A Sakura Tale (A Yuri RP)

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A Sakura Tale

[center [pic https://24.media.tumblr.com/570f271e6fea8e1b8276606b10e1ed73/tumblr_mwwn42Lz0J1ru8g8yo1_500.gif]]
Setting: The year is 2006, December 19th- the beginning of Winter in Hokkaido, Japan. Elementary school students are leaving their classrooms and flooding into their parents arms or waiting for their bus to depart. One certain young girl stands with a thin jacket shivering and waiting for her parent to arrive. A curious girl from a different class approaches the freezing school-mate.

"Hey, I'm _____!"
"H-hello, I'm Koizumi Sakura of class B-1!"
"Cool! Hey! Aren't you cold without a coat?"
"Yes, I forgot to bring it today."
"Here! Have mine! Bye! Seeya tomorrow!"

Setting: The year is 2007, April 9th- the beginning of Spring. The cherry blossoms beginning to bloom and two young girls are becoming the closest of friends.

"Sakura, why did your parents name you after the cherry blossoms?"

[font "Dotum" [right "When I was born, mother said she looked out the windows and saw a big sakura tree! She said it was as pretty as...me."]]
"Your mom was right- hey tommorrow's your birthday right? Let's have a big party- k?"

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