  Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y 168d 5h 42m 0s
Kyle looked at her."Hey."He said softly he then looked back at his phone and then did a double take. She looked oddly familiar. But he didn't remember knowing someone as beautiful as her. His phone vibrated in his hand but he ignored it. He looked away feeling that it was rather rude to stare at her. But as he removed his eyes from her he noticed he wasn't the only guy staring at her.

There were a couple with there eyes wide and some with there mouths hanging open. For some reason this protective feeling came over him and he felt like telling them off for goggling at her like that. But of course he had no right to do that.He finally answered his text before he began to copy a few notes down for there project. They'd be disecting a cows eye."Great."He muttered to himself.

He then looked back at her. He smiled."So where'd you come from."He saw a couple of guys throwing jealous glances at him.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 168d 5h 46m 55s
Serenity had walked in, a little nervous about who may be in this class. Knowing her luck it would be all the people who dis-liked her before she moved. As she stepped in the teacher told her the seat she could take and her eyes shot up when she heard a name she knew.

Instantly she recognized who it was and smiled before going over and sitting in her seat. She wondered just how long it would take him to realise she was there. The teacher began teaching again and she pulled out all of the books she'd need and a pencil.

As she was doing this, she looked over at Kyle to look at how different he was. He looked fairly well built so she figured he did sports, he'd always been into being active when they were young. After a moment she looked to her books and began to doodle a little on the paper.
  Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y 168d 5h 57m 29s
Kyle heard someone call his name. He turned and looked at Jessica."Hey whats up."She smiled and hugged him. Everyone knew him as a hugger."Hey your know there's a new girl in town."She said. Everyone listened."She looks familiar.."She said. Kyle just shrugged."well maybe I will have her in one of my classes then I'll be able to see if I know her or something."He said.

The bell rang."Yeesh time can fly."He walked with one of his friends, Jordan. They began to talk about there football game coming up. They'd be playing against the Titans. He sighed and then when he walked towards Biology Jordan yelled."Cougar pride!" before disppearing in another crownd. Kyle shook his head and laughed slightly.

He really didn't want to carry his football gear everywhere. So he jogged towards the Gym. He got into the guys locker room and stuffed his football gear into his locker. He kept his binder with him as he ran towards class. The late ball rang across the grounds and then when he arrived at the classroom panting and his hand on a stitch on his side."I'm sorry. I'm late."He said as he walked into. Some of the girls waved and a couple of guys slapped his hand . He made his way to the back of the class.

He sat alone in Biology. He didn't have a partner and he expected that he wouldn't have one for the rest of the year. His phone vibrated and then he looked at the teacher who began to talk about a project they'd soon be starting. He pulled out his droid. He saved up enough money to buy it on his own. His parents had agreed to pay the bill if he bought it himself.

It was from Jessica." (b Hey(:)"She said and then he wrote her back saying whats up. Just then the door opened and someone walked in. He paid no attention as he accessed that internet on his phone. He didn't look up until he heard the teacher say."Yes you can sit next to Mr.Taylor."He pointed at him.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 168d 6h 30m 29s
Serenity Josey Lewis wandered around the school yard, looking at all the people around. She heard a few people whispering about the new girl. Apparently it was an event to have a new kid and soon it seemed as if everyone would know in a few minutes.

As she walked around she finally stopped under a tree and looked around. She leaned back so her back was resting on the trunk of the tree as she looked at all thr groups, catching eyes from a few of them. Some of them were her old enemies and she wondered if they recognized her.

From behind the tree she could hear a girl whispering to her friend something having to do with 'that new girl Serenity'. She sighed and rolled her eyes 'Great, they all know my name too... No hiding from old enemies I guess... I wonder where Kyle is though' She thought to herself as her eyes rested on the huge group that her friends had gone into.

There was no way she'd pick someone out of that crowd so she looked to the ground and decided to just see if he was in any of her classes, maybe it would make searching easier.
  Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y 168d 6h 45m 6s
"Kyle...Kyle come on get up!"His mom began shaking him."Kyle GET UP your gonna be late for school."With one final shake she left the room to prepare breakfast.Kyle groaned and turned to the other side.Throwing the covers off because he felt really hot. He sat up and then felt his hair. It was sticking up in every direction. He stood up and then stretched."AHH"He said and then he walked to his closet."No."He moved the blue shirt away."Definataly not."he said to a green shirt."Ahh here we go."he said to a plain black shirt. He then grabbed a dark pair of blue jeans and then he got his converse on.

He made his way to the bathroom and attempted to comb his hair. It wasn't sticking up as much. He put his hand to it and pushed it down but it still slowly began to stand up.He walked out of the bathroom and then someone ran into him."Watch it."He said to his little sister who was eager to hurry up and get dressed."Doesn't matter what you do your still gonna be ugly."He called behind his shoulder.

He climbed down the stairs and the smell of bacon filled his nose. Just then his stomach gave a huge rumble.He patted his stomach. He was rather muscled. He had a a 4 pack and was attempting to get a 6 pack. His mom set a plate in front of him. Filled with 4 fried eggs. 3 sausages and 7 pieces of bacon. With a satisfied smile he began to eat. He heard his sister running down the stairs."Mom something happen to the flat iron."She said. Kyle looked at her and snorted into his food. Her hair was sticking up in one way. His sister threw him a dirty look before being ushered upstairs to the bathroom.

His dad came down. Putting a tie down."ahh thought I smelled bacon."he said sitting next to him."Yeah and sausage."Kyle said waving one in front of his dad before stuffing it in his mouth. He gulped down his orange juice and put his stuff in the Dish washer.He climbed up the stairs and squeezed through his mom to get his tooth brush and tooth paste. He quickly brushed his teeth."Bye mom."He said kissing her cheek. He went down stairs before having to climb back up stairs because he forgot his car keys and football gear."Bye."He called out and slapped his dad on the back.

"Good luck with the deal today."He said before he left. Throwing his football gear in the trunk and then soon he was on his way to school. With about thirty minutes to spare before his first class. He pulled into the school parking lot and then got out. Pulling out his back pack and Football gear. He made his way to a rather large group.All of them greeting him,
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 168d 6h 58m 1s
Serenity got off of the airplane that day rather tired from lack of sleep. It didn't take long to spot her grandmother and she smiled at the woman before running over and giving her a big hug. It felt so nice to finally be home again after so long.

It didn't take too long to get home either, though home was not the same anymore. Of course, it wasn't her old house and her grandmothers was smaller then her parents house had been. All she wanted to do was get inside and get some sleep before school started the next day.

Her plans were simple, surprise Kyle with her re-appearance and hope he hadn't changed too much over the years. She wondered if he'd even look the same, she sure didn't. Sure she had similar features from when she moved, but she looked a lot more... well, pretty then before with nicer skin and longer nice hair.

After unpacking and having diner she went to bed and woke up for school the following movie. Getting out of bed, she quickly dressed and did her hair before going down for breakfast. Once finished she brushed her teeth and then grabbed her school bag before heading out the door and going towards the school.

The school was only a few blocks away and she got there in no time. Walking onto the school yard, she looked around curiously to see if she could spot anyone she knew. Many people were looking at her, the new girl in a small town... great.
  Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y 168d 7h 34m 37s
Yes please.
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 168d 7h 44m 40s
~{ Sure ^^ Much better. Okay so are you wanting me to start? }~
  Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y 168d 7h 48m 4s
What about this?
  Kyle T / MaxyBear / 10y 168d 7h 50m 6s
~{ Just, younger teen. I'm a little picky, but not too much. }~
  Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y 168d 7h 59m 2s
Sure, what kind of guy are you like wanting?
  Chad Wilson / MaxyBear / 10y 168d 8h 44s
~{ Um okay, could you get a younger picture though? }~
  Josey Lewis / Islyn / 10y 168d 8h 2m 8s

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