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The 'Trainers Elite' boarding school has been open for many years. It is a school dedicated to helping Pokemon trainers learn of Pokemon and lets them train. Each trainer must have one pokemon with them at all times, and up to five others in pokeballs. The Students board in rooms for two and go to normal classes as well as ones for pokemon.

Something strange has been taking place at the school for the past several years. The students are tested and if they pass they are moved to another area where they only train their pokemon and themselves. 4-8 students are moved over time and soon find out why they are being isolated.

They inhabit strange abilities and are going to be used for reasons yet unknown. War is suspected by some but others are clueless. Soon the time comes and they find they are going to be sent to start a new Pokemon war. Will they help the people wanting to use them, or fight back? The group must choose, and they split up.

Abilities for each person
communicate with pokemon or Morph into a pokemon
Use pokemon moves

1. No godmoding or powerplaying
2. Use correct grammar and punctuation.
3. Tell me if you're going to be away
4. Post when your on, but give other people a chance to post
5. If you haven't posted within 5 days you will receive a warning for a 2 day notice, if you don't post within those days you will be kicked
6. Once someone has a pokemon, no one else can have the same one
7. Everyone must have one starter pokemon and the rest nonstarters
8. If you double you must have one of each ability

Pokemon in party:
Pokemon's move list
1. Pokemon moves:
Rooms with:

Username: Ever-Dream
Name: Daisuke Valor
Nickname: Dai
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Pokemon in party: Umbreon, Flygon, Growlithe, Vaporeon, Poochyena, Grovyle
Pokemon's move list
1. Grovyle: Leaf Blade, False Swipe, Leaf Storm, Dig
2. Umbreon: Feint attack, Tackle, Shadow Ball, Hyper beam
3. Growlithe: Flame Wheel, Flame Burst, Heat Wave, Flare Blitz
4. Vaporeon: Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Ice beam
5. Poochyena: Bite, Assurance, Sucker punch, Crunch
6. Flygon: Fly, Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Earth Power,
1. Pokemon moves: Thunder fang, Discharge, Double Kick, Pin Missile
2. Morphs into Jolteon
Rooms with:
Bio: Daisuke was always in foster care, his father died when he was two and his mother died only a year later. His father left him Umbreon and his mother left him Vaporeon. He choose a treecko from the professor, and he started a journey and caught his other pokemon. He found his abilities when he was being bullied, He almost killed the older boy. In his fear and confusion he found he could transform into a Jolteon and he ran away from his foster home. He soon was found by one of the boarding school’s teachers and was taken there. He hid the fact he was different, but before long he found others like him. He doesn’t think he should help start a war.

Username: Ever-Dream
Name: Shark Ravenwolf
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokemon in party: Buizel, Dewott, Glaceon, Kabotops, Avalugg, Mamoswine
Pokemon's move list
1. Buizel: Surf, Dive, Whirlpool, Icebeam
2. Dewott: Razor Shell, Water pulse, Waterfall, Blizzard
3. Glaceon: Frost Breath, Icy Wind, Ice Fang, Ice Shard
4. Kabotops: Aqua Jet, Scald, Rain Dance, Ice Beam
5. Avalugg: Ice Ball, Ice Fang, Powder Snow, Frost Breath
6. Mamoswine: Ice Fang, Powder Snow, Ice Beam, Hail
1. Pokemon moves: Aqua jet, Aqua Tail, Scald, Hydropump
2. communicates with Pokemon
Rooms with:
Bio: Shark has a dark past that few know about, He is distant and apathetic. When training his pokemon he and his pokemon are brutal towards their opponents. He is only truly nice to his pokemon, but he acts differently towards different people. When he finds about the war he doesn’t say his thoughts, he just follows the others, but soon it becomes clear he has other motives.

Name: Blaze Ferreira
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon in party: Charmeleon, Litleo, Vulpix, Magmar, Torkoal. Houndour
Pokemon's move list
1. Charmeleon: Slash, Dragon Rage, Flamethrower, Crunch
2. Litleo: Noble Roar, Extrasensory, Take Down, Fire Fang
3. Vupix: Fire Spin, Feint Attack, Confuse Ray, Quick Attack
4. Magmar: Fire Blast, Clear Smog, Sunny Day, Thunderpunch
5. Torkoal: Eruption, Smog, Smokescreen, Lava Plume
6. Houndour: Bite, Fire Fang, Pursuit, Howl
1. Pokemon moves: Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Fire Fang, Flare Blitz, Flame Charge
2. Morphs into Flareon
Rooms with:
Bio: Mysterios and callous. Blaze doesn't seem to care about the world. He wants to be stronger and fire is the only power he deems worthy to get him there. No one knows his true intentions and when asked about his Magmar. He is callous and dismissive. Will the fire consume him, or will he gloriously burn for righteousness? Only time will tell.

Name: Katja Demoros
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Pokemon in party: Greninja, Zweilous, Drapion, Absol, Sableye, Weavile
Pokemon's move list
1. Greninja: Acrobatics, Smokescreen, Spikes, Dark Pulse
2. Zweilous: Facade, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Dragon Pulse
3. Drapion: Toxic Spikes, Venoshock, Night Slash, Poison Jab
4. Absol: Sucker Punch, Razor Wind, Shadow Claw, Return
5. Sableye: Shadow Ball, Foul Play, Dark Pulse, Poison Jab
6. Weavile: Blizzard, Focus Blast, Night Slash, Dark Pulse
1. Pokemon moves: Foul Play, Dark Pulse, Night Daze, Payback
2. Changes into Bisharp.
Rooms with:
Bio: Katja was raised in a very strict household by her grandfather. As her only family left he was all she had and she followed his rules and direction easily. Over the years she was taught leadership and discipline however her social skills plummeted as she was held within a militant standpoint, seeing everything with a strategic eye. With her grandfathers passing at the age of sixteen she set off on her own, using the ability she had learned of so long ago she disappeared. For months she spent her time in the wild, battling and catching pokemon, training them to fight with intellect rather than instincts. Eventually she was caught outside a town shifting between forms, and was detained for days before being shipped off to the boarding school.

Name: Hanako Yamanari
Nickname: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokemon in party: Ninetales, Gengar , Lucario , Dragonite , Garchomp , Amurott
Pokemon's move list
1. Ninetales Flash Fire,Flamethrower,Hypnosis,Dark Pulse
2. Gengar:Shadow Ball ,Giga Drain , Thunderbolt , Focus Blast
3. Lucario:Swords Dance , Hi Jump Kick , Shadow Claw , Ice Punch
4. Dragonite:Thunder , Surf , Roost , Hurricane
5. Garchomp:Outrage , Substitue , Sword Dance , Earthquake
6. Amurott: Surf , Ice Beam , Air Slash , Grass Knot
1. Pokemon Moves: Foul Play , Feint Attack , Night Daze , Pursuit
2.She's able to transform into a Zorua
Rooms with:
Bio: Hanako was a well-manared girl ,getting the chance to explore the world with her mothers Ninetales,that she didn't needed after her death.So she began traveling through the country an everywhere,and stopped at the school to learn more about Pokemon.She'd always go away,though to train her well-beloved Pokemon.She seems actually like a stereo-type trainer,but there is a secret,which makes her completely off.Nobody knows it yet.


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Roleplay Responses

Blaze was out in the yard battling with the younger students.... again.

"Magmar! Fire Blast!" The younger boy's Bulbasaur..... well.... you get the picture. Blaze laughed and walked away. "Better luck next time punk."

As he headed back toward the school satisfied with his recent, minor achievement. His pokemon studies teacher approached him.

"Blaze. You didn't turn in your assignment on Pokemon classifacation."

"Oh yeah, I've got it right here. Sorry teach." He took his backpack off and gave a nod to Magmar. Magmar roared and the engulfed Blaze in a Massive Fire Blast.

The teacher screamed. "Blaze!!"

Blaze stood there, incinerated backpack in hand. Charcoal coating all over his face.

"Whoops." He said.

The teacher so startled begin to say "Oh it's okay don't worry about it, we should get you to the infirmary. Are you okay???"

"Can I just take class off."

"Of Course, of course. Head to the infirmary if you need."

"Thanks teach."

"Success" he thought as he headed to the dorm to play games for the rest of the day.

"Thanks Pops." He patted Magmar on the head and smiled. "Today's gonna be a good day."
  Blaze Ferriera / radicallimit / 6y 265d 4h 13m 59s
Listening to the teacher ramble on about battle techniques Katja peered out the window, idly jotting down the odd sentence or two. She'd already learned this information when she was younger and it was like all that same knowledge was being regurgitated out of the teachers mouth despite the fact that most of it was rather simple. Geist sat on the floor to her right leaning against her desk staring at the other students, its current victim glanced at the creature before quickly looking away, causing the Sableye to flash a horrific grin of pointed teeth.

The sound of the door creaking open caused her to look away from the window to see Shark coming in, late as usual. Rolling her eyes she focused on the teacher who was now going over the type chart in depth, explaining how it worked when a pokemon had more than one type.

This went on for another forty-five minutes or so and then class was dismissed, packing up her things she rose from her desk stopping to extend a hand to Geist. When the pokemon had climbed up her arm and settled on her shoulder she made her way out of the room and into the hall, it was bustling with other trainers and their pokemon making their way to lunch.

Not really hungry she made her way outside, the sun shone down from above heating the cool air. Picking a spot that held few other students Katja took a seat under a large tree, her Sableye climbing from her shoulder up into the branches where it terrorized a nesting Pidgey.
  Katja Demoros / Heartless / 6y 280d 15h 51m 42s
Daisuke listened to the teacher, taking notes. His Poochyena, Seer, lay at his feet. He always was seen with Seer, other students might swap which pokemon stays out of the pokeball, but for him it was always Seer. He would happily tell you about his pokemon, and the people who asked about Seer were told that the Poochyena saved his life one time, they became friends and partners, if you were a good friend of his, and maybe not even then, you'd know Seer had no pokeball, Daisuke never caught him in one. They both have a strong respect for the other and their levels of trust are extraordinary.

He lifted her head as Shark walked into the room, only allowing himself to be distracted for a moment or two, He looked back to his papers, looking them over as the teacher quietly lectured Shark before returning to the lesson.
  Ever-Dream / 6y 281d 16h 1m 56s
Shark leaned against a wall, watching students go through the hallway. His Buizel, Akuma stood at his side. The edges of his lips curled into a frown, he looked to his pokemon. "Another day in paradise" He muttered sarcastically. Most people could be seen talking to their pokemon, but none were seen talking to it as if it were talking back. This labeled him as a freak, but he could care less what others thought of him.

He stood up and patted Akuma's head. "Fine, Lets go to class, I'm already in enough trouble for all the skipping" The two walked into the classroom third period was held. Lunch was next, then battle classes. He sat down quietly and put his feet on the desk.
  Shark / Ever-Dream / 6y 285d 13h 55m 15s

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