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A place for those who join New Blood, May It Flow Forever! to talk about the rp and to just get to know each other and chat.


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Roleplay Responses

Ok I got a message that she would send them soon. So hopefully!
  Lorelei 'Alex' Mikaelson / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 317d 3h 40m 24s
  [ Kids ] / -StarlessGaze / 4y 322d 23h 9s
Ok. Just wanting to know. Thanks
  Lorelei 'Alex' Mikaelson / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 323d 2h 32m 17s
Last I knew, she was finishing it.
  [ Kids ] / -StarlessGaze / 4y 323d 21h 6m 16s
Any news yet?
  Lorelei 'Alex' Mikaelson / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 324d 3h 29m 7s
  [ Kids ] / Ambivalent / 4y 327d 23h 48m 41s
Thanks hon..
  Klarissa Lynn Mikaelson / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 328d 9h 54m 50s
I'll talk to her.
  [ Kids ] / Ambivalent / 4y 328d 11h 36m 36s
I think Jezzy had wanted the parts..
  Klarissa Lynn Mikaelson / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 328d 15h 11m 16s
Do we have someone playing the parts?
  [ Kids ] / Ambivalent / 4y 328d 21h 53m 9s
I don't know when we will be starting. I hope real soon. We need those skellies for Jer and Bon's kids.
  Lorelei 'Alex' Mikaelson / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 332d 4h 58m 3s
  [ Kids ] / Ambivalent / 4y 338d 12h 12m 36s
Yes we are.
  Lorelei 'Alex' Mikaelson / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 344d 1h 58m 55s
Were we waiting for a skelly for Bonnie and Jeremy?
  [ Kids ] / Ambivalent / 4y 345d 20h 50m 5s
We should be starting soon..I hope!
  Lorelei 'Alex' Mikaelson / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 348d 14h 16m 44s

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