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Jumping through the fire did nothing to Rin as she was the one who created it. Rin still ad no idea what was happening, but it was easy to tell that the young girl was terrified. It was like the young girls body heated up to the point it burned anything that came in contact with it.

Rin could normally control her powers quite well, but when her emotions took over her powers would run riot. This put everyone around her in a lot of danger, though she would never mean to hurt someone unless they had threatened her.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 129d 20h 35m 11s
"Accelerator grabbed Alice's wrist and jumped through the flames with her. Jumping through the doors. Accelerator looked around. Standing up straight to see they had been taken in to a warehouse and locked up in a back room." [#FF0000 A warehouse?]
  Accelerator / Accelerator / 6y 130d 9h 48m 48s
Rins eyes widened. She teared up obviously scared as the fire started to spread across the room.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 139d 17h 43m 49s
Accelerator kicked the other metal chair, with a lung it broke apart and the shrapnel flung out the door, embedding it's self in the first few cultists. Who are these guys?
  Accelerator / Accelerator / 6y 148d 21h 52m 44s
Rin nodded as the fire wall started to decrease the oxygen around the men.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 168d 14h 10m 6s
The sound of footsteps grew louder as more men approached. Alright...Get ready...
Some men started entering the room,
  Accelerator / Accelerator / 6y 171d 20h 5m 59s
Rin was obviously panicking. She didn't like fighting and was no good in them. When she does fight she ends up burning down things she doesn't mean to.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 178d 13h 57m 5s
Shocked the man stumbled back, yelling They got free! The man shouted out the door, turning back to the wall of fire

Aiden tapped one of the metal chairs with his foot, and with a pinging sound the chair flung at the man, going through the wall of fire, hitting him in the head, causing him to backwards

Shit. Were in for a fight..
  Accelerator / Accelerator / 6y 185d 20h 51m 6s
Rin quickly without thinking, made what looked like a wall of fire between the man and the biy she had freed. It was obvious to see that the young girl was terrified and panicking. It was also dectectable in her magic, as the flames seemed almost like wildfire.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 191d 23h 22m 31s
standing up, quickly, rubbing my wrists, clearing my throat We have to get out of here...were ever here is.. looking around the room, suddenly the door opened and a man wearing a plain black mask and hooded uniform walked almost seemed like a cult uniform, the symbol on the uniform was the same one that appeared on the locker


the man stepped back slightly, like he was surprised we were free, but quickly took action against us
  Accelerator / Accelerator / 6y 197d 21h 40m 38s
Rin quickly took the gag off and untied her feet. Knowing they probably didnt have much time she mumbled something under her breath. Almost imedetly the ropes around the bpy burnt in to ashes but the boy was unharmed by it.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 206d 19h 26m 18s
Yanking hard and after what seemed like forever the ropes loosen and I pull it off T-there, hurry and untie your legs and gag pulling on my ropes binding my arms, but to no avail T-then unt-tie me
  Accelerator / Accelerator / 6y 212d 22h 4m 39s
Rin nodded. She winced as he pulled at the ropes that were tying up her arms. Rin would be able to use her power if she could speak. Maybe that was why the people who had captured the two, made it so rin could not speak.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 213d 1h 14m 45s
-reaches back and starts pulling at you ropes trying to untie your arms- ar-are yo-you alright?!
  Accelerator / Accelerator / 6y 219d 16h 28m 0s
Rin slowly began to regain consciousness. She heard the wavering voice of a person behind her. At first she just felt numb, but slowly she began to regain control over her body and her vision cear, thought when she tried to speak, nothing came out.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 220d 18h 51m 7s

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