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Smiling as she heard the giggle, thinking it was rather cute, Irina shrugged, "I don't know what I'd call it. Acoustic-punk-alternative type things." she smiled a bit, eyes alight, "Guitar, piano, and my voice. Those are all I had for a long time, so I'm sticking to them." Her mind wandered back to when she first started playing, leading up to the day she moved out. She took her guitar, keyboard, and about 3 outfits with her when she left.

She laughed aloud to herself as she remembered how dumb she was, but she didn't regret anything. She got by plenty well enough to provide more clothes for herself. She'd never had much of an issue.

She was gifted with a voice like a seraphim, and the quick learning skills on any instrument she touched...and she knew it. Age age 13 she couldn't even sing better than a screaming baby...but as soon as she turned 15, her voice started to melt into something more. Something smooth. Something good. So she appreciated it.

She crossed her arms as she looked over to Leah, "I want to eventually attend music awards, but that'll be a while." she grinned broadly, picturing it as well.

"As for family and friends..? Eh, a few friends. My family is back in this little town..." she laughed gently, "I don't see them much."
  Irina / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 1d 9h 52m 36s
Leah giggled, understanding the thought process behind it. Not every girl on a pole had father issues, and not every singer on the street had a sad backstory. Of course, it sounded as if Irina didn't have to worry about singing on the streets for her supper. It was impressive to Leah.
"What kinds of music do you write," she said, eyes sparkling with curiosity. The woman next to her seemed so mature. She even looked more mature compared to Leah. Leah was small, and not so well-endowed, and she did have a very youthful face. A lot of people guessed her to be barely out of high school. Leah was actually twenty-four.

"It sounds glamorous," Leah admitted. "I could almost imagine you in a pretty dress on a red carpet though. You would totally look the part." She sighed enviously at Irina. The other woman was much more beautiful in her eyes, someone who actually looked her age and was a little bit successful.
"Do you have any family or friends in New York?" she asked the woman.
  [L] [E] [A] [H] / FreshFace / 6y 3d 7h 59m 38s
She grinned, "I'll be trying to get my music out there, I suppose." she smiled gently as she crossed her arms over her chest, one leg over her knee, "Surprisingly, I've got a medium-sized fanbase already." she modestly rubbed the back of her head, eyes closing as she laughed.

She'd been into music since a young age, and decided it was what she wanted to do. She tried to make a promise to herself that she wouldn't ever settle down in a stupid factory line job, or something of that sort. She didn't want it to suck the life out of her.

"I usually just play in the subway or something. People either pity me or think that tips will get me to love them, so, I usually get a decent sum." she grinned again, a small laugh escaping her lips.
  Irina / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 5d 1h 53m 13s
Leah was surprised and happy to see the kind woman was sitting next to her. She couldn't have wished for a better neighbor on a plane. And she was even further delighted by Irina's kind offer to take her in. It wasn't like Leah couldn't get a job quickly. She wouldn't be a bother at all, and she wouldn't have to navigate a big, terrifying city alone.
"That sounds great," she said as she strapped her seatbelt on. The plane began to push back, and as it took to the sky, Leah watched the world grow smaller under her feet. It made her feel superior and powerful, to be so high up. It may seem strange to feel that way, but her last relationship ended with a feeling as if she were crashing down from a high. Leah turned back to the woman.

"What will you be doing while you're in New York?" She asked conversationally. Most people had pretty conventional jobs. Leah would have one too. At least, it would seem conventional to her. She grew up around dancers, and while she wasn't flaunting skills in ballet or tap, she could easily show them on a pole or a stage.
Of course, there was no way on Earth she would try and explain that to this kind woman. It would be so embarrassing!
  [L] [E] [A] [H] / FreshFace / 6y 5d 22h 14m 58s
Irina smiled a bit, thinking of inviting her to stay with her. A lot of motels were sketchy - scratch that...ALL motels were sketchy in New York. After checking in her bag and bringing her carry-on with her, she found her seat and sat down, smiling to herself as she saw Leah next to her.

"Well, fancy seeing you here." she grinned, taking this as a sign to have her stay at her place. "So..." she started, not even waiting for a response, "If you want, you can stay at my place for a while." she smiled kindly at the woman, "Hotels in New York can be scary things, you know." she laughed, remembering her first stay in New York. She'd been followed back to the hotel by some guy and locked her door behind her, not leaving for two days.

And even then, she only left because she was out of food.

"If you'd rather stay at the motel, that works. But just remember, it's an option." she smiled brightly and took out a small book.
  Irina / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 6d 10h 14m 19s
Leah was about to nod. She was going to explain her situation fully. A friend in New York offered her a place to stay until she was on her own two feet. She was set to stay there for a few months at least. However, she didn't say that. Instead, she looked down at her feet and lied.
"Just checking into a motel when I get there," she said. Why she had lied was beyond her. It wasn't as if her friend had a bad reputation or lived in a ratty apartment. Leah had a small hope though. It seemed stupid, but there was a small hope that this woman might offer her at least a night in a place other than a cheap motel. Even that would be enough for Leah to "get in contact with a friend".

She picked up her suitcase and held it close to her chest. "We should get out bags checked in," she said, headed toward the desk to board her flight. After her bag checked out, she was sent ahead to her seat. It was one by the window. She had made sure to get a window seat. Watching the world shrink away was fascinating to the young woman.
Leah wondered who her neighbor would be. Would it be the other woman she had just met? Irina... That was her name. It sounded very beautiful.
  [L] [E] [A] [H] / FreshFace / 6y 6d 11h 17m 18s
Irina couldn't help but smile at the girl's shyness. "You are more than welcome," the corners of her lips were turned up in a simple, yet pretty, smile as she looked over to the flight board, then back to the other woman. She smiled again, the odd fact that she only had one dimple becoming evident.

"And thank you very much." She grinned, blushing a light pink. She didn't receive many compliments, so she meant the thanks when she gave them. The last person to tell her she had a pretty ANYTHING was her mother - and they hadn't spoken for 4 years.

She really couldn't blame anyone but herself, though. She left at age 17 - emancipated - and didn't speak to her mother for 2 years. Her father had been abusive, and her mother had let him...so she ignored both of them for a long time. She only recently started talking to her mother again, but only because she left her father.

Looking back at Leah she smiled, "I've got a piece of crap apartment waiting for me." she let out a perfect laugh - slightly breathy and a little high, "Do you have a place?" she asked back.
  Irina / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 7d 2h 3m 47s
Leah blushed and immediately covered her grassy green eyes. It was a habit to try and modestly cover what seemed to have been attracting attention. It was an ironic habit considering her former job was to show off what attracted attention. The Leah on stage verses the Leah off stage was a completely different person though. It was a persona that took over when she dawned an outfit for a strip tease or danced with a pole.
"Um, thank you," she murmured. She looked back at the woman, removing her hand. "Your eyes are very pretty too. I'm Leah." She held out her hand for a handshake now. It trembled just a little, and then snapped back completely as her flight was called to board.

"That's us, I guess," she said. Leah picked up her suitcase and waited for the girl to also stand. "Do you have a place to stay in New York?" she asked. It was a spur of the moment request, and one she doubted she would have to worry about. Who flew half way across the country without a place to stay? Well... Aside from Leah herself almost handing in that position.
  [L] [E] [A] [H] / FreshFace / 6y 8d 1h 38m 39s
She nodded, understanding heartbreak but not wanting to focus the attention on herself. She listened to the inquiries of the woman and smiled, "I just...I never stay in one place for too long," she said, easily. "I guess I didn't find what I was looking for in this city." she blushed, never finding anything she wanted.

Nodding to herself she looked back to the woman, noticing that she had rather pretty features. She decided to tell her, "You have lovely eyes." she said, smiling kindly at the girl.

She was serious, too. She already was liking this girl, seeing as she was more willing than most city folk to talk to someone she hardly knew.
  Irina / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 8d 1h 43m 46s
Leah was a little relieved. She might not be traveling alone either. The other woman looked more inviting to talk to than anyone else, but maybe that was because she also looked more prepared than Leah. Leah had simply purchased her ticket the weekend before and had spent the entire week preparing. It was why she seemed to be a mess. Even a little flustered.
"Just a little heart break," she said. It wasn't an entire lie. Her last lover had left her, but it wasn't the only reason to leave. Her lover had left her, taken her cat, trashed the apartment, and had sent a few negative influences into her life. Men would hang around and harass her, and Leah had found some unfriendly notes left inside her apartment. Not by the door, not through a broken window, but inside the apartment with the door unlocked and never forced open.

"What could make you sick of Chicago?" she asked. "This city isn't half bad." It wasn't a place that was easy to leave anyway. Chicago had been her home for a few years. It was a familiar place for her.
  [L] [E] [A] [H] / FreshFace / 6y 8d 1h 58m 56s
Noticing the wetness of the girl's eyes, Irina sighed softly. Deciding it was best not to bring it up, she smiled at the question she was asked, "I was going to, yes." she sighed again and looked the girl in the eyes, "Just tired of it here..." she stated.

The girl seemed to be rather sad, upset on the inside even though she was smiling and speaking to Irina now...she felt like there was something wrong. She didn't want to pry and/or upset the girl, so she smiled.

"Why are you leaving Chicago?" she asked, trying to make conversation with the woman, running a hand through her own hair as she smiled - bright and inviting were the two words to best describe how she looked right now. She adjusted her shirt slightly while she sat, and she smiled again, waiting on the answer.
  Irina / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 8d 2h 16m 3s
"Excuse me, miss..." Leah hadn't expected to be given much attention. This was an airport after all, and if there was one thing you learned to do at an airport, it was to ignore anything that started to cry. Leah turned quickly, a little started by the woman, and knocked over the suitcase at her feet. She blushed and picked it up, rubbing her eyes in the process. "Sorry," she murmured. "I didn't mean to disturb you." Leah smiled and wiped her eyes, acting as if nothing were wrong. In truth, it wouldn't take much to get her in tears again.
She was a baby at heart it seemed. She had always been a pushover, incapable of telling a person no, or brushing someone aside. Even at work, she might end the night with fifty promises to call a different man. Not that she ever did call them, but she didn't turn them down either.

And she was easily hurt. Anythong and everything was a slight. She was paranoid, and unable to stop hesitating when it was something she wanted. It was a sad definition of her character, but she didn't want anything else. "Going to New York?" she asked, trying to distract herself from such depressing thoughts. Maybe if she made a friend before the flight, it would give her courage! Leah clinged to that hope.
  [L] [E] [A] [H] / FreshFace / 6y 8d 2h 21m 48s
Irina walked into the airport and sighed deeply, putting one headphone in her ear. She was always wandering around, even when she had places to be. Humming along to one of her favorite songs, she smiled softly. She knew her friends would give her crap for moving again, but she tried to brush it off. Screw what they think... she thought to herself.

Sitting down on a seat, she couldn't help but spot a girl sitting close to her, her knees pulled to her petite-looking chest. She sighed, and being who she was, went to speak to her. She gently spoke, in case the girl didn't see her right away.

"Excuse me, miss..." she started, standing from her seat to move the one chair down to sit next to the blonde, letting her slim frame slide into the seat with ease. She sat cross-legged as she brushed a piece of hair from her eyes.

She almost regretted speaking to the woman...what if she thought she was intrusive? Or rude...But there was no going back now.
  Irina / TheStreetlightAngel / 6y 8d 2h 38m 15s
Long and slender fingers trembled as Leah, once again, hesitated. Wasn't the reason she was sitting broken-hearted in an airport right then? Anxiety seemed to grip it's greedy hands around her heart as she continued to contemplate her escape. She could always stay. The club would give her back her job! It wasn't as if she wasn't making them money all the time anyway, having been one of the more popular dancers. She could stay with a friend until she was back on her feet. She could get her cat back!
Leah pulled her heavy sweater tighter around her with one hand, and tucked loose strands of her short blond hair behind her ear with the other. "What if.... What if..." she muttered to herself. It was one of the more common phrases in her script.

She pulled her knees up to her chest as she waited for her flight to board. Nothing else kept her here. She could find another job in New York City. She had a friend willing to take her in until she was on her feet. She could adopt a new kitten... And hopefully a change of scenery could mean a change of heart as well. She wouldn't be so timid forever, right?
She didn't cry, but Leah could feel the prick of tears in her eyes. She was embarrassed, considering she was dressed in sweats and seeming a complete mess.
  [L] [E] [A] [H] / FreshFace / 6y 8d 2h 46m 44s

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