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[center [size25 [Amatic+SC for my thoughts and inner turmoil.]]]
[center [pic]

[center [size10 You're welcome to creep on this.]][center [size10 I often write in [ [size10 Journal Entries]] for basic whining, ranting, or things that I specifically do not mind the public viewing.]][center [size10 This thread is more of a private place for me to vent, where only those interested in me or close to me will really enter.]]
[center [size10 I may wipe the thread periodically for the sake of my sanity, so that I may not go back and recollect on things that have upset me previously.]]
[center [size10 I also have a habit of being spiteful. Note this.]]


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[center [#808080 [size10 I'm out and alive and well.]]][center [#808080 [size10 I've got everything.]]][center [#808080 [size10 I'm fine.]]]
  ♮ ; / Apt / 127d 5h 21m 30s
[center [#808080 [size10 State Farm is pissing me off.]]]
[center [#808080 [size10 My family is gonna find out.]]]
[center [#808080 [size10 My mom is probably going to hurt me.]]]

[center [#808080 [size10 I've done everything I can possibly do, stop sending insurance bullshit to my home. State Farm is gonna ruin everything.]]]

[center [#808080 [size10 I'm ]]][center [#808080 [size10 ready to be the fuck out]]]
  apt; / Apt / 163d 3h 56m 4s
[center [#808080 [size10 my friends have started an intervention.]]][center [#808080 [size10 and its needed. i need it.]]][center [#808080 [size10 starting -- well, I guess Sunday? -- i've begun preparing to move out.]]]
[center [#808080 [size10 its rushed. fuck its gonna be rushed. moving out from nothing when i've got no sort of funds saved or idea of where i'm going? fucked.]]]
[center [#808080 [size10 they want me to aim for before christmas, which i guess would be ideal but i don't get paid but every two weeks.]]]
[center [#808080 [size10 they're tired of me being abused.]]][center [#808080 [size10 i just hope my family takes it as me 'finally being an adult' and dont see that i'm trying to run.]]]
  apt; / Apt / 199d 1h 6m 44s
[center [#808080 [size10 wipe away the toxic]]][center [#808080 [size10 wipe away the memories]]][center [#808080 [size10 if i'm going to actively use this damn hell hole again, i have to keep it together]]]
[center [#808080 [size10 i can't be who i always resorted to being]]][center [#808080 [size10 im filth here]]][center [#808080 [size10 be better.]]]
  / Apt / 1y 53d 3m 52s

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