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Iggy bit his lower lip while he watched Adam changed, but he looked away. He could not allow Adam to see him staring, but something was telling him to just push Adam against the wall and take him right here. "I would love it if you lived with me...." He purred softly, but soon moved his body against Adam's, pressing him against the wall. His lips found their way against Adam's neck. He had no idea what was coming over Iggy. He was usually meek, in this kind of endeavor, but Adam was drawing him in and making it a bit hard to ignore. He just groaned, gripping Adam's shirt, moaning against his neck before pressing his body harder.

Something about Adam's complete dependency on Iggy was really turning him on. Without Iggy, Adam would be alone. Iggy was wanted and needed, for once, and he was not going to let this go. Oh no. He was going to milk it for all its worth. Plus, he really just loved Adam, there was no denying that. He wanted to treat Adam like a king, that he deserved to be treated like. He just wanted to do good now. That's all Iggy wanted.

Iggy breathed out heavily and smiled, one of his adorably cute smiles. His eyes met Adam's, in a very intimate way, before he gave Adam's lips a sweet and innocent peck. "I want you...." That's all he could get out before he crushed his lips against Adam's, in an intense, sexual way. His fingers gripped the fabric of Adam's new clothes, in which weren't even paid for. He wanted Adam in all different ways, not just one.

  Fleet-Foxes / 6y 167d 17h 28m 8s
Adam curled up in the passenger seat, watching as Iggy made his way over to the driver's side of the Hummer. The poor man was still shivering underneath his blanket, but smiled sheepishly as he was handed a pair of shoes. "Thanks, Iggy. Dunno what I'd do without you..." He mumbled as he shoved his feet into the shoes. A blast of hot air hit his cold skin, his hands reaching towards the vents to bring the feeling back into his fingers.

Soon they were making their way across town to the store and cafe, Adam smiling widely at the choice of shop. The male slid out of the vehicle, leaving the blanket behind in his seat as he followed Iggy into the store. Once inside, he stood there for a moment, wondering what exactly he should get. He was a simple guy. He wore basic clothing, so to be in a store like this... Was like giving a small child an infinite choice of candy. "Okay, if you insist..." Adam headed straight to a rack of clothing, skimming through it before picking out a pair of red plaid pants, a black short-sleeved button up shirt, a green vest to go over it... And finally a leather jacket.

Then Iggy was leading him to the changing room, where Adam quickly stripped himself of the cold and wet clothing he was wearing. "Hmm?" He asked as he pulled on his pants and shirt, turning to look at the other male for a few moments as he thought over the offer. He gave him a shrug, and another one of those sheepish smiles that he wore so much. "Well, yeah, I'd wanna live with you. I mean, why not? We're best friends... We practically lived together in the apartments, even though we were just down the hall from each other... So, I don't see why not?"
  Adam Turner / GatesofValhalla / 6y 167d 18h 50m 13s
Iggy held the male, against his chest, as he carried him, all the way, to the corner of the parking lot, where his army green, H3 Hummer sat. It was a very interest car choice for the meek individual. Maybe, because he is so quiet and to himself, he liked a bigger car. He sat Adam, in the passenger seat, closing the door, gingerly, before crawling into the drivers' seat, turning the car on.

Iggy, before driving off, reached into the back, digging around, it was like he was ready for this, or he was just always prepared for anything. He had a few blankets and clothes, in the backseat. Some of the more valuable things, that were in his house. He sighed softly, grabbing a pair of just plain, black shoes. "Here," Iggy murmured, then turned on the heat, shivering softly before pressing forward towards the designation, cross town. It was his favourite clothing story and there was a small, cafe next door.

Upon arrival, he pulled the massive SUV, into a spot and got out. He made sure Adam was okay to walk, since he had been given shoes, and led him into the, sort of dressy, but casual punk rock store. He locked his Hummer, before entering the store.

They were greeted with a smiling worker and told that if they needed anything to speak with him. Iggy knew what he wanted and explained that they would be changing here and paying for everything after. They knew Iggy and trusted him.

Iggy nudged Adam, playfully, "pick anything. I'll get you anything...." He purred and grabbed himself a pair of black dress pants, white dress shoes with a faded black heel and laces. He plucked a white button shirt, and a black vest, with a red bow tie. It was his normal outfit. He always tried to look good for the public. He plucked a hat, from the shelf and a jacket before turning his attention towards Adam, making sure he was ready, before leading him, into the back, into the biggest changing room.

"Adam, I was thinking...." He removed his few articles of clothing, before sighing and slipping on the new items of clothing with a content expression. "I was thinking that you and I could live together...?" He asked, curiously and bravely.

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Adam coughed softly, grunting as his lungs protested to the cold air assaulting them. At least it was better than breathing in the mustard gas. Who knew how quickly Adam would have died if he hadn't been able to get out in time. The dark haired male shook his head, perishing the thought. He was alive. Sick, yes, but alive. Iggy was alive too. Adam did not want to imagine what it would have been like if the other man hadn't gotten out. He'd be devastated for sure.

His arms closed around Iggy, trying to keep him warm although he himself was shivering like a leaf. Damn this nasty weather. As Iggy was handed what few belonging he had left, it hit Adam then that he had nothing of his own now. His clothes... his books... his wallet. All covered in mustard gas now. His heart sunk. Blinking a few times to keep himself from tearing up, he nodded his head. "Yeah, that sounds good. We need to get out of this cold."

Iggy scooped him up, carrying him along, and Adam didn't protest. He wasn't in any state to be walking around with no shoes on. As the other male nuzzled his face into his own, he gave him a sheepish smile that grew into a small grin as he was kissed on the cheek once more. "Okay, okay... Let's go find some clothes and food." He heard Iggy mumble something softly under his breath, but he was unsure of what. He glanced to him curiously, but didn't voice his concern. His throat was killing him. "Maybe some soup..." He commented, thinking of what he'd want to eat.
  Adam Turner / GatesofValhalla / 6y 173d 14m 22s
The tattooed male looked at Adam before complying and snuggling back into Adam's arms with a soft sigh. Now, the thought of not having a place to live was starting to set in. Easily, Iggy could start renting, immediately, but he was going to be brave and ask Adam, a bit later, if he wanted to get a small flat together.

He leaned his face against Adam's neck, sighing softly. It was cold and thankfully, he had his friend there, with him. He blinked a few times, listening to the male's story. He kind of felt bad that Iggy had ruined the male's afternoon, by gassing the building, but obviously, Iggy wasn't going to tell Adam what he had done. He just continued playing the innocent victim, sitting with his clueless best friend, on the ambulance.

Iggy breathed in the sharp air and was handed a few things that was in his pants pocket, before they had thrown the mustard gas laden clothes away. His car keys. Thank god. And his wallet. He was saved.

"Wanna get something to change into a the store and something to eat?" Iggy asked. He wanted Adam to be as comfortable as possible. When they got something to eat, that would be the moment where Iggy would ask Adam if he wanted to live with Iggy, in that apartment flat. He had the money and he wanted his friend to not have to worry about a place live in.

Iggy was never one that could, willingly, help others, until he got older. He became a lot softer and sweeter, especially since Adam and him became friends a while now. He purred softly and scooped the male up, nuzzling his face into Adam's. "Come on...." He murmured softly, not letting Adam walk. He was sick and Iggy did not want him to get worse. He gave Adam another soft kiss, to his cheek, grinning softly. "I want to give you everything...." He murmured, mainly under his breath. He never had someone to treat so well and now, he had Adam and he was going to do everything, in his power, to keep Adam around, for a while.

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Adam's expression softened as he gave Iggy, standing there with his lone blanket. He was starting to shiver, but right now the male couldn't care less. Adam stood there for a moment, chuckling softly. "Aw, why be scared? I'm alive. Although that dream killed me."

He was bundled up by Iggy, and he was too cold and sick to protest. Soon he found himself sitting next to him, snuggling up to him for warmth. Out of all times for something like this to happen, it had to be a day where the poor lad was sniffling and feeling like a train ran him over. Iggy hugged him, causing him to let out a sigh. Warmth. Lovely, lovely warmth.

But then, Iggy was giving him all of the warmth and sitting there shivering. "Yeah... But, you're going to get sick if you sit there shivering." He grinned slightly as he was kissed on the cheek, opening his arms to offer Iggy some of the warmth. "I dunno what happened... I woke up... Was gonna make tea... and then... Gas!"
  Adam Turner / GatesofValhalla / 6y 173d 14h 27m 8s
Iggy sat there, quietly, as a few police officers had asked him questions, since he was the first out, but was in the many room, where the gas first started creeping through the vents. He had the most exposure and he just wanted to go to bed, or something. He cleared his throat and watched the cop walk away, as he was giving a bottle of water to drink, but he ignored it, sitting it aside, right when he heard his name yelled. He froze a bit. It was Adam. Thank goodness, that he had made it out, safely.

The shivering, crying male tried to get up, but one of the ambulance people told him to stay still, which he did. He felt another blanket added to his body and he snuggled into them, giving a sheepish smile towards Adam.

"I got scared...." Iggy murmured softly, frowning a bit. This time, he did get up. He was going to be fine, so he ignored the ambulance driver and waved them off, sighing softly. "Here," he murmured, bundling Adam up, along with him, in the blankets and took his seat back, onto the ambulance, smiling softly. It was nice to know that his one friend made it out, without dying. It brought peace to Iggy's harmless mind.

Iggy blinked a few times and hugged onto Adam, tightly. He could tell that Adam was sick and that made Iggy a bit more nervous. "You're sick...." He murmured, giving more of the blanket to Adam, even though Iggy was only wearing a pair of sweatpants, courtesy of the police, since he was hosed off and removed of his clothes. He shivered and began to get miserable, but his friend was sick and he was not going to let him get worse, so he just smiled and shivered.

"I was scared, though... I was scared that you weren't going to get out...." Iggy went back to why he was crying. The thought of losing his only friend, made Iggy really sad. He leaned into Adam, kissing his cheek, softly. "I would not know what to do without you right down the hallway from me...." He gave a sweet smile, even he was completely miserable right now, in the cold and drizzling rain.

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Adam shot straight up in his bed from a dead sleep. His eyes looked around for a moment. No, everything was fine. It was just another bad dream. Bad dreams were never real. Even if the male sometimes felt like they were trying to tell him something. "Hn..." He grunted softly, rolling out of his bed. He shuffled into the small, cramped kitchen to place the kettle on the stove. Tea always helped chase the bad dreams away.

He only closed his eyes for a few seconds, just long enough for the Mustard Gas to start creeping into the vents of his little apartment. Gray eyes opened, but quickly slammed shut. "Bloody hell!" He coughed, his insides starting to burn.

Get out, get out, get out! Now!

His hands clutched over his nose and mouth, rushing through the rooms to make it towards the door. A shoe. A fuckin' shoe was in the way, causing him to fall flat on his face. "FUCK!" He yelled, pushing himself up just in time to get out the door. The gas was making its way through the building, Adam pushing himself to make it down the stairs and out into the coldness of wintry London. He was sprayed with freezing cold water, but pushed past the crowd in search for one person.

"Iggy!" He called out, his voice sounding hoarse. This cold air and the wet clothes were not going to help with his small cold. Adam looked around, trying to find the German Zombie. Compared to him, he looked like a blank slate. No tattoos or piercings. Long dark brown hair that ended just past his collar bones, now slicked back from being wet and starting to freeze. He was about six inches shorter, and nothing extraordinary next to Iggy.

The ambulance. A familiar face. Was he crying? Adam was handed a blanket, absently pulling it around his form. He was alright! Iggy was alright! "Iggy, I haven't ever seen you cry before. What's the matter?"
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Iggy has opened the vent, that was connected to the whole building, looking at it, quietly before sighing softly. He had no idea what the hell was wrong with him. He liked watching people bleed from every hole in their body, but at the same time, he cared for people. He slipped the metal container that was full of Mustard Gas into the vent and screwed the top off. Right then, it hit him first. He was willing to take the first blow. He began crying, as the Mustard Gas got into his system. He shook his head a few times and grabbed his bag, groaning. The feeling was horrible. Everything in his face and body was burning. He needed to get out of here.

"Schei├če," he groaned, in German before getting out of his apartment, looking around. He needed to find his friend. That was the only person he wanted to survive this, but he heard the ambulances, and knew that he needed to get out of here. He needed to be the first person out of here, he knew everyone else would be dead.

The German male clambered down the stairs, tripping a few times, over his own feet as he struggled to even walk and as he pushed through the door. Men in gasmasks grabbed him, by his coats and pulled off the jacket and pants. Having Mustard Gas on your clothes was horrible. He was then hosed off, shivering since it was Winter Time in England, then given a few blankets to wrap up in as he was lead to an ambulance, where he was taken care of. The whole time, the poor man was crying, hard.

Iggy knew he was always going to be looked down upon. He gave off a very awkward and intimidating air. He was over 6 feet tall and barely spoke. He was constantly judging others and never judging his own self, due to him already accepting the fact that was he was imperfect. He knew that better than anyone.

But, he knew how to live with it. He did things that would make him happy. His body modifications and tattoos were his down fall. People looked down on others because what he had done to himself was very odd. He was known as the German Zombie, in England. He was a tattoo artist, criminal, and actually helped around the community. He loved everyone, actually, but he only cared, deeply, for those who cared for him back, without question. He was hoping that that one person that he cared most for would come out of that building. Alive.

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