Guard and Rin

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For my best friend. Though we may not have met in rl, we have been through a lot together, both good and bad. You mean a lot to me and you know you were my first es crush. I wish I could be more help but I'll always be here to comfort you when ever I am needed

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Heh heh... you said bro~
  Look At Me.... / AlreadyDead / 6y 193d 6h 20m 20s
Love is one of the toughest things in the world to understand, its strong enough to survive the test of time but can be shatter by something as light as a single whim. Love is never easy bro & it will test you for what your worth but you got to keep moving ahead or else you'll lose everything
  Unknown name as of yet / Nightwire / 6y 193d 16h 6m 32s
Look King, its none of my business to be honest & I know this but I know what follows on this road your traveling. It gets much worse if you don't make steps to stop it now. I only saying this cause I care & dont want anyone to have to go that fare if I can help it.

It almost cost me my life twice & had it not been for my family pressuring me like I am doing to you. I wouldn't be here now
  Unknown name as of yet / Nightwire / 6y 193d 16h 10m 14s
A you truly want a end or do you want a hiding place?

A end will only come when you finally accept things aren't always your fault. No one has the ability to prevent change in people our other people's feelings. If we could I would have made you see the truth of my words without going to such extremes cause I care about you.
  Unknown name as of yet / Nightwire / 6y 193d 16h 18m 34s
Huh? PityI don't need any just an end....
  Look At Me.... / TheKindKing / 6y 193d 16h 34m 19s
It's not you ! It's them when anything is over he internet people beg for pitty that is all
  rinkokoro / 6y 193d 17h 26m 15s
I can't do this...
My love turns people to monsters I won't make another....
I'm d-done living like this....
  Look At Me.... / TheKindKing / 6y 193d 17h 28m 11s
Hugs tightly not letting go *
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 193d 17h 39m 45s
ed sent by -Eloquence- want to reply?, 7m 58s ago -- Delete
Well, now that you're finally falling for your rebound, you better leave me the fuck alone.
You'll never learn to love her if you don't start learning to move on.
I used to love you.
Nay, I'm still in love with you.
But I don't harass you about it.
I am trying to move on and YOURE making it difficult.

Untitled sent by -Eloquence- want to reply?, 19m 39s ago -- Delete
All you do is replace me.
I couldn't talk last night, so instead you talked to Jill and "confessed your love" to her,
But you don't love her.
I know you don't.
She's just your comfort.
She's nothing but a rebound and you're in denial.
Last night on the phone she promised every night SHE LEFT ME I didn't replace her!!!!
I missed you to Rin just Alexandra proving to be worse then Sherry....
  Look At Me.... / TheKindKing / 6y 193d 17h 43m 50s
Doesn't let go * I missed you so much
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 194d 30m 11s
He hugs tearing up.
  Look At Me.... / TheKindKing / 6y 194d 11h 2m 19s
Huggles tightly *
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 194d 11h 41m 56s
I do I just like being reminded~
  Look At Me.... / TheKindKing / 6y 194d 11h 43m 5s
You should remember -3-
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 194d 12h 23s
Your first Es crush huh?~ ;3
  Look At Me.... / TheKindKing / 6y 194d 12h 1m 36s

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