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Naruto Uzumaki is now 21 and has reached his dreams and became Hokage of Leaf Village when Tsunade retired. It has been a mere year since he had received the title and he is loved and admired by everyone in the village. Yet as the dawn of his second year as Hokage approaches, danger begins to appear through the lands and many villages suffer terrible loses. It seems that the Leaf will be the next to suffer but Naruto won't allow his village to fall. Will he and the one person he has come to love be able to protect their village with their friends. Or like his father before him, will Naruto give his life to keep his village and comrades safe?

Sakura's become much more kind over the years, much has happened and now he's unsure if he should still try to go for her or give up. It's been so long, but now that she was being nice, maybe it would be a good chance.


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~Romance and Drama needed!
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He takes the cherry in to his mouth then smiles
And said"does it still hurt."
  Drako / gaurdian / 10y 79d 13h 22m 47s
Sakura giggled a little and popped one of the cherries in her mouth and held one up for him.
  ~Sakura Haruno~ / Islyn / 10y 97d 17h 10m 42s
  Drako / gaurdian / 10y 100d 11h 37m 27s

  ~Sakura Haruno~ / Islyn / 10y 100d 12h 54m 4s
"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl."He starts
To blush "you know I always like you even when we
Were kids.""Ooo,you can eat the cherry there sweet
Like you."
  Drako / gaurdian / 10y 101d 6h 43m 27s
Sakura blushed a little as she took the flowers and smiled at him "Thank you Naruto" She said as she looked down at them.
  ~Sakura Haruno~ / Islyn / 10y 101d 7h 1m 24s
"Here there yours you can eat the cherrys."
He then gives them to her "its a beautiful
Name and not just because of the flowers."
  Drako / gaurdian / 10y 101d 7h 3m 13s
Sakura smiled a little and chuckled. "They're really pretty" She said looking at the flowers he held out.
  ~Sakura Haruno~ / Islyn / 10y 101d 7h 19m 10s
He looks at her with a smile "do you Know the
Meaning of yours." he then pulls out some flowers
With cherry's in them"its cherry blossom."
  Drako / gaurdian / 10y 101d 7h 20m 43s
Sakura chuckled a little and looked at him "Random much?" she said before sticking her tongue out at him before giggling and pulling back a little and smiling.
  ~Sakura Haruno~ / Islyn / 10y 101d 7h 33m 24s
He opens his eyes and said "do you will to
Something funny,the meaning of my name is
A powerful whirlpool.
  Drako / gaurdian / 10y 101d 7h 35m 10s
After a while she pulled away again and rest her forehead against his, closing her eyes and smiling a little.
  ~Sakura Haruno~ / Islyn / 10y 101d 11h 31m 50s
At that moment he remembers all of the stupid
Things he did and thanks himself on growing up
Because if he didn't this would have never happen.
  Drako / gaurdian / 10y 101d 11h 36m 35s
Sakura was a little shocked she was doing this, back when they were kids she wouldn't have... She was always so mean to him. Now though, she realized it was cause she didn't want to admit anything, show weakness but thankfully she didn't care anymore.
  ~Sakura Haruno~ / Islyn / 10y 101d 11h 43m 38s
Naruto blushed and kissed her back as he moves
Hands slowly to her hips.
  Drako / gaurdian / 10y 101d 11h 45m 8s

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