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When Levi handed her the orange dragon, she had large grin on her face, wrapping her arms around it like a cute child, burying her face into it's stomach. "He's perfect. Thank you Levi, you're such a sweetheart" she smiled up at him and then she opened her arms. "I think the dragon and I want to give Levi a hug thank you" she walked over and then she wrapped her arms around his waist for a moment before slowly pulling back and then smiling up at him.

She wrapped her arms around the dragon's neck and then she thought about what she wanted to do "How about we head to some rides and then maybe get an airbrushed tattoo. I always wanted one maybe on my hand or shoulder. Then I bet I would look bad ass" she laughed a little before walking alongside him past a few more stands. She could see the rides up ahead and then she spotted a really cool rollercoaster. She waved Levi over and then she stood at the back of the line. "This looks really cool, I hope you're not afraid of heights"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 6y 101d 12m 14s
Just as he thought, the game was rigged so they would lose. But he wasn't going to let that happen. Seeing the face of annoyance on the man was priceless to Levi. He stands there letting her giggle and be excited for the one she wants. Hearing that she wants an orange dragon with purple dots. Made him, just laugh a little bit. She has this sweet child like innocence to her. He likes it, its a new fresh take in his life.

"Alright, you heard the gal. The last orange dragon." He told the man smuggly, knowing he ruined his plan. Once the dragon was in his arms, he looks back to her, looking into her sweet golen orange like eyes, he handsthe soft dragon to her.

"Aint he a cutie? What would you like to do now?" He says looking up at the sky and sees the sun. From just looking at it, he can tell its only a little past 12 thirty. They have already been out for almost two hours and there was still so much to do. There were some rides, more games, face paint, air brushed tattoos. Little stands of shirts, hats, toys, glow things for the night time part of the party slash mini fair.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 6y 101d 2h 21m 43s
When they were at the game booth, Rayella was surprised to see him putting down a ten. SHe didnt want him to pay for her, so she felt a little hesitant "Levi...I can pay..." she then saw him begin to throw the balls and then she kept her mouth shut. She had only been to a carnival once when she was a kid and she didnt really know that they rigged the games.

She tried her second ball at the bottles, but it just bounced off of the two that were glued together and she figured that she didnt hit it hard enough. So when she grabbed her last ball, she threw it as hard as she could, hitting the bottom bottles once more, but at it bounced back, it nearly smacked her in the eyes, only to scathe passed her cheek. She gasped a little and then she rubbed her cheek, looking up at the male that ran the stand. she yelled at the male. "Im sorry miss, but I am not at fault if anything happens to you from playing this game" he chuckled before keeping an eye on Levi.

Rayella was more than pissed off at the male, but when she saw Levi throwing the ball directly to the bottles, basically blasting it off of their stand, her eyes widened in surprise. Clearly you needed someone with a good arm to burst through that glue holding it down and she was quite impressed when he won. "Wow Levi! I cant believe you were able to do that. That was amazing!" she said happily as she looked up at the large stuffed animals. "Oooh, what about that big dragon, he looks so cool!" she smiled, pointing to the stuffed orange and purple dragon. There was only one left on the stand and she thought it was adorable.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 6y 101d 8h 13m 8s
Levi was beyond happy when she told him she didn't want to dance either. So when she lead the way for games, he just followed her, and started to reach for his wallet. Money, wasn't the greatest, but he made more than five working highschool students combined. He hands a ten to the man who was at the game she picked out. Three balls for her, three for him. The way to win the big prize was knock all three pins, three times. Seeing her only get one, he bit his lip and didn't want her to upset from not getting the big stuffed animals.

So he grabbed his ball, held it behind his back and stared at the pins. Before his life changed, he use to be his old highschools best pitcher. He may be a little rusty, but he knows he can do it. After taking aim, and knowing these carnival games are always rigged. For he use to work at one for a summer, he hits the bottom two, that are glued together making them fall, and the top one falling with it. He smiles a smug grin, as the game host grinds his teeth and sets it up again for him. And again, Levi does the same thing.

"What? I am trying to one for the cute little lady? Got a problem with that?" He teases the game host, and the pins were set up once again. If he knocks it down, he wins, and she will be able to pick it. So taking aim again, letting his breathing calm down, he throws and all three fall to the floor. The man rolls his eyes and tells him to pick what he wants. Levi just grins and looks to her.

"You can pick and have it Rayella. A thankyou for patching me up."
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 6y 101d 9h 32m 17s
When levi mentions that this town wasnt safe for anyone, she already figured since she's been attacked so many times already. Luckily this party had man people, or witnesses if anything happened and she'd be sure to try and make it back home before sun down just in case. But for some reason she felt safe when Levi was there. Not because he was large and mysterious looking, but she just had a feeling that he wouldnt hurt her. He hasnt tried anything on her yet anyways, so she felt like maybe she could at least trust him for now.

When he said no to dancing, she laughed a little, "Im guessing you either have two left feet, or that injury is still a pain. Either way, I dont want to dance either, so let's try our luck at the games" she led the way past the crowd forming by the band and then she looked to see all the games. When she walked towards one that had huge stuffed animals, she giggled and then pointed to that one. "Look at those prizes! I bet we can win one of them" she said confidently as she stood behind the counter. When she saw the game, it was a throwing game to knock down some bottles.

Rayella paid for three balls and then she took her aim. When she reached back and threw the first ball, it managed to knock down one of the three bottles. "Yes! I got one did you see that" she smiled up at him.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 6y 101d 23h 8m 31s
This little punk was cake walk, scaring him was easier than he thought. Soon, the guy said sorry and was on his way. Levi just watches him run off, as he then looks back to her fixing herself up. Rayella said that this place wasn't the safest for a single young girl living on her own. He nodded slowly.

"It's not safe here for anyone. The young, the old, the family people, the pet owners. This..I dont want to scare you. But as much as this city has to offer, like good schools, some of the best I've heard, the best food, the best history. It's just as dangerous. It's best to try and have a buddy system." He told her taking just a few steps over to a stand to order himself another beer. When she asks if he wants to dance. Before she could even finish her question, he shook his head no wildly.

"Please, no dancing. Games, yes. Lets go win some stuff." He smirks at her, and let her lead the way. That way he could see if anyone would try and pop a move on her again. He already feels bad, she just moved here, and already she has ran into too many creepy guys. They weren't giving men in this city a good name. He wonders, if she fears him, even a little.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 6y 101d 23h 47m 30s
When Rayella tried pushing this guy off of her, he was much stronger than she was, so she kept pulling and tugging even though it was no use. As she grew tired, she felt someone pull her to their side and then when she saw Levi speaking with the male, she sighed in relief as she tried to calm down. Levi was a large and bulky person, plus he was much bigger than the other male so Rayella wasnt too worried about this situation.

The young man looked up at Levi and he shivered from just the killer glare that was given off to him. He bit down on his lip and then he nodded his head, looking at Rayella and apologizing "Uh....Im sorry Ms. Wont happen again!" he then hurried back into the crowd away from Levi and the girl.

WHen he left, she smiled a little and brushed her hair back, dusting off her shoulder and then fixing up her shirt. "Thanks Levi. That guy sure knows what he wants" she sighed, knowing that she's been kidnapped by a lot of jerks ever since she moved here. "This town isnt the safest place for a girl living on her thanks. You're really nice actually" she didnt really feel like she was in the mood to party anymore, so instead she grabbed herself another drink and looked up at him. "Are you going to dance? If not, there's some cool game booths you could try out"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 6y 102d 3m 13s
Levi was standing there rather annoyed as the girl tried to get him to dance. That, just wasn't his thing. The girl pouts and flips her hair around more, giving him winks. But he just, doesn't want anything to do with the dancing. His eyes look past her to see what Rayella was doing with that guy. It seemed like they were having fun, till he saw the guy getting touching, and he wasn't jealous, he just met the girl. But when he saw the discomfort on her face, and her hand slap him across this guy's cheek. He knew right away, she didn't know this guy, nor like what he was doing.

He makes his way past this girl, and she stomps her foot and folds her arms over her chest in a humph, but he didn't care. Levi once again, was going to save her from some pig. Walking up behind him fast as he dragged her by his side. Levi grabs the man's shoulder, nice and tighty, and spun him around.

"I believe the lady told you to stop. Now, you can walk away. Or I will make you wish you never pissed me off." He says digging his fingers into the muscles of his shoulders. His pale emotionless eyes staring deeply into his.

  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 6y 102d 1h 18m 42s
When the male dragged her towards the others that were dancing with the crowd, Rayella finally relaxed. She thought that someone was kidnapping her and she was about to panic, but when she saw the young male dancing beside her, she laughed a little and then she began shaking her hips to the music. The party was on full blast and it seemed like the entire neighborhood was having so much fun.

As she danced beside the male, she felt him beginning to wrap his arms around her waist, his hands traveling down to where it shouldnt have been. At first Rayella didnt mind it since they were just dancing, but when he began touching other places, she shoved him back and tried to push him away, but the the male was persistent. He kept hanging onto her and when she tried to pull away, she became really irritated and then she slapped him across the cheek.

THe male just stared at her dumbfounded and then he grabbed her wrist, leading her away. "Help!" she yelled, struggling to pull away from this jerk, but the loudness of the party muffled her sound away.
  Haru / ellocalypse / 6y 102d 7h 44m 39s
Levi found himself, actually enjoying the day. The hot summer sun, the great food and music. This, was fun. Its been too long since he could live worry free. He feels as if his problems were all gone, and that he never had any to begin with. Though, his stiches would throb now and then in his flesh, he would wince, and then remember, he still has to be careful out here.

Sitting there eating and listening to her talk about how she was impressed her self how she managed to pull off what she did. That she has never really done anything like that herself. Made him feel even more lucky that it went as good as it did. So he just slowly sipped his beer, ate his food with her. And then he saw some guy coming up to her and taking her away. He assumed it was a friend, or boyfriend. But she yelled a bit, and he stood up for some reason. But to see, that he just wanted to dance and she calmed down. He was just going to sink back down in his spot to finish off his beer, when he felt little hands grabbing his bicep and pulling him up to his feet as well.

Levi gulps on his food, and his eyes widen in confusion. THis young lady was smiling, flipping her long carmel hair off her shoulders, and just starting to his hands and try to make him move. He was just staring with that cold dead look that he is known for having and just let her move his arms around.

"I dont dance." He told her in that mellow tone voice. He said, as he waited for her to huff off. Hopefully.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 6y 102d 10h 51m 23s
The food at the party was amazing, there was nothing like fried foods that were fresh and tasty. Of course it was probably bad health wise, but she still liked it anyways and Rayella was really enjoying the event. She had made new friends with her neighbors and even had the change to see Levi feeling so much better. It was enough to make her day off worth it and she was glad that she came.

When she handed him the corn dog, she didnt expect him to love it just as much as she had. She held onto the stick and took a bite, licking her plump lips as she took another bite. "Mmm, I dont get to eat food like this often. These kinds of parties are the best" she smiled as he complimented her bravery and how she should be proud. "I think that was the most calm I've ever been, and the first real life test of my skills. Im glad you think I did okay....I thought I had fallen short" she rubbed the back of her neck nervously for some reason and then she took a glance at his leg.

"I can come over in the next few days and see how it looks. Cant have my first real patient dying out on me" he stuck out her tongue at the joke and felt her arm being pulled by someone. She yelped and then turned around to see a stranger tugging her on her arm. When she was about to scream, she noticed that he was pulling her towards a the center of downtown where people had begun dancing around to a live band. Rayella laughed a little, brushing her orange hair behind her ear before she looked towards Levi, seeing a girl drag him off as well. It seemed like the people in this town were really friendly.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 6y 102d 19h 7m 39s
She says she was just doing, what anyone would do. And Levi knows very well, she doesn't know how cruel the world is. All his life, due to the things he has seen. He believes there is no good left in the world. But her, something about her. Is so new, fresh. He couldn't help find it, odd, and interesting. A new piece in his dangerous black and white world. Levi saw her take a fry and love it just as much as him. So when she said she would back, he just nods his head and smiles. Letting her go, he finishes his burger, loving every bite till it was gone. He was till hungry, but when she came back with a fresh corndog for him too. He smiled and happily took it. Rayella went on how strong and tough he was. He just, shrugs and shakes his head.

"Nah, luck..well...ok..maybe a little. But you, were so calm, determined to stick up, well a stranger. Thats, pretty brave. Dont sell yourself short." How is she getting him to talk!? He never talks this much! Never! But, it's nice to talk for once.

"I probably will need your help. For the back one, and the front one. The last time I needed stiches, I had to do it all myself, and I jacked myself up with the ugly scar on my left bicep. But oh well. Live and learn." He smiles and then takes that first bite into his corndog. Licking his lips and smiles brighter.

"Damn that's good. Thankyou." He says, and then takes another swig of his beer.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 6y 102d 22h 47m 7s
When Rayella saw him holding some newly made fries, she couldnt help but laugh at the sight. Yesterday he looked like he was dying, but now he looked fine and he was smiling and eating. He had a really nice smile and she was glad that at the very least, he was feeling better than yesterday.

"Dont worry, If I couldnt help you, I would have called an ambulance. I guess you're lucky you're one healthy, tough guy" she took a sip of her drink before setting it down as well. She nodded her head and then leaned over to grab a fry in her hands, tossing it into her mouth and then smiling at taste. "It's delicious. I love street foods, they're so fresh and yummy. But you dont have to thank me so much Levi. I was just doing what was right....I guess. You needed help and I saw you. I think anyone would have done the same thing" she shrugged her shoulders and then spotted a corn dog stand.

"Ill be right back" she quickly hurried onto her feet, walking through the crowd of people as she slipped through them with her petite figure, making her way quickly to grab a corn dog. She then headed back to his side, two dogs sat in the tray before offering him one as well. "If you ever need anything, I can come over and help you change the stitches or bandages to make sure you're okay" she smiled and then held the stick of food up to him.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 6y 102d 22h 58m 38s
He was standing talking to a guy about ordering some fries and burger. Too busy in placing the order to really see her, or hear her coming up. Just when it was handed to him in the little paper bowl. He sipped his beer again, and lowered his head to grab a fry between his teeth. When he turned to his right, his eyes finally saw her grinning, waving, and smiling from ear to ear at him. Calling his name, and skipping up to him pretty much. His eyes widen, and he quickly looks around to make sure no one was really looking his way as she was shouting his name. The man didn't see eyes staring at him, so he just swallows the fry and gives a soft, very faint grin with a nod back to her.

"Heh..yeah. I am fine. I told you it was nothing. Though, I owe it mostly to you. If it wasn't for you. Who knows what would have happened to me." He set his beer down on the little table that next to them, and then puts another fry in his mouth. But holds his little tray to her.

"You want one? I love this kind of food. I dont care what other say." Levi smiles, a little more brighter. But not much brighter than his usual smile. The man, hardly smiles, ask anyone.

"Look..I just...wanna say thankyou again..I...dont think saying thankyou is good enough there is anything you want, ever need. Let me know. I am in your debt." He told her with a nod, and his voice rather calm and true.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 6y 102d 23h 6m 37s
When Rayella headed back down towards the elevator, she decided to just not think about Levi for now. If he needed her help, he'd ask for it. It still looked like a pretty nasty wound and she just hoped he was alright and hoped that he woke up this morning. Aw crap, maybe I should have knocked. What if he's passed out....or what if he lost too much blood? she thought to herself on the way down to the entrance.

She shook her headed and as soon as she stepped outside, she could feel the warmth of the sun on her skin, the sound of loud music playing from a live band and people were just crowding the streets, walking around and trying out the food. She made her way down the streets towards the different stands and then she bought herself a sun hat and a cold drink. She managed to talk to a few of the people buying stuff and she even greeted some of the neighbors in the apartment complex.

When she was on her way to buy some food, she spotted someone looking so familiar. The further she walked towards him, she recognized that it was Levi. He was alright...or at least he looked okay. When she moved closer, she had a smile on her face, waving him her hand in the air. "Levi! Im glad you're awake...and alright. You look like nothing even happened last night. I hope you're doing okay" she then looked around the festival and smiled "Great party. I've never been to one before"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 6y 102d 23h 28m 29s

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