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::: Welcome to the Blue Tavern :::

We are in need of members. Please, consider joining. This will be a group roleplay. My only recommendation is to be able to spell and use grammar correctly [for the most part; everyone makes mistakes].


Owner: TheStreetlightAngel

Bartender: Taken by TheGallowsMaster

Live Music [Up to 3]: 2 Open, TheStreetlightAngel

Cook: Taken by Narutogeek02

Regulars [Up to 5]: 3 Open, 2 Taken



Name, Age, 5 personality traits, sexual orientation.

Staff and Occupants


Name: Rose Envy, known as Thorn.

Age: 23

Personality: Smart, Quick Witted, Reserved about herself, but social on other topics, Easy to get along with, Smarter than she looks.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.


Name: Jamus

Age: 25

Personality: Witty, Flirtatious, Sneaky, Short Fused, Curious.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.


Name: Matty

Age: 19

5 personality traits:goofy, weird, slightly anti social unless approached, easily angered, and forgiveful.

Sexual Orientation: Straight


Name: Leroy or Roy

Age: 21

5 Personality Traits: Teasing, Wise, Vain, Peculiar, Elegant

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Name: Madison 'Matt'

Age: 22

Personality: She tends to become bored easily and has high self-esteem, yet will take certain things wrongly. Impulsive behavior at random times. Independent. Can be quite sarcastic to people she doesn't like.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name Avani

Age 23

Personality; Avani is a sweet type of person, but she can also be aggressive. She cloaks this with being nice and laid back. She can be friendly or be rude. In basic words, she's unpredictable at times.

Sexual orientation; Bisexual.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

She sighed again and took the liquid and smiled up at him, "Thanks..." she took a few sips before setting it down, looking into the glass aimlessly.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 325d 9h 44m 53s
"I feel like that is a lie." he says as he moves a bit closer to her, "Meh, I won't pry." he smiles at her, passing her a yellow liquid. "Lemon flavored whisky." he smirks.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 325d 10h 1m 16s
Thorn thought briefly about telling Jamus what was going on, but she didn't want to worry instead she just said, "I was getting some air, I guess." Smiling up at him she sat down and spun on a stool absently.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 325d 10h 52m 2s
Jamus hadn't really left the tavern since Thorn had left the not for him to watch it, it just didn't feel right without anyone here. "Hey Kiddo, glad you could make it." he says as he walks down the stairs. "I've just been staying in the emergency guest room, hope you don't lay me off." he laughs slightly as he moves to the back of the counter.

"Where did you run off to?" he asks softly.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 341d 6h 47m 57s
After her brief absence from the Tavern, Rose walked in and sighed quietly. She didn't want to leave the tavern. But she got ill, and didn't want anyone to know, so she just left a note for Jamus to take care of the place. That was a week ago.

Now, walking back in, she put her best smile on her face and walked up to the bar.
  Rose "Thorn" Envy / TheStreetlightAngel / 5y 341d 23h 35m 37s
Ace walked up to the Blue Tavern, but the door was locked. He looked in the window and noticed that all of the lights were off, so he let out a sigh. He leaned against the wall. It was raining pretty hard, but the way the roof was slanted above him, he wasn't getting hit by much. How can I fix the problem I have with him? He thought to himself, before walking off with a frown on his face. Oh how he longed for another night with something to do.

He didn't go home that night, instead, he went to a motel that wasn't far from the Tavern and stayed there for the night. The price wasn't bad, so he thought he would get away from his hell hole, that he called home, for once. Not that a motel was much better, but he was away from his parents and that is all that mattered.
  Ace. / MrKiNgOfSpAdEs / 5y 363d 19h 13m 13s
"Vampire?" She gave him a questioning look as her face flushed from the alcohol intake. She leaned back and waited for his answer.
  Avani / kizusama / 5y 364d 4h 54m 37s
He laughed slightly as he poured more of the drink for himself, finishing the glass and then laying on the counter softly. "The world is a vampire." he laughed as he curled up into a ball.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 364d 7h 11m 39s
She squeaked as she tried to look at her nose, "It's fine, you thought I was Thorn, huh?" She had seen him do it to her before. Concluding the drink he had consumed earlier was starting to kick in, she poked his arm.
  Avani / kizusama / 5y 364d 7h 20m 23s
"You know, it could be challenging, many people have unique taste when it comes to drinks, just know your drink and be nice." he smiles at her, reaching up and lightly thumping he nose as he was used to doing to Thorn. "I'm so sorry, for a, nevermind, I'm sorry."
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 364d 7h 27m 30s
Avani wasn't much of a drinker, yes, she was a light weight. But the only affect alcohol had on her was that she became less talkative. "I've always wanted to be a bartender.. Seems fun and sociable."
  Avani / kizusama / 5y 364d 7h 35m 13s
"If I told you I didn't try, I would be lying to you." he spoke as he rolled his finger around his glass, taking another sip as the bar around him started to get a little hazy once more. He started to blush a bit, his face getting hot as he finished his drink.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 364d 7h 39m 33s
She looked down at her cup, "Honey, eh? Not much of a fan of honey.." With a shrug she tilted her cup back along with her head and took a big gulp, "You have a way with your drinks, Jamus.
  Avani / kizusama / 5y 364d 7h 56m 43s
"You know, the typical fixings to knock you out." he laughed as he took a large sip of it. "Lovely whiskey mixed with honey and watermelons." he said as he folded his arms, bending down and taking another sip from the cup.
  Jamus / TheGallowsMaster / 5y 364d 8h 7m 55s
"I prefer the word.. off." She snickered and rested her elbows on the counter, "Maybe, just depends what you gave me." She peered down at her drink, curious of what he did give her.
  Avani / kizusama / 5y 364d 8h 18m 51s

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