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This is a story for Riley and I's muses; Ryker, Keegan, Rictor, Briar, Lusik, and Freyus. If your not us stay out. Steal anything and you will be hunted down.

The demons have formed a plan to take over the human race and make it their playground. To capture mermen and women as well as white warlocks is their goal. Their targets; Ryker and Keeagan Harth, and Lusik and Freyus Giali. Their goal; to kill Briar and the rest of his people. What stands in their way; Traitor Rictor Van Hogan. Combined these six must find a way to stop the demons for good or risk loosing the human race.


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[center [font "Papyrus" Rictor listened to the male talk as his eyes glued to the road. Occasionally his eyes would flicker towards signs to see if there was a good place with food along the way that they were going. Of course every once in awhile he would let his eyes flicker onto the brunette who was seated beside him. For someone so dead he was gorgeous. The moonlight dancing on his skin and making it seem to shine silver in the light. All of it was entirely beautiful to the demon and the thought of how cool his skin could be drew him in.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" As much as Rictor wanted to stop and pull Briar into his lap, he knew it was not appropriate. [+red "Well do you mind if I stop for food anyways? I'm starving and I'm sure you won't mind something would you? I mean if not you don't have to get anything."] Rictor found himself stumbling over his words again. It never failed the male seemed to have trouble not saying something wrong. Rictor was always worrying about saying the wrong thing and upsetting someone, no matter what or who it was.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Eyes flickering to the left something on the sign caught the brunette's attention. The male turning the signal on and starting to pull off of the road. The brunette knew he should of waited for an answer but at the same time it was rare to find what you wanted. On the road it always seemed that no matter what it was a struggle to find a way to get to the food you want. Not only that but Rictor honestly wanted to spend more time getting to know the reaper that was beside him.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" The male really did draw Rictor in for a reason he couldn't explain. How beautiful the reaper was in the moonlight just reminded him what beauty life could hold. A small smile playing on the males lips as he glanced to the side. [+red "I hope it's alright I'm just stopping to get something to eat. It's hard to find what you want sometimes and Arby's sounds great to me."]]]

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[center [Font "Papyrus" Ryker didn't have time to respond before he felt his arm gripped and himself pulled forward. In moments he had gone from attempting to get food to being drug along by a man he had just meet. Well his day had just gotten turned upside down. Ryker hadn't expected to be chased by demons let alone run into a random stranger. Not that the blonde warlock could say he really minded at all.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Following the male with little choice Ryker had no time to think before he was ushered inside. His blue eyes flashing to the male who had just walked into the room. There was no doubt this one too was gorgeous but what he was going to say he had no idea. Things had gotten flipped on him in a matter of moments and now he was listening to the males explain themselves.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+SkyBlue "I'm Ryker Harth. I don't know how many demons there are. I was just trying to go to the grocery store to get food for the school my grandma teaches. They suddenly showed up behind me and started chasing me down the ally. I don't know what they want with me or with you guys."] Ryker took a deep breath looking at the water that was offered to him.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Nervously reaching out to take it the blonde inhaled sharply. His small chest rising and falling in a slight panicked way as he looked around. [+SkyBlue "I don't know what is going on really. They shouted something about needing me for something. Probably because of my magic or something."] Falling quiet again the blonde could only help but look around the room. Things were definately not safe and it wouldn't be long before his cousins were sent out to find him.]]
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[center [size12 Briar felt himself become a little flustered when Rictor mentioned something about him drawing him in. He didn't understand that, or why it could be. He was just a simple reaper, nothing more. There was nothing special about him, not in the slightest. Briar had never been special, he had been lonely, abused, dead... but never special. Not even as a reaper, he was simply average. What in the world could a demon find special about him?]]
[center [size12 Without a word, Briar did as he was told, following Rictor to the jeep. As he looked at the rather menacing car, he wondered to himself why he was doing this. There was nothing saying that this demon wasn't just an incredibly skilled liar and the demons were playing with him, making him think he was safe before killing him. A sort of torture he had yet to experience. And yet, there was something about Rictor that made the reaper want to trust him. He seemed so sincere, as if he really wanted to help. And so Briar had put his trust in him, there was nothing more he could do at this point.]]
[center [size12 [#597088 "It's alright, really."] Briar said as he settled into his seat, which seemed to swallow his small frame. [#597088 "Most people don't know much about reapers, as the only time we are seen is when someone dies."] A hardly noticeable smile formed on his pale lips and he looked over at the demon, suddenly getting somewhat caught up in the sight of him as he drove. The way the moonlight slipped through the windshield to highlight his tanned skin and the way it stretched over the curve of his muscles.]]
[center [size12 The reaper pulled his black jacket around his torso to cover the stretch of pale skin that was normally visible up the center of his abdomen and chest. After a moment he realized that he had been staring and he looked away, biting his bottom lip. [#597088 "I don't get hungry, but I enjoy the taste of food. It's less of a need and more of a desire... like most things."] Some could take those words to be suggestive, and perhaps they were. It had been a long time since Briar had come into contact with someone so... warm. Part of him wanted nothing more than to allow that strong frame to swallow him up, to remind him how to be alive.]]
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[center [size12 Lusik's expression questioned the words as they fell from the young man's lips. He was being chased, by bad men. That didn't surprise him in this part of the town. It was dark and shady, and this boy was beautiful. The idea of what these men could have wanted settled heavily like a rock on his chest and his eyes lifted again, looking around them. [#377321 "Where did they go?"] He asked, wanting to make sure the boy was safe. It didn't seem right to him to go on and leave this boy to his doom. He wouldn't at all feel like the warrior he was meant to be if he did such a thing. And that's when it hit him.]]
[center [i [size12 Sulfur]]]
[center [size12 Everything inside of Lusik clenched the moment he heard the laughter, his mind reeling. All he could think about was that they had found him, that they had found Freyus... Shit, Freyus. He was home alone and without protection. What if they had already located him? What if they had taken him? All of this crashed down in the merman's mind in the few seconds before the demon uttered the word warlock. Green eyes leveled on the boy between them, a sudden realization hitting him. A white warlock. Lusik watched as the boy easily killed the creature with his magic, something mermen hardly got to experience in their lifetimes.]]
[center [size12 [#377321 "How many more?"] Lusik asked, bypassing the explanation. If there were more, they weren't close, otherwise he would be able to smell them. His fingers ran over the golden object on his belt and he thought about loosing the double sided trident, but then he thought better. If a demon spotted him with such a weapon they would know what he was, and immediately target him, thus leading them to Freyus. They were already too close, and it was because of this warlock. The blonde was a loose end. One that Lusik wasn't willing to risk not tying up.]]
[center [size12 Reaching out, the merman slid strong fingers around the boy's upper arm and began to move, dragging him along with little regard to how scared he was of this unforeseen circumstance. [#377321 "Demons, here... this is the last place I thought they would come. Now we're going to have to move again, dammit."] The merman muttered to himself as they walked, weaving through the back roads with the blonde in tow until they came to a small, dimly lit house shoved back behind a row of buildings that were no longer in use. Lusik released the boy's arm so that he could unlock the multiple bolts on the door and open it, shoving the other inside before him.]]
[center [size12 [#377321 "In you go."] He muttered, stepping in behind him and turning to redo the locks on the closed door. Walking inside, he dropped the paper bag full of provisions on a counter, pushing his shaggy hair from his face. [#377321 "How many demons are there? I need you to tell me now."] Lusik didn't mean to sound harsh, but this was important to him. It concerned his brother, and he wasn't willing to put Freyus at risk.]]
[center [size12 [#bf61d0 "It's about time you got back."] A rather beautiful man appeared from a doorway, raven colored curls sat upon his head, as well as a bit of scruff around his chin, and a pair of glasses was perched on his nose. [#bf61d0 "I was wondering if you'd been... captured."] His words lulled as green eyes rested on their guest, hands settling on slender hips as they cocked to one side. [#bf61d0 "You didn't tell me you'd be bringing home company."] Freyus smirked, emerald eyes sizing up the blonde in the dim lighting. Lusik eyed his brother for a moment.]]
[center [size12 [#377321 "He was being chased by demons, he's a magic user."] Lusik explained. Freyus immediately crinkled his nose.]]
[center [size12 [#bf61d0 "Not a big fan of magic... or demons for that matter. So, is that it? Have they found us?"] He directed his question to his brother as he made his way over to look at what Lusik had brought home.]]
[center [size12 [#377321 "Thankfully, no, they were after him."] Lusik motioned toward the blonde. [#377321 "But it's only a matter of time."] His green eyes refocused on the warlock standing nearby and he licked over his lips, arms crossed over his chest. [#377321 "My name is Lusik, and this is my brother Freyus. We are mermen and we are in hiding from those very same demons for much the same reasons as you."] Reaching over the counter, Lusik snatched a bottle of water from the hands of his brother, who looked irritated but said nothing. Lusik held the bottle out toward the probably confused and slightly concerned warlock. [#377321 "What's your name?"]]]
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Rictor watched as Briar pushed his hair behind his ear and then began to think. An eyebrow raising when he was asked why he had saved Briar out of any of the other reapers in the world. Rictor wanted more then anything to say it was because he was special but even Rictor knew it wasn't the reason. The reason had simply been because Rictor was passing by when Briar was attacked. Added on with something about the reaper drew him in and it was the reason in a whole.

"Truthfully? I was passing by when you were attacked so I turned my attention onto it. Something about you though, something about you drew me in. I'm not quiet sure what it is yet but it's something." Clearing his throat Rictor moved to brush his hands over his shirt out of habit. He was rambling like a fool and he knew he was but it was the truth and he at least owed that to the reaper. Inhaling heavily the scent of demon was beginning to fill his nose. It was shifting, moving, and unstable. A clear sign that the demons were on the move again.

"I think we should get a move on though. Demons aren't known to take kindly to traitors; nor are they going to take kindly to their pray being stolen." Reaching out again Rictor took Briar's hand gently pulling him along. Leading him down a side road Rictor stopped in front of a big black jeep on the side of the road. The demon digging into his pockets before dragging out a pair of keys and moving to unlock the car and opening the door.

"Hop on in. It won't take long to get to the white warlocks and if your hungry we can get food along the way." Rictor said before it dawned on him; could reapers even get hungry? It was a question he hadn't thought of before and it could be offending to the reaper if he couldn't. "If you get hungry that is. I..uh don't mean to offend if it seems like it."

Ryker blinked as the world righted itself again. A vague awareness that the person he had collided with was the one who had stood him up straight and was now talking to him. Sky blue snapped upwards to lock onto the males face and Ryker could of nearly lost his breath. The man before him was strikingly beautiful in almost every way and the white blonde couldn't help but let his eyes wander a little.

It took a moment before the male realized he was being spoken too. Like a bubble popped reality came crashing down onto him as he cleared his throat crossing his arms over his chest. "I.i'm alright thank you for asking. I was just um..having some trouble with a bad group of men." Ryker swallowed hard as he spoke trying to keep his nerves down low.

It wasn't necessarily lying to say men were chasing him; they were in fact men. They just were not human men and that was not something you told a stranger. To tell someone demons were chasing you was a one way ticket into the looney bin and Ryker was not in a hurry to get there. The wind picked up again moving white hair across pale snow like skin as the scent returned to the males nose.

Sulfur hit his nose strong and hard making him reel around a little. Sky blue hitting blood red for a moment as the horrific sound of a demonic chuckle filled his ears. Shit. How was he going to explain this one now? There was no lying to anyone about a person with red eyes and smelled like that. Not unless you convinced them the person was on drugs..maybe that is what he would do.

"Well well well. Look what we have here. A pretty little Warlock." Well fuck there went that chance. Ryker cursed under his breath slightly, this was going to be fun. Why couldn't these things leave him alone? The blonde couldn't help but wonder as he lifted his hand again once more shooting pelts of ice at the creature. A bloody holler escaping it's lips as smoke filled the air and it vanished.

"You should probably go there will be more of them. This is going to sound insane but that was..it was a demon. I don't know why they are here or what they want but it is here." Ryker could feel his heart beginning to pound like a pulsing bomb. It wouldn't be long before the creature returned with friends; ones that could kill Ryker with a single hit.

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Briar looked down as they shook hands, seeing how Rictor's basically swallowed his own. He was warm and muscular and Briar was... not. He was small and pale and dead. He didn't see why he would warrant this man's help, or why he would even want to help him against the wishes of his own people. Not that Briar cared very much for other reapers, but demons seemed to be a very close knit bunch of people. Once his hand was released, he reached up and pushed his long hair behind one of his ears, looking up at Rictor with interest as he spoke about wanting to stop the war.

A sigh fell from Briar's lips as he was told that the demon before him had located two white warlocks that were still safe and out of the clutches of the others. "I suppose I don't have much of a choice." Briar said softly, looking up at the other man. This all seemed way bigger than him, he was nothing but a simple reaper, someone that helped humans pass on when they were ready. And yet he was being targeted like this. And he was being protected by Rictor, who didn't even know him. And yet he couldn't help but be thankful that he was.

"Why me?" He asked out of nowhere, tilting his head to one side. "Not that I am not grateful for what you've done, but there are hundreds of thousands of reapers throughout the world, so why did you save me?" Briar was sure there was nothing special about him, there never had been. He couldn't even remember his life and he was convinced it was because it was nothing special, that he was nothing special. And yet here he was, being dragged into the middle of a war he didn't even know about half an hour ago. It just didn't make sense to him.

It wasn't just beginning, it was in full throes of war now. The population of mermen and mermaids had known about the oncoming war for so long and they never believed that the demons would have the guts to actually come after them. And yet they had. More than one of his kind had been slaughtered and washed onto the beach, killed in the most horrible ways. It looked as if they had been tortured for information, most probably for the inside information on their scientific knowledge. It scared Lusik out of his mind for one reason and one reason alone... his brother was the most intelligent of their people, which meant they would come for him. Lusik would not allow that to happen.

The Giali brothers had fled the sea. It had been Lusik's decision to take his brother away from their home beneath the waves for his own protection. He was not a scientist, he was nowhere as smart as Freyus, he was simply a warrior, a soldier. If there was anything he could do, it was protect the one person that meant more to him than anything else in the entire world. Without his brother there was nothing, he was nothing. Freyus had to be safe or Lusik would kill anyone that laid a hand on him.

The safe house they had been staying in was in a small town, somewhere unassuming, somewhere no one would think to look for them. The house had been abandoned for a long time, and so it made the perfect place for them to hide. It didn't look like a place the mermen would be staying. Lusik had wandered out to get food for him and his brother, something that was difficult with the small amount of money they had. Despite his legs being bionic from the thighs down, they made no unusual sounds as he walked. The only real noise from him was the soft thud of a golden object hooked to his belt and hitting against his leg with every step. A simple press of a button would turn the small golden apparatus into a double sided trident that was the same height as Lusik himself. His most prized possession.

Lusik held a brown paper bag with one arm against his chest, making his way back toward the house on back roads as not to draw attention to himself. However, it seemed he was not alone back there. As he passed an alleyway the fates aligned and a small, blonde boy collided with him. Lusik didn't budge as the boy hit him, simply turning to look at him. His reflexes were quick and his fingers curled into the front of the boy's shirt to keep him from falling. The merman righted him on his feet before letting him go again, one of his eyebrows raising in question as to why this boy had been running so quickly.

"It's alright." He assured him, pushing some of his own shaggy hair back from his face as he looked beyond the blonde into the alleyway. "Are you alright? You look like you've had the wits scared out of you." His eyes came back to the boy, trying to make sure he was okay. He needed to get back to Freyus, but the side of him that was intent on protecting those weaker than himself wouldn't allow him to simply walk away. They may have been in hiding, but this boy didn't seem a danger in the slightest, and he didn't look like a demon. Either way, Lusik could have taken him, easily.

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Rictor listen as Briar began to ask him questions. The demon couldn't blame the reaper for being so confused about what was going on. After all he had just nearly been attacked by demons and was now being helped by another.

Blue eyes blinked for a moment before realizing the male was extending his hand to him, Rictor gently taking the male's hand and shaking it. The thick cords of muscles in his arms moved as he released the males hand moving one arm across his chest to grab hold of the other.

"I am a demon yes but I have never agreed with my people's ways nor have I agreed with what they are doing. I am a traitor amongst my people and I will do anything and everything to stop this war." A heavy sigh left Rictor's lips as he glanced around them to be sure no demons would be coming.

It wasn't safe for ether of them right now but more so for the reaper who was now a target. Rictor himself was just a problem for the demons to face and that was it, nothing more or nothing less. He was like the fly on the wall in the demons eyes and that was how he wanted it to be.

"No their not all dead just yet. I've located two of the white warlocks not to far off from here. Their in downtown Kansas city, Missouri. As far as I know their still kicking and alive but I think it would be best to find them." Dropping his arm from acrossed his chest the male offered the best smile he could muster at all possible at this time.

Getting to them was not going to be easy but it had to be done, they had to locate the two white warlocks while it was still at all possible. As for the mermen it was going to be a far harder task for they lived beneath the sea and in the water.

"I think it would be best if we start heading towards Kansas city. By foot it would take us a crazy amount of time. Luckily I have a car, so what do you say to a road trip?" Rictor raised an eyebrow to the male waiting for an answer.

There really wasn't any question of if Briar was going to go or not, the male had not much of a choice but to go along with Rictor to find the others. At least he didn't if he wanted to be safe from the demons who where hunting him down. Still Rictor couldn't help but attempt to be a gentlemen by asking the male to join him on the trip rather then forcing him.

The feeling of hot wind blew through white blonde hair as the small male made his way down the steps of the academy. Go and fetch some food supplies for tonight's supper, that was what his grandmother had told him. Black skinny jeans hugged the male's skinny and girlish frame as he wandered down the street.

Eyes of people landed on him ether in curiosity, or disgust. For a male, Ryker Harth was not all that big. He stood at only five foot seven and weighed only one hundred and thirty five pounds. His frame was girlish and his hair matched along with it. Pale scar's ran across his torso from an incident with a bone giant that nearly got him killed, twice.

The sound of his rider boots clicked the ground as he moved to turn down an alley way that would lead him to a faster path to the store. The vague awareness that he was being followed taking over the male. From the corner of his sky blue eyes he could see someone, or something stalking him.

Like a great big shadow this thing was and it didn't seem to want to show itself to him at all. Quickening his speed Ryker could feel his heart rate increasing making it nearly impossible to hear anything. The touch of a hot burning hand sending his dazed mind into a panic as he turned without warning and lifted his fingers to his lips.

In almost an instant ice surrounded him causing whatever the creature was to scream and jerk backwards. Twisting on his heels Ryker bolted down the street in a blind panic.

Nothing but a haze was set before him and he was barely paying attention to were he was going when he felt his body connect with something heavy and solid. A small squeak escaping his lips as he felt himself starting to stumble backwards the forces of gravity defying him and all he could do was fall. "I.i'm sorry!"

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Dead? They wanted him dead. Briar had never even been around demons before and now they were trying to kill him. What had he ever done to him. A soft breath left his lips when his arm was grabbed again. Rictor continued to explain what was going on. It still didn't really make sense to him. He was trying to keep it all straight in his head as he was tugged along, long strands of black hair waving around his pale face. The spot on his arm where Rictor's hand had been was incredibly warm, much more so than the rest of him.

Once they stopped, he fixed his black jacket. He didn't wear a shirt beneath it and it ran down past his waist toward his thighs. His slender legs were hugged in very tight black skinny jeans and his combat boots came up to the middle of his calves. It was a new, more updated take on those black reaper robes that many thought they should wear. Briar had never found a pair of robes that didn't swallow his slight frame completely. The reaper began to fix his black hair, a few of his pale fingers had rings on them.

"Alright, so these demons have been hunting white warlocks for their magic and mermen for their science so that they can use the combination of both to take out my kind. And with reapers out of the way they will be able to kill humans without repercussions and take over the world." Briar tried to repeat everything, running it through in his head. "Is that about right?" He raised an eyebrow at Rictor, making sure he'd gotten everything correct. He wanted to be sure that he knew why the demons wanted him dead. Well... as dead as he could be considering he was already technically dead.

"I believe you, and I suppose I have no other choice but to trust you. But why are you helping me? You are a demon, no? Should you not be on their side?" His head tilted to one side as he looked up at Rictor. He could tell he was a demon, just by the way he felt, the aura he gave off. He definitely wasn't a human. "And how many white warlocks and mermen are left? Have they started killing them off yet? Because I would hate for them all to have been wiped out."

Another sigh passed through the Reaper's lips and he scratched the back of his neck with slightly long fingernails. He didn't know what to think about all of this, but the safest place for him was going to be with Rictor at this point in time. That was if he wasn't lying to him and was actually working with the demons and this was all only a ploy to draw him in. But Briar was always looking for the good in people, so he was hoping that the man was telling the truth. Grey blue eyes lifted at the question and he smiled softly, holding his hand out. "I am Briar Mortem. It's a pleasure to meet you... as much as is possible given the circumstances."

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A breath slipped out as Rictor's chest deflated listening to the male beginning to talk. His eyes locking with the long haired males as he ran over ways to explain this in his head. No matter which way that Rictor ran it through his head he could not think of a good way to tell him.

"My name is Rictor Van Hogan and I'm here to help you. Those demons, they want you dead. Well..enabled." Inhaling a large muscled arm moved up to run his fingers through his silky blonde hair. Tuff's of it stuck out from moving so fast and trying hard to keep him safe.

Around him the land had gotten silent but Rictor knew it wouldn't last for long. A muscled arm snaked out again to take hold of the reapers arm and lead him down the street into an area that wreaked of previous demon.

An area that would keep other demons away from them and they could have serious conversation. "The demons are going kill off white warlocks and mermen in order to gain the mixture of science and magic needed to destroy reapers. They want you dead so when they take over Earth as their playground."

Rictor fell silent as he stared down towards his hands. Blondish brown hair falling slightly into his face. To much information to soon would be a danger, but not enough could also be a danger. This reaper was now their target and that meant the demons would be back to try to claim his life.

"I understand if you don't trust me at all. I'm a crazy guy who got in the way of you collecting your soul the demon killed. As crazy as this sounds your going to need to trust me. Danger is coming, and it is coming fast. Those demons will come back for your life, they will try to kill you."

The sound of his blood pumping filled his ears as he stared at the very already dead looking male. The slight curiosity of how he died running through the demon's head. Now however was not the time to be asking foolish questions, more demons would be coming. More demons would be trying to destroy this reaper once and for all. "What is your name may I ask?"

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A Short Time Alive

It was cold on the boat, deathly cold. The water sprang up around them in monstrous waves and the wind whipped the rain against them all without mercy. The storm had come seemingly out of nowhere, thrashing the small vessel in the water and threatening to turn it at any moment. Briar Mortem fought his way across the deck toward the door of the wheelhouse, being quite foolish to have ventured out onto the open deck of the boat during such a horrendous storm. Still, he made it to the door with some effort and wrenched it open so that he could get inside. The stairs took him up to the wheelhouse where his father was busy trying to navigate the storm without capsizing the boat.

"I had a bad feeling about this trip, father. We need to turn back and go home. The gods are angry with us." The young boy had to shout to get his normally timid voice above the sound of the thunder and the waves that crashed against the side of the boat. Long black hair stuck to his skin with salty water, making him look a mess. The man at the wheel paid him no mind and Briar furrowed his brow slightly. "Father, please. We need to turn back before we're taken under." He closed the distance between them and placed his hand on the older man's shoulder. In an instant the other turned and backhanded him hard enough across the face to send him sprawling to the floor in both pain and shock.

"I told you once, I told you a million times." His father barked at him. "Question my judgement again and I'll throw you into the sea as a sacrifice to the gods for our safe passage." The words were harsh as they were shouted down at the boy still on the floor. His father had hit him before, but never with such conviction. His cheek stung and there were tears forming in his blue eyes. "Get up and get out. Go and find your brothers and stay with them until the storm has passed us by. I'll speak with you further when this is all said and done." With that the man turned his back on Briar, his undivided attention on the wheel.

"Yes, father." Briar spoke, getting uneasily to his feet. His legs were shaking as he descended the stairs back to the door and pushed it open. The wind slammed the door behind him as he made his way back across the deck. Water swung to boat to one side, causing the young man to loose his footing and slide to one side of the deck. He grabbed the railing just in time to steady himself, but a large wave came rampaging over the side and onto the deck. It covered the boat and Briar in salty, ice cold water. When the water cleared the young man was no longer on the deck but had been swept into the sea. He screamed desperately, but no one could hear him over the storm. He screamed again before being dragged down beneath the surface.

That's the last thing he could ever remember.

An Everlasting Death

This was never the job that Briar wanted, simply having been handed it upon the instance of his death. It had been fated, or so that's what he had been told. He had what it took to be a reaper, to help souls pass from the world of the living to the world beyond. He was given assignments everyday, patrolling a certain city that had been claimed as his own. Every day there were deaths in his city, and every day he was forced to go and attend these events, watch as humans perished, and then lead them to the other side. It was all he could do not to intervene as he experienced death after death. He couldn't even remember his own death anymore because he had seen so many.

It seemed like a normal routine death, and Briar was ready for it. He had wandered into the alleyway before the event and watched as a demon took the life of a human before his eyes. It made his stomach clench and he wanted to be sick. Of all the things he had to see, petty nonsensical violence was always the worst. He would never know what possessed someone to kill another person, even if they had the ability to do so. The soul of the human looked confused, that was where he came in. Though, before he could reach it, words rang in his ears.

"Get it!"

Something came at him from one side. Flames leaped through the air. Fingers wrapped around his arm and tugged him roughly to the side. A soft cry left Briar's lips, mostly from the confusion that had overtaken him. He looked up at the man that had grabbed him, wondering what was going on. Was this man here to hurt him or to save him? He couldn't really be sure. Then he looked down at him and apologized for grabbing him so roughly. "No, he didn't hurt me." The confusion was evident in Briar's voice as he spoke, his eyes searching the alleyway for the soul he was meant to help cross over... and it was gone. Dammit. He cursed inside of his head, knowing he would get chastised for that later. It had been a while since he'd lost a soul, but this time had hardly been his fault.

"Who were they and what did they want with me?" The reaper asked, fixing his long black hair around his pale face. He looked dead, he always looked dead, because he technically was. This new life, his life as a reaper, was not what he would have considered a life at all. He was a minion of death and he wasn't very keen on it. "Who are you?" He tacked the question onto the end, figuring he might as well ask. It was obvious that this man meant him no harm, but he still wanted to know who he was. He didn't do very well with strangers, which was why he had very few friends. It was better for him to be on his own, at least in his opinion.

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Sweaty blonde hair clung to the male's skin in a sticky disarey as he stood still as a stone behind a pillar. In his line of vision there was a group of males standing dressed in all black leather. Their shaved head's were all leaned together and harsh low voices spoke almost in growls to ones ear.

"We need to find those damn warlocks, the white ones you know." "Yeah I know I heard what the boss was saying but why do we have to do this? King Isaha is going to be pissed off when he finds out that we are trying to kill the reapers of the world! Some of them aren't supernatural some of them are demons you know."

A sickening feeling was beginning to wash over the blonde as he tried to hold his frame. "Our orders are our orders, we find the Harth boys and we kill them. The most namely ones would be to kill Ryker and Keeagan Harth."

Harth the name seemed vaguely familiar in his mind as he ran over a list of names of creatures that weren't human he had heard of. Harth; the two had been a part of a fortune. Ryker and Keeagan Harth would be the two most powerful cousins in the Harth line to be seen in a long time if their powers were driven with love.

"Look lets see what we can do but don't count your chicken's before they hatch alright? We still have no idea if we are going to be able to defeat those boys and take them down." The demon's voices faded as black smoke filled the room blinding the blonde hiding demon for a split moment. A roaring cough escaped his throat as the smoke began to fade and the air began to clear.

Rictor knew exactly what he had to do, locate and find the Harth brothers before they became the pin-point of the demons madness. Twisting on his heels boots clacked against the ground as he walked towards the building that served as his home. A large white broken down building was where he hid, the stench of demons past kept the newer demons away. Inside he could hear the cluttered sound of cooing and someone tripping inside.

~A Month Later~

Sweaty blonde hair clung to his face as he stared down into a dark and dirty aly way. It had been a month and Rictor had yet to be able to find the Harth brothers or the new step in the demons plan; Mermen. A unsettling shadow had begun to set over the area and dust seemed to fly up around. The stench of death filled Rictor's nose and as he squeazed his eyes into a squint he could make out a black figure in the darkness. A demon had just been here and slayed the lives of humans for one purpose, to bring out the reapers.

"Get it!" The unsettling voice of an unknown demon rung in Rictor's ears as panic began to set in. As the creature began to move forward heat began to rise off of Rictor's skin and he began to propel himself forward. A muscled arm reached out sending tiny sparks of flames against the demon's skin causing it to halt all at once and hiss in pain. "Rictor. The Traitor." The words were like knives in his skin but he didn't stop until he had reached the black figure. One tanned arm extending to draw the creature to himself and away from the scene of the crime.

Breath came in shallow fast gulps as he finally released his grip upon the male's arm. A sheepish look spreading across his face as he stared towards the black figure swallowing to find the courage to speak. "I'm sorry about that. Are you alright? He didn't manage to actually hurt you did he?" The questions began to pour out of Rictor as if someone had turned a facet on and let it pour for hours upon hours on end. The demon's large chest rising and falling in a rhythmic beat.

Behind him the sound of foot-steps were beginning to increase and for a moment Rictor was thankful for the darkness. It was enough to mask them from the eyes of the demons that sought out this reapers life. If they where trying to kill him that meant that they had White Warlock Magic, and one of them must of died. The urgent need to find the Harth brothers was beginning to grow in the pit of Rictor's stomach though he did his best not to show it. Right now was about keeping this reaper safe, not locating the boys that would come later.

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