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That night Rayella didnt get much sleep. She had nightmares of what happened and what could have happened. Her eyes stayed closed, but as soon as she was able to just sleep for a little while, the dream would progress into a gang finding her, cornering her and then it either led to rape, being shot, being stabbed, and then left on the ground. Her body would spring up and she find pillow wet from the tears. She quickly rubbed them away and then she just sat there, staring into space for a while. It was only her first night and she was already attacked so suddenly.

She laid back into her bed and then she took in a few deep breaths, trying to get some sleep until morning, but when the sun rose through her window, she sat up and rubbed her tired eyes. It was monday, another day of classes before she had to head to another shift at work. Great she thought to herself, walking into the bathroom and then showering off the hands that touched her. She hated herself for letting this happen and tonight, she wasnt going down that alley. She was going to stay by the road with the cars and people.

Once she was dried off, she stood in her closet, looking for something to wear. She managed to put on some jeans and tank top, covered by a cardigan. She then put her hair up in a bun and grabbed her bag before hearing the sound of a door slamming. She nearly jumped in her kitchen when she heard it. Quickly hurrying over to her door, she took a peep through her peep hole to see that the halls were clear. She quickly made her way down the elevator towards her car, driving to campus for her classes.

She was now on her last year of college at the age of twenty one. Rayella was studying to become a nurse and all she wanted was to just help the people that she wasnt able to before. Her best friend past away because of a car accident and Rayella was unable to do anything. They were both in a car after a study session and some drunk driver just happened to smash into their car. She lived, but her friend didnt. All that was left was a scar down her chest and the memory of her friend. SHe wanted to be able to do something other than just see the people she cared for lose their lives, so this was the closest she could get. After this year, she could get her license and ditch the diner and finally begin working.


After her morning classes, the drive home was rather slow. Making a stop at the grocery store, she bought all she needed and then saw a poster of a party taking place on their street. There was going to be a block party tomorrow and the whole block was invited. Food, drinks, live entertainment, and fun was going to be held across the street. It sounded like the perfect opportunity for her to make new friends.

On her way home, she decided that maybe she should start making some friends within her apartment complex as well, so when she headed up the elevator, she began knocking on the few doors next to her room. Rayella introduced herself to a nice elderly couple next door, a single mom further down, and even a family of four right across from her apartment. It was nice to see the people she'd be living next to, along with getting their help in case she needed something. She then headed one more door down and knocked on the door, waiting for someone to answer. Apparently a male lived in this room across from her. Maybe he'd be just as nice as the others.
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It was well past thre in the morning now. Levi, checked his watched, and figures it was time to go home. He stands up and the ladies were begging him to stay. He just shakes his head smirking. THe know he is the strong silent time. They have hardly heard him talk, and he has been coming here for a little over a year now. They love how he is so mysterious, tall, dark, and handsome. But he just flashes his pearly white smile and leaves with a generous tip. He was a little drunk, but his house was right around the coner. Lucky him.

On his way back, his phone went off as he was making his way up the stoop of the arpartment, and then down the hall to the elevator. It was his one, and only friend. A friend from before this happened. It was a voice mail. "Hey's Daryl....I haven't seen, hell, haven't heard from you in two years....Glad to see you haven't changed your you still want us to be able to call you..leave voice mail now and then for you..huh bud? Your mother...she...isn't getting better...doctors....say a few months Levi...she wants to see you.....where have you been? Why did you just go? Your sister is worried sick about you....I've been watching over them like you said. We are at least soon.....if not for me, your family....bye man.."

Levi, stood there in the elevater the whole time he listened to the voice mail. He drops his head in his head. Hating how this became his life, how he had to rush to leave. It's to keep them safe, all of them. And he couldn't tell them he was in a gang. What would they think? What would his mother think of her baby boy? As far as his boss knows. Levi grew up an orphan. On and off the streets, no family. No friends. His own gang, is a little iffy about him. How he is always in the shadows in the back. But he does his work, and does it good. So they dont question him.

Walking down to his apartment, he held the key in his left hand, and lets his forehead rest on the cool metal door. He missed all of them, greatly. And now his mother, Levi kicks his door and then storms in with it slamming shut. He wants to be there for her. But how the fuck could he, without being tracked, followed, and then they would know he has a family. HIs gang, and others. Levi doesn't sleep a wink that night. Making it two striaght days he has been awake now.
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As Rayella walked down the alley towards her house, she made sure that the coast was clear before she moved forward. She knew that this way would take her home faster, but with it looking so dark and scary, she was hesitant. Still it beats going the extra round in the darkness, so she decided to go for it.

Walking through the alley, she looked around cautiously, making each step as silent as possible, as if not wanting to disturb or attract anyone as she inched her way through the two buildings. But the further she moved in, she could hear soft snickers behind her, making their way closer as she hurried, walking faster. As she hurried, she felt someone's hand grab her arm and she was quickly pulled back into more hands that began touching. She yelled and screamed in horror, but one male covered her mouth with his hands, muffling the sound as she struggled. Her arms tugged and she used all of her strength to try and pull away, but it was no use. There were eight hands holding her back and she was just one girl.

Rayella bit the male's hand, making him scream as she screamed for help. "Help! Someone Help!" she fell back onto the cold concrete and the males began gathering around her. All she could do was swat away as much as she could, but their hands were everywhere, touching parts of her that no one has ever touched before. She felt disgusted, scared, and worried for her life. She couldnt let these men just take her away. That was until she heard the sound of someone's voice. She honestly didnt care who it was, she just wanted to get out of there.

So when the men left her to fight, she tried to get up, but one male was still sitting on top of her, his hand in her shirt, touching her breasts as she reached up to shove him back. "Get the fuck off of me!" she managed to knee him in between his legs and then she struggled onto her feet. She watched as the man in the mask began beating up the other three men. She needed to get out of here because she didnt trust anyone. For all she knew that man just wanted her to himself, so she quickly picked up her bag and then watched as the male tried to help her. She swatted his hands away, afraid and in shock. "Dont touch me!" she cried and then she pulled herself up on her own. Seeing him handing her her jacket, she took it and wrapped it around her shoulders, watching him disappear into the night.

Rayella quickly hurried down towards the end of the alley, practically running to her apartment and then closing the elevator. When she reached her floor, she struggled to pull out her keys, unlocking her door and then quickly shutting it closed. She slid down the back of her door and sobbed into her hands. Her body was shaking in fear and she tried to calm down, just lucky to have gotten out of there without so much as someone touching her skin. If it werent for that masked man, she didnt know what she'd do. If only she saw his face so that she could thank him.

When her body stopped shaking, she walked towards her bedroom, crawling under the sheets as she pulled the pillow over her head. IT was scary and she felt traumatized. All she wanted to do was sleep and hope it was all a bad dream.
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Levi worked, all night before, and now here he was, working all day, and now it getting close to midnight and he is finally on his way home. His jacket over his shoulder, and his eyes just barely open, and lifeless. The past nearly two days now, he was running all over town, gather money, making deals, protecting turff. All that stuff, that he can't stand, but he is debt for the rest of life in doing this. Never to get free. He does something wrong, and he gets badly beaten. So he tries not to fuck up too much. He has been in this life since he was 15. And he doesn't like talking about it much. In his back pocket was a eight inch switch blade, ready to fight and repersent, or it would be his ass. Thats the life of being in a gang, weither he wanted this, or not.

Levi was just about to walk past an alley, when he hears a group of men, about four. Talking about chasing some girl they saw. Just out of habit, he had to make sure it wasn't a rival gang, in his turff. And sure enough it was, and then he saw the girl they were circiling, was his new neighbor. He knew he had to get them out, meaning she would have to see him. Reaching in his back pocket he pulls out a black and silver bandana and wraps it around his face to where only his eyes and hair could be seen, and then starts to stride down the alley.

"Hey! The fuck you Saints doing here!?" He shouted down to them, his voice was scruffy, not too low, not too high, and his gray blue eyes narrow down at the men. THey were grabbing her, tugging at her clothes. Their hands felling her up and down. Levi is glad he hasn't turned into a kind of member like them. One looks up, and starts laughing.

"Its just one Reaper. Kill him boys. Then we take her back to our place." The one says, and they all start creeping up to Levi. He sighs annoyed, and then gets ready as one walks up to him thinking they were all big and bad. He goes to swing a punch at Levi put he swats his hand away and then grabs his wrists with one hand, holds it out, and snaps his forearm up in a flash. Then pushes him to the side hard, and slams the brute into the wall. The other two look at him, a bit nervous and he holds his hands up.

"Come on, bare hands. Can't you guys fight? Or you have to hide behind guns? Bitches." He snickers a little to only piss them off more and they charge up at him. He runs to a wall, waits till they were close enough, and then he turns to face the wall, and flips off the wall. Letting them crash into it. And then he grabs one, lifts him up to his to his hands, and quickly pulls his blade out to the man's throat.

"No, go running home, and tell them Leviathan spared all four of your lives." He shoves them away, and the three scurried away, and the fourth one, angerily pushes the girl to the floor and storms off too. Levi sighs, and wipes his brow. The man was hungry and beyond tired. Seeing her down on her hands and knees, hurting and probably freaking out. He just, silently walks over to her, bent down, to take her hand and help her up to her feet. Soon giving her back her jacket and purse. With out saying anything he walks away and fast. Knowing she cant see him, being her neighbor. So Levi goes to his usual hang out, some strip club to drink, and just watch women.
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As Rayella began unpacking her things, she placed her dishes in the kitchen and then she sorted her belongings on her desk in her bedroom. It was only a one bedroom apartment, but it was big enough for one person living there. She didnt bring too many belongings, but she did have a good sized flat screen tv and some nice furniture in the living room. Her parents were able to buy her what she needed since she was in college, so she kept that until now.

When she finished unpacking her things, she gathered all of the boxes and then she would put them up in the back closet out on the porch. Once that was taken care of, she looked at the time, seeing that she had to hurry to her job. The girl quickly showered and blow dried her long hair, braiding up a few strands and then tying it behind. She hurried into her waitress uniform, a white collared shirt and some black dress pants before she slipped into her flats and hurried out the door. It was about 5pm and she had just enough time to walk to the diner just one block from her apartment.

She then began working her shift at the diner, waiting tables and serving the customers food. "Hey there little lady, why not grab us two cups of coffee, maybe you can even add in a kiss when you bring it to us?" one of the customers yelled across the room and Rayella just tried to ignore him. She grabbed the cups of coffee and handed it over, but the man took a sip and then the splashed it against her clothes. "What the hell is this? This coffee is disgusting, go get me a new cup" he yelled and Rayella had no choice but to follow her orders.

It was a long and degrading shift, but she managed to finish just around midnight. She did her best to wash out the coffee stain, but it was tough and she just put her coat on to cover it up before walking out of the diner after it had closed. She slowly made her down down the street, seeing barely any cars and people now since it was late. She only saw the late night teens heading to the club, she saw some homeless people lurking in the alleys, and a few people getting a late night snack. Other than that, Rayella hurried down the street, turning the corner into an alley as she tried to head home.
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Leviathan was sleeping on his couch, well trying too. He had just gotten home an hour ago from, working late last night. There wasn't much in his little appartment, a dresser and bed in his room, a couch a tv, a kitchen. The basics. He didn't need much. Never did really. But his plan for sleeping was cut short from heavy stomping up and down the hall, the door across the hall opening and closing. The young man groans annoyed and tosses and turns on his little couch.

One wrong angle, and the sun was now beaming into his eyelids. Levi slams a pillow over his head, and flips onto his back, trying to block the rest of the world out. He had been trying to do that for years,and it doesn't seem to be working. One would think to just go to their bed room. But he is stubborn, and too tired. Now the people were laughing loud, making jokes, and just being more rude. So when he hears more foot steps returning, he growls a bit and goes to his door.

Though when he opened it, he clamped down his jaw to shut himself up. Seeing a young ginger or strawberry blonde hair flow into the room and the door close behind her. Thats all he saw, and that was that. To him, he has no right to talk, or mingle with others. Specially risking to get others in trouble. The man slowly closes his door and was just about to sit on his couch, when his phone goes off. He stands there with one hand on his hip, and the other holding the phone to his right ear.

"Yeah? its fine...I'll do it." He hung up, and shoves his phone in his poccket. His dark gray blue eyes were tired of his life, tired from lack of sleep. Levi looks in his pocket,grabs a smoke, and wlaks out his door. He doesn't even lock it, for there was nothing but a little tv to steal. He lit the cig, and made his way out to do a "job."
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It was finally the morning of her big move away from home and the young adult was feeling really nervous. She had left her parents place this morning and driving towards her new apartment in a new city. This meant she would be living in a new environment with different people around her that she didnt know. Of course she needed to move closer to her night job and since her school was also in the area, this new apartment was the perfect choice.

When Rayella stepped out of her car, she could feel the summer breeze flowing through her ginger hair. She took in a deep breath and just stared up at the apartment complex, sighing a little to herself as one of the male movers approached her. "Ms. Sinclair all of your belongings have been unloaded into your apartment. We're all finished here" the bulky man spoke with a deep voice. Rayella gave him a nod and handed him their pay before making her way up the elevator onto the third floor.

As the double doors opened, she walked down the hallway until she spotted her apartment number 1117 she used her keys to unlock the door and then she was welcomed by by piles of boxes and an empty living room. "Well here goes a perfectly good Saturday" the girl mumbled to herself before beginning to unpack her things into their proper locations. She sorted through her belongings and began placing them in their designated rooms.
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