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"Danny is very hard to read," assured Jack with a kind smile. "He's probably very taken back right now and doesn't want to show that he actually enjoyed your cake. I wouldn't be surprised if you see his lackeys around here making to-go orders." He chuckled a little at the image of those boys, scurrying nervously around just to bring Danny cake.
  Jack Aristotle Ubriel / AidoChild / 5y 240d 5h 32m 18s
Nala looked at him with a confused head tilt. "A compliment? Hm..Maybe I should thank him later for not hating my café and just hating me." She said, half-jokingly. "I'm sorry he has to put up with disappointment, I understand how painful it can be to get your hopes up."
  ::s:: / _Inspire / 5y 240d 22h 15m 1s
"Harsh as he is," said Jack. "I would consider that a start of a compliment. In truth, he looked rather startled about liking the cake. He tends to view everything as a disappointment..."
  Jack Aristotle Ubriel / AidoChild / 5y 241d 2h 58m 10s
Nalani looked at him, her eyes not showing any emotion. Whoever said the eyes were a gateway to the soul was wrong, years of trying to hide any emotion would easily change that little phrase. Inside she was hurt. "To go? Oh, uh...sure. I'll get a box..." She said, shaking out of her daze. She took the money, and counted the price, and put the change in the box, and walked back to his table, putting the cake in it. "There you go..."
  ::s:: / _Inspire / 5y 240d 22h 16m 13s
Danny sneered at her when she came. He stood up and pulled out his wallet.
"So, you are good for something after all," he snapped before tossing a good amount of money on the table. He was sure it was more than enough, but he wasn't going to stop to count. He wanted to get out of here for the sake of his pride. He turned and started to walk out of the café.
Jack sighed as he watched Danny go. "Nala," he called lightly. "Would it be possible to take that cake to go? I'm sure he would want to finish it. I'll bring it to him."
  Jack Aristotle Ubriel / AidoChild / 5y 242d 5h 39m 42s
Nala just relaxed a little, and watched the three lone customers in her little café. Seeing and hearing Jack's remark of Danny's silence, she slightly smirked. She felt victorious, and walked over to him. "Is everything to your liking...?" She cooed.
  ::s:: / _Inspire / 5y 245d 57m 36s
Jack thanked Nala before taking a sip. His mood did a drastic spin and he grinned widely. "Oh, wow! This is really good!" He took another sip.
Danny just watched her silently with a smirk while she set what he ordered before him. When she moved away, he looked at the items with distain. Yes, it looked nice, but Danny was notorious for hating anything in the dessert category. Did she really think she could make something that he would like? With a "tch", he picked up his fork and took off a small piece of the cake. Should he humor her y even taking a bite? It would give him more reason to complain and make her miserable if he did... He hesitantly took a bite; his eyes went wide. What he expected was, well, not this. He really did expect it to still be too sweet and for him to hate it. In all honesty... it was really good. He swallowed the bite and debated talking another bite, but his pride won over and he set the fork down as he kept his eyes on the cake.

Jack glanced over to watch his brother. "Ahhh, what's this?" he mused in a low voice. "Danny speechless?"
  Jack Aristotle Ubriel / AidoChild / 5y 245d 6h 20m 44s
Nala came back soon with a perfect looking cake. The texture was right, the color, everything seemed just right. Except it was made with unsweetened chocolate, so it was less sweet and more bitter. "There, this should be to your liking." She said as she balanced a tray with three drinks on top of her head. She reached up and grabbed his drink, setting it down. "Made with black coffee rather than cappachino. Hope you enjoy!" She said with a cute smile before hoisting the tray in to her hands and walking over to her friends. "Here's your drinks guys." She said, and retreated behind the counter.

Aka sat up and took a sip. "Woah!" She cooed, then looked at the other. "Really...I'm sure it's nothing."
  ::N:: / _Inspire / 5y 245d 1h 3m 46s
"I'm sorry too," responded Jack. "I don't know why he acts like this. I mean... he's hated me for as long as I can remember, but he wasn't always this cruel." He tried to think when Danny had jumped from quietly brooding about Jack to downright hating the whole world. He couldn't pinpoint a time or cause.
  Jack Aristotle Ubriel / AidoChild / 5y 343d 11h 26m 34s
Nala smiled. "Don't worry about me," She said to Jack. "He can try all he wants to ruin me but I don't really care what he does or says." She cooed. "I'll be back with the drinks." She said, and hurried off to the kitchen. She knew what she had said was a lie. Anything Danny pulled would stick to her like glue, but she had no choice. She naturally was a mean person.

Aka sighed a bit, and laid her head on the table. "I'm sorry about your brother."
  ::N:: / _Inspire / 5y 344d 2h 48m 47s
Danny took a sip of his water and watched her go. She should have watched herself before messing with him.
Jack frowned at Danny before looking up at Nala as she approached. "Caramel Cappuccino milkshake, please," he said before looking back at Danny.
  AidoChild / 5y 344d 6h 9m 31s
Nala closed her eyes, "Yes, master." She said, and went to the kitchen. She gathered some ingredients before returning to her two friends. "Hey guys. Got what you want yet?" She asked.

Aka sighed. "He is. But...It's alright." Aka relpied, before perking up. "Nalani! I will have...the white chocolate mocha. With whipped cream and sprinkles!" She announced. Nala giggled a little. "Of course. And you, Jack?"
  ::N:: / _Inspire / 5y 345d 16m 4s
"Now, now. Watch your tone," replied Danny, leaning back in his chair. "I can make or break this place with a single review. I'm an Ubriel. Your café is in my world now." He let his eyes glance to the menu, not even bothering to touch it. He grinned mischievously. "How about a non-sweet cake? No... too easy. I'll take one of those specials, but make it to my tastes."
Jack let out a small whimper. "Yes... I know. But, he is just being so childish, isn't he?" Jack couldn't even begin to understand how opposite the brothers were from each other.
  Danny Socrates Ubriel / aidochild / 5y 345d 6h 57m 48s
Nala flinched. "There isn't enough money in the world to pay me for calling you that all the time." She said. "IS there anything else you would like to order...?" She asked, quickly biting her tongue and forcing a smile. She had to be nice, she wanted the café to do well.

Aka closed her eyes. "I know how he can be, but we can't always be glued to Nalani's hip to save the day. She can handle herself, she's been through more than the both of us."
  ::N:: / _Inspire / 5y 345d 10h 55m 49s
Danny stared at her when she called him master. He suddenly burst out laughing. It wasn't a very cheery laugh at all, but Jack was still shocked to hear it. Danny didn't laugh that hard, ever.
"Master, huh? That is definitely a title I could get used to from you. You can be like my little pet." The words were laced with sweet venom. He felt sure he was winning this round.

Uneasily, Jack sat back down. "But my brother... who knows how far he'll go."
  Danny Socrates Ubriel / AidoChild / 5y 345d 11h 22m 20s

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