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(center (font "Papyrus" A closed role-play for Riley and Myself. We know what we are doing so stay out. On the dragon's island hunters have been trying to invade. With the help of Bylo, an Atlantian in hiding the race is trying to protect itself from the skin stealing creatures. What happens only time will tell.


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Suki straightened her back as the sound of landing hit down behind her. Two males taking form next to her making her seem dwarfed in comparison to the two of them. "Yes I am willing to lead you to the islands. This is my brother Elro to the left and my brother Iros to the right." Using one hand the blonde female gestured to each of her brothers, both bowing their head in respect to the new comers. There was no doubt to Suki that these people were powerful dragons that did indeed need a safe place to stay.

"Come follow me we shall lead you to the island." Giving another small bow to them Suki turned herself around once more. With a heavy breath the woman felt her bones snapping and changing inside of her. The cruel sound would make many think there was cruel pain.

That was not the case however as the woman painlessly took her dragon form. Beside her Suki could hear her brothers changing into their dragon forms as well preparing to take flight. Iros a large black dragon with pointed points on his wings making him intimidating. Then Elro with his large golden form shimmering in the sky. The most elegant of the dragon brothers Suki had.

Waiting to be sure the others were following the woman idled in the air for a moment. With a glance behind her shoulder she took off full speed towards the hidden island. Wings beat in rytheme against the air as she moved soundlessly towards the large green island. As she approached the sheer size of the island became quiet clear to her and the smell of fresh fruits and meats hit her nose. Suki taking care to land on the edge and shift forms once more.

Stepping forward so the others could land Suki could see another dragon approaching. "Suki have you found others?" The soft voice caused the woman to look up towards the dragon. Blonde hair hung to the dragon's shoulders and mis-mactched eyes stared forward towards her. A blue dress hung neatly on the dragon's body and to anyone who didn't know better they would assume this was a beautiful female dragon. It was the common mistake most people made when meeting Marti.

"Yes I have." Suki replied quietly glancing over her shoulder to make sure the others would land. Once they arrived upon the island she would be sure to show them were to go and what to eat. The island was huge and Suki knew that, so it would take some time for them to adjust to the living place. It was at the very least safe for them though.

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Juron looked up into the air at the sound of wings, so familiar and yet different. He saw light glint off of long pink wings and he tilted his head, feeling as Sabina placed her hand on his arm. She was hiding half behind him, but when he looked at her she offered the most comforting smile she could muster. They were going to be with their kind, and out of danger. At least she hoped that was true. Juron hoped for the same, if not for himself, at least for his clan. For his family.

Pale blue eyes ran over the form of the woman as she shifted back to that of a human. He had been expecting to meet a man, but he knew better than to underestimate a female dragon. They could be vicious when they wanted to be. Especially when they were so beautiful and were probably constantly fighting off men in their day to day lives. Juron stepped forward, bowing his head slightly to the woman before him, being as respectful as possible. "My name is Juron Roth." He spoke, his English sounding rough as it was coated in his Swedish accent. "This is the remains of my clan. We..." He furrowed his brow, losing a sense for the English language suddenly.

Another woman stepped forward, more fluent in the language and braver than the leader's little sister. "My name is Nikola Findley." She spoke softly, a smile forming on her lips as she looked at Suki. "My family and I are in need of shelter. We have traveled far from our home in Sweden to come to seek refuge on your island." Turning just slightly to the side she looked behind her at the six other dragons. "Juron is our leader, the slight young woman by his side is his sister Sabina. The big, intimidating fellow is Sigmond Oriah, and the beautiful woman with the dark side is Asuza Danor. The man by her side is Tomas Monesi, and there at the back is our youngest, Izar Valenti." After she finished introducing them all, she turned back to the woman and smiled.

"Tala om för henne att vi vill komma till ön nu. Vi är trötta och hungriga och behöver vila våra vingar." Juron chimed in behind Nikola, using Swedish so that he would not have to resort to English. Nikola wasn't sure if the dragons before them spoke their native tongue, and so she translated for them just in case.

"Juron wishes me to tell you that we are ready to go now, if you are willing to lead us. We have traveled long and far to come here and could use some sleep and some food if you are able to spare it." The white haired woman put it much kinder than Juron had, finding it easier to communicate with people when you weren't trying to intimidate them. Juron was always intimidating, even if he wasn't trying to be. That was why he was the leader.

1. Tell her that we wish to come to the island now. We are tired and hungry and need to rest our wings.
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Silence ricketted through the island as Suki wandered around the grasses. To her left and right were dragons beginning to build their own homes and settle down to get nested. Many had begun to flee here in fear of different types of hunters that had begun to surface after so many years.

Suki had to admit the fault was that of her oldest sister, an dragon who ended up breaking the heart of a vampire. Fear of dis-purity had ruined her marriage even though it was loveless to begin with.The sound of shouting quickly cut the blonde woman's thoughts off as she watched her younger brother beginning to bounce up and down.

"Sister! Sister there are dragons outside! For the first time in awhile there are new comers on the beginning island!" An white eyebrow raised as she took in the words her brother was saying. New dragons were on the island..oh new dragons.

Quickly twisting on her heels Suki knew if she didn't get there soon they could possibly weird. Moving at rapid speed the dragon let herself twist into the form she took as a dragon. Her long pink wings expanded out from her back and a large scaled form took her place as her wings beat the air. Soon the smaller island came into her line of sight and the woman landed with grace her form changing as soon as she hit the ground.

"Hello!" Suki's chipper voice rang out from her mouth as she began to approach the group of dragon's in front of her. Behind her the sound of wings signaled that her two brothers Elros and Iros had followed her to the fake island.

"Welcome to the dragon islands I'm Suki Dragos and these are my brothers Elros and Iros. We are here to bring you to the real island." A bright smile crept it's way across the woman's face as she took in each and every one of the dragons. There was no doubt that they were all beautiful but something about one of the women was down right attractive.

Swallowing Suki waved for them to follow her to the edge of the island the female stopping and extending a hand to point. "Out there is the real island we just keep it hidden for the sake of keeping hunters out..Our secret tries his hardest to make sure nothing can harm us."

The Atlantian male who was hidden on the islands was kind enough to provide protection for all of them. His powers hide the island from the site of humans and in return he was allowed to stay there and hide away from one of his brothers who sought to hurt him.

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The Last of The Swedish

The men were ruthless, with eyes of steel and hands as rough as sandpaper. They looked at the muscled man in front of them, wicked intentions boiling in their minds. One of them stepped forward, a long iron rod in his hands as he looked over the chained creature that was on its knees. "Shift." The stoic man ordered, his voice deep as it echoed off of the stone walls of the castle's dungeon. There was no reply from the bound man before him, and so he placed the iron rod beneath his chin and forced him to lift his head. "Are you deaf, dragon? I said shift." The last word was spat at him, and Juron growled in response.

"Fan ta dig, smutsiga människa." The elder dragon muttered in Swedish, his pale blue eyes narrowing at him. The insult earned him a hit with the iron rod directly across his face, drawing a nasty cut along his cheekbone. Juron did not allow himself to be fazed, spitting blood onto the stone floor beside him. He drew his head up and set his eyes on the man keeping him in bonds. "Du kommer inte undan med det här. Jag lovar dig det." He smiled slowly, blood staining his normally perfectly white teeth. His canines were sharper than that of a normal human's showing that he was not simply human.

"You do not think so?" The man asked him, his head canting to one side in fake curiosity. His hand moved to the left and he held the end of the iron rod above the flames that were used to light the room. Juron glanced at the fire, the flames dancing within his eyes.

"Fire cannot harm a dragon." He said, attempting to put the other man off. But he simply smirked, knowing more than Juron wanted to give him credit for.

"Then I suggest you become one very quickly." The other man was playing with him, trying his very best to get Juron to shift so that they could kill him and take his skin to sell. But he refused because he was strong and would not give into them. The iron rod was brought back over and the man pressed it against Juron's chest. The sound of skin sizzling was sickening and the dragon let out a cry of pain as he was branded with a harsh line across his soft, human skin. "Shift!" The man shouted directly into his face.

"Never!" Juron shouted back even with pain contorting his features. In a matter of seconds the room shook as the wall behind Juron caved in. Both men in front of him looked up, backing away as fear came over them. The dragon did not have to look to know what had come. A large green dragon crashed his way into the room, letting loose a loud, ferocious roar at the man before him. They rushed to escape but the beast managed to clamp his jaws around one of them, large sharp teeth tearing flesh and crushing bones. The man's screams stopped after a moment and they were left in silence.

"Juron." The voice was so familiar, putting the elder dragon at ease in his chains. "Juron. Är du okej?" Hands easily broke through the chains and Juron was suddenly happy to have such a strong man on his side. Sigmond crouched in front of his leader and drew him into his arms, holding him close.

"Vi måste lämna." Juron said sadly, closing his eyes as he leaned against his best friend for support. "Vi måste lämna."

The Island

Seven, there were only seven of them left. The dragon population in Sweden had once been vast and numerous, and now they were only seven. The hunts had started and somehow the humans managed to get the upper hand, and it was obvious to Juron that there was no longer a way for them to stay in their home country. It saddened him to have to leave Sweden behind, but what he did, he did for the safety of his clan. The safety of his younger sister, of his friends, of his family.

There had been rumors of the island for a long time, a safe haven for their kind. Juron had never been keen on going there, but that was before this all had happened. Now it was their only choice. He had to take the remains of his clan there and hope that they would no longer be sought out by the hunters. He wanted them to live in peace. He didn't want to have the nightmares anymore. He couldn't sleep and it was having an adverse effect on his moods. No, he needed to leave Sweden and take his clan to the island. It was the only way.

"Brother, we are ready." Sabina's soft voice touched his ears but he kept his eyes out over the landscape. The view from the cliff had always been his favorite, and he feared this was the last time he would ever be allowed to see it. His younger sister approached him and touched his arm, prompting a soft sigh from his lips. "I'm going to miss it too." She told him, leaning against his side. "But it's not longer safe here." She looked at him with pity and he couldn't stand it. "We are no longer safe here." Juron turned his eyes upon the younger woman, looking at her for a moment. She had grown into such a beautiful thing, and he was ever so proud of her. He leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the forehead, keeping his lips pressed there for longer than normal before he pulled away again.

"Let us go." Juron said softly, turning to walk away from the edge of the cliff. Even flying it took them a while to reach the coordinates that were said to contain the island. The seven dragons lowered onto the small sliver of land they found. It looked empty and very small, but Juron had a feeling that this wasn't the real island, that the real island was hidden to keep those that fled there safe. Upon landing, he shifted from his large black dragon form into his human one. "Is anyone here? Show yourself to us." He called out, pale blue eyes moving around the piece of land. He expected a welcome for him and his people. Anyone that had seen them coming would know they were dragons, that they belonged on this island of safety. He only hoped they were in the right place.

1. Fuck you, human filth.

2. You will not get away with this, I promise you that.

3. Juron. Are you alright?

4. We have to leave.
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