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A strange tower in the woods, far from the village, has been hidden from sight by villagers for many years. That was until a young man from the village accidentally stumbled upon it and finds something, or someone, that piques his interest.

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Bello smiled at the introduction before the small green lizard was held out to him. He looked at it curiously before taking Pascal in his hand gently.

"I've never seen a lizard like this..." said Bello, interest deep in his tone. "Hello, Pascal." Bello looked over his shoulder at his horse. "That's Philippe." Philippe tossed his head a little as he heard his name.

Suddenly, the excitement in the blonde seemed to swell up again and Bello listened to him with a growing smile. He wasn't sure why, but Reinpunzel was kind of a joy to be around. Bello hoped they would become friends.

"My village isn't too exciting, I'm afraid," chuckled Bello. "But if you want to see it..." His eyes glanced up at the tall tower behind Reinpunzel before looking back down at the male. "It will be a short trip this time. I wouldn't want your mother to worry."
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Reinpunzel listend the brunette with a nod,once the name was heard he smiled and sat up straight. "It"s nice to meet you Bello. My name is Reinpunzel." A smile perked from either side of his lips as he then looked at the horse that was a little bit aways,grazing. The blonde's eyes nearly sparkled as he closely watched the intereatibg creature eat the grass. Grabbing pascal off his shoulder,he brought his attention up towards Bello."This is Pascal." Reinpunzel smiled as he offerd the male to hold Pascal with a slight gesture.

Something about Bello was rather trustworthy. Bello seemed like the type that one would want to call a close friend. Hopefully Reinpunzel and Bello could grow to be friends."Bello!" The blonde quickly thought of an idea."We should go on an adventure,like in those books!" His body quickly stood as he thought. "Maybe even to your village! Please,please!" The man begged the brunette. His eyes were gazing up at the male with near puppy eyes. Reinpunzel was a few inches shorter then Bello.

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Bello was sure he could never get his hair that long, even with refraining from cutting it. Still, he doubted he would look as becoming as this man with long hair.

He watched the male, first, prance around then grow upset. He shifted from one to the other so quickly, it was almost comical. Bello tried to keep in a chuckle.

"I'm sure she won't mind you coming out here for a little while, and you can go back up without troubling her," he said, trying to reassure him. Bello's father was way different from this mother. He was always eager for discovery. And this mother... his mother... him... Bello had forgotten something. Also, maybe the change in subject would help out with the other's shifting moods.

"Please, forgive me," said Bello with a friendly smile. "My name is Bello. I'm from a village nearby."
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His eyes blinked as the burnette kneeled next to him. The male's expression was that of Reinpunzel hadn't seen. He watched thr man closesly,hearing what he had to say. Shifting his hair to either side of his face to move it out of his eyes,he slightly nodded."Mother never let me cut it." He spoke out before averting his eyes to the side. What else was the blonde to say? How weird would it be if he were just to say,' I have magicial hair.' Well,the blonde guessed really weird. Reinpunzel then brought himself to sit up on the grassy patch,a smile pressed to his lips."Thanks you." He said partly about the compliment,and partly because he was finally out of the tower.

Shifting his feet,he stood from the grass,and grabbed nearly all of his ten feet long hair. Bundleing it all up into a thick bundle,he started to nearly skip in circles throwing patches of his long hair into the air. "Best day ever!" He called out ,as he continued to skip around happily,throwing his hair all about. He then stopped with a worrisome expression. Grabbing a strand of his hair,he bit down nervously. "But- what if mother finds out I came outside?" Reinpunzel first said. He shrugged his shoulders then let his hair go once again."Oh she won't find out. She'll be gone for days!" He exclaimed out,as he started to skip once again. He stopped yet again and started to worry only more. "She's going to find out! What have I done? I'm the worst son ever." Reinpunzel slumped against the tower in an almost sulking matter. Another second passed,and he ran around the other male quickly. "No she won't! She's gone!" He almost hummed as nearly every second he doubted this entire idea,then brought it up in a better manner.

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Bello waited. He wondered what was going on in the man's head. Of course, he wasn't as curious about that as he was about how said man was going to get out of the tower. With a blocked door and a tall window, there had to be some secret entrance or something of that nature, or so Bello thought.

Bello's heart almost stopped when he saw the man climb out with something that looked like long yellow rope.

"Be careful!" he called, worried. I guess that was another way to get out of the tower.

It was until the male was nearly to the bottom that Bello's jaw dropped. The rope wasn't rope; it was hair. Is that what he meant when he talked about his hair? Even as the man lay giggling in the grass, Bello was staring in disbelief. He got down on his knees beside the other, looking at his hair in complete awe.

"Y-your hair... it's so long..." He got the urge to touch it, but refrained from doing so without permission. "I've never seen anyone with hair so long. You're like someone out of a book... It's really amazing."
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Reinpunzel starred down at the brunette. "But-" He began to protest before he quickly stopped. His mouth had slowly closed,as his gaze was re ainmed towards the books he held. What should he do? Wouldn't Mother get mad? These thoughts raced against his mind and heart. Setting the books down,he looked over at Pascal,before his eyes moved over to the small box of art supplies. Reinpunzel was running out of art suppiles,and he wasn't sure where his mother was,so what would be the harm? If he left and came back before she did,he wouldn't get into any trouble,and he really needed to finally get out of the tower. The blonde was eighteen.

The blonde quickly nodded as he went with his thought,a brightsmle pressing agaibst his lips."Come on Pascal!" He grabbed the chameleon,and set him on his shoulder,before throwing his hair up. Without hesitation,he motioned almost a makeshift zipline,as he climbed onto the cill,standing on it. Reinpunzel looked down at the male,as he felt his heart race. Shutting his eyes tightly,he tightly gripped a firm hold of his hair. A small mumbkle escaped his lips,as he took a step over,before vlimbing down the tower.

The blonde continued to motion himself down slowly,until he finally pushed from the tower and swung the res of the way down. Looking down at the grass,he hesitantly set one foot down against it after the other. Once Reinpunzel stood on the grass,he let his hair go,and let his hair follow down after him. Wiggeling his toes,he started to giggle slightly,before he let his body fall down against the grass. A bright smile stayed agains his lips,as he continued to guggle,before his eyes looked up at the brunette.

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Bello listened to the other and he couldn't help but frown. When the stranger disappeared from the window, Bello's heart quickened a little. He really hoped his question hadn't scared the other off. He breathed out a relieved sigh when the other returned with something in his hands. Bello recognized the familiar objects quickly as books.

He almost smiled again hearing the man talk about what was between the pages in the books. Still, the smile couldn't quite get there. This man had no experiences other than what was in books. A faint blush crossed his cheeks. Wasn't that him though too? His nose was always in a book.

He took a moment after the other stopped thinking. Philippe was pawing the ground somewhere nearby.

"Well..." answered Bello. "You and I aren't very different. I don't have many adventures myself. I just experience them through books."

An adventure always sounded lovely to Bello. He wanted a novel romance or a thrilling life all the time.

"But, you should really come outside. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't go outside and read in the open air."
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Reinpunzel's expression went from a questionable one to a rather sad one ,with a broken smile,to the mention that the blonde hadn't lef the tower. His eyes darted tpo the side forr a moment as he answerd the male's question after hearing what a woldf was."Oh." The blonde softly began to speak."And no- I haven't left this tower ever since I was born." He thought for another moment,before adding,"Mother always told me it was to dangerous to go outside. And I never understood why." Reinpunzel then thought of an idea,he ran to the small shelf that held the books he read. Grabbing a few that were there,he ran back over to the window.

Opening one book,Reinpunzel pointed at some of the ideas."Look,in this one,the princess finds a man and they fall in love all without getting into any danger!" Jhe spoke out ,before closing the current one,quickly opening another."And this one,the male he goes on adventures all without any danger following him!" Reinpunzel's eyes almost sparkeld at the thought of leaving the tower only for just an hour,or just to feel the nature for just one second.

"Is the outside fun? And do you ever come across any adventures?" He quickly asked as a smile pressed to his face,staring down at him.)
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Bello gave him a grateful smile. "Thank you." He patted Philippe's neck and the horse let out a soft whinny. Bello guessed the other's mother wasn't very fond of guests. He wanted to know why, but it would be impolite to ask why. If she wanted guests, she wouldn't live so far from the village.

Bello looked down at the ground, looking for a nice place to settle down as Philippe moved off to go back to grazing. Bello looked back up quickly with a shocked expression on his face.

"You don't know what a wolf is?" he asked. "Why, haven't you been outside of that tower?" He looked even more shocked as he thought about the question. "Have you ever been?"

Surely, no one could keep themselves locked up and away from the world.

He let the question drop for a moment. "Well... wolves are pretty dangerous in these woods, especially when they're hungry. These ones are big and grey. I imagine they'd look like the big bad wolf in fairytale books-" Did this man read books? Bello wasn't sure.
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Reinpunzel thought for only a moment.He doesn't want muy hair? A questionable expression ran across his face and he shook his head. Maybe not all people are bad just as his mother told him. To the blonde,the world hadn't seemeddangerous at all. Below the tower was a beautiful grass field with flowers scatterd all around. Reinpunzel didn'tknow what it all felt like. Nature. It seemed that it would be well enoyugh and not dangerous. Besides- his mother should trust him,he was all grown up by now. Well." He spoke."You can stay for now. But you have to leave before mother comes back." He said as he lowerd the frying pan,before he set it on a wooden counter that was near him.

Thinking for another moment,he gave a blink to his eyes. "What is a wolf? Is that a dangerous creature?" He questioned the brunette from below.

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Bello was very taken back, not only about being called a liar, but that the man said he wanted his hair. What would he do with hair anyways? He really hoped this guy wasn't obsessed with his hair like Gaston was with his body. Ugh, why were these guys like this? Bello crossed his arms and half glared up at the man.

"I'm not lying. We could have been hurt! And what would anyone want with hair?"
He softened the look a little and grabbed Philippe's rein.

"I really am sorry for bothering you." He took a look back towards the opening of the woods uneasily. He wasn't sure if darting back into there now was good; the wolves could still be lingering around. Bello was sure it would be safer to stay here until a little later... if this strange person would let him.

"Look... I promise I don't want your... hair. I don't want anything to do with it. Please, at least let us stay here for a while before we go. We can stay down here if you want." He looked nervously over his shoulder again. "Just to make sure the wolves aren't waiting for us."
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Reinpunzel held the pan closer,as he frowned down at the male,holding the black item up. "You shouldn't lie! I know what you're really here for." His frown was pressed against to his expression as he closely watched the male."You're here to take my hair!" He yelled out,keeping his eyes on the brunette. Reinpunzel knew he couldn't trust the other male's words. Mother always told him that the peopls from outside always lied and never had an ounce of truths within themselves. The blonde wasn't sure what to do at the moment. He could still run,but the male would still knoe that he was there. The male would most likely leave and tell others where Reinpunzel was.

Setting Pascal down on the window sill,the chameleon watched the hrunette as well,giving off a sortof glare to the male.

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Bello squinted to see what was in the person's hand as he was answered. If Bello wasn't mistaken, it had the shape and color of a frying pan. He laughed to himself. Why would they be holding a frying pan? Well... maybe they were in the middle of cooking. That would make a lot of sense and wouldn't be all that comical.

The voice was of a male, that much he could figure out after the person spoke. He was a little confused when the other male asked about his "purpose" for being there?

"I'm here by accident, actually," answered Bello. "My horse, Philippe, was scared by some wolves. I guess we ended up here." He gave a light laugh before getting a curious look in his eye. "Do you... do you live here, by chance?"
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He was noticed! What was he supposed to do now? He couldn'yt run.. iIt was alreasy too late for that,as the burnette had striked up somewhat of a coversation. Reinpunzel began to shake with excitement. He brought his body up in a straight position as he then gazed down at what semed was a male,and the animal next to him. The green eyes went wide seeing the creature next to the human. He'd never seen anything like it,but by it's descriptions,it seemed to be what was called a horse. Woah,it really does look magestic. He thought to himself as he stared at the so called horse. Reinpunzel's attention was then stolen away by the male that stood besides it.

"What's your purpose here?" The blonde held up a frying pan to use as a weapon. Although the male wasn't inside of the tower,he would still have to prepare himself just in case. "Who are you?" He asked,as he kept the pan clclose to himself,his eyes staring down a the two.

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Bello was just about to turn away when someone moved in his peripheral. He looked back quickly at the window, but there was nothing there.

"I really thought I..." He took a couple steps back to see if he could get another look. Was it his imagination? Suddenly, he saw a blonde head peek out of the window. Bello couldn't help but get a little excited, and disappointed, that someone was there. That meant that there was some way in... but that also meant that someone had already had this place for themselves.

Bello still gave whoever was up in the tower a friendly smile and slight wave. He couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl from where he was. No matter how hard he tried to see who exactly was up there, it was just too far up to tell.

"Hello up there," he called. "I didn't mean to, um, trespass."

Philippe heard Bello calling up to someone and slowly made his way over to stand beside his master. He gave Bello a little nudge on the shoulder with his nose and Bello stroked his cheek.
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