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Rin did not notice the girl. As Rin stayed crouched on the branch she pulled back her bow. She had loaded another arrow but this one the arrow head was blunt. So it was obvious to tell that this arrow was not for a kill.

She let the arrow go and it cut the stork of three apples. In fraction of a second she had jumped down, catching all three of the apples in one arm and the arrow in the other hand. Rin then sat down and started to eat the apple.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 186d 14h 20m 29s
Zani wasn't in this war for the fun of it, she didn't like killing. She had to kill. She had to protect her tribe from the unnatural ones. They had been picking her kind off since the dawn of time and was scared to death for what was to become of them. What would happen if all the warriors were gone. Would they be killed? Would they be captured as slaves? No one knew.

She crept through the underbrush silently. Her redwood bow in her hand, her quiver of dove feather arrows, strapped to her back. She was daughter of their leader Niko, and was and one of their best archers. She was silent and could move without disturbing a single leaf that coated the forest floor.

She noticed a flicker of blonde hair in the tree above her. It was a female girl, looking the other way. The girl had no idea Zani was there, what is a female unnatural doing out in the woods? Alone at thatshe thought to herself. Curiosity got the best of her and decided she wanted a closer look of the girl.

Zani started climbing the tree, placing one hand on one side and the other hand on the other side. She climbed carefully, creeping up behind the girl. She sat there silently a few branches down from her where she could see the girl, but the girl couldn't see her.
  Zani / Moridoria / 6y 190d 21h 44m 6s
Rin stood by a large tree, quite close to the border. She was equiped with a bow and a couple of arrows. She did not have much protection from the faes so for her survival came down to skills and luck.

She sighed heavily and looked up to the sky. She turned around and started to climb the near by tree as the dawn apporached. Her job was to stop any surprise attacks until her associates were ready. They gave rin a limited amount of arrows so after she fired all of them she would have to collect them back from the corpse.

Rin resented the fact that she would have to kill but because of this war she had lost her brother and best friend. This was her way of avenging them. However they would not let a girl fight so the whole time she is with people she would wear a hat to cover her hair and eyes. While wearing the uniform and the hat it was almosti mpossible to tell she was a girl.

She hid herself in the leaves to make sure she was unable to be seen. She swiflt and carefully, only moving her eyes, inspected the area. The sun was slowly rising. Getting ready rin placed the arrow in her bow drawing it back. She knew the best place to aim wait either the fore head, neck or a eye. She was good when it came to accuracy. She had not missed once yet and she didnt plan to. However as she fired the arrow rin closed her eyes so she couldnt see the target getting hit.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 195d 14h 7m 59s

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