The Walking Dead

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A walking dead rp this one is based off of the telltale games season after season one and beginning of season 2 and 400 days as other survivors besides the main ones you can be any survivor,you can be friendly or be a antagonist survivor.This is a beta. If it goes good it will be official and more storyline and plot twists can happen.


1.Don't be a dick to other people
2. No insta-kills
3. Its the walking dead not everyone is a pro at stuff
4. You will get wounded
5. You can make your character slowly go insane and mentally unstable breaking down
6. No god mode
7. No magic stuff or experiments like I said it's the walking dead
8. Grammar doesn't matter I'm a sophomore in a beginning lit and comp class just no text talk
9. Make it dramatic characters will fight with each other.



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