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So I'm really craving a few plots. I just need someone to do them with me! I would prefer someone who could help the plot go along, make things happen, bring in NPCs for a bit, and post at least a minimum of one to two well written paragraphs, if not more. <3

1: I always enjoy a girl/abusive boyfriend. Though at once point I would want him to have a change of heart, so it wouldn't remain that way forever.

2: Something much like the movie "The Vow". Basically our characters would be engaged or newly married, they get into a car accident on the way to a date, or perhaps on the day your boy was going to propose. My character loses her memories and it's about him trying to help her and win her heart once more.

3: My character would be an exotic dancer, but she's not just any exotic dancer. She only does the job cause she needs money and this is the only way she can make it with her past and current position. One day, she falls in love only to have her heart broken. Then, she takes to the bars, gets drunk and meets your character who happens to be a local popular musician, who's JUST making it into the big times . Turns out, my character ends up preggers and tells him about it. From there we'd just make it up as we go.

May add more later

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