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Levi was just standing there, watching people having fun and living their lives. He can't remember the last time he has been able to live like that. To smile, and not have a care in the world. He sighs and goes to his couch, flips his feet on the coffee table, and turns on his tv. The young man just flips through channels, trying to drown out the party outside. Thats when he hears, light and single foot prints of one person walking down the wooden floors outside his apartment. He hears them stop outside his door, and he just knew it was her. He bit his lip, knowing he couldn't act like he was home, well he could. But she knows he is hurt and couldn't be gone too far.

But he didn't hear her knock on his door and hears her continue walking. Levi sighs of relief, and sinks back down in his couch. His eyes look to the stiches down on the right side of his hip. She helped him, him of all people. If she knew how, and why he got it. She probably wouldn't. Mayeb its the universe paying me back for helping her out that night, and then her helping me out last night....who knows...I should probably thank her more than just, saying thankyou.... He bit his lip, then pushes himself back to his feet. Making his way to his little restroom, Levi takes a hot shower, scrubbing himself down till he was clean and fresh. Hopping into male form fitting black jeans, a little fadded on his thighs and knees. And a white button up shirt, a few buttons on his chest undone, and the sleeves just shoved up to his elbows.

He rubs a towel over his hair and shakes it around, then brushes his teeth and slips into his sneaks, and looks in the mirror. He has to play it cool, try not to let anyone, if anyone from his crew was watching, to let them think he had anything serious with this girl. If he runs into her. She is probably meeting up with her boyfriend. She has to have one, she is a good girl.

He made sure his waist was still banaged up nice and good, and then made his way down. Stopping once he get outside and the sun bursts into his eyes, the music attacks his ears, and the smells invade his nose. First thing he did, was go get himself a cold bottle of beer. It needed to calm himself down. To keep him mellow, and chil. And he finds himself, looking for her. But, stops himself. If they see each other. They see each other.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 216d 20h 41m 12s
The next morning, Rayella was still fast asleep until eleven in the morning. She was really exhausted from her shift at work, along with doing something she's never done on her own before. She stitched a wound without any supervision and without any help from any doctors. She managed to control her own shaking hands and help someone on the verge of dying. If only she was able to help her best friend in the past, she could have still been here and maybe even being her roommate in such a lonely place.

Still, the girl slipped out of bed, her hair in such a mess and her body aching from having slept too well. She looked around the room and she could already hear noise from outside. When she got up, she ran her fingers through her hair and then she made herself a cup of coffee, walking towards her window to see balloons floating into the air, people were walking along the streets and having fun. There was live music, a parade, and food stands all over the place. It was hard to believe that it was the same block she nearly got gang raped in. It looked completely different.

She took a sip of her coffee at the window and then she decided that she would head down, so she walked towards her closet and changed into some comfortable jeans and vneck shirt. She then put on a zip up jacket and braided her hair before tying some of it back. She made sure that she had on some light make up to cover up the dark spots beneath her eyes before she grabbed her purse and headed outside. She looked back at Levi's door and hoped that he was okay, deciding to knock and see if maybe he wanted to go to the party together. As she walked towards his door, she raised her fist and was about to knock before she bit down on her lip and chickened out. She put down her arm and then began turning in the opposite direction.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 221d 18h 58m 14s
His pale blue eyes watch her help herself around his place. He wasn't about to tell her no and yell at her. She probably just saved his life. SO he let her clean up, and felt her patting his shoulder. Now he figures it's time to shut up. Not wanting her to think that they could be friends. They just couldn't! If anyone figures out she is even remotely apart of his life. She could end up dead in a matter of hours. Just to scare him into staying, and not trying anything stupid. Levi, has never killed a person. ANd never wants too. He tries every day to keep his head even though they are telling him to become more like them. THat wasn't him, he was a family man, and caring, and still had his head on his shoulders. Sure he has a gun, but he has never once used it.

"Thankyou again..I will rest, you too...and.....maybe...I don't know..I..dont really mingle." He said softly as she closed the door and left for the night. Levi just sighs, and finally grabs a glass of water and makes his way to the bed. That night he slept like a rock, finally able to catch up on two day lack of sleep. Levi didn't wake up well into one in the afternoon the next day. Hearing music, dancing, games, and laughing going on outside his window from the block party.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 221d 20h 48m 57s
Rayella only wanted to be sure that he was taken care of because if he had an infection or if she didnt stop the bleeding in time, she was going to be forced to relive everything that happened in her past and she didnt know if she could stand all of that pain again. It hurt her deep down inside and she had been trying to avoid death since. Here was a man that she could probably atone her sins for, so she did her best to do what she could and hopefully he would be okay.

When she finished with the stitching, she brought her utensils towards the sink and then she began washing them clean with an antibacterial wash before she dried them and then placed it back into her bag. She grabbed a clean cloth from his kitchen and then soaked it in more alcohol, cleaning off the stitches once more and then dapping it dry before she covered it in bandages. When they were stuck on well enough, she made sure the bandages covered the whole wound to keep it clean before she washed her hands and then packed up the rest of her belongings.

The sounds of his screams of pain were still ringing through her ears and she just couldnt really breath until now. She did it. Levi was still alive and he was going to be okay, at least she hoped. She did her best on the wound, so hopefully it wouldnt get infected. "I stitched up the wound as best I could....maybe if I come over each day to change the bandages and clean it up, it should be fine. I dont want you getting an infection" she told him, getting up to her feet as she patted his shoulder.

"You should get some rest Levi....and no straining that wound....wherever it came from" she frowned since he wouldnt tell her. She could see that he wanted her to rest as well, so she headed towards the door. "Tomorrow's the block party, so I have the day off. Maybe Ill see you then" she waved before leaving his room and then heading back to hers for the night.

She headed into her shower and just soaked in the warm water for a while, washing off the blood and work on her hands before she stepped out and dressed into a night gown. It was really late, almost three in the morning, so Rayella quickly climbed into bed and tried to sleep.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 221d 21h 11m 21s
She was worried about him, feeling pain. Levi just didn't know what to think about this. Some girl actually, going out of her way to do this. But, he wasn't really complaining. Maybe there was still some good left in this world. Levi felt her washing off some blood, cleaning the thread and needle, and felt it go into his skin, and she started sewing up the gash. He growns, and bites his finger as she felt everything. Everytime she poked in, and every inch of the thread moving inside of him. The pain was crazy, but it felt good to be cleaned. He could already feel a little better.

THat first patch seemed like for ever. The man just fought the pain pretty well actually. It was impressive. Levi helped her out by rolling onto his back to let her work on his back wond. And he slammed his fist on the couch as he groans into the pillow. The back was hurting cause it was more torn, the bullet had to really fight to get out of him. Since his body slowed down the speed of the bullet.

But finally, finally she was done. He sighs of relief and wipes his sweating brow. That is, till she starts pouring alochol on his stiches. Levi groaned out more between his lips. Not wanting to disturb his neighbors. And finally was able to sit up, and catch his breath.

"I'm..I'm fine...thankyou...Rayella? Right?" He said letting out a deep breath and looks down at his bruising hip. It looked better already since she had taken care of him. His pale blue eyes look up to hers, and he gives a nod.

"I'll be fine, really. You, should get some rest." He was out breath from all those stiches she was giving him.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 221d 22h 2m 9s
Carrying him to his room was a pain because he was so heavy compared to her. She's carried a few heavy things in her life time since she was a waitress, but he was more than she could handle. Once she got him to his couch and took off his shirt, she was hoping to make sure that her words came through and that she could do something this time. She didnt want to be surrounded by another death.

When she saw the bullet wound on his hip, she looked up at Levi and then she dapped his forehead "This is going to hurt, so just try and bear with me okay?" she tore off a piece of his shirt and then wrapped his wound to try and stop the bleeding. She then looked up a him "It looks like a bullet wound, but I dont see any bullet" she then turned him over a little to see that it had went straight through. Maybe this bullet wound was the reason why he couldnt really explain it to her. Maybe he was involved in something dangerous. Still, she couldnt just let him die, so she held pressure to the wound as best as she could and then she held it there and grabbed some of the things she needed. "Im going to stitch it closed on both sides okay?" she bit down on her lip and then she grabbed the her suturing kit.

Rayella kept her eyes on Levi, making sure he was okay when she began stitching his wound closed. She spent about twenty minutes on the first one because her hands were shaking, and then she moved to the one on his backside, finishing that one up in ten. "Are you okay?" she wiped down the finished stitches in alcohol, hoping he didnt scream too loud from the pain. All of this was done without anesthetics, but she had to choice. If she didnt work fast enough, Levi would have passed out from blood loss.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 222d 4h 48m 16s
She didn't listen, he told her he was fine, that he would be ok. She doesn't have to worry about him. But she just, helped anyway. It made him laugh a little, she was spunky. The laughing made him couch a bit, and wince more. He managed to walk a little better with her help, he must have felt like a tone compared to her little self. Levi was a pretty big guy compared to her. His eyes were starting to close, passing out from the lost of blood. But he saw his door coming up and he didnt want to pass out now, he couldn't, he fought with all his might for his family back in his home state.

Once in his room, he just falls on his couch. Letting out a groan from the slam vibrating to his bullet wound. It went straight in, and out through his hip. Luckily away from any organs. There went, leaving him on the couch and he sighs of relief. He is use to normal women, finding him put offish, too mystious for them. He was about to pass out, when he hears his door opening again and sees her rushing to him. She came back? This, confused him, a lot. Most people dont care for others. He has seen people walk past muggings, people getting hit with cars, and no one helping. But he did, people need to help one another. Of course he didn't take their money, their thankyous were nothing. He was doing what others should have been. But here she was, helping him. When she could have just walked past him.

she starts wiping the blood on his face, and he sighs of releif of that, and off came his bloody shirt. The wound was bruising, and blood was flowing still from the gash.

"I..I cant say.. you dont have to help." He looked away, ashamed that someone like her. Probably has her life in order, or getting it there. Probably has Mr perfect boyfriend, a family that she can talk to anytime. Why is she waisting time on him? A gang member.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 222d 9h 18m 30s
The sight of Levi on the stairs startled her and it brought flashbacks of when she was in that car accident with her best friend. She managed to help pull her friend out of the car, but she didnt realize that she was dead. Seeing him covered in blood terrified her and the only thing that she could do was help. She didnt want to see a repeat of her best friend just dying in her arms, she wanted to save Levi and not have history repeat itself.

She did her best to support his weight, wrapping his arm over her shoulder as she led him towards the elevator. It was annoying to hear that he was fine because clearly he wasnt fine at all. His shirt was soaking in his blood and she knew she had to help him.

When they were up on his floor, she walked with him to his door, waiting for him to let her in before she helped him onto his couch. Rayella quickly ran across the hall to her apartment and then she grabbed some bandages and alcohol from her bathroom. Since she was in nursing school, she had a lot of supplies at home, so she quickly made her way back to Levi's apartment and then she closed the door, hurrying to his side as she looked him over.

"Just hold still....I know what to do" she was a little nervous, but she did her best to keep her hands from shaking. "Levi what happened?" she grabbed a towel and then she began dabbing his face, wiping the blood on his nose before she slowly lifted up his shirt to see the damage.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 222d 18h 24m 34s
He was starting to see colors a little bit, getting fuzzy in the head too. It was really bad for some reason. He hears his name, and he slowly looks down, trying to see who it was. He hoped it was a fellow member to check up on him. Like Jeen. But he saw it was Rayella, and he forced himself to sit up, and try to stand, but he only ends up falling back down on his ass and felt her doing her best to help his big self up to his feet. The man hears her saying getting the doctors evolved and that could risk having to explain how he got this, and then cops would get evolved.

" just...just....I'll be fine really. Really. This, is nothing. Just a scratch." He forces a smile on his lips, and forces him to stand up. Leaning against the wall, he holds his waist and growns as he takes a few steps to get to the elevator. His bale blue eyes, see her still trying to help, and it isn't good. It really isnt. If someone does come over, and sees her over. They will think the worst and she could end up killed. She really could. Just cause she wanted to help his dumb asss. But on the ride up, he falls back down to one knee, and makes himself push himself up back to his feet.

"I'll, be's go get some sleep." He told her, not sure why. But he did, just trying to get her out of any harms way.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 222d 20h 15m 7s
When she headed down the street, she walked towards her work, her bag in her hands as she quickly put her hair up into a bun. All she needed was to work her shift and hopefully be home safely today. Just get through today and tomorrow you have the day off and everyone would be at the block party. you can do it she thought to herself as she kept her eyes on the pavement, walking towards the diner.

As she stepped through the glass doors, she saw her manager standing there and then he waved her over "Rayella, here, take this persons plates and then get to work. Im not paying you to just stand there and look pretty" he told her before she quickly hurried to the back and set her bag into her locker and then she put on her red apron and began getting to work.

After her shift, she rubbed her eyes tiredly and then she quickly grabbed her bag and headed out at midnight, walking back through the darkness towards her apartment. She was really nervous and paranoid, so she just kept looking around. Her step was quick and she stayed beneath the street lights just in case. When she finally reached her home, she walked towards the elevator, seeing a male on the steps. As she glances up to see it's Levi, she was going to wave, but then she notices that his face was covered in something, so was his shirt. When she made her way closer, she saw that it was blood.

"Oh my god! Levi!" she hurried over to the stairs and then she bit down on her lip "You're bleeding. We have to call an ambulance!" she told him, hurrying over. "If you want, I can take you up to your room and treat your wounds while we wait?"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 222d 20h 26m 51s
His phone ended up going off around five, and he was needed for the night. He had to go make a deal, bring back his boss' money. Go make sure the products were being made properly. And if anything was going down shady, he didn't want to. But he would have to bash some skulls. Tonight though, they had a run in with some Saints. It was a classic, dealer trying to work for both sides, and they cant have that. Levi had to be there, his boss, was a man in his late thirties, been doing this as long as he can rememeber. And knew that Levi was one of his bests. He stood there, next to his boss, emotionless. A cold Leviathan, thats where he got the nickname. For he isn't one to take down. He has taken stabs, punches, a few bullets too. And, he just wont go down. Why? Even he doesnt know.

So a few of his boys, and the Saints got in scrap, they won. But Levi was sent home, from a bullet scrapping his waist. The boss, knows, he could very much die. And doesn't care.

"Go home, call me the day after tomorrow if you aren't dead. I even know when my men need to rest." Good work out there Leviathan. Thats catching on quick. Just make sure not get an ego and start thinking you can take on me. You'll regret you little bitch.") He punches Levi right in the wound. Causing him to fall to his hands and knees and groan out in aganizing pain. His nose was bleeding from taking a jab, earlier in the fight. His lip, was a little swollen. But other than that. You should see the other guys.

His gang just leaves, and he gets up to stumble to his car. It wasn't nothing fancy, just to get him from point A to point B. And he parks outside his apartment complex. Seeing its getting close to midnight, he tries to climb the stairs, but stumbles a bit, and just sits there holding his side. The blood seeping through his shirt. This was nothing, but that damn blow to the bullet wound was killing him. Blood ran from his nose to his mouth, and he spits it out, and tries to make his way up. But he just sits there catching his breath.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 222d 21h 29m 16s
Rayella was still seeing the image of him being topless in her mind. She had no clue who this male was, but he didnt seem like a bad person. He was nice enough to grab a shirt and that meant that he had manners and he was nice enough to introduce himself and apologize for earlier, so she continued with her introduction. "Nice to meet you Levi....if you need anything at all, dont hesitate to ask me, Im just right there. Number 1117" she lifted up a small smile and then saw him hesitating.

She noticed the look in his eyes and when he said he had work and then just suddenly closed the door, she bit down on her lip and just ran her fingers through her hair a little "I have work too" she remembered and then she headed back to her room, shutting the door and then locking it to be sure that no random person got a hold of her again.

She quickly changed into her work uniform and then she buttoned up her shirt and grabbed her bag. When she headed outside of her room, she glanced back at Levi's door and then she hurried down the elevator. He seemed like an odd guy, but maybe she could be friends with him soon enough.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 222d 21h 49m 56s
He figured he must have scared her from screaming before he opened the door. Then to open it, grumbling. But she was sweet, and mouse like. He doesn't come across her kind very often. She offered to help him, and he just shook his head.

"'s fine, really.....but uhhh.....I'm...Levi." He said rubbing the back of his neck, and bit his lip not sure what to do. No one really talks to him, and he doesn't really talk to others. For many reasons. He saw it in her eyes, she was being that nice neighbor, letting her know who she was, and that, she just wants to be friends. He isn't good at friends, he doesn't keep them, he doesn't really make them. Specially girls. The man hasn't dated in five years. He could just, have emotionless flings, that, he could honestly say, getting boring to him. The man is lonely, he knows this. But its just too risky for any one to be his friend, and it wouldn't be kind of him to bring them into his life and drama that comes along with it.

"It..was nice...chating, but I have work. Gotta, get Bye." He looked nervous, scared for some reason when he closed that door of his, and then sighed a heavy breath when he was alone in his apartment again.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 222d 21h 57m 39s
It was nice greeting her new fellow neighbors and she felt a lot safer knowing that they were there and just ready to help her when she needed. The majority of them said that she just needed to knock on their doors if she needed anything, so she felt a little more at home. Maybe she'd see them at the block party tomorrow too.

As she waited at the last door she was willing to knock on, she took in a deep breath, preparing what to say again so she didnt just space out and embarrass herself. When she saw the door open, her eyes stayed focused on a topless male. He was looking down and yelling something she didnt understand and she guessed that he mistook her for someone else. She froze for a second, her eyes quickly glancing to the side when he made eye contact. "Uh...oh hi! Hi. I am....Rayella and I just moved in a few doors across from you. I just wanted to introduce myself to my new neighbors and hope that we get along" she spoke, trying to clear her throat and not ogle the young male. What could she say, he was good looking, in shape and very handsome that it caused her cheeks to redden.

Rayella kept silent when he went to put a shirt on and then she saw his coffee stain. "Im really sorry if I was the cause of that" she said pointing to his shirt. She did recall him yelling after she knocked on the door. "I can help you remove it....a little laundry detergent and cold water should take that off" she brushed her hair behind her ear and then tried to make eye contact again. He wasnt scary or anything, just a little intimidating since he showed up shirtless.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 222d 22h 12m 2s
Levi was standing there at the counter in his kitchen, falling asleep as he waits for his coffee to brew. He didn't sleep at all last night, and knows he has to go out and do more work. But they usually call him by now. So he just figures its best to stay up. Well try. The raven hair man had just poured himself a cup of coffee, when there was knocking on his door. Made his gray blue eyes widen and his coffee splash to his chest, and legs.

"GOD! FUCK!!" It was burning hot and he quickly took his shirt off, assuming it was just a fellow member. The door swings open with him looking down, and grumbling.

"What Jeen!? You couldn't have called-oh...." He finally looked up to see, this young, little beautiful girl at his door. He gulped hard, not really knowing, how to talk to women like her. Free, independent, and well not related to gangs in anyway. He didn't know what to say, what to do. He pokes his head out to see who was around, and no one was. Then he remembers, before he got a little wasted last night, he saved her from probably being gang raped and left for dead on the alley floor. He just watches her to see if she reckonizes him. All she would have seen were his eyes.

"Sorry..bout that..thought you were someone else..." He cleared his throat, rand his hand through his bangs and back. Soon to see he was topless in front of the young woman. He scurried for his coffee stained shirt and slipped that on. The coffee now cold from the cold air. Its not like he isn't embarrassed by how he looks. Oh no, his arm were strong and firm, his chest perfect, and toned, his man curves flow perfect into his abs and v-line. He had to be inshape for this. So he just stood there, waiting for her to say, something.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 222d 22h 23m 48s

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